The Giver Chapter 24 Love, In Love

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Ever read the book the Giver? Yes, then right on you'll understand this perfectly! If not, don't fret, you will still be able to keep up:) It's a continuing of the Giver, as you might have guessed. So please read and tell me what you think.

Submitted: May 21, 2008

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Submitted: May 21, 2008



Chapter 24

Love, In Love

They reached the end of the hill. It was still cold, but Jonas felt warmth in him, he wasn’t sure what it was that made him feel like that, or even if he was in the place he thought he was. Was he in heaven, was he elsewhere, or was he back in his own community, were there were no pain and no color. Maybe it was all a dream. With all of his force and might he got up. His whole body was shaking. He looked down at the pale face on his chest. Motionless. Gabe was motionless. “Gabe.” said Jonas with his voice so raspy it sounded like a small whisper. Still, Gabe did not move. Jonas felt like he was going to faint, or even die. With his eyes barely open, he saw a man with a long white jacket and small black boots, running toward him. Jonas was to week to move, and he was very worried about Gabe. He didn’t know if Gabe was sleeping, or… he didn’t even want to think of death. He couldn’t help him no matter what he did. He was just too weak. He also saw a group of people who were singing in front of a house, the place were the strange man came from. Jonas knew that singing was a part of music, and that it wasn’t just instruments. He remembered with the little memory he had left the memories the giver gave him with instrument and voices singing. The man was more than half way to Jonas. You could hear him yell to another man dressed in the same white suit. “Hurry, Hurry!” The fist man got there out of breath He quickly looked at Jonas with his brown eyes, the same color as his short cut hair. Then took Gabe out of Jonas’s arms and put him against his own chest, and ran back the way he came. With all his force, Jonas went to reach for Gabe, but fell hard in the cold snow. His whole body was numb; the only thing he could feel was pain. He missed his family, and friends and he loved them. All he could see with half open eyes was the white snowy sky. Then he saw a face, the face was a dark brown color. Jonas had never seen that before. It was the other man who was running to him. Then it went black…

Beep, beep, beep… That was all Jonas could here. At first all he could see was a bright light, but then it cleared a little and he saw that same dark coloured skin man and a heart monitor beside his white sheeted bed. Then he realised he was in a hospital. He was worm now and he was stronger than before, but he was still hungry. He was dressed in a white gown with sleeves that ended at the end of his shoulders.

“Hello, Jonas.” said the dark skin coloured man. “I’m Dr. Gauche and I will be taking care of you for a while.” Jonas said still looking around the room, “Where’s Gabe? Where’s the baby?” Dr. Gauche looked very sad when Gabe’s name as mentioned. “The baby… Gabe is…Dead.”

All of the sudden Jonas felt dizzy, and sick. His face was pale, his eyes were puffy and red, and then he broke out in tears. Dr. Gauche kept his head down. Then Jonas got up and said with a sad and angry voice “Where is he? I want to see him.” Without saying anything, Dr. Gauche got up and walked out of the room; Jonas followed him. As they were about to enter the new room were Gabe was. Jonas’s knees were shaking. He was scared to find Gabe dead. As they got in he saw Gabe lying in a crib. But Gabe was moving. Gabe was alive. Jonas wiped his tears and ran to the crib and gave him a big hug. He could here the cry that came from Gabe small mouth. “I love you Gabe.” Said Jonas as he gave him a kiss on the cheek. But then it went silent… All you could hear was the heart monitor beeping. Then it got faster and faster. Jonas was looking at the doctor as if he was trying to tell him to help him, but he knew the doctor couldn’t do anything. He stared at the heart monitor with his eyes big and blue, tears were poring out of his eyes. And then all you heard was that one long beeeeeeep… Once again Jonas broke out in tears. And tried to wake Gabe up. “Wake up, Gabe, come on.” He said with his voice raspy and sad. But he knew it was too late. The room was now silent, all you could hear was the weeping that came from Jonas. Jonas felt a hand on his shoulder he thought it was the doctor, but these hand were too small to be his hands. Then he thought, maybe it was the Giver, but the hands were not wrinkly enough. He had no idea who it was, so he turned around. When he saw who it was he was very confused. It was Fiona and Asher. Jonas was shocked. Why were they here? Were they going to take him back? Or maybe they got free from the community. “What…What are you guys doing here?” Asked Jonas with a shaky voice. He was scared to know what the answer was.

“The Giver sent us.” said Fiona proudly; as if she felt special that he picked them. Although she knew it was just because they were his best friends, and he would rather see them than almost anyone else. “How did you get here? What happened? Are you guys ok?” Jonas paused to take a breath. Once again he realised that he was starting to sound like his sister Lilly. This time Asher replied. “Well, after you left, all of the memories came to us, every one was panicking, but the Giver got us through it. Now the community is almost free. By almost, I mean, that there still trying to control everything, but they know.” Fiona cut him off and took his place in telling the story. “They know that there is know way to fix this, in fact personally I think this is the best thing that ever happened to the community.”

“So, every thing is all right, you have sun, heat, pain, and color.” Said Jonas.

“And love.” said Fiona looking into Jonas’s eyes. For that short moment Jonas knew that he loved Fiona, but not the same love as he had for the Giver, Asher and his family, but this was a different kind of love. He had only experienced this once in the memories that the Giver gave him, but he recognised the feeling right away. He knew that he didn’t just love her but that he was in love with her. He wasn’t sure if Fiona felt the same way, but the way she looked at him he had a good idea that she was in love with him. Asher broke the moment, and began to laugh as he said. “You guys are meant for each other. When you left Jonas, and we first learnt what love was, I couldn’t recognise it easily, but now I can, and I just did with you guys. I’m going to go and eat lunch, and leave you two love birds alone together.” He said as he was walking out of the door.

Jonas and Fiona once again began to stare at each other with that same look as before. Then they began to laughthey laughed for so long and they didn’t even know why. Maybe it was because of what Asher said? Or maybe because they just enjoyed each others presence. Then Jonas stopped laughing; He remembered that Gabe was no longer alive and began to walk to Gabe’s crib. He just stared at him, holding in his tears, just staring. Fiona walked behind him and stared to. She already knew what had happened, the doctor told her. “I’m sorry Jonas.” She said sadly. Jonas said nothing. Then he heard a noise a crying noise. He looked down and Gabe was moving. His eyes were half open, but he was alive again. Jonas jumped in excitement and fear. The strange thing is that the heart monitor did not go on, it was not beeping, but Jonas wasn’t paying attention to that at the moment, he was to busy looking for a doctor in the hallways. He found Dr.Gaushe. “Doctor, Gabe is alive. Come quick!” Said Jonas in a hurry. As they entered the room they all ran towards the crib. Although the heart monitor was not on, Gabe was moving and alive. The doctor checked his pulse and injected more medicine. “Why isn’t the heart monitor on?” Asked Fiona.

Dr. Gauche replied with a worried tone in his voice. “I’m not sure but I’ll go get this one replaced. Keep an eye on him please.’’ And he left the room. Fiona and especially Jonas were so happy and relieved now that Gabe was alive. They just hoped that he would stay alive this time. After there joyful laughter with each other was over it was silent. All you could hear was Gabe’s heavy breathing and his squirming. But Jonas and Fiona seemed to block it out, although they were still looking at Gabe. Fiona was on the right side of Jonas. Jonas wasn’t much taller than her. Fiona turned and looked up at him. Jonas turned and looked down at her. Then… They kissed. Jonas felt the most happy he could ever be. He had only seen people kiss in memories, same as Fiona, and they both had never kissed before until now. They were each others fist kiss. After there kiss you could hear Gabe laughing, as if he knew what had just happened. The doctor walked in the room in a hurry. He quickly unplugged the broke heart monitor and plugged in the new one. Finally, you heard the beeping of the monitor, the sign and sound of life. Fiona and Jonas went to eat lunch. They saw Asher still eating at a brown table covered with a red cloak. But he wasn’t alone, someone was with him. It was definitely a man, he was… a very old man. Jonas couldn’t see anything else because the elderly man’s back was facing him. Jonas and Fiona walked to them. When Jonas turned to see who the strange man was he saw that it was a face that he had seen before. It was a familiar face. It was the Giver. Jonas just stared at him. The Giver did the same. Without saying anything, Jonas jumped into the Giver’s arms. There were tears of joy running down there faces. All that after noon they spent there time talking together. The Giver mentioned that the community no longer needed him and so he decided to stay with Jonas and be his grand parent, and that they would all live together. Asher, Fiona, and Jonas did not considered there selves as brothers and sister, they considered there selves friends who live together. Except for Jonas and Fiona of course. There lives were great and it always went well.

This was not a dream, not a memory, but it was destiny.

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