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Bailey gets kidnapped by a stranger who is all too familiar, she is held captive in a secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere. As time goes by she begins to struggle with her metal and physical state and loses track of what is real and what is not. She is fighting for her survival and will do whatever it takes to stay alive but soon things are brought to her attention that scare her more than her captor.
Will you follow Bailey's story to find out what happens?

Table of Contents


Please feel free to post your thoughts!
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Chapter One, His

Please feel free to tell me what you think!
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Chapter Two, Bound

Those words hung in the air. I didn't want to hear what he was saying, nor did I want to be there with him. "You'll learn in time tha... Read Chapter

Chapter Three, Slowly Breaking Me

How could he just sit there, acting like we are some kind of couple? Flipping through the TV channels with his hand on my thigh. Fight th... Read Chapter

The Devil In Him

I haven't seen him so angry and I was scared to look away from him. I shifted my weight but the pain in my ribs was too much to handle. I... Read Chapter

Giving Up

Warning- this chapter contains graphic sexual content. With that being said, I'd love to know any readers thoughts. What do you think will happen next?
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It had been months now and Derek had started leaving me alone in the house during the day. He said something about him having a job for a... Read Chapter


They all sat around the living room and looked back and forth from me to Derek before he finally cleared his throat. "This is Bailey,... Read Chapter

What Have I Done?

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My Mistake

Things are about to go from bad to worse for Bailey.
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Thanks for everyone reading this. I'm excited to have had a few reads on this story! Comments are welcome!
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A New Nightmare

Things are about to change drastically for Bailey.
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This has been a new writing experience for me. Thank you all for reading!
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A New Place

This is the last chapter of Bound! I really hope somebody was able to enjoy it! Thanks for reading!
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