Momments Only a Mommy Can Appreciate

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An essay about a mommy moment.

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011




As the mother of a five year old, two year old and three month old, I have had my fair share of experience with breast feeding. I believed that it was the healthiest choose for my babies.I have to admit that nursing was not on my top ten list of things I enjoyed about being a new mom.  It was more likely to show up on my list of bizarre things your body does after having a baby.

My five year old also found nursing bizarre.  Like most five year olds, she has the innate ability to ask a string of questions with barely a breath in between.Pumping breast milk for my son always triggered a whirlwind of curiosity.  One day she noticed that the milk was pink and started asking question that I wasn’t completely comfortable answering.

I put on my best mommy face and tried to explain.  She became very concerned when I mentioned irritation and bleeding.  I began to realize that my explanations where disturbing her so I came up with an answer that I knew would seem less scary than blood.  I told her that the pink milk was like strawberry milk.  A copout, I know, but they are both pink.  This seemed perfectly reasonable to her and she was much less concerned about it.

I had forgotten about the conversation so I was confused when her teacher asked me if I still had strawberry milk a few days later.  Laughing, her teacher explained that my daughter had spent an entire circle time sharing with her classmates how her mommy makes strawberry milk for her baby brother.It was one of those moments only a mommy can truly appreciate! 

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