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The big bad badger is back in town. Is he going to steal the next lot of presents?!

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011




The big bad badger


Once upon a time there lived 4 koalas: one mummy one called Kathryn, and a daddy koala called Ken, and a sister koala called Kara, and last but not least the brother koala called Calm. They were all one big happy family, until the big bad badger came to town. Everyone is petrified of him. No one messes with him. It all started when he came to anyone’s house at Christmas if they had any presents and he used to steel them. Everyone got very upset with him. So that’s why they call him the big bad badger.

One Christmas when it was snowing the koalas went out, because koalas love the snow. They always go outside in their big woolly coat and their cosy mittens and their snugly scarf. One Christmas they went out and there was a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree had lots and lots of PRESENTS under it. Every one was very excited to open them all, even mum koala and dad koala.

All the children shouted at the same time, “CAN WE OPEN THEM?!”. Mum and dad both said, “Ok”. Just as they were about to open them, the big bad badger came and snatched their presents. He ran off with them and the koalas were very upset, so upset they ran after him. They ran all the way up a very steep hill, sliding and slipping up there. Then the polar bear police came running after them as well. Then they ran throw the park, and the silent seals saw and started to chase them as well. Then they ran under the bridge, and the fiddling fox saw and stopped fiddling and started to run after him as well. Then the big bad badger stopped and said, “I give up”. And he gave up, and gave back their presents, and they all became good friends and had a Christmas dinner.

By Emily Rose Read


© Copyright 2018 Emily Read. All rights reserved.

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