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this is only a scene i wrote.
it took me a pretty good while(keep in mind about now its 6:40am and i've been up since 3 yesterday.)
i wanted to write a scene to see how people actually like it and would like to see where it goes.
tellme what you think and i'd love some criticism.
good criticism okay? i dont want any 'well you suck so this must suck' or w/e. you'd only be waisting ur time :/

Submitted: June 12, 2008

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Submitted: June 12, 2008



We walked down the street hand in hand concerned; at least I was.He had charged into my house in such a rush and dragged me back out so harshly I was sure something was wrong.He didn’t say a word, only keeping an emotionless,stoic look on his face.I tried to keep my worrying mind off of what might have happened and focused my attention on him only.He had ghostly pale skin and pitch black hair to go along with it.He was so much taller than I was, about six-foot really.He towered over me like a skyscraper while I stayed at my five-foot three.His hair was in a choppy arrangement only bound by his white bandana that wrapped itself around his head.I lowered my eyes to focus on his gages, taking note that he had probably gone up one since the last time I had seen him.I looked back up and tried not to stare at his eyes for too long.They were a very strange mix of teal, black, and some flecks of gold around the pupils.Black irises surrounded them which were what made them seem stranger, yet more intriguing.I then eyed his two lip piercings.Those almost attracted me more; their shine always seemed to say “come closer.”My eyes followed his facial bone structure and down to his neck where the necklace I had given him laid.It was my black choker necklace that usually seemed loose on me, but a little tight on him.It was very simple, no extravagant lacing or anything; just a lock that hung on a safety pin attached to the material.
We turned sharply into an alleyway that was hidden in darkness without the streetlights on.Now I was beginning to worry even more.What was he doing taking me down an alleyway like this?He stopped dead in his tracks making me stumble on my own feet.I looked from him to the empty darkness in front of us and back again.What’s going on?Then just as suddenly as he had stopped, he twisted me around and shoved my back to the brick wall.I could feel my blood rushing through my veins, leaving my brain in a haze.“I want to give you something,” he whispered, his face inches away from mine.
The perfect moment, I could feel excitement running through my nerves and every part of my body tingling, even more so in the spots where he put his hands.He wrapped his large hands around my slim arms and pulled me even closer to him.I was shaking all over; I couldn’t even get my thought process to work right.
He ever so slowly closed the gap between our lips and our bodies.His lips moved so gingerly with mine at first and when my senses finally kicked in, our kisses were deeper and deeper.His hands moved from my arms to wrap around my tiny waist and my arms stretched up and around his neck.He softly pulled away only to remove his black leather jacket he had been wearing, revealing a tightly worn Motley Cr t-shirt underneath.I put my hands on his chest pulling whatever material I could from his shirt as he wrapped his arms fully around me then slowly set me on the ground with him overtop of me.His body was close but his forearms supported him enough so his full weight wasn’t on me.Our tongues tied together then came apart and I did something pretty daring, at least considering it was me doing it.I pulled back just enough bite softly onto one of his piercings.I heard a very tiny moan come from deep inside his throat which made me smirk.For a moment I could see a purple light glowing from between us.Then I realized it was my necklace’s stone.I didn’t have much time to ponder because his lips were back on mine again, then trailing a trembling path with his lipspast my jaw and down my neck, grazing his fangs on my jugular.
Just when I placed my hands on his black studded belt he jerked away.He stood on his feet staring down at me for a moment before reaching out his hand for me to take.I wrapped my hand around his and stood up with him pulling me.I stumbled and let him catch me.I looked up into his eyes to see what emotion was set there.“I’m sorry,” he said silently.“We just…can’t go that far yet.”
“That’s okay; I don’t even think I’m ready yet.”Which was the truth; I wouldn’t be ready for that for a really long time.
He smiled at me then rested his forehead on mine, hypnotizing me with those strange eyes of his.“So,” I began looking do the corner of my eye to retreat from his.“My first kiss on my seventeenth birthday?”
“Of course; I figured it was perfect since you demanded I not buy you a thing.‘Not even if it’s worth a penny,’ as you stated so.”
I smirked rubbing his nose with mine, “Naturally, I only want something that money can’t buy.”
“And whatis that?”
I only smiled again, took his face in my hands, and then kissed him softer than how we previously kissed.I pulled back again then grabbed his hand.“That was some great trickery though.”
“What are you talking about?” he asked innocently.
“The fact that you made me think there was another murder or something.”He laughed mischievously at my statement and walked with me out of the alleyway.
“I promise, I’ll warn if there really is another murder.”

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