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Story about a man who is rediscvored and finds the power he thought he had lost, an assignment for schoool

Submitted: August 31, 2010

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Submitted: August 31, 2010



As you walk up Third Street in the dreary town of Marienville in the bleak state of Wisconsin you will find an ordinary house with brown shutters; a red house with a nice door with a worn welcome mat. Everything around the house, a bed of yellow flowers, an old dog house that has never been occupied, and a basketball hoop in the driveway all point to an ordinary family home. This home, however, is no modern family living space; this home belongs to Gregory Marshall. Some see him as the peculiar old man down the street, but I see him as an interesting fellow to associate with.
Once when I was younger, my friend Julie and I wanted to go on an adventure. See, we don’t get adventure very often; we were just two thirteen-year- old girls who wanted something out of the ordinary. We went around town looking for something to do when we found our friends, Ted and Marley. Ted explained to us that they were going to break in to Mr. Marshall’s house and see what he was doing inside that house of his. It had been said before the house was haunted, and other myths said the man grew and sold drugs, but I never knew any better but to follow the boys all the way up to the back door of the red house.
Julie and I watched for neighbors as the boys gently tried to unlock the big glass doors that went into a room that looked like a kitchen from where we were. I saw someone coming, and we all hid for cover underneath the wild bushes that grew behind Mr. Marshall’s house. We jumped out and I could tell the boys had had enough. Ted grabbed a crowbar he had found in a shed and smashed through the window. We all rushed inside to check out the place.
We entered the house to smell an unusual scent, the aroma of fresh ham that must have been baked moments before we got there and a simple smell of orange cleaner would have used to clean the wooden table and the chairs. Ted and Marley, of course, were not impressed at just looking in that room; they wanted to explore. We toured his living room, his bedroom and his dinning room, but really found nothing that would point to the conspiracies Mr. Marshall was involved in.
On our way out, I noticed a doorway I hadn’t seen before. A big door with a “Do Not Enter” sign on it, painted a dismal shade of gray so that it wouldn’t be noticed. I tried to open the door but I noticed the knob hard to turn. Marley came over to help too, but it wasn’t until Ted tried to open the door did it finally budge. We pushed through the door and turned on the lights covered in cobwebs. As the light flickered above our heads, we saw something that hadn’t been previously predicted. Newspaper clippings from a hundred years ago depicting a much younger looking Mr. Marshall, and adds that all had headlines that clearly read “Dhynaghuy Saves Day,” “Dhynaghuy Defeats Evil,” “Dhynaghuy,” we all said together with a sigh. “Let’s get out of here,” Ted said. “I don’t think we want to be his next victim.” “WAIT!” Julie shouted, “I don’t think he was bad though, I think he was… was, I don’t know, Magic?.... no, no, I think he was a SUPERHERO!”
We were all unusually silent as we recollected previous thoughts about Mr. Marshall. What had we thought he was? Why were we so stupid to break his door? What will he do to us?
As we were turning to leave, we heard the front door squeak open. It was Mr. Marshall, the man who was formerly known as Dhynaghuy, and we had just broken into his house. “Close the door! “Hurry!” “I wonder if there is another way out of here?” We were all in shock, we never expected Mr. Marshall to be home so soon. We hushed to a whisper to discuss our options. “We could sneak out tonight when he goes to sleep,” Ted suggested. “I don’t think I can stay out that long,” I said in a worried, shaky whisper. Just then, all at the same time we got the best idea; open the door and run for it! We counted down “3….2…..” BAM! That’s all we heard, and we looked up to see Mr. Marshall staring down at four shaking teenagers, us, sitting in his closet of memories. “If you wouldn’t mind, I would ask you to please leave my house.” He had a solemn expression, but he didn’t seem mad at us.
Julie started crying as we walked home that night. “I thought he was going to kill us!” she whimpered. “But he didn’t even look mad,” I told her. Ted and Marley walked together, not saying a word, but I could tell by their faces they were scared.

About three years later, we had never said a word about the break-in at the house and neither had Mr. Marshall. Marley and Julie had both moved away, but Ted and I were dating and always hung out on weekends. But one weekend we had a big report due, and we really had to study so we could get a good grade. We had to do a report based upon research about dinosaur cloning today of prehistoric period beasts. We were interested in this but then thought of Mr. Marshall and him being Dhynaghuy. “I wonder what he would say,” “I don’t know.” I thought about it a minute, “He must know what it is like to take care of a dinosaur; he is one!” We thought about it a while and figured that we could get good opinionative information from him, so we took a walk.

I took a deep breath and held it as Ted picked up the big brass knocker on the old red house. Boom! Boom! We heard it echo. The door cracked a half inch as we heard the old man breathing on the other side. I held my breath for what seemed like forever as he waited to speak. “I just got out of the shower, please just hold on a second, and I will be right with you.” I exhaled loudly as the door shut quietly in our faces. “Wow, that was like the scariest minute of our lives, and that was not what I was expecting him to say.” I said to Ted. Ted had a look of shock as he turned to face me, “Do you think he will remember us?” he asked me. “I don’t know,” I answered, “but he may.”
About five minutes after knocking, Mr. Marshall opened the door once again and invited us inside for real this time. We walked into his pale orange living room and both sat down on his long blue couch. To the left of me, I noticed a small table with a lamp on it and an old faded picture of two women, one older and one much younger than her, standing next to each other. The younger one must have jut graduated high school, with a red cap and gown flowing in a gentle breeze.
“So what are you here for?” Mr. Marshall asked us after offering us both drinks. “Well, we wanted to know your opinion actually” we explained to him.
“I see,” he said, “does it have something to do with when you two and your other little friends broke into my house a few years back?” he chuckled. I smiled as I said,
“Well, actually yes, a little bit.” He looked confused for a second before saying,
“Well then, are you going to explain?” I went on to explain to him how scientists are researching ways to bring dinosaurs back to life after all these years to teach people more about them. The plan would be to help students to understand better what dinosaurs were really like. I also explained that this was for a project at school and that anything he could tell us would be perfect for our information and opinion section of the report we had to do.
After we had finished explaining everything we could to Mr. Marshall, he had a blank stare on his face and looked like he was way off in the distance somewhere. When he finally realized I had stopped talking, he simply said, “We need to discuss something important.” Really excited with that statement, Ted looked at me with a big smile and said, “What do you have for us Mr. Marshall?” Mr. Marshall turned to us and blankly said, “How close are they to succeeding in bringing the dinosaurs back?” I was confused with this question but I told him anyway, “They should have the first one successfully in an egg in about five months.” Mr. Marshall stood up and walked over to a big solid oak chest in the middle of the room and pulled out a jacket and a big bag with triangle impressions peeking through the bottom. “Be outside my house in exactly one hour; tell your parents you will be back in a week but that you will be with me and safe; use the name Dhynaghuy.”
Confused, we both went different directions, so we could each get stuff for the apparent trip we were headed on. I grabbed everything I thought I would need; shoes, clothes, toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, perfume and a flashlight, just in case. Ted, however, must have though we were headed to the Amazon; he brought knives and flashlights, and even pepper spray. We met up and walked back to Mr. Marshall’s house where he was waiting in the driveway in his big Ford F-350 diesel truck running and expelling fumes so strong it was hard to breathe. “Jump in” he said, “We are off.”
About forty-five minutes into the ride, I finally asked the question, “Where are we going?” “Well, you see,” he responded “they can’t just be bringing prehistoric life back; we are getting to the core. While you two were gone, I did some intensive research on where they were doing the testing and who was leading it. Dr. Malabar is the one in charge and I am finding him A-S-A-P!”
I fell asleep shortly after our very brief conversation and woke up somewhere else, definitely somewhere else. The trees were different, the air was different and I knew I was not in Marienville anymore. Mr. Marshall jumped out of the truck at the next stop. “Where the heck are we?” Ted whispered to me. “Like I know,” I responded. But, just then I saw it; the trees in front of us parted, and a huge laboratory stood in front of us. “Wow!” Ted and I both said together,
“that must be where Dr. Malabar lives.”
Mr. Marshall reentered the truck and slowly pulled forward into the trees. We were all silent as the truck rumbled to a stop and then went silent as Mr. Marshall killed the engine. We all jumped out and walked slowly behind Mr. Marshall up to a side door of the lab and went inside.
It smelled of hand sanitizer and fish and maybe even live chickens. I looked around at the stainless steel instruments all around me. It looked like an operating room, but then we found the bodies. The lifeless bodies of dead animals of every description. Suddenly, I was aware of a reeking odor throughout the room. What this what death smelled like, cause there was plenty of that here. I couldn’t believe what they were doing in here. They had collectively cut tissue and used tissue from any type of animal you could think of, and then dumped all of the lifeless creatures in a garbage bag. I thought I was going to puke. I could feel my gag reflex becoming more and more triggered by the moment, but just as I was about to blow, we walked into another room. This one was a dimly lit room filled with huge containers and heat lamps on them, “We have found the eggs,” I declared.
Mr. Marshall looked quietly at the eggs, recognizing and describing to us each of the different dinosaurs that would hatch from each one. We watched in awe as he carefully described each of the many eggs in that room. But then the door swung open. I knew it was him the moment I saw him. This had to be Dr. Malabar because he was the mad scientist you see in all the silly kid cartoons.
Dr. Malabar, dressed in a big lab coat with long white teeth and greasy blond hair that stuck up everywhere was 5’10” and probably going on 110 pounds. He looked the perfect part from the evil thing he was doing in his laboratory. I looked over to my right to see Mr. Marshall; he looked in the face of the man that he had decided would be his enemy and that was it. I thought we had lost him, but we hadn’t. He shouted at the top of his lungs, “WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING IN THE PLACE?” For the first time I could see anger in Mr. Marshall’s face. “What do you mean what am I doing?” Dr. Malabar asked in a high shrill voice that could cut through glass. “I mean, why are you killing poor defenseless animals and using them to create your own Jurassic Park? Haven’t you seen how that movie turned out?” We could see the thought process happening by the looks on Dr. Malabar’s face. “I saw the movie.” He spoke quietly this time, “They made a huge mistake. I have found their errors and I am going to fix them.” Mr. Marshall had a look of distress, but slowly backed away,“We are going.” He spoke quietly trying to hide the emotion in his voice, but I could tell he was almost in tears.
The three of piled back into the truck and drove about ten minutes until we saw a Bob Evan’s Restaurant. I was so worried before that I hadn’t even realized I was so hungry, but I was. I now was able to feel the horrible ripping sensation of sheer hunger. Anything edible sounded amazingly right now, even fish, which is one of the only things I really do not care to eat. Oh, how I would have given anything for a fish then. Luckily, when we went inside, it wasn’t busy, and I ordered a special-of-the-day soup, potato, that they brought to me right away. Not even caring it was hot, I had it down in no time.
After we had ordered our meals, we sat in silence but then Mr. Marshall started to speak. “I know you two have no idea what’s going on right now. Well, actually you do, but what you don’t understand is how important it is that we stop what is happening right now. You see, dinosaurs do not live on our planet for a reason. I have no more knowledge than the next about why they are gone from the earth, but I do have the sense to know that they aren’t here for a reason.” Ted and I both looked at each other, Ted hadn’t spoken since we saw the dead animals in the laboratory. “What do we need to do, Mr. Marshall?” I calmly asked. “Well,” he said, “that’s my biggest problem. I don’t know what we need to do. All I know is we need to stop him. We can’t have dinosaurs. He seems to think he knows everything, from a piece of pie to a Tyrannosaurus Rex.” Mr. Marshall looked like he was about to cry- “Then I will lose everyone else.” Ted and I looked at each other, then back at Mr. Marshall. “What do you mean, Mr. Marshall, we will still be friends with you, you’re a cool guy,” Ted said. “But, you two don’t understand. He has four dinosaurs growing in eggs. Do you know how many people it would take to feed four dinosaurs, especially the kinds he has, for a week?” Ted and I must have had confused faces because he kept going, “A dinosaur can grow tall, and big. The first two years of their lives they are small, but then they shoot up into the creatures we find fossils of. A dinosaur that can smell food will rip through your houses and eat anything he finds, except maybe babies because they aren’t worth the effort.
Ted looked like he was thinking, chewing on his fingertips as he processed information. “I have an idea,” He spoke quietly and meticulously, he thought as he said every word, “What if you, Mr. Marshall, showed him what its going to be like, isn’t that your super power? Can’t you turn into a dinosaur? You show him Mr. Marshall. Show him what it’s like to deal with the dinosaurs he’s growing.” Mr. Marshall’s face suddenly sparked, “Perfect,” he said “just perfect.”
After we had eaten dinner, we all loaded back into the big old truck and rented a very comfortable hotel for the night. Mr. Marshall and I sat on the beds beside each other as Ted clumsily put together an old cot on the floor for himself. “Mr. Marshall, what did you mean at the restaurant when you said “everyone else?” “Aren’t you single?” I asked him. His face went solemn as he said,
“I had a wife and daughter; I am a widower. They died many, many years ago you know. I can’t just turn into dinosaurs; I am also old.” I chuckled a little, “So is my gram.” “No,” he said quietly, “I’m 254 years old.” I inhaled quickly at that, trying not to sound too rude I said, “When were you married?” He looked sad as he answered, “Over two hundred years ago.” “Then,” he continued, “We had the most beautiful daughter, she went to Harvard, she studied law, she graduated, had a wonderful life, and quietly slept away from the world at the age of 50.” I thought for a few moments before remembered sitting in the orange living room and the picture of the two women. “Was it them in the picture?” I asked.
“Yes” he said, “I miss them everyday. I keep copies of that picture, every time it fades to the point where you can’t see them, I replace it again.”
Ted sat on the floor next to his cot, still in pieces, with a tear in his eye. We couldn’t and wouldn’t understand, but we both had sympathy for Mr. Marshall. We wondered what he could have possibly done to deserve this. Then we realized, he didn’t do anything. He just helped people that needed it. “So, Mr. Marshall, what do we need to do in preparation for tomorrow?” He looked around and said
“Close the curtains and keep it dark in here, I used to be able to change anytime I wanted, but with all this age on me I need a lot of sleep and rest. When I wake up tomorrow we will go to Dr. Malabar’s Lab, but not until I get up! Don’t wake me or we won’t be able to do anything. I will be too tired.”
Not long after Mr. Marshall’s snoring had started, I fell into a deep, deep sleep. I was having crazy dreams about dinosaurs, and poor defenseless kittens, before I was shaken awake. “Stop it!” Ted exclaimed, “We are not screwing this up, we need to get home.” “I was having a bad dream, okay?” I must have looked angry. “I’m sorry,” he spoke softly now, “I didn’t mean to scare you awake, but I miss my house and I want to go home. We need to beat this dude and get the heck out of here.” So we turned on the T.V. We found a home shopping channel, muted it, and quietly fell asleep shortly after.
“Wake up!” we heard the very chipper Mr. Marshall say. “What time is it?” I groaned. “Four o’clock!” he said, way too excitedly. “I thought you said you needed a lot of sleep?” I said in a very angry tone. “I don’t get a lot of sleep, usually an hour or two. I feel perfect let’s go!”
Ted and I clumsily climbed into the back of the truck and unbelievable fell asleep again until we pulled up to the front of the laboratory and Mr. Marshall killed the engine. We heard Mr. Marshall call, “Hop out!” I grumbled as Ted nudged me and whispered, “Listen, he’s going to be a dinosaur soon. We need to do whatever he says. Remember what he said about how many humans they can eat?” I glared back at him as he smiled and ran to catch up to Mr. Marshall.
We met in front of the door we were at yesterday to devise a plan. “Okay,” Mr. Marshall said, “I am sending you two in, find Dr. Malabar and somehow get him outside. I will show him a dinosaur. And, don’t worry kids, I have full control over my brain I won’t hurt you for real.”
Ted and I rushed into the building to find Dr. Malabar. We had no idea what we were in for. Just as we were about to open the door I turned around as I saw Mr. Marshall getting into his truck and starting the engine. “Mr. Marshall! Where are you going?” I screamed. “Ok, ok, I can’t do this,” he calmly explained, “Get in the truck.”
We rode quietly to a little park with only a few small trees and a few benches along a narrow winding path. The grass in the park hadn’t been cut all summer making the park look as wild and confused as we were feeling. We got out of the truck to go sit for a few minutes. “Mr. Marshall, what’s going on? You were ready to do this,” he looked different, a glazed look on his face, as he stared at the ground.
“I promised myself I wouldn’t turn into a dinosaur ever again. I just can’t break that promise to myself. I don’t want to relive my old life, and it was bad enough the first time.” I looked around searching for words in the back of my mind, comforting words, that would possibly help the situation. “Mr. Marshall please, please, just one more time.” I said quietly. Ted and I followed Mr. Marshall into the truck without saying a word. “You better be ready,” he said.
We went quicker this time, ripping up gravel as we traveled down the road. This time we meant business. As we pulled up to the laboratory we jumped out of the truck. “Same plan as last time!” Mr. Marshall yelled. “Okay!” Ted and I both called back to him. We ran up to the door. “Ready?” I asked. Ted looked a little scared as he shook his head. I couldn’t believe we were doing this. It all felt wrong. I should have known what waited on the other side of the door before I opened it. I was stupid. I didn’t think that it would be the way it was, although I should have known.
We opened the door, and the laying across the tables in the lab lay seven dead kittens. You could smell the stench everywhere. I cried as I discovered what Dr. Malabar was doing. Cutting the kittens apart and using theie body parts for his dinosaur creations. I couldn’t stop the tears as I saw these poor kittens. Ones that could have been used in a calendar photo shoot, laying across these cold stainless steel tables, cut apart in pieces. Ted tried to comfort me, but I pushed him away. Although I felt very sorrowful and wanted to leave, I knew we still had a very important job to do.
We walked into the room with the eggs, they seemed different from before however. I wondered how long it would be before they cracked open. We were both quiet in this room except for the extreme beating of my heart which, I swear Ted could probably hear too. This time we had to go through another door, into a large room that had a very high ceiling and was dark and dimly lit. The walls were a crimson red color and the carpet was black. Across the room from us was a big desk with papers scattered everywhere and a little green light that lit up only half of it, but enough that you could see what you were doing. Directly to the right of us there was a huge bed, probably king size with a silk canopy above it. There in that bed the cartoon character mad scientist slept. I carefully walked over to an edge of the bed. There was a small table with an old fashion alarm clock on it. I carefully turned the knob in the back until it clicked and started ringing uncontrollably. Dr. Malabar immediately sat up with a shocked expression on his face. Ted and I both starred at him until he spoke, “Can I help you?”
Ted looked at me at the exact time I looked at him, “Uh, I don’t know, umm… do you umm, can you help us with our car outside?” Ted asked him in the shakiest voice I think I have ever heard. “I will send one of my men out in about ten minutes,” he quickly replied. “No, Dr. Malabar,” I quickly said in a pleading voice, “we really need your help.” He looked at me for a long moment and said,
“Fine, but only if this is the last time I ever see you two kids here. I cannot be flaunting my secret lab. Someone will find out about it and then it won’t be so secret anymore, will it?” “No, sir,” I replied, and then we followed him out of the room, back to the main door, to go outside.
I don’t know who saw it first, but I think I was the most shocked. Standing beside the building was the biggest creature I had ever seen, and it looked dangerous! Dr. Malabar got a huge smile on his face, “You brought me a gift,” he said, but just as he did the creature took a step closer. “This is one of the finest specimens I have ever seen. I don’t think I could clone one this good,” he spoke quietly now with good diction. Just then, Dyhnaghuy did what we planned; he opened up his mouth letting out a huge roar and didn’t stop until he closed his jaws around a huge piece of the building formerly known as Dr. Malabar’s Lab. I could see the fear in Dr. Malabar’s eyes, but then the fear turned into a look of interest. He didn’t look scared. He almost looked happy we were destroying his lab. The dinosaur took a step closer and Dr. Malabar took a deep step back into the doorway of the lab. He pressed a button and out of nowhere pulled a huge tranquilizer gun. Ted and I looked at each other in fear. “Dr. Malabar, you can’t use that!” I shouted loudly. He turned to look at me, a look of hatred in his face. “I can do whatever I want. You three trespassed onto my property. I should be allowed to defend my property.” And with that he shot the huge gun. Ted, however, got to him just in time to push him over, landing the huge tranquilizing dart right into Dr. Malabar’s upper back. Screaming shrilly in pain, he slowly slipped into unconsciousness and into a deep sleep.
“Mr. Marshall!” I yelled, “We don’t have very much time left before those eggs hatch. We have to destroy them!” I said quickly. Just at that moment, we watched as the huge dinosaur turned into a Velociraptor, and shrunk into about the size of a turkey. “Wow!” I said. “We’ve got to move!” Ted said, as he swung open the door. We ran through the stainless room and into the egg room but we were way too late. Three hungry dinosaurs stood in the heated bins snapping their teeth at us. They were waiting for us to get even closer than we were at that moment. I could feel a pure fear rush everywhere in me. Could anything be as bad as this was right now? I didn’t think so. Then, I turned around in time to see our own dinosaur hero coming towards us ready to take on the babies. Ted and I watched in horror as we saw Mr. Marshall, as Dynaghuy, tear apart the baby dinosaurs so that they would never get the chance to hurt anyone they encountered.
When it was finally over, we went back to check the lab, trying to clean up anything that could possibly lead others to the experiments Dr. Malabar had been completing. I lifted a table and under it I found the saddest sight I think I could possibly seen. It was a mother cat, about 4 pounds underweight, with six small kittens surrounding her. “She must be breeding to make the kittens so he can experiment,” I said quietly. Ted came over with food he found in a cupboard.
“This is sick,” he said, “why would someone do this to animals?” “I don’t have any idea,” I said, “but, they are ours now and he can’t hurt them anymore.” I took the little cage and loaded it into Mr. Marshall’s truck. Ted and I then ran back into the lab to help.
Just as we got into the building, Mr. Marshall was back. He spun around to us. “I just set a bomb,” he spoke hurriedly. “We have to pull a fire alarm and get out of here quickly.” Ted and I just looked at each other and ran for the truck as we heard the loud beeping of the fire alarms in the building. “We have to get Dr. Malabar into the truck!” Mr. Marshall screamed. “We can’t leave him here, I will not kill a man!” he said. With that, Ted and I ran to help Mr. Marshall get Dr. Malabar into the truck. The doctor was barely inside as the gravel flew when we drove through the big gates out of his lab. “Hello? Uh, where am I?” “You’re with us Dr. Malabar, we saved you from the explosion.” I spoke quietly, trying to be comforting to him. “Your lab is gone but we saved you so that you wouldn’t be harmed. We tried to warn you sir, but you wouldn’t listen. You were doing something extremely dangerous and we had to stop it. We really are sorry,” I said. Dr. Malabar had a tear to his eye as he suddenly started exploding in anger.
“WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?” he started shrieking. “You were doing something that had the potential to harm everyone, Dr. Malabar” Mr. Marshall, calmly tried to explain. We drove a while until we came across a hotel, where we stopped the car. Mr. Marshall led Dr. Malabar into it to buy him a room for the next several days. Mr. Marshall returned to the truck, breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “it’s over.”
After our long ride home, Ted, Mr. Marshall, and I parted our ways as we went to visit our families. I ate a large meal with my parents and Ted spent the night finishing our project. It was due yesterday by now, but we had had an experience of a lifetime.
Dr. Malabar went on to study at a university and found the cure for brain cancer. He turned his life around. Mr. Marshall basically became the cool guy in town. Ted and I hung out with him often until his last day. It was less than a year after he saved the whole world. Mr. Marshall slept away in his sleep. He had taught us so much after our adventure together, he taught us teamwork and everyday survival skills. He even showed us a scar on his chest from when he was attacked by a tiger. He really became our best friend. Ted and I both talked at his small funeral in the tiny Catholic Church on Lavender Street. We both remembered our favorite guy, Dhynaghuy, the extreme hero that saved the entire world.

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