The Eyes That Haunt Me

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A very short story that I wrote when I was younger - that's all I'm going to say as I don't want to give it all away now do I?

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



As I ran through the town centre, the great clock chimed midnight and I was suddenly engulfed in flames. My body burned and I could smell the stench of flesh lingering in the air. Eyes glared at me through the fire, willing me to suffer. I closed my eyes to hide from them but I could still see. My heart pounded with fear and I opened my mouth to scream - 

I opened my eyes and sobbed into my shaking hands, laying in my bed, curled into a tight ball and covered in a sheen of cold sweat. I grasped at the bed covers, the headboard, my body and anything else my hands could find in the pitch black. I looked at the clock and saw that the time was 12:01AM. Always the same time. Always the same dream. Every night is the same. I was still trembling but I could walk, just about, so I swung my legs round and lifted my body to stagger to the en-suite bathroom that my dad had installed when I started to have nightmares. I leant on the sink and peered at myself in the mirror. My face was chalk white and shiny from the sweat so I turned the tap on and cupped my hands under it, splashing my clammy face with the freezing water. Over and over again I did this until I gave up, slipped off my camisole and stepped into the shower. I turned on the water and stood beneath it, rubbing my face vigorously until almost every pair of eyes were scrubbed out of memory. I washed my hair and dried myslef and sat on my swivel chair to read my book. I soon put my book back once the main character started having bad dreams. Instead, I combed my wet hair, dried it and straightened it, trying to make it look perfect so to take up my thoughts so any pairs of eyes didn't find their way into my mind. 

?My dad had stirred in his room so I finally went downstairs, after hours of sitting alone in my room, listening to him snore in his untroubled sleep. I made toast and spread it with chocolate spread for my breakfast, packed my school bag and set off to school, thinking of nothing. I was glad when Ellie (my best friend since we met ten years ago) caught up with me and started jabbering about her boyfriend and the wild party she had on Friday. It's not that I wasn't interested. I just couldn't be bothered to listen. I looked about me, taking in the green of the grass and the blue of sky, the whistle of the breeze and the golden hair that was swaying around with every enthusiastic bob of Ellie's head, the sheer blackness of the car across the road behind us and the glare of the eyes looking through the windscreen, staring at me. Ellie prodded me and whispered in my ear that we were being followed.

"I know." I whispered, trying to keep my voice from showing how much fear I had tangled up in a tight knot inside me, "that black car. When did you notice?". 

"I noticed it when I crossed the road to meet you-"

"Girls, what are you whispering so enthusiastically about, hm?" Mr Lewis came out from nowhere, his low voice making me jump. I barely refrained from hitting my fist out to protect us from the man with the terrifying eyes in the car that was following us and Mr Lewis could tell something was wrong by my jumpy demeanor. "What's the matter with you? You're late to registration - again. Hurry along."

"Sorry sir, yes sir," I mumbled, the tears in my eyes trying to make an escape as I run away from Ellie and Mr Lewis, up the steps, into the school and into the nearest set of toilets, locking myself in one of the cubicles. Here, alone at last, I let the tears run freely and cried until someone else entered the toilets. I brang my feet up to the toilet seat, hugging my knees and stayed silent as the mystery person stopped in their tracks. Then, one foot slowly after the other, the person crept down the length of the room, getting closer and closer to my cubicle when another person hurriedly ran into the room and let out a shriek as a fist planted somewhere on her person, then fell to the ground with a loud thud. The footsteps of the other heavy footed person faded quickly as they ran off into the school. I dried my eyes on a piece of tissue, flushed the chain and unlocked the door, peering round the corner until I spotted a girl on the floor with blood draining from her head. I let out a petrified scream and went running, shouting for help and screaming the place down. I didn't know the girl but that scene was enough to chill anyone to the bone. That could've been me. Or Ellie, looking for me. I collapsed on the floor, suddenly finding it hard to breathe and a teacher appeared in the doorway opposite where I was laid. She ran over to me, asking what had happened, what was wrong. I couldn't get the words out, couldn't form them in my mind. I crawled along the floor to the toilets and made a gesture saying "in there". The lady looked round the corner and had to do a double take, then she screamed out and flitted down the corridor asking for medical help immediately. My breathing was becoming quicker and quicker, dragging in my throat and my vision grew black.

When I woke up, I was not aware of where I was. I tried to shout "Dad" but all that came out was a tiny noise from the back of my throat. A man emerged at the edge of the curtain and I looked into the eyes of the man from the car that was staring at me. I tried to scream, to shout for help, my heart rate monitor spasming out of control but it was no use. My eyes grew wide as the man came closer, turned off the monitor and whispered in my ear, "That girl didn't need to die. She looked like a lovely girl, very innocent and pretty. I was looking for someone else. I was looking... for someone else. And now I need to finish the job. I need to kill YOU." He drew a dagger out his jacket pocket and kissed it. Then he made an imaginary cross on my chest with his long, ghostly white finger and came in close to kiss it. The knife slipped through my skin, blood pouring out of the wound and slammed it into my heart. He pulled the knife out, wiped it clean on a tissue and left me to die. The eyes descended upon me making my pain worsen as my life slipped away. 

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