Trapped Inside

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Adopted girl, Blaire has to visit her grandmother over the summer. Blaire and her cousin Blake encounter a few mysteries on the way. They find out who Blaire really is.

Submitted: August 27, 2013

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Submitted: August 27, 2013



Trapped Inside

Chapter 1

“Do you want to eat lunch before you go?” Mom asked. “No, I’ll just ask Melissa to stop somewhere on the way.” I replied. “Just make sure you get food. OK?” Mom stated. “OK. Bye mom, I love you” I shouted to her as I got into the car. I got into Melissa’s car. Melissa is my moms best friend who lives in the same town as grandma. Not knowing what to expect at my grandmothers. I’ll admit. I was very anxious because this is the first time meeting her. Her name is Agatha... What a weird name, right? Sounds creepy. I have to spend two months at her house. Which is my whole summer break. My mom also had to remind me that my second cousin, Blake is going to be there to. Great. Spending two months with people I don’t know...

I really don’t know why I have to go over there. I don’t even know the woman. Grandma called my mom one day, and asked if I could visit her for my summer break. It’s not that I don’t want to go, its just it’s my whole summer, and I don’t know her. Of course, I do feel bad for saying that I’d like more summer time to myself. But, I would like some more time.

I arrived at my grandmother’s house. It was such a shock. She lives in this very small town, Hankinson, North Dakota. Sounds creepy. There population is under 1,000. I got out of the car and I took the luggage out of the trunk. The house seemed very familiar. It was kind of weird because I was determined I had been there before. As I walked in I noticed all of the antiques. And the staircase I swear I have been on before. There was this bible in the library. It said Avril Deville. I wonder who that is. I started looking at the pictures on the wall, and noticed that my grandmother was always with this other girl. She had black hair, and bright blue eyes. I really look like her. I went towards the kitchen to find my grandmother. “Hello my dear, you startled me. How was your ride in?” Grandma asked. “I’m sorry. And it was great, thank you for asking,” I continued. “Grandma, I noticed this bible in the library. The name on it was Avril Deville. Who is that?” “Don’t say that name!!” Grandma shouted. “Why? What’s wrong?” I said trying to figure out why she was angry. “You can leave, just LEAVE!” Grandma shouted with rage. “Grandma! What’s wrong?? Why are you acting like this?” Blake came running in. “Just come on out. I’ll show you your room. Let’s go.” Blake said so quickly I could barely understand. “What did you say?” I asked trying to be louder than grandmas screaming and crying. “Just come on!!” Blake repeated. I started walking out of the kitchen with Blake. We started walking up the staircase to my room. “I’ll explain when we get to your room” Blake added. We got to my room. I was 100% sure that I had been here before. It was like déjà vu or something. “So, why did grandma have a mental break down when I asked her about that girls’ name Avril Deville?” I asked, ready for answer. “Avril Deville wasn’t just any girl. Avril is the girl you see in all of those pictures with grandma. She was grandmas’ sister. She died when she was 26. Grandma doesn’t go out much because everyone thinks grandma killed her.” Blake explained. “What? Why would people think that grandma killed her?” I replied curiously. “Avril was older than grandma. Grandma was twenty-one and Avril was twenty-six. Avril started flirting with Charles, grandmas’ husband. One day, grandma cooked dinner for her husband, and Avril said she was going to a party. She was looking for Charles and walked in on him and Avril kissing. She was so mad at Avril. She was just mad. She didn’t kill her. She ended up divorcing Charles though. I would have too, if that happened to me.” Blake babbled. “That is so crazy. So grandma keeps all of her stuff with her in her house, but has a mental breakdown when someone asks about her?” I questioned. “Pretty much. I’ll let you get unpacked. Dinner in 30 minutes.” Blake informed me. “Alright. Thanks, see you then.” I added. Right when he left I grabbed my suitcase and laid it on the bed. I started looking through the room to see what was in there. There was really nothing but an end table, lamp, twin bed, closet, and a dresser. I opened the closet to try to hang my clothes up. Something caught my eye. It was an old picture. But it didn’t look like grandma. It was Avril. Why would just Avril’s picture be in here? Wow. That’s kind of weird.

I walked down the staircase and went in the kitchen. Dinner was ready and on the table. Blake and grandma were sitting. “About time. You’re two minutes late!” Grandma shouted. “I’m sorry. Blake told me thirty minutes.” I said. “I don’t care what Blake told you we eat at six. Don’t be late again.” Grandma interrupted. “Yes ma’am.” I tammered. I looked at Blake from across the table. “Hey Blake, can you come to my room after dinner. I need to show you something.” I asked. “Sure.” Blake said quickly. Dinner was over, and Blake and I walked up to my room. “Blake, look at this now!” I demanded. “Wow. Why is this in here? Where did you find it?” Blake asked. “I was unpacking, and I was going to hang my clothes up and it fell off the shelf when I went to go get my clothes off the bed.” I explained. “What in the world? It is Avril. I’ll be right back; I’m going to ask grandma a question.” Blake said. “Alright. Be careful not to offend her.” I giggled. “I’ll try.” Blake chuckled. I unpacked the rest of my stuff and then Blake walked in. He kind of had a scared look on his face. “What’s wrong Blake?” I asked. He just stood there shaking his head. “Blake!” I shouted. “You can’t stay in this room. You have to get out.” He warned. “Why? Why can’t I be in here?” I whined. “Just get out of this room. Ask grandma if there is another room you can stay in. I’m out.” He said. “Blake, wait!” I exclaimed. I ran after him to try to catch up with him. I ran down the staircase. “Grandma, where did Blake go?” I asked. “He said he had to go to the store.” Grandma explained. “Oh my God.” I thought to myself. “Grandma? Is there another room I can stay in?” I hesitated. “No. You’ll have to stay in that one. Now go on.” She ordered. I went up to my room. I wish Blake was here. I need to know why I have to stay in this one. Why would I? And why would Blake tell me not to stay in here? I was beginning to get scared. I sat on the bed and got my iPod out. Next thing I know, I was asleep.

Chapter 2

I gotta tell you, I had the weirdest dream. I don’t know where I was but I was in this weird wood shed type thing. It’s like it was forever ago, I was wearing old clothes and it was just weird. There was this guy that was with me, and we were kissing and stuff. This younger woman came in and started screaming and pitching a fit. This lady, I don’t know who she was... but she looked very familiar. The woman left the shed, and the guy and I started kissing again. The woman came back in, silently. We saw her and we pulled away from each other. “I’m sorry Avril.” The guy whispered, as he got up and ran out of the shed. The woman came towards me with a knife. I backed away and asked her what she was doing. She stabbed me. The next thing I know, I woke up. I was so confused. I walked downstairs to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I ate, and then Blake asked me to go in my room so we could talk. We got up there and I told him about the dream. “Blaire, there is something I need to tell you. Yesterday, when I told you that you had to get out of this room, well I asked grandma about the room and the picture. She said that used to be Avril’s room.” Blake described. “What is going on with this? This is insane.” I said Blake left the room. I walked outside, in the hallway. I looked in the mirror. I saw the same girl in the dream, but it was me. It was me in Avril’s body. I could see her pain when I looked in the mirror. I hated this, but I had to tell grandmother. “Grandmother, I know you don’t like talking about it but I need to talk to you about this.” I demanded. “What?” “I think I’m Avril. I had a dream that I was her with Charles, and then you stabbed me, or Avril. And then, I looked in the hallway mirror, and I saw Avril, but it was me... it’s kind of hard to explain but it’s like I was Avril. And Avril was me.” I described. “GET OUT. NOW!” Grandma screamed. “Grandma, I don’t know what’s going on either; I’m just as confused as you are!” I told her. She continued to scream, she started hyperventilating. Blake came into the parlor, put her in the car and took her to the emergency room. This is scary. I looked out my back window of the room, and there it was... the wood shed. Grandma killed Avril, in that shed.

Chapter 3

I found it quite weird, because after I figured this whole thing out, I wasn’t acting like Avril. I didn’t feel like Avril. I wasn’t Avril. I was Blaire. Not Avril. And that is what I wanted to be too. I didn’t want to be Avril. I wanted to be me. The next morning Blake picked me up to go visit grandmother at the hospital. Grandmother looked horrible. She looked very tired. Heck, I would too if I had a mental breakdown. “Hi grandmother. How are you?” I asked “Fine. Thanks for asking.” she stated. “No problem.” I assured her. “You can ask me now. Talk. That is all you wanted to do last night. So, talk. But please dear, don’t say you think you are her. It can’t be. I don’t want to get worse than I already am..” she ordered “OK. So this dream I had, I was in this wood shed with this guy. Who was probably Charles. And I was Avril, I’m guessing. Charles and I, we were kissing. Then you walked in, so Charles and I pulled back. Then he whispered, “I’m sorry Avril..” and walked out. You walked up on the platform Charles and I were sitting on, and you stabbed me.” I described. “Oh, dear. Don’t worry about that.” Grandmother murmured. “And then, the hallway mirror, I saw myself in Avril’s body. It was like I was her and she was me.” I said. All grandma did was sigh. I’m guessing she didn’t believe in this or believe me for that matter. “Grandma? Did you kill her?” I hesitated. “Nurse! Get her out! Blake! Nurse! Someone! Get her OUT!” Grandmother shouted. “Here we go again.” Blake said with anger. Blake pulled me out of the room and closed the door. “What are you thinking? Grandmother didn’t kill Avril. And why, why would you ask that. She is in the hospital for Pete’s sake!” Blake argued. “I’m sorry... I don’t know why I did that. Grandmother told me I could ask her questions. So I did. I’m sorry. But if she didn’t, then explain my dream. I wouldn’t just dream this for any reason. You never know. You just never know.” I replied. Blake shook his head. “You better head back to the house. I’ll drive.” Blake demanded. It was dead silent in the car. I can’t believe he is actually mad at me for this. I mean come on, it’s different when it’s a lie, but this might be the truth. Am I wrong for thinking this? It’s just to much of a coincidence. I can’t control my dream either. I keep having the same one every night.

I haven’t told anyone but Blake, and grandmother but she doesn’t listen. I’m honestly debating whether I should tell my mom and dad. Should I? I most definitely want to, I’m only afraid that they won’t believe it either. Blake is the only one who doesn’t think I’m crazy. That’s sad. I received a call from Blake. Grandmother will not be home until next week. I guess she is really taking this hard. I went downstairs into the library, to try to find a book. Maybe to search around a little bit too. I saw Avril’s bible again. I started looking through it this time. There was a form that said Hankinson Sheriffs Office on it. I opened it up and it said “Agatha Demmeris Locke” That is grandmas name! Something about a murder trail, suspect found innocent. What? I heard the front door open, so I threw it back in the bible, and grabbed a book to act like I was reading. “Hey.” Blake whispered. “Hi.” I replied anxiously. “I’m going to get dinner. Be back in a few.” Blake added. I went back into the library to look at the different books. There was one called The Catcher in the Rye. I started reading it and it’s very good. It’s different than a lot of books I read. So, Blake never came back with dinner. I went into the kitchen and made chicken nuggets and fries, then went up to my room. I had noticed that this room is the only room on the second floor. I looked out my window, and there the wood shed was. I wanted to go in there so bad, but didn’t. I went to sleep.

I decided to go outside and check out the town. It’s not a big town and grandma was in the middle of everything. So, I was accessible to most things. I noticed people outside net to grandmothers house. “Hi, I’m Blaire Locke, Mrs. Agatha’s granddaughter. I was wondering if you know anything about her sister Avril Deville?” I asked curiously. “Oh, I remember them. Those sweet girls who live down the street. I have known them since they were little. You could tell Agatha and Avril were very close. But you could also tell that they fought a lot. And once, I remember Agatha was out on the front porch, screaming at Avril that she would kill her if she laid another hand on her husband. Avril came to my house, and asked if she could stay a while and talk. So I let her. Avril thought she was such a burden, she said she would go sleep in the wood shed there behind the house. I didn’t want her to, but she insisted and said that she would be fine. Next think I knew, Avril was dead.” Mrs. Jones informed me. “Oh wow, so you actually remember her threatening Avril to kill her if she laid another hand on her husband again?” I questioned. “Yes, that why I think Agatha killed her, because that night in the shed, she was kissing Charles, and Agatha caught them.” Mrs. Jones described. “So, the last place she was, was in that shed right behind the house? And do you know what she died from?” I asked. “Yes, it was. And she was stabbed...”Mrs. Jones said. “Thank you so much, Mrs. Jones. Have a great day.” I responded. I walked towards the shed. I was afraid of what I might find in the shed. I didn’t know what would be in there. As I walked in, the floor creaked so loud it scared me. This floor was not very stable. There it was. The platform Avril was on with Charles. I walked up the crooked stairs only to find a chest. I opened the chest slowly and there was a kitchen knife. The knife looked old, and it was covered in blood. I started feeling light headed. I turned around and saw grandmother standing there. “Get your hands off my husband, you dirty skank. I will KILL YOU!” she screamed. “Grandma, what are you doing?” I shouted. “Get your hands off Avril.” She whispered. I ran passed her and out the door. Dizziness overwhelmed me, and next thing I knew, I was in my room.

Chapter 4

I woke up. I don’t remember a thing about last night. All Blake told me, was that he found grandma in the library sitting with a knife in her hand. I just knew that I needed to go home. Grandma definitely didn’t want me here, and you know I don’t want to be here. I called my mom just to talk to her. I wanted to here someone elses voice. Mom said that things were fine, and that she misses me. I want to go home. Really bad in fact. Blake didn’t like me, I actually don’t think he ever did. Grandmother definitely doesn’t like me. This is actually quite random, but isn’t it odd how grandma gets so worked up when I asked about Avril’s death? But why would she freak out if she didn’t kill her? “Hi mom. It’s Blaire.” I said quietly to my mom. “Hello dear! How are you? How do you like grandmothers?” Mom asked. “It’s good.” I lied. “Are you sure? You don’t sound sure…” Mom hesitated. “Yes, I’m having a lot of fun. Blake is also really funny. And a smart ass.” I told her. “I’m glad your having fun. Bye sweetie, love you.” Mom said as she hung up. I’m glad I got to talk to mom today. I really look up to her. She is just so beautiful and such a wise woman. I heard a knocking on my door. As I went to open it, nobody was there. “Blake, this isn’t funny...” I shouted down the hallway. A few seconds past. “Blake?” I repeated. Still, there was silence. That was weird. I went downstairs to try to find Blake or grandmother. “Hey grandma. Is Blake home?” I asked hoping he was. “No dear. He left about an hour ago to go to the grocery store.” Grandmother informed me. That’s so weird. Maybe she knocked on my door. “Grandmother, did you knock on my door just a few minutes ago? “No. Why would I do that? I don’t like you…I don’t want to see you…” Grandmother said with a sarcastic tone. I just walked away, and tried to hold in my rage. It made me kind of mad that grandmother didn’t like me. I was nothing but nice to her. Well, kind of anyway. I woke up to the sound of grandmother’s voice screaming at me. “Blaire, why would you go and move everything of my sisters’ things to where she had them. And how would you even know that?” Grandmother said. “I’m sorry grandmother. But I have no clue what you’re talking about…” I told her. “You moved everything around to the same way it was when Avril was here!” Grandmother explained. I was in disbelief… I don’t remember doing any of this. And I don’t know how I could have. I don’t know where she kept anything. The only way I would know if I was Avril.

The next morning, I felt as if I wasn’t thinking my own thoughts, like someone else was controlling me. I didn’t feel like I was Blaire. I wasn’t acting the same. Thinking the same, or anything I usually do. I hopped out of the bed to go look in the mirror and I looked like I did when I went to bed. I couldn’t explain this. I heard a horn outside, and ran to the door. Thank God. It was my mom. And my dad. “Am I leaving?” I asked with excitement. “Yes, go pack your bags.” Dad said with just as much enthusiasm. Yes I’m going home. Maybe this crazy shit will stop. Hopefully. I hugged grandmother goodbye, as well as Blake. It was like a goodbye everyone wanted to happen. I’ll miss Blake though. And his smartass. I was so happy when I arrived to my house. I missed it so so so so much! I went to sleep as soon as I got home because we got back at 11, and I was tired. I could never sleep whenever I tried at grandmothers house. That night, for some strange reason I woke up at grandmas house even though I left. “Why did you kill me, sis?” I asked grandmother. “Blaire, I thought you left hours ago.” Grandmother said with fear in her voice. “Who’s Blaire? This is Avril...” I told her.

Chapter 5

When I woke up, grandmother was standing over me with a pan from the kitchen. “Grandmother, what are you doing?” I asked her. “Just go back to your home, and get out of mine Blaire.” Grandmother demanded. “Grandmother…Why don’t you like me? Just please tell me. I will leave if you tell me why. I won’t come back…” I explained to her. “You wouldn’t understand Blaire…” Grandmother said while shaking her head. “Yes I would. Just tell me.. Please grandmother.” I pleaded. “You act just like Avril!! I wish you could just be yourself. Be you. Not Avril. That’s not who you need to be. I can’t explain it. It’s like you are her. And I can’t stand the fact that you are exactly like her.” She sobbed. “Grandmother.. I have been trying to tell you this for a long time. You wouldn’t listen to me. You were denying it. I understand you didn’t want to believe it, but gosh grandma. You could have told me this earlier.” I said. I started feeling as if I was having a seizure. My body was rising up in the air and my body started taking the form of someone else’s. I was literately turning into Avril. “Hi sister. It’s been a long time you know, since you killed me.” I said to grandmother with a hint of attitude in my voice. I didn’t know what was going on. I was still Blaire, but my body was taken over by Avril. Which is kind of weird. I don’t know how I got to grandmothers house, or anything else after that, but I do remember that Avril did take me over. Next thing I know, I’m back in my bed at home, and I don’t remember a thing. Mom shouted across the house for me to pick up the phone. It was grandmother. “Hello Blaire, this is grandmother. This is between us – OK?” “Alright grandmother, what is it? Is everything alright?” “No, Avril took over your body last night. You need to come back immediately.\" “What?! Why would I need to come back?” “Get over here right away.” “Alright I’ll leave right now, grandmother.”

I know. I finally know. I’m Avril. Reincarnated.

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