Two Sided Theory

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It's year 2060, forty years after world war three. The world was attacked by aliens in the year 2030, making the world become close allies and learn to work together. We as a planet have also, found a planet where everybody knows peace and we have sent all the sixteen year olds to learn to work together and never fight so Earth will be a peaceful place.
Bella is a sixteen year old who was just informed by her lying best friend, Cody that her boyfriend wants to kill her before reaching the planet their spaceship is bound for. Read Two Sided Theory to find out what happens when
Cody isn't lying.

Submitted: June 12, 2015

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Submitted: June 12, 2015



Two Sided Theory

By Emily King

I heard a familiar voice pulling me quickly out of my deep slumber. I tried to recognize the voice before I decided to open my heavy eyelids. “Bella, get up” I heard coming from beside my night stand, the voice was deep, yet filled with fear.  I opened my eyes to find Cody standing above me with two cups of coffee and that cute half smile he always has on. I managed to smile before I saw the fear in his eyes.  I grab the cup with my name on it as I slowly stand up.

“What’s wrong, Codes?” I asked in a concerned voice.  He started breathing heavy before he began to cry. As tears fell down his clear pale face, I knew something was wrong I just didn’t understand why he hadn’t told me yet.

“It’s about Mike.” He answered “He wants to kill… someone.” I knew Mike had anger issues but he would never actually hurt a person, he is to kind hearted.

“Ha, good one. We both know he will never actually do anything.” I said jokingly. “Who is it this time?”

“You, Bella he wants you dead.” He choked out. His beautiful green eyes turned dark as they filled with tears.

“GET OUT!” I yelled. “GET OUT OF MY BEDROOM, NOW! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU EVER AGAIN CODY MATTEW DAVIS!” I fell to the floor as I burst into tears. I feel my heart as it falls from my chest and drops to my stomach.

“Can I tell you one more thing, Bells?” He said softly wrapping his long arms around me. I hate it when Cody calls me Bells; maybe that’s why he does it. Within moments of being tight in his arms, I only wanted to hear three simple words. Three words a grown man would say to his beautiful wife. Three words a mother would say before kissing her child good night. Three words a father would say before letting his little girl go on her first date. Three words of how I should feel about Mike, my boyfriend, but instead have always felt for Cody. Three words I would never hear coming of Cody because he likes someone else. “Bella, I…”

“Please, Leave” I blurt out before he could say anymore. I knew what he was going to say. ‘Bella I am completely sorry. Please forgive me.’ The truth is I didn’t need his pity party; I just wanted to be left alone. “You can come back later; just I really need to think about something.”

“Okay, Bella. I’ll be right outside.” He said walking towards my door. He stood there looking at me, before opening the door, still grounded by my bed. As he closes the door behind him, I stand up wiping most of the tears from my face.  Before I make my way to lock the door, I turn up my stereo.

 “Why, would Mike want to kill me?” I thought to myself as the calm sound of the Hawaiian breeze filled my speakers. “I saved Mikes life. He wanted to take over the world and many people wanted him gone, but when he looked into my eyes he dropped that dream.” I open my plain white dresser to find only one of my jumpers clean, the black. “I can’t wear this out in public, but I’m only going to see Mike I guess it will do.”

Before I walk towards my door I take a quick glance in my huge mirror to find no reflection. I take a deep breath as I step closer to the mirror, my mind filled with fear. As I walk towards the empty mirror my heart racing. I reach my hand out to touch the empty glass when I hear a noise coming from my long white couch. By the time I turn around to see who was there I was being pushed, I close my eyes as I fall to the ground.

“Bailee, you shouldn’t go through the mirror you could get really hurt.” I hear coming from a very familiar voice.

“Cody?” I say confused.

“No, Cyle.” He said confused. “Bailee you know me.”

“I’m not Bailee, I’m Bella.” I said screaming. “Where in the world am I?”

“Bailee, what have you done?” Cyle said under his breath as he pace back and forth in the cold dark room. My eyes seemed to follow him as he walked past the black couch to the dark purple queen sized bed, before they started to wonder around the room. Everything in the room was the complete opposite color as things I had in my room, even the light shining in from the windows. “We will have to send you back as soon as possible; you think you can survive a week in the dark realms of Mirror Ville?”

“No, I think I’m good.” I say standing up. I see Cyle watch closely with his dark green eyes as I pull my hair into a perfect sock bun. His lips were formed in a smile and his eyes locked on me. “I need to get back to my world. I have business to attend to.”

“Then, Go on, try.” He says pointing at the mirror. His voice sounded as if he were mocking me.

I touch the mirror; it is now already back to its normal form again, as if nothing were to happen. The tears begin to fall as I stand there, waiting for a I told you so. Instead, Cyle walked behind me and grabbed my hips bringing me closer to his body, “It’s okay, Bella. It’s not that bad. You’ll be back before we reach planet R12.” He whispered in my ear backing away from me. Before laying on the bed he turns on the radio:


“What? No, that’s a lie!” I scream throwing the radio across the room. “Mike, Loves me.”

“Bella, that’s why Michael wants you dead, when Mike looks in those beautiful blue eyes he feels the same way Michael does looking into Bailee’s baby blues. The love they have for you both is strong enough to “tame” the feelings of total control of the entire world, meaning the only way they can fulfill that dream is for you and Bailee are dead.” He said trying not to tear up or make eye contact.

“You and Cody are just alike!” I screamed without thought. “He loves me! I know he does.” I felt my heart begin to race as I fell to the ground.

“Me and Cody? Sorry to say this but in case you didn’t know we are twins! And maybe if you weren’t so stubborn then you would know that Cody…” He said out of rage. I don’t blame him for being mad at me, he has been my best friend since we were five and both our parents had died. “It doesn’t matter anyway; you’re in love with a crazy guy that wants to murder you.”

“You don’t even know me, Cyle! You don’t know who I love!” I screamed back. I don’t understand how he doesn’t see the way I look at him, his gorgeous green eyes are breathtaking.

“Please enlighten me!” He said calmly as I stand on my feet and walk towards his still less body siting on my twin’s purple bed.  His strong arms wrap around me to pull me closer to his well build core. I lean in to kiss his soft lips when a loud knock on the door forced me back into reality.

“BAILEE OPEN UP!” A deep voice said from the other side of the door.  I managed to push Cyle away before the door flew open.  A tall man dressed in black grabbed my arm roughly pulling me even farther away from Cyle. “You are needed back on earth.”

“CYLE! Please don’t let them take me!” I say reaching towards him trying to grab his hand.

“Hold still and you won’t get hurt” the man said while wrapping his arms tighter around me.

Earth was still beautiful even though it was darker than I remember. The houses all looked the same, my mother called them cookie cutter houses.  The only thing that was different was the grass was replaced with dirt and the pets were now either bats or huge spiders. This earth was completely scary but looked to be well civilized. The man drove me through Boston, the city that now has the space shuttles. I stare out the window until my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer.  

I open my eyes to see flashing lights and Michael, Mikes Twin. The look in his eyes was terrifying and filled with rage.  His eyes were darker than ever and stayed locked on me. Chains were wrapped tightly around his body and his hands in cuffs.  “Why, am I here?” I said walking towards Michael.

“I wouldn’t walk towards him if I were you.” The man said protectively as he grabbed my hand easily. “You have to get dressed.”

“Dressed for what?” I say confused.

“To cut off a man’s head.” He said looking at me with grief in his eyes.  

“Who?”  I say hoping he wouldn’t say Michael. I never loved him but without a cover Cody would find out I’m in love with him. Cody wouldn’t want to be my friend, anymore. He would think I’m a creep.

“Michael.” He said grabbing a long dress covered in blood from the last victim. “Swing hard, and don’t back down.”

“I’ll try.” I say I rather die than to lose Cody. My mind was filled with scenes of me cutting off my own head instead of Michael’s.  As I get dressed the man grabs a sword. The sword was long, sharp, and covered in blood.

Walking outside I see Michael tied to a wooden stand with his head hanging off. I walk towards the crowd growing closer and closer to my death. I looked around to see if Kyle was in the crowd.

Once I get up to the stand I see Cody, and Kyle to the front left. Both wave at me with a cute half smile. Kyle had gotten Cody while the man pulled me out of the room.

I pull the sword over my head, as it drags down it pierces my lung. I can feel my body begin to bleed and my lungs grow short of breath. I feel no pain as I look into Cody’s beautiful green eyes. My vision grows blurry as I see Cody run towards my grounded body. “Bella!” I hear coming from my left side.

“Cody, I love you.” I say crying.

“Bella, BELLA. Get up. Get up please.” He says with tears in his eyes.

I open my eyes thinking it would be the last time I see Cody to find myself in my bed room. I look to my left to see Cody still in his Pajamas, smiling at me.  I stand up and run towards him and kiss his soft lips.

“I love you, Bella.” Cody whispers in my ear.








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