my crazy made up love

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Submitted: January 17, 2018




It was a long day I had so much to do and then Jack walks in the room and closes the door Me: hey jack Jacob: hey emy He walks up and stands behind me with he’s hands on my waist Me: jack what r u doing Jacob: something I should have done a long time ago As he spines me around Me: and what is Th He cut me of short and kissed me without hesitation I kissed him Back and then he pulls back and looks me in the eyes Jacob: emy do u trust me Without hesitation I answered him Me: of Corus Jacob Then all of a sudden he pulls me up and I wrap my legs around him Jacob: Emily I love you Me: I love you too Jacob Then he starts kissing me again and starts walking to the bed and lays me down without breaking the kiss but then he stops Jacob: do u want to do this it’s up to you Me: Jacob of course I do there is no one else I want to do it with Jacob: Emily I love u and I don’t want u to feel like you have to do anything I am happy to go slow if you want I don’t want to lose you I need u Me: Jacob I love u to and I don’t want to lose u either I need u and I don’t feel like I have to do it but if u want to go slow we can wan just lay hear and talk if u want Jacob: Emily i want to do it now but I don’t want u to feel like you have I stood up and I cut him off and started kissing him and stared backing up to the bed bring him with me when we got to the bed I pulled back Me: Jacob I want this And i sat down on the bed and started to bring he’s face down to me and started to kiss him lying back slowly not breaking the kiss then when he was lying on top of me i stopped and looked him deep in the eyes Me: Jacob r u ready do u want to do this Jacob: yes emy I do I want to do it Me: ok He took of he’s t-shirt and started to kiss me while undoing my shirt when he got my shirt of he stopped and looked at me Jacob: how did I get so lucky to get a girl so beautiful? He laughed at himself and started to kiss me again and then I started to un do my pants at the same time as him and before we knew it all I had on was my bra and indies and he only had he’s boxers on we wear still kissing and then he stopped all of a sudden Jacob: r u ready to do this Me: yea I am Then he rolled over brining me with him so I ended up on top of him while he was undoing my bra we didn’t stop kissing when he got it of he threw it across the dorm room to he’s side then I realized after a few minutes we wear completely undressed and then we rolled back over so he was on top and then we wear off we went for a while and when we wear finished he didn’t go anywhere he stayed and I fell asleep on he’s chest when I woke up he wasn’t there next to me so I got up and I could hear the shower running so I went in and got in the shower with him Jacob: good morning baby Me: good morning And we started to kiss Me: I really enjoyed last night babe Jacob: I did to I would have to say that was the best night of my existence Me: so what are we going to do today? Jacob: whatever u want we can go far a walk and get lunch show everyone that u r my girl or we can stay in hear cuddle up and watch movies all day

Me: well that sounds tempting but we do have class today remember how about we go to lunch and when we come back we can cuddle and watch movies ok Jacob oh yea class I forgot because you’re the only thing I can think about but yea lest do that good thing we have the same classes today Me: yea but till then I stopped and started to kiss him the water that was running down my back felt so well then he pulled my leg up to he’s side and then we started again in the shower it felt so good that I didn’t want to stop then all of a sudden ‘‘knock knock” someone was at the door we both stopped and i got out and put my towel on and walked out when I got to the door and opened i found it was Sophie and shanay Me: hey guys what’s up Shanay: hey not much but we had plans today remember we wear going to go get lunch Me: omg I totally forgot umm I made plans with a guy to day Sophie and shanay: shut up no way omg who Me: lol Jacob he asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with him Shanay: omg he is so cute I am so happy for u Emily its ok we can go to lunch some other time wear is he now Me: well he’s in the shower now Shanay: wear u in the shower with him Emily Me: yea y what’s the problem he is my boyfriend Shanay: well have u two done anything else Me: omg I don’t want to talk about this now come back later or something Sophie: ok Emily we love u see u later Me: love u guys to bye I watched them walk away and then closed the door and locked it I started to walk back to the bathroom and then I noticed that the shower was not on and then I felt someone behind me I turned around and saw the look on he’s face Me: baby what’s wrong Jacob: how bad r u hurt Me: what r u talking about He pulled down the towel and there wear bruises on my arms and torso Me: what happened to me I didn’t even realize till now that u pointed it out And then he put he’s hand and on top of one of them and they wear hand prints Jacob: I’m sorry Me: it’s ok but how did u do it Jacob: there is something u don’t know about me Emily and I didn’t think I would let it get this far to be able to hurt u I am so sorry I did this to u Me: what r u talking about what r u a vampire or something I laughed to myself and then saw he’s face Me: u r aren’t u you’re a vampire Jacob: I’m sorry I should have told u I didn’t realize how strong I really was till I saw the bruises on your back and arms when u got out of the shower I’m sorry I did this Me: Jacob u may be one of them but I still love u I don’t care what u are u r still my boyfriend and last night was the best night of my life don’t be sorry I’m fine Jacob: thanks but I don’t think I can still do this I’m sorry Emily I can’t Me: what do u mean u cant r u breaking up with me already? Jacob: I’m sorry Emily Me: no Jacob just no u can’t do this to me not now I love you Jacob: I love u too Emily without u I’m nothing u r the stars in my night sky but I Can’t risk hurting u again Me: then we can be careful please don’t leave me pleas Jacob: ok because leavening u would break me I will stay for you Me: thank you I love you Jacob: I love you t I cut him off and started kissing him he kissed me back which was a good sigh we wear both still in towels I pushed my towel off and then he’s and then he picked me up and started to walk to the bed and laid down with me and then before we could do anything he stopped and pulled back Jacob: Emily I can’t I will hurt u again Me: try pleas just try for me pleas try Jacob: ok I will but if I hurt u I won’t do it again ok Me: no if u hurt me u will do it again because practice makes perfect Jacob: ok He started kissing me and then we started to have sex again I never felt better then when I was with him he was everything to me he made me feel like I was the only girl in the world I can’t imagine a better place to be then bye he’s side it wasn’t long before it started to get darker outside we spent so long arguing and hurting me that it was we missed our lunch date and then there was a knock at the door and we stopped Me should I get that or do u want to Jacob: u can if u wants Me: I will get it So I got up wrapped the towel around me and went to the door when i opened it i was Shocked and scared Edward: hello Emily Me: what do u wants Edward? Edward: I know what I did was wrong Emily I’m sorry I came here to ask for another chance I hope u will forgive me I was shocked I didn’t what to see him ever again after what he did to me let alone for give him and before I could answer Jacob was standing behind me he looked angry not at me but at him Jacob: I think u better leave dude Emily come on lets go Edward: omg Emily are those bruises what happened to you did he do this to u Me: n I got cut off short bye Jacob Jacob: that’s none of your business Edward: I think Emily can talk for herself and who are you anyway Jacob: I am her boyfriend Jacob who are u Edward: I am her boy friend Then they both looked at me Me: Edward I broke up with u a long time ago for what you did to me and then I found Jacob and he doesn’t hurt me like u do I don’t need this can u just go

Jacob: yes u best leave Edward: well if u feel that way then I guess I will just go then bye Both me and Jacob: bye we both watched as he walked away and closed and locked the door then he turned to me Jacob: what was all that about Me: nothing Jacob: tell me now Me: or what you will hurt me Jacob: what no Me: exactly give me a minuet I turned and started to walk to the bathroom as I got into the bathroom I closed the door and sat behind it and I started to cry I never wanted to see him again that’s why I went to a different school far away from him how did he know where I was or what dorm I was in I picked myself up and looked in the mirror at the bruises and saw that they wear really easy to see now I looked away and fell to the ground and started to cry again what am I supposed to say to him now I don’t know what I am going to do this is all so confusing I love Jacob what if because of Edward I messed it all up I need to stop crying and go back out their I picked myself up of the ground again wiped away all the tears looked in the mirror took a deep breath and opened the door and walked out he was sitting there waiting for me to explain I don’t know what to say to him Me: Jacob I I’m sorry Jacob: do u still love him Me: no of course not do u know what he used to do to me he used to hit me and yell at me and u ask me if I still love him no I don’t l love you Jacob Jacob: then why is it you are crying Me: because I moved to this school and told no one I moved here to get away from him how he knew where I was I don’t know now I’m scared that he will come back when u r not hear Bye this stage he was standing right in front of me Jacob: I will never let him hurt u I love u Emily Me: I love you to The he hugged me Jacob: so should we get back to work or do u want to get dressed and go to bed Me: how about work He pulled my towel off and then he’s picked me up and started to kiss me and he took me to the bed and we stared again it wasn’t long till we finished and I started to get tired so i went to sleep when I woke up I relived I was on he’s bed not mine so I got up went to my closet got my clothes and went and got in the shower the water felt nice on my body when I got out and got dressed I went out of the bathroom and put my shoes on and done my hair and then I heard a knock at the door when I opened it Me: what do u want Edward? Edward: I just want to talk to u in privet plz Emily Me: ok fine what do u want to talk to me about? Edward: can I come in Me: umm ok He came in and I closed the door we went and sat on my bed Edward: Emily I am sorry for what I did to u I really am Me: ok and what do u think sorry is going to do u used to hit me Edward ok sorry is no wear near enough for what u did Edward: I know Emily I know it’s not but I love you ok and I miss u like crazy Me: that’s nice but I have a boyfriend now and I love him I’m sorry u are going to have to leave now I have to go to class Edward: Emily plz just give me a second chance plz Me: no Edward now plz leave my dorm now I got u and he pulled me down by my arm and kissed me I pushed him away and slapped him in the face and walked to the door and opened it Me I would like u to leave now He got up and walked out I closed the door and locked it and then I walked over to my desk and started to brush my hair and then the tears came down my face I looked into the mirror on the desk and I saw a coward then i heard a key in the door I wiped away the tears took a deep breath and put a smile on and then he came in Jacob: hey baby Me: hey Jacob: what are you doing? Me: not much I got a visit of someone to day Jacob: are u crying? It was him wasn’t it was your ex Me: yea it was He came over turned me around and hugged me Jacob: did he hurt you Me: no he kissed me Jacob: what Me: it’s ok I pushed him away and slapped him Jacob: one it’s not ok two a slap is not all that he is going to get Me: I love u baby Jacob: I love you too bub Then he lifted my chin up and kissed me then he dropped he’s hand and pulled me close to him I could feel the anger in he’s kiss he was angry and Edward for kissing me I pulled back my head breaking the kiss but the rest of my body was still close to him i looked in two he’s eyes Me: Jacob are you ok Jacob: yea why Me: don’t do anything stupid ok plz Jacob: Emily i cant just let this go he kissed u and your mine so it’s my job to do something Me: Jacob plz Jacob: ok do you want to lie down Me: yea So we laid down and talked for a bit and then I fell asleep when I woke up he wasn’t there I got dressed and went for a walk but then I could hear yelling when I walked around the corner I was shocked to see Jacob and Edward arguing

Jacob: If u ever so much as touch her again I will KILL you myself Edward: she doesn’t know what she wants Jacob: she wants me Edward: how do u know Jacob: she told me Me: STOP IT both of you now i can’t deal with this Jacob: babe stay out of this he started it Me: Yea and I’m going to finish it They looked at each other Jacob and Edward: how Me: I’m sorry Edward but Jacob is right I do want him not you not after what you did but i love him not you and I will never love you I’m sorry Jacob: babe lets go Me: ok yea let’s go We left holding hands i guess now everyone knows about us

ONE WEEK LATER when I woke up I was so relaxed it looks so nice outside then I realized that Jacob wasn’t here and now I am starving I wonder what’s in the fridge so I got up and went to the dorm room fridge in my room I looked around and found left over pizza from last night I pulled it out heated it up I got threw two mouthfuls and then I started to feel really sick I ran to the bathroom and then I started to vomit when it stopped I grabbed my bag and opened it and realized that something wasn’t right I went and got my phone and looked at the date I and realized i missed my period I only had one thought I was pregnant only one way to find out so I got dressed cleaned up and left locking the door behind me to go to the pharmacy to get a the test when I got to the shops I had to look around so nobody that I might know was hear and then grabbed one of the tests I went to the counter brought the test and left as fast as I could I went straight to shanay’s house I told her everything and then told me to take it at her house when I finished and went back out to her to wait Me: what if it is positive what am I going to do how am I going to tell him Shanay: it’s ok I am here for you sis there is nothing to worry about it whatever it is I will always love you emy Me: I love you to nay nay We sat and waited and then there it was I m pregnant I started to cry Shanay: Emily its ok I will help you along the way now we just have to tell Jacob Me: ok lets go wait do you mind if I do it alone plz Shanay: yea its ok I will wait I love you call me and tell me what he says ok Me: ok bye Shanay: bye As I walked back to my dorm with tears still streaming down my face it’s a good thing that everyone else was in class as I turned the corner I was surprised to see my mom I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug Me: mom I have missed you so much why are you hear Mom: what do u mean I got a call that you wanted to see me by some Jacob guy is he your boyfriend? Me: I don’t know after I tell him Mom: Tell him what? Me: mom don’t Fricke out but I might be pregnant Mom: honey I am so happy for u Me: really I thought that u might get mad Mom: who is the baby daddy? Me: Jacob Mom: have you told him yet? Me: no not yet I have only told you and my best friend shanay I was actually going to go tell him now Mom: baby its ok he will be happy if not then he was not worth your time Me: mom we have only been together for a week and a half and already started fights for me and made me feel like I was the only girl in the world Mom: wow fights with who? Me: mom do u remember Edward the one that used to hit and yell at me Mom: yea I really hated him Me: well he found out I was here and tried to get back with me even know I told him no and that I have a new boyfriend now and then he kissed me and when I told Jacob he got really angry not at me but at Edward and when I woke up the next day and went for a walk I could hear yelling and then I saw Jacob yelling at Edward saying stuff like if you ever touch her again I will kill you I was shocked I went over and told them to stop and then me and Jacob lift and went back to the dorm room and watched movies and other stuff like that and yea Mom: wow honey he sound like a keeper I like him so when can I meet him? Me: after I tell him and find out what he says Mom: ok well I just came to see you I am staying in town for a couple of days so call me so I can meet him ok but I have to go I will see u later I love you by honey Me: bye mom I stood there as she drove away and then when I turned around Edward was standing there Me: what the hell are u doing hear u are going to get yourself killed Edward: im sorry I kissed u Emily it was wrong of me to do that can you forgive me for everything I have done and I will stop and leave you alone plz Me: whatever I forgive you for the kiss but nothing else ok no can u go away plz Edward; yea bye emy bear Me: what did you just call me? Edward: emy bear Me: don’t call me that ok bye Edward: lol ok bye I started to walk back to the dorm when walked through the door I was shocked their wear flowers and a card I went over and picked up the card and it read

TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN MY WORLD ONE AND ONLY I LOVE YOU BABY HAPPY BIRTHDAY I was so shocked I forgot all about my birthday at least he didn’t I called him and told him to come to the dorm I have a surprise he said he was on he’s way I got up of the bed and put my jumper in the closet and took my shoes off and brushed my hair and then I heard the key in the door I went and sat on the bed and waited for him to come in he came in and sat right next to me Me: thanks for the flowers they are beautiful baby Jacob: it’s ok so u said u had a surprise for me Me yea umm this may shock you but I’m pregnant Jacob: wow who is the dad? Me: umm you baby it’s your baby Jacob: umm ok I don’t know what to say Me: well aren’t u happy we r going to have a little baby Jacob: Emily of course I’m happy I love you and I will love him or her just as much Me: I love u so much baby and oh yea Jacob did u call my mom Jacob: oh yea sorry Me: its ok it was good to see her again I have missed her I told her I was pregnant and she was really happy and she wants to meet you she is coming bye tomorrow is that ok with you Jacob: yea your mom seems like a nice lady Me: thanks so since it’s my birthday what do I get? Jacob: I got something in mind He moved closer and took my shirt off and then I took he’s off and then he tackled me and started kissing me and then we both started to giggle and then we lied there staring at each other and then all of a sudden there was a knock at the door I got up and put my t-shirt on and answered it it was shanay I opened it wide and looked at Jacob

Me: I will be back in a minuet ok baby love u Jacob: ok baby love u to I walked out and closed the door and turned to her Me: what’s up sis Shanay: not much so tell me what he said Me: you do know it like 10 o’clock right Shanay: yea I know now tell me Me: well I told my mom she was really happy for me and then I told Jacob he was really shocked and then he was really happy and said that he will love him or she the same he was really happy to start a family with me and I am to I love him and he loves me to so yea I get to keep it now I just have to tell my dad but yea Shanay: wow I am so happy for you sis I can’t wait to be an aunty Me: and I can’t wait to be a mom now can I go back to bed now plz Shanay: yea sorry I love you sis good night bye Me: love you to night bye I turned and walked back inside Jacob was still lying on my bed as always waiting for me I took my shirt off at the door and locked it i walked over to the bed and jumped on him and giggled he was so good looking I don’t know how I got so lucky to have him Me: hey sexy He laughed Jacob: me sexy no u r the sexy one Me: I won’t be for long Jacob: what does that mean? Me: well I am going to get really fat remember Jacob: even then you will be sexy to me Me: aww that’s sweet baby Jacob: so what do u want to have a boy or a girl? Me: I want a girl what about you? Jacob: a girl Me: so do you want to have some fun now Jacob: yea well it’s still your birthday Me: I know let go I started to kiss him and then he started to take my pants of and then he’s he rolled me over so he was on top it felt just as good as the first time we did it I will never forget that when I woke up I was happy because he was still hear Jacob: good morning beautiful Me: good morning baby Jacob: so what time is your mom coming? Me: around 10 is that ok Jacob: yea so we have 2 hours what do u want to do why we wait? Me: I have a few things in mind Jacob: oh I think I know what they are Me: yea do you want to go have a shower with me baby Jacob: yea So we started to walk to the bathroom but before we could go in somebody knocked on the door Me: I will get it u get in I will be there in a sec Jacob ok I started to walk to the door I opened it Me: hey how can I help you Girl: I was told to give you this She held out a bunch of flowers and a note Me: bye who Girl: I don’t know he didn’t say he’s name just to come and give you these Me: um ok thanks Girl: it’s ok I have to go I will see you round Me: bye Girl: bye I closed the door ant turned around and walked to my bed and sat down and read the card

To Emily I am very sorry for everything I done to you I hope one day you will forgive me for what I done Till then I still love you and these roses are for you Xoxoxo love Edward

I was shocked flowers and everything I quickly shoved the letter in my draw and put the flowers on the desk hoping that Jacob won’t notice them I sat there and looked at them thinking weather or not to forgive him I don’t know whether it’s a sick joke or he is really sorry maybe I should forgive him what would Jacob say if I did would he be mad at me or mad at him for giving me flowers maybe I won’t tell him that they r from Edward but the truth can’t hurt right oh well I will just wait and see if he notices them I took a deep breath and stood up and walked into the bathroom wear Jacob already was in the shower waiting when I walked in he got out and started to take my clothes of so could get he was dripping water all over the ground I looked up in two he’s eyes and put my hand on he’s face Me: you know I love you right Jacob: yea and I love you too why I didn’t answer I just kissed him he gave up and kissed me back still trying to get my clothes off when he got them off he picked me up and brought me into the shower with him without breaking the kiss he put me down and pushed me up against the wall and started to kiss my neck he moved he’s hand down my back and moved it to my hip and up to my chest it felt so good when he touched me I loved him with all my heart and I never wanted him to leave without him I am nothing just then he lifted me up and I wrapped my leg around he’s waist Jacob: I love you Me: I love you 2 Jacob: I can’t live without you will you stay with me for ever Me: of course I will I can’t live without you either you are everything to me Jacob forever and ever and ever Me: that sounds exactly right to me Jacob: yea god you’re so perfect Me: you r perfect to baby Jacob: not as perfect Before I could argue he kissed me I was still up against the wall I grabbed he’s hair and forced myself closer to him but I didn’t have to try he knew what I wanted he pulled me away from the wall not breaking the most beautiful kiss he turned the water off and walked out of the bathroom to the bed and lied me down softly he saw on top still kissing me then he started moving up and down he didn’t notice my moaning we went for a while when we stopped he passed out I went to take a shower by myself when I got out I got dressed and done my makeup and my hair and then I woke him up Me: baby time to hop up my mom will be hear soon and u got to get ready Jacob: ok I’m up what’s the time Me: ten to ten u got ten minuets Jacob: well don’t you look very pretty baby Me: Thanks babes now quick get dressed Jacob: ok He went to get in the shower again and I went outside to call my mom Me: hey mom Mom: hey honey Me: how long till you get hear Mom: about five minutes honey I will see u and Jacob when I get there ok by honey love you Me: bye mom I went back inside to find Jacob already and dressed to meet my mom for the first time Me: well don’t you look dashing Jacob: don’t start on me you are the beautiful one Me: thanks babe u ready to meet my mom Jacob: yea I was born ready Me: that’s good then let’s go wait Jacob: ok lead the way We walk out of the dorm locking it and walking to parking lot wear my mom just pulls up I wave at her Me: let’s go Jacob: I’m ready I get out of Jacobs arm and run up to my mom with open arms Jacob was right behind me waiting for me to finish when I let go of my mom I reached out for Jacob Me: mom this is Jacob Jacob: nice to meet you miss Mom: oh Sharman Jacob: Sharman what a nice name may I just say thank you for bringing Emily into this world into my world I blush and smile Mom: well it’s my pleaser my dear Me: so mom do you want to get out of this heat Mom: yes plz Me: come on let’s go We walk back Jacob behind me with my mom chatting away about how we met and how much he loves me and all that stuff Me: ok hear we are Mom: so this must be your dorm Jacob: yea it’s both of ours Mom: oh you to share a room to Me: yea mom what’s the problem Mom: nothing I thought that they out girls in one room and boys in another it doesn’t matter if you two are in the same room Me: ok do you want to come in Mom: yea but I can’t stay very long I have to go to a meeting Me: that’s ok

We walk in to the room I walk over to my bed and go into the draw and grab out a little box with a necklace I got for my mom and gave it to her but I didn’t notice the card Edward gave me and Jacob picked it up and put in he’s pocket before me or my mom noticed him I kept talking to my mo for about an hour and then she had to leave we watched her drive away when we went back to the dorm I closed the door and when I turned around Jacob was standing there with he’s arms crossed Me: what’s up babe? Jacob: don’t babe me Me: what are you talking about? Jacob: why didn’t you tell me he was hear Me: who Jacob: Edward Me: what gives you that idea? Jacob: I found the card and I know that the flowers are from him to why didn’t you tell me he was hear? Me: ok one he was not hear two he sent some girl to drop them off and three all he did was apologies god why are you so mad? Jacob: because he said he loves you and you didn’t tell me we are meant to be in a relationships remember we are not meant to lie to each other why did you not tell me? Me: I was going to tell you after my mom left but you wear so happy to meet her I didn’t want to ruin it I’m sorry Jacob; you are so lucky I love u I can’t stay mad at you its ok just don’t lie to me anymore Me: ok Then he walks over and pulls me into a tight bear hug Jacob: I love you to bits Me: I love you to He picks me up and walks over to the bed and lies down next to me and soon after I fall asleep in he’s arms I dream about little stuff the next morning I wake up and Jacob is gone I roll over to the desk beside me and see a note To my princess Good morning baby I went to go talk to Edward And it’s ok I won’t hurt him I love you baby See you later I had to think what to do go look for them or stay here I know what I am going to do I am going to go look for him oh and I need to call the appointment he doctor today to get so I got my phone out and called up 5 minutes later ok I got an appointment at 4 o-clock Saturday ok now to go find him I got up and got dressed and went out to look for him I searched everywhere but just I went to go back Jacob: you think u can give for flowers and tell her u love her and it will be ok no u can’t just do that she is my girlfriend and she is having my baby

Edward: wow dude I did not know she was pregnant I storm around the Corner Me: Jacob how could you tell him that i don’t want people knowing yet its two early to say anything god Jacob: I’m sorry Emily plz Me: not right now ok just don’t Jacob: Emily I didn’t answer I turned around and walked off to the dorm and locked the door from the inside by the chain so he couldn’t get in I wanted to be alone I didn’t want anyone and then I could feel my eyes filled with tears I could feel then streaming down my face I couldn’t believe Jacob for everything he done and how he told people was pregnant I didn’t want people to know yet then I hear the knocking at the door I knew who it was

Jacob: Emily plz listen to me plz I’m sorry ok I didn’t mean to say it Me: just go away I don’t want to hear it right now Jacob: it’s my room to baby come on I’m sorry I love you Me: what ever Jacob: so what don’t you love me anymore? Me: no I do just not right now oh yea I organized an appointment with the doctor if you wanted to know Jacob: I will always love you even when you don’t love me back and that’s good when is it? Me: Saturday 4-oclock Jacob: do you want me to come with you babe Me: yea of course Jacob: can I come in now I got up I hesitated at the chain and un did it and opened the door before I could say anything he walked in and kissed me why he closed the door behind us and he locked it. Without hesitation I kissed him back I couldn’t stay mad at him for a long time I loved him too much to do that Me: I love you baby Jacob: I love you too

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