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This is a man who is coming on stage, showing his thoughts/feelings and background story.

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



My eyes are closed as memories flicker through my mind. The memories you left with me are a cure to settle my nervous beating heart. I remember those last words as you gasped for a final breath and those words repeat throughout my mind. I stare through a peek in the rouge curtains looking at a heavenly shining stage light. I hear a lonely man on the stage, calling a lovers name throughout a song. The light shines on him as little ounces of dust float above him almost like a blessing to every inspirational performer.

As the song ends my nerves for fill me, but then I feel your essense around me and you silence my fright with your moonlight aura. As I am announced to a large audience your essense surrounds me and I begin to feel the warm radiation of your touch like an angel is here with me once again. I hear the silence of the audience, for I am unexpected to those that know of me. I enter the stage with my nerves spiralling all around me, but as I stand under the stage light a small ounce of dust would rest on my shoulder like a white dove's feather.

The piano plays and all my fear is lost as the happy romantic memories slowly pass through my mind. I shut my eyes so I'd see you more clearly and imagine you were performing with me. As I start the song, so do you. I never had forgotten her voice, almost like a goddess. I dedicated this song to you once, and then for years on we'd sing it together. Suddenly my eyes water, and tears pour from my eyes like kelttle water has been splashed on my face. A tear lands on a red coloured button, and through the tear I'd see your loving reflection. The audience look in sorrow and an old woman with the same angel like feautures would begin to join in, making other sad hearts follow with her. I'd see the dust floating above the old woman and I'd realise it was her that raised my love.

I close my eyes as I end the song, I'd hear the creek of chairs as people stand and cheer and I open my eyes. My eyes scan across the audience and once again I feel your touch but more lively as if you were next to me. I am afraid to look at you, because I only feel regret of the last time we saw eachother. As I turn my head, I see your ghost. Your hair would flow beautifully the colour of the night sky. Your eyes once told me the future, that you would be with me, they are now only a reminder of the past of everything that was wonderful.

I'd feel your hand gripping on to my hand tightly, you'd tell me you were afraid. I then look back and see myself leaving the house and you'd tell me how scared you were but I never believed you. I look forward at the clock that is on the wall, then I'd hear a dangerous man's whisper "Tick tock, tick tock.." The clock strikes midnight and I'd feel my blood boil inside my body, through my mind I hear a loud gunshot that attacks my eardrums. I look to my side and she is no longer there, but then I hear her last words "I believe in you.." I look at the audience and see them cheering, but I hear nothing. I then realise that becoming death was only a signal of what was next..


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