Drowning In Herself

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A girl brought down by her sadness and hatred towards herself. She was too far gone to be saved, even by the one who cared enough to reach out to her.

Submitted: September 27, 2012

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Submitted: September 27, 2012




I was considered an abomination by the world. I was only a waste of space, time, and skin. So I sent myself to the sea to sink. The almost freezing depths called to me as I started drowning. I simply watched the surface fade away. Already my chest was knocking at me for oxygen.

A floating figure drifted over, sensing my overwhelming sadness below. A rope was lowered into the water, slithering down to me. I kicked my feet to get to its end. I reached out my hand, wanting to grab it. But red caught my eye. As soon as I saw it I know any second sharks would swarm. They would have already caught scent of my blood and locked onto my body. Stinging inside me caused me to try to gasp for air, but I sucked in the briny, cold water. Filling up with the sea, I went still once again and started to sink away from the rope.

The water shifted around me and I knew I now had company. The giant fish would be no more heartless as the two legged creatures above.  Closing my eyes I held out my arms, letting the blood from my wrists seep to them. I knew I would be dead before the sharks could take their first bite. My oxygen was gone, my blood was depleting, and the cold was taking over my body. 

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