So This Is It...

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Just your average poem about love :)

Submitted: August 05, 2008

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Submitted: August 05, 2008



How does it feel to know?

That when you speak to me that way

I can't help but believer

Every single thing you say

How does it feel to know?

That everything about you is perfection

That when you smile my heart pounds

That you'e my protection

Did you know its true?

That, in you, I could find not one flaw

That your heart beats in sync with mine

That when in your presence I'm in awe

Can you hear me when I say?

Your hands fit perfectly within mine

That you're nothing but a dream come true

That I think He has sent you as a sign

Do you know what you do to me?

Those butterflies knock me off my feet

Those gazes into my eyes stop me in my tracks

You make my heart skip a beat

Am I hearing you right?

You tell me you feel the way I do

And I know I'm right

As I tell you I love you too

Is this what perfection looks like?

Lying together, hand in hand

Looking back on everything

Knowing this isn't what we had planned

Is this what we want?

As we're staring into the sun

We're starting a life together

Scared, unsure, but ready to run

Are you prepared to dive into the unknown?

I know we're not used to this

But knowing the potential we have

Brings me to pure bliss

Is this life?

I'm ready to take it as it comes

With you in my arms

Waiting to see what this becomes

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