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eminem lived in downtown detroit.

Submitted: January 21, 2015

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Submitted: January 21, 2015



Eminem’s life story

Eminem he grew up in a small area of the bad part of Detroit on eighth mile street. His mom did drugs in front of him abused him and yelled at him. After his father left him and his mom he was bullied all his life. He moved schools 3 times and when he dropped out of high school he would go into underground rap battles. He met a girl in a Friend’s house he was 15 and his wife Kim was 13 after dating for 10 years he asked her to marry Him. Then 2 years later they divorced. He got Custody over there kid Hailie who was only 8 years Old when they divorced. Then Eminem went to see Dr. Dre with a rap and then he made his first album in 2001. In 2002 he tried to overdose on pain Killers. He was only 2 hours away from dying if he arrived at the hospital any later he would be dead. All of his intestines and insides where shutting Down. Then he and Kim got married again and they lived together for another year and broke up. They divorced in 2003 again. He then went around Rapping around the world so much he barley sees His family he bought a mansion But yet he has only Hailie 1 time a month. He then got an interview from 60 min. he has dated 12 Women 1 having 3 kids which was Kim Mathers His kids where named Hailie jade Mathers, Alaina Marie Scott-Mathers, Whitney Laine Scott.


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