My Sweetie

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When love is could one live?

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



When i first met you, i fell in love instantly

The way you acted made me crazy

I was young and you were so old

Our love was wrong but yet so right

But i was so clueless as a child

I grew up so fast but you didnt change

We were distant for many years

Until we met that one special day

You didnt know what to say

You forgot me but i knew you so well

That face, that wonderful face...i could always tell

Trouble is we were never meant to be

We meet at the wrong times

I know you more, you know me less

It would always leave me in a mess

I live for the days when i see you my dear

But i know that it wont last for long

There will be a day when i see you

My last day but only your first for me

I look at you and you wont see

That i am your lover and you are my Sweetie

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