Dreaming of a Fairytale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Allie wants her life to end like a fairytale would, but her outlook isn't right until someone she's "hated" comes into her idea of a fairytale.

Submitted: May 25, 2014

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Submitted: May 25, 2014



"And they lived happily every after.The end." I sigh with a smile as I finish the last line. I set the book on my shelf and nuzzle under the covers of my bed. Slowly, I reach my arm up to the lamp and flick the light off. I stare at the open ceiling.

A happy ending again? I wonder what my happy ending will be like. You know, after watching a bunch of seasons of episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress", a girl can't help but think of who or what her husband or wedding will be like. Can you blame me? And if you're like me, we should start a club or something.

I turn onto my side and shut my eyes. Can I really have a happy ending?

Before I could even finish asking myself that question, I fell asleep. Of course like every high school girl, when that alarm sounds at 6 in the morning, it sucks to get up.

I pull myself out of bed and get ready for school. Afterwards, I run downstairs to see my "uncle" reading the newspaper and my mom making blueberry pancakes on the griddle. The aroma of my favorite smells fills the old, musty kitchen. I greet my "uncle", who isn't really my uncle but I call him that anyway, and plop myself down at the table. My mom brings over some of the pancakes and I start to pour on the syrup that topples the powdered sugar and butter. I am just about to dig in when my "cousin",  snatches the plate from my possession.

"HEY!" I yell.

"Slow poke!" He laughs and gobbles down my delicious breakfast. 

Connor, my "cousin" who isn't really my cousin but a family friend. He's handsome with brown messy swayed to the side hair and hazel eyes. He's extremely tall which allows him to tower like a skyscraper over me. His face makes girls excited and guys respect him, but his attitude needs work. He has a prince-like appearance too, which sucks because he's nothing like a prince.

"Connor..." My "uncle" says without looking at him, "What are ya doing to the poor girl?"

"Just fulfilling my daily duties." He says pridefully. 

"You are an ass Connor." I say.

"Allie!" My mom says surprised. "You don't call people names."

"Well, you're a bitch." Connor fights back.

"Come on you two! You're like an old married couple in the morning. It's too early to start fighting over pancakes." She screams.

"No one likes you Connor!" I fire back.

"No one likes you either Allie! You'll just end up alone and living with your cats named after your ex-boyfriends." He spits out.

You can faintly hear a snicker from my "uncle" reading the newspaper.

"You're hilarious." I walk over to my mom and ask for a new plate.

"Hurry and eat Allie or you'll be late for school!" She says, handing me a new plate. "And Connor, why don't you start up the car? You've got to drive yourself and Allie to school."

"Can't she walk? Doesn't she have calories to burn or something?" He says slyly.

As my mom fights back with him, I mutter "bastard" under my breath.

"Whatever. Just tell her to get a move on!" He says and without another word, he walks out the back door.

"He's a jerk." I say.

"Don't be acting all innocent Allie! You were in the wrong too." My mom spat.

"Hehe. Julie if this keeps up, you and I might just turn out to be in-laws." My "uncle" says laughing.

"Don't joke about that." I say.

"What? You two get along swimmingly." He replies.

"I'm leaving." I mumble.

"Have a good day Allie. I love you!" I turn to see my mom smiling at me. My emotions flood and I run and hug her. She gives me a quick squeeze and shoos me off. I slam the back door and race out to Connor's convertible.

"Took you long enough." He says, leaning against the passenger's door.

"Move it." I say, approaching him.

He glares. "Make me."

I shove him with all of my might . Finally, he steps aside and I open the door and get inside. 

"You're lame." He says, but he appears dissatisfied as he could see no reaction on my face. He walks over to his driver's seat and opens the door. Settling himself down, he takes out his key and turns the car on. The sound of the motor running loosens the tension. He backs out of the garage and drives off. 

We are both silent, each focusing on something else.

He breaks the silence. "I've got to pick up a friend, got it?"

I nod.

He is not pleased. "Answer me."

"I understand." I say, my eyes looking out at the window. Why can't my life be like a fairytale?

"At least look at me when I'm talking to you." He says.

"Well, look at me when I'm talking to you." I respond back.

"You want to crash?" He says exasperated.

"You are the only person that can control that. I can't control whether we crash or not. It's a choice that the driver makes." I say as he eyes me. He is silent after my answer.

The car comes to a halt at a red light. He turns to me as if he were to say something, but his words appear to be stuck in his mouth. He faces the road.

"Why do you hate me?"

"What?" He is surprised.

"I'm going to be very blunt about this. You always make fun of me and are mean to me. Why do you hate me?" I ask.

"The hell are you talking about?" He laughs. "I don't hate you." 

"Then why do you tease me all of the time?" I persist.

He hesitates. "You amuse me."

"I amuse you?"

"Yeah. But you kind of piss me off. My friends all think you're hot so they always ask me about what it's like living with you."

"Well, it isn't like I want to live with you. It isn't my fault. And you equally piss me off too. It's pretty mutual if you ask me." I reply.

He laughs. "Sure looks like it."

We arrive at his friend's house. A boy with messy blonde hair styling blue jeans and a black t-shirt comes out from the front door. He hops into the back seat.

"Yo Connor." He eyes me. "And Allie."

"Sup Jason?" Connor says and he drives off.

"Dead tired. And you guys?"

"Same." I reply.

His eyes sparkle to the sound of my voice. Connor's eyes are locking on him as he stares at me.

Finally we arrive at school. I get out of the passenger's seat and yawn.

"Get to class Sophomore." Connor yells as I begin walking towards the door.

"Don't boss me around you idiot!" I run inside. Class has already begun. I go to the office and get a late pass.

I manage to survive the first two hours before I just decide to ditch third and fourth period. I lay out on the grass of the garden with my arm across my eyes. The sun's so bright.

I hear a thud next to me. Connor is lying on his back just a few inches from my body.

"So, you skipped class?" He says. "Bad girl."

"Don't act all high and mighty just because you are a senior. And you skipped too so we're equal."

We are silent.

"Hey Connor."


"Do you believe in fairytales?" I ask. 

"You mean magical pigs that can build houses out of straw and sticks or bears that like porridge?" He snickers. "The hell I do."

"I mean like 'happily ever after's'." I sit up and look down at him. 

"Sure I guess. I mean, shouldn't everyone have their story end the way they want it to?" He replies.

"Yeah. You're right I guess." I turn away.

"What's wrong?" He sits up. 

"I don't know. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I mean, what if I don't find the right guy or get married to the one? What if I do die alone with cats?" I panic. 

"Whoa! Calm down Allie! That isn't going to happen to you. I know it won't!" He says.

"How do you know? I'm not pretty or smart. I don't have a boyfriend. I feel like everything I want is a dream."

"Do you need a boyfriend to feel pretty?" He asks. 

I nod. 

"You're an idiot. A boyfriend is someone who's going to be there for you. You're pretty by being who you are. And you are pretty by appearance and smart so stop fucking saying you aren't!" He seems agitated.

"You seem upset about this." I say.

"I am. I mean, you are great the way you are. We get pissed off with each other, but really, I think we're close. We care for each other." He mumbles. "I care for you."

"Did your dad tell you to say that?" I ask. A part of me is hoping that he is saying it from his heart. Why is that? I just continue to feel my heart pounding in my chest loudly. 

Why am I feeling this way? Towards someone I hate. Or do I really hate him? I've never asked myself that question. What do I feel? With Connor? Warmth. Protection. A feeling of love.

"No! I'm a guy! I know what to say!" He says. 

Do princesses feel this way- when they find their prince?

I get up. "Well well. I can't believe I'm being lectured to by you of all people." I smile. I know it now. This feeling. I can't believe it. I might actually be...

"I'm full of surprises." He says, getting up as well.

I look at him. "Any other surprises?" ....in love...

He smiles. "Yeah, but I'm not telling you yet." He blushes.

"So, when will you?" I ask. ...with Connor...

"When you find out that your fairytale is going to come true." He speaks softly.

"Is it going to come true?" I say.  

He pulls out a rose from behind his back. "Yeah, it is."

Through all of the fighting, a love buds. It's unexpected, but beautiful. I learned that beauty does not have to be praised. It is already there within each person's heart. And we have to earn it. Despite all of the fairytales that I've filled into my head, no fairytale is as beautiful as the one I had with someone all along. Love appears in the weirdest way. Find it and never let it go. Write your own fairytale; everyone deserves to create their own. And every person deserves their "happily ever after". I won't ever stop looking, but there's the possibility that it has been in front of me the whole time. And I never knew it.

So, years and years go by, and it turns out I got my fairytale. Connor and I lived happily ever after. The end.

© Copyright 2020 Emma Brooks. All rights reserved.

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