Goodbye To You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A letter of a girl's feelings about moving on, but recalls the memories of the boy she once loved a long, long time ago.

Submitted: January 18, 2015

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Submitted: January 18, 2015



To You,

You made me laugh. 

Our childish antics never ceased. 

You were such a kid.

Like Me.

You were incredibly handsome.

So hard to understand why you chose me.

You would glide on roller blades with ease.

I remember it so well.

When we first met.

You danced your dubstep with passion.

You felt something everyone else struggled to.

I couldn't keep up.

I'd only just met you at the time.

But you already caught my eye from the distance between us. 

I thought "But I can't have fallen for him already!"

I thought it was impossible.

My heart beat so fast when I saw you again.

You teased me.

I teased back.

I heard you may've liked another girl. 

I considered that perhaps I am not the one you really liked.

And it crushed me at the thought of it.

We texted a little from time to time.

But I had never felt so distant.

I was not clingy, but all of a sudden, I wanted to know you better.

I felt so right by your side.

We liked a lot of the same things.

You were incredible.

I admit I couldn't compete.

Your smile; I couldn't even.

Your kind face and nerdy personality made my heart beat ten, no twenty, maybe a hundred times faster than normal.

Why was that?

I got scared.

I was insecure.

I wanted to figure out why I was always waiting on you.

Why I was always upset when you never texted me back?

Why I had so much pain when I wasn't with you?

How I was constantly thinking of whether or not we are friends or more than that.

I couldn't shake the scenarios off of my mind.

I knew the person I was won't be that same person next year.

But I prayed from the very depths of my heart, whether relationship or friendship, that we would still be able to recognize each other's names and be there for the other.

But we won't. 

Writing this, I've come to the realization that I liked you at the time. It was so painful, now that it's over, to think of you again.

And I know this won't be the last time my heart will be tossed and turned over the course of this new year.

It might break and shatter itself into a million pieces.

But I'll read this, and remember that I loved you. And how much I did. 

I won't be hurt.

I'll recall those funny jokes we made.

And those times we were together.

And those lengthy and random conversations that meant both nothing and something.

You brought out the best in me.

For being the amazing guy you were. 

I will use these feelings to move on. 

Even despite what you said, though as horrible as it was, I will remember. 

This is my final goodbye. In every way that it can be possibly said.

I'll never forget how truly happy I was.

Thank you for everything you've done.

But I don't need you anymore.

From, Me

© Copyright 2020 Emma Brooks. All rights reserved.

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