Runaway: A Story In The Making

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I am still working on this to get it truly Published.
I really hope you enjoy reading this.
Also Each Part was written separately

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The Researcher's were hot on our trail and i could tell everyone was starting losing speed. Once I saw Kylie walking I knew that Bryan would make us stop for the night ,since he was pack leader. Kylie was asleep on Johnny's back while he continued to jump through the trees. " We'll make camp here for the night" yelled Bryan. Knew It  I thought while i watched Travis slow up to where Natalie was unpacking Kylie's sleeping bag. I started to count heads, making sure everyone had made it to our spot. Shae was pitching the tent while Taylor and Richy were rounding up the younger ones for dinner. Charlie was standing a few feet away from me checking a bruise on Rechiel's calf  the area, making sure that everyone was okay. I gave him a quick smile. He grinned back then when back to examining the bruise on Rechiel.
I went off to collect firewood for the pack. I was picking up my fifth stick when I heard a  heavy thud behind me "Ow!" it was Alexis. I strolled over to her location. There she was, sitting on her butt holding her ankle. She looked up at me in sheer annoyance. I tried to not laugh. i failed terribly. Once I got myself to calm down i sat next to her, "What did you do this time?" I asked expecting her to tell me the longest story that ever existed. " I tripped" she said. "that's it? that's all that happened? are you sure it wasn't some polar bear trying to eat you?" I asked  knowing it would get on her nerves. " Shut up!" she said with an exaggerated eye roll. I just laughed and continued getting firewood.
By the time i got back Marshall had the fire started and was telling the younger kids a epic story of a cow that had strips who was friends with a unicorn that pooped rainbows. That's when Bryan emerged from his tent with Travis at his side. Bryan cleared his throat and everyone was silent. " The Researchers have been gaining on us for the past few weeks, because of that we have lost Tara, Luke, Nancy, Finch, Daren and Leigha. To pick up the pace Travis has suggested that the younger ones be carried by the faster ones." he looked at his little sister Kylie who was asleep with her baby blanket tucked under her chin. " We can't get captured by the Researchers again." He said "Are we going to let them mess up our DNA anymore!?!" asked Shae from her perch on a high tree branch. "NO!" The pack replied. "Once we reach the destination we won't have to run anymore!" Shouted Marshall with a fist raised to the moon. Everyone raised their fists up in response. " You may sleep now my friends. Tomorrow we pack up at sunrise. The pack nodded and dispersed.
When everyone had moved towards their sleeping bags i took the chance to talk to Christan. "Hey Bryan?" i asked, suddenly i was really nervous and could only speak in a whisper. "Yeah? What's up Emma?" he asked totally prepared to answer any question I had. i breathed. "Where is the Destination?" I whispered hoping he wouldn't do what he did to Harriet when she asked where the destination was. "it's a surprise" he said with a huge grin on his face. "oh... Um... Okay." I mumbled as i started to walk away. Suddenly Bryan spun me around and lifted my chin so i would meet his eyes. "It's okay. I won't let them get us any of us" he said while he let go of my chin and nodded. "Thanks" I murmured and walked towards my sleeping bag. That night was the first night i felt safe enough to sleep.

Part 2

Thump! Thump! Thump! my feet were pounding hard on the forest floor. I could hear their voices chasing after me with the dogs. My breathing was becoming rugged and harsh. I looked up, I saw Shae running on the branches over my head. She was tracking me. Mimicking my every move, every sound, every breath. Suddenly I was hit by something flaming and sharp. "Ah!" I sat up in my sleeping bag. The whole pack was staring at me. Again.
I looked towards Charlie  for an explanation but he just looked at me with complete confusion. " Good job Emma you scared him away!" Everyone turned towards the voice. It was Sabrina . I blew out a sigh of relief because the pack's attention was on the craziest person to ever have been captured by the Researchers. "Why are you all lookin' at me?" she asked "Didn't any of you see the Researchers tracking dog? Emma's girly scream scared it off." said Sabrina. Everyone turned back to me. I smiled and nodded like a dumb blonde girl on TV Once there was an explanation for my scream Kendra spoke " We should head out. The Researchers could be here any minuet." Everyone listened ,because it was Kendra's turn to be pack leader, and started pack up and block our scent. Clink. Snap. Zip. Every sound was leading the Researchers to our locations "SHH!!" I hissed. Everyone was silent from then on.
Charlie was herding the little kids to the river to get water and to catch fish for lunch. Joanna was up in the trees looking for any signs of the Researchers or their dogs. Charlie had just come back with Kylie on his shoulders when I heard a bone chilling shrike followed my a high pitched whimper coming from the trees on my left side. I knew the sound right of the bat, so did Charlie, Nick, Shae. We took off, heading for the location where the screaming and yelping were coming from. The violent fighting was taking place in a clearing, the brawl was between Joanna and a tracking dog. When we showed up the fight paused for a split second then resumed. Shae went to Joanna's  side, so did Nick and Charlie, i was right behind them when i noticed that Charlie had a back in his back. It was Kylie. Charlie forgot Kylie was on his back when we heard Joanna's scream. I quickly plucked Kylie off his back and carefully set her behind a tree. "Stay Put" I said in the calmest voice i could muster at the moment. I had just gotten to the front of the tree when Nick was flung to a tree on my right. I. Got. Pissed. I ran back to the clearing where the fight was. Now there was two Researchers with three other dogs. Charlie was on the back of one of the Researchers while Shae was chucking logs at the other one. Joanna and Nick were trying to fight off all four of the tracking dogs. We were out numbered. I was thinking that we should retreat back to camp and tell the others to flee but that would lead the Researchers to the others. "AHHH!" i screamed why can't they just leave us alone? They've ran their tests on us!! Why can they just GO AWAY?!?!  Suddenly something broke my train of thought. It was the feeling of something in my hand. I looked down. it was Kylie again. She was staring straight a head. I gently squeezed her hand and looked straight a head. I felt our hands heat up. I looked down at her, she looked up at me nodded then closed her eyes .I did the same and let my body temperature rise. I noticed that Kylie's body temperature was getting higher than mine so i let the feelings of hatred and annoyance flow through my veins. suddenly i felt something in my other hand. It was Charlie's hand in mine. Shae was holding his other hand, next to her was Joanna who was next to Nick. all of their eyes were closed. I left mine open so i could watch the Researchers take out their notebooks with complete fascination on their faces before we burned them to death. I looked at Kylie's arm it was glowing a faint blue as little flames started to flicker to life on her skin. I felt my arm's start to burn to life and I knew that they weren't going to be following us for a few months after this. I watched Nick inhale and I did the same and felt the fire on my arms grow taller and hotter. Held in my breath, waiting for the right moment to release it. One of the dogs took a step forward to sniff Shae's pant leg when i felt Shae reach her maximum. I exhaled and my flames flew off my body in all directions. Like a ripple on the water. I watched as our flames burned them ,the Researchers and the tracking dogs, to ash. I let a smile glide on to my lips. We wont have to run for awhile I thought. I looked down at Kylie she was looking at her arms, checking for any cuts or bruises, I couldn't control myself. I picked her up and threw her straight up in to the air. I heard her laugh all the whole time.

Part 3

I breathed. We could finally stop running, at least for now. Shae was in the trees again making sure we burned all of them. I knew that Shae had flashbacks now and again of when she was strapped to The Table. We all did, all of us except for Marielle. She had no recollection of her time in The Study Hall. I always figured that Marielle's mind simply blocked it all out. which was a logical explanation. But then again nothing about us was logical, we weren't who we used to be.
Every single one of us had been "Rewired" to have a certain freakish ability. No two people had the same ability. We could only project or "share" our ability. That's how we were able to incinerate the tracking dogs and Researchers in one shot. I was thankful that Kylie had accidentally been carried to the brawl, with out her we could've been captured or even killed on sight. Thankfully the Researchers trained her how to use, control, and project her fire burst ability to others or else we might have been taken. Again.
We left the clearing once Shae came back with a huge grin on her face and said "The rest of the Researchers didn't even feel the miniature heat wave we made."  That was what made our little victory that much sweeter. We were almost back to camp when Joanna collapsed. Nick got to her first, he picked her up and swung her over his shoulder like a rag doll a while mumbling something about exhaustion over riding her system. When we got back to the place where camp had been set-up ,the pack had just finished putting everything back where it was when we had arrived, Nick practically dragged Joanna's limp body over to a tree trunk so Charlie could start fixing her up. Kylie immediately ran over to Alexis, who had just avoided tripping and falling on some damp moss, and started telling her about the huge smack down between us and the Researchers. Shae  jumped down from the trees and landed next to me. She looked around at everyone making sure everything was in place. Once she was pleased with the situation of the pack she decided to head over to Tyler, who was covering everyone's scent with the smell of raw steak. Nick had practically skipped over to his girlfriend Kayli and started flexing his muscles and bragged about how he carried Joanna all the way to camp after she collapsed from exhaustion.
I couldn't keep myself from grinning. Everything and everyone was at ease for once. Kendra whistled which was the signal for the pack to move out. I followed the flow of the pack and watched as Shae, Kayli, and Nick ran through the tree's jumping from branch to branch in away that reminded me of Tarzan the Ape Man. Suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder I turned to my head to see who it was but no body was there, I looked over my other shoulder and saw Charlie walking a few paces behind me with a huge grin on his face. I rolled my eyes and shook my head but I couldn't help but smile at him. Kylie was up on his back, her thick blond curly hair blowing back in the breeze, she was laughing at the trick Charlie had pulled on me. I jumped up and tousled her hair. Kylie scowled down at me while she attempted to smooth her hair out with her fingers. The pack had been walking for several of hours when it reached the closest city. Seattle. One of the most laid-back cities in Washington, also known for its rainy climate and having a Starbucks on almost every corner. This would be the best place for the pack to stay for now." Let's split in to groups of five. We'll be harder to track this way." said Kendra standing up straight and actually looked like the pack's leader for once." Each group will be given a cell phone so that can contact other groups if in trouble or lost." The pack nodded in agreement and separated in to two groups of five and one group of six. My group contained Courtney, Austin, Shae, Charlie, Kylie , and me. Tyler, Nick, Joanna, Alexis, and Kayli made up group two. Kendra, Marielle, Alexa, Travis and Christan  formed group three. The cell phones were passed out to the group leaders along with a list of supplies that would be needed later. Once everything (and everyone) was taken care of the groups separated, heading in three different directions. While I followed my own group I couldn't help but feel like it was going to be along time till we saw them again.

Part 4

"This place stinks." said Kylie I nodded in agreement to Kylie's statement. The Motel Six room smelled of motel waffles, gasoline, stale Lays potato chips, and dust. " I'll go to the Kmart tomorrow and get some air cleansers along with some new clothes of course." groaned Joanna "because i am not going to go around Seattle smelling of wet dog and B.O."  I grinned. Joanna had always had issues with the way things smelled. I think the Researchers had "Rewired" her sense of smell on accident, or they were planning to make her a tracker, either way it always got on Shae's nerves. "Jo. Shut up I'm trying to enjoy the free cable!" she said with sheer annoyance. Joanna replied with a sharp inhale. Christan chuckled, enjoying the female feud between them, then snatched the remote from Shae and changed the channel to Komo 4 News and cranked up the volume. " At 1:20pm yesterday we Komo 4 News received footage of what appears to be a Ring of Fire. County police could not identify the source of the fire but are tracking down campers who were in the area on the day of the fire. Updates soon to come I'm Rachel Harris." Kylie laughed." I told you that they wouldn't be able to figure out how the fire started. Pay up." She said as she extended her hand out to receive her winnings. Everyone else groaned in sync while we dug in out pockets. " Princess Inferno wins again" mumbled Charlie as he gave her his last Reese peanut butter cup. " Remind me again why we bet her candy instead of like flowers or something."  Grumbled Joanna while she longingly stared after her Mr.Goodbar. " Because we're poor." I said. It was the truth. we didn't have any money but Shae was a brilliant thief when necessary and Charlie's ability made it easier to find sympathetic people. I hated it when we had to take advantage of people. It reminded me of my time in The Study Hall, when i was forced to use my ability to destroy innocent peoples lives. But I wasn't there anymore, I was in an icky motel room, with my friends and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."Hello? Emma? Are you okay?" asked Christan, he had a concerned look on his face. "Yeah. I'm fine." I said, trying to hide the fact that I was having a flashback. "Oh. for get it. She's always staring off into space." Said Shae while she dug through her backpack."Found it!' she said. She was holding up a smaller blue backpack with the words For The Pool written on the handle in silver Sharpie. "Hell yeah!" Christan shouted with an added fist pump. "Praise Jebus!" laughed Joanna " Who's Jebus?" asked Kylie. "She means Jesus." muttered Charlie followed by an overly exaggerated eye roll. I grinned "Let's swim." I said. We all needed to relax for awhile and the pool was the perfect place to let out some frustrations. Shae passed out the swimsuits and everyone hunted for an area to change. I sprinted for the bathroom and beat Joanna to the door. I shoved her out of the door way then slammed the door and pushed the lock button. "Jo I locked the door you're just gonna have to wait your turn." I yelled. I heard her jiggle the door knob a couple more time then stomp off to the bed to wait out her turn. I took my time changing into my Panda Bikini ,making sure I made Joanna wait awhile before I gave her the bathroom. I could hear Christan  grunting and jumping in the closet next to the bathroom, I couldn't keep myself from laughing. After i got myself under control I walked out of the bathroom with my regular clothes under my arm, Joanna pushed me out of the way and scrambled in to the bathroom. " Jo make sure you grab the towels before you come out!" I yelled. "Yeah, yeah,yeah. I got it." She grumbled, I heard her fall on the floor and realized that the people below us were probably terrified, Just then Kylie walked out of the closet in her green,frilly, bikini with matching flip-flops. Shae ,who was already in her electric blue bikini, was laying on one of the beds and was reading the phone book looking for some place that did take out.Once Joanna was done changing into her grey swimsuit Charlie grabbed the key we sprinted down the stairs to the pool. "Oh yeah!" Christan said in his best  impression of the Kool-aid guy. Shae giggled out of pure excitement. Charlie carried Kylie to the edge of the pool then did the expected ,he threw her in. Christan chuckled while he slid into the hot tube next to Shae and closed his eyes. Shae was stretching herself out like a cat , she let out a huge yawn and rested her head on her arms. I smiled and  dove into the pool. Things are starting to look up I thought just before I hit the water.

Part 5

Beepbeepbeep! beepbeepbeep! It was 3:46am when Christan  answered the cell phone. It was Kayli, she sounded hysterical from what i could tell. Charlie sat up, I could tell he already knew he was going to need to calm Christan down, and went over to the kitchen area and turned on the coffee pot. Shae, Joanna, and Kylie remained sound asleep. I preferred that they be asleep instead of worrying about Kayli ,especially Kylie because when she got worried things tended to burst into flames, "Kayli. Kayli. Calm down and breath for a second." Christan soothed "They did?!... You're sure he didn't just go find a...? Do you know what time exactly?... Okay... Is all of his stuff still there?.....Okay...Yeah he's awake... We're at a Motel Six... Madison drive and Bedford avenue... Yeah...Room 306...Yes, I'm sure... Okay see you in a bit." He hung up the phone and sighed. Charlie walked over to Christan and handed him a cup of coffee and some Ibuprofen. Christan nodded "thanks" he mumbled. "Who was it this time?" I asked. Christan open his mouth as if he were about to reply but then closed it an focused on the Ibuprofen. " Nick" muttered Charlie ,not looking up from his coffee mug. Christan shook his head in frustration ,he could look at anyone from any distance and know everything about them. And when you know things you shouldn't the world has this awful habit of judging you, Charlie looked up from his coffee and put his hand on Christan's shoulder. A move that normal people would find comforting if they were in the same position. But to Charlie it was just him using his ability to calm Christan down and put him at ease. Suddenly I sensed someone behind me. Automatically my hands bunched up in to fists. I whipped around, aiming my fist towards where a stomach would be, and hit nothing. I glanced up and saw Kayli standing there. My arm had gone through the middle of her stomach. She stared at me like I was a total spaz, which I was at the moment, and I just stood there smiling like the retard i was with my arm still in her torso like this was totally normal. After a couple more awkward seconds Kayli roll her eyes, pulled my arm out of stomach, pushed me out of the way, and approached Christan with Nick's duffel bag. All of his things were still inside. "Here." said Kayli as she practically shoved the duffel bag in to Christan's hands. "This is all i got left of him so you better give it back to me when your done." She said while brushing away a few tears that had escaped down her cheek. Christan tossed the bag next to Charlie who was pouring cup of coffee for Kayli. She shook her head and put her hand up. No thanks. I have to get back to my group." She said with a sad smile. Then like a ghost Kayli disappeared into the floor without a sound. "Bye" whispered a small voice. We turned around to find Kylie sitting up in bed rubbing her eyes sleepily. "How long have you been awake?" Charlie asked with a warm smile as he moved towards the mini fridge to grab her a Sunny-D. "A couple minutes." she yawned "What was Kayli doing here?" she asked. Charlie sighed and stopped refilling his mug. "Nick's missing. Kayli thought he might have been taken by the Researchers." growled Christan. He was gripping the edge of the windowsill so tight that his knuckles turned white. I looked towards Charlie begging him with my eyes to help Christan relax. He gave me a "he'll calm down eventually" shrug and smile. "I know what you're thinking. You do know that right?" Christan growled. He had moved away from the windowsill and was now leaning up against the the wall. "Oh chill out Mr.Knowitall." Shae snapped. Shae had propped herself up by stealing Kylie's pillow. She looked like she was about to slap Christan across the face. "Ugh. Don't make me come over there and fuck you." Joanna warned from under a pillow. I had to cover my mouth to keep myself from laughing like a retard a Joanna's threat. Even at 6:00 o'clock in the morning and half asleep she was being a smart-ass. Christan raised an eyebrow and grinned. Everyone's awake now in one form or another I thought as Christan whipped out a map of Seattle and stared circling possible locations the Researchers would've taken Nick. While Charlie ordered room service. Today's going to be a long long day.

Part 6

"Good morning, I'm Rachel Harris. In today's news we'll be talking about the story about a dog who followed its owner across the state and how it found its way home. But right now we're bringing you our latest update on the case that has left Seattle Police dumbfounded. A local research volunteer has disappeared. Her name?  Jessica Baltera. Researcher's who we're running tests on the girl that day say she had volunteered to try a new sort of steroid. One that gives humans some sort of psychic ability. Researcher's say Jessica was in the testing lab when she suddenly disappeared from the room. If you have any information on this case you are encouraged to call the authorities. Update's soon to follow. I'm Rachel Harris." The news cast had made everyone ,in room 306, go silent. "We need to find her. She's one of us we have to help her." I said. "Are you crazy? We can't afford to go looking for runaway and risk one of us getting taken." Said Shae "You don't want Kylie to get taken do you?" She asked. " Of course not." I said "But that girl needs our help. Besides when we escaped we didn't have people trying help us. We have to help her." I whispered. It was 6:00am ,to early to be awake in my opinion, Kylie and Joanna had fallen back asleep on one of the beds. Everyone was exhausted. I could tell Shae was fighting to keep her eyes open while Christan was on his eighth cup of coffee. Charlie and I seemed to be the only ones who weren't struggling to stay awake. Just then there was a knock on the door "Who is it?" I asked ,totally prepared to go all beast on anyone right at that moment, "Please! Help me! Please! They're after me!" I looked towards Charlie he shook his head. Shae was standing next to the frame of the door ,totally prepared to steal their breath. I walked over to the door and looked over at Shae. She nodded and put her arms out in front of her ,signaling that she had my back if I needed her, I breathed and opened the door. I blew out a sigh of relief. There standing in front of me was a short girl. She was dressed in a white hospital gown with little pale blue flowers decorating the front of it. Her blonde hair was tangled and full of clumps of dirt, sticks, and leafs. Her eyes were wild and red from crying. She was gasping for air. "Emma! Get her! I can only do this for a little bit longer!" Shae yelled. "Dude stop!" I shouted. "It's that girl from the news!" Shae's eyes widened and she quickly dropped her arms to her sides and started apologizing. "Omg! I am so sorry! I didn't realize it was you! We thought you were one of the researchers! Oh my god I'm soo sorry!" She paused to take and took a breath. I put my hand up to block her babbling. "Shae! Let the kid catch her breath! For god sakes." I said as I motioned for Charlie to come lead the girl inside the room. Kylie had woken up and was now sitting on the end of the bed. Eyes wide with fascination and curiosity. Christan was still hanging over a map  circling places when Nick might have been hidden. He hadn't even looked up once to see what was going on. Still feeling bad about ambushing the girl ,and almost killing her, Shae showed her to the bathroom and loaned the kid a pair of black sweatpants ,a dark blue tank top, and a white track jacket to change into. Once the girl had cleaned herself up ,and Charlie had gotten her a Coke-a-Cola, We sat her down on the end of the bed and let Christan ,once we pried him away from the map, read her. "What's your name, where are you from, and what ability did the Researchers assign you to have?" asked Christan emphasizing each question with a stern look. "Jessica Baltera, Arlington, and I was assigned two abilities invisibility and mind control." She said. She was looking Christian straight in the eye he returned her gaze with a skeptical and intelligent look. "She's telling the truth." He announced with a sigh and made his way back to the  table where the map of Seattle was still laying. Kylie hands had been heating up then ,out of excitement, she spun around on the bed and gave Joanna's leg a hard smack. Joanna woke up screaming and punched Kylie in the arm. Kylie had left a large ,hand shaped, burn mark on the back of Joanna's right leg. Joanna had left a medium ,fist shaped, bruise on Kylie's left shoulder. Once Charlie put burn cream on Joanna's burn and a Band-aid on Kylie's shoulder Joanna said "Shae? Why is their a small person standing at the end of the bed wearing your clothes?" Her eyes widened and she put her hand's up and started backing away from Jessica. " Calm down Joanna." Shae soothed "She's just a fellow Runaway, her name's Jessica, and she's wearing my clothes because I almost killed her and all she had on was one of the Researcher hospital gowns." She looked over at Jessica and smiled apologetically "Again sorry about that." Shae said."I'm just glad I can breath again" Jessica said smiling between sips of her Coke-a-Cola. "Welcome to group one." muttered Christian not taking his eyes of the map. "Wait. I can stay?" Jessica asked. Her eyes were hopeful. Christian sighed. "Yeah. You can stay." Jessica's eyes lit up and she stood up then she vanished in front of our eyes. "Damn it!" her voice said. It was close to the bathroom. Suddenly Jessica appeared in front of the mirror. "That's better"  she said with a smile. "Hey Jessica?" Kylie asked "Please call me Jessie" she said "Okie Dokie then. Jessie do you know how to use your powers? " Kylie asked. "They were. But I ran before they could." Jessie said to the floor. "Kylie! You know that newbies are still sensitive." Charlie said with a look of complete shock "You remember how fragile you were when we first escaped. You were lighting yourself on fire left and right!" He continued then smiled apologetically at Jessie. "Sorry. Kylie tends to be a bit...naive. You'll get used to it eventually." Charlie added with a grin. Kylie folded her arms across her chest and scowled at him. " I am not naive." She said shooting little angry dagger at Charlie with her eyes. Charlie chuckled and flopped down next to her giving her an adorkable side hug. Kylie giggled. Charlie always had this way about him that made Kylie go all girly and lovey-dovey. "Alright. That's enough." Joanna said as she picked Kylie up and threw her on to the bed across the room. I laughed. Joanna ,Queen of the sass & sarcasm, was also a part time mother to Kylie. i thought to myself. Who would've thought. Jessie giggled. I heard that. said a voice in my head that sounded a lot like the new girl's voice. I looked over at her. She gave me a wink. I grinned. Stay outta my head girly. I thought back. Jessie smiled and nodded. Suddenly Christan sat up. " I know where Nick is!" He said with a look of pure relief. A look I hadn't seen on his face in awhile. "Well don't leave us hanging." Shae said practically giggled with glee. "Let me call Kayli she might want to hear this." Christan smiled as he picked up the cell phone and started dialing."Wait there's others?" asked Jessie her eyes wide with fear. "Don't worry they're all like us." Joanna comforted. "Yeah. They're all nice and a little wonky." Shae muttered under her breath. "Heard that." We all said. "Really?... She doesn't?" Christan was talking to Austin. "Are you sure?...Alright... Um no... Kendra doesn't need to worry about it... Okay.... Yeah... No. don't do that let her calm herself down... Yeah we'll keep an eye out for her... Yeah... Okay........ Bye... Yeah hopefully.... Bye." Christan hung up the phone. His shoulders were slumped and he was shaking his head. "Oh gosh" said Jessie. Everyone looked at her with curiosity. Jessie was staring at her fingers. She looked up and realized everyone was staring at her. She blushed. "Hang nail." she said and held up her hand so everyone could get a good look at the little piece of nail that was hanging down. Joanna got so close to Jessie's hand that her nose was touching Jessie's finger nail. Then she lifted her hand up slowly and pinched Jessie's hang nail and gave it a swift tug. Jessie disappeared again. Joanna turned around and smiled "You were saying." was Joanna's way of saying "hurry up and say it before Kylie says something." Christian nodded "Right.  I was saying that Kayli called off the search. She's given up on finding Nick." he said shaking his head in frustration. "Well I'm not giving up on finding him." Shae said as she pulled on her shoes. "Christian already knows where the Researchers took him we might as well go and pick him up." Joanna agreed while she pushed her arm through the sleeves of her black hoodie. Kylie and Charlie nodded and started putting on their fingerless gloves. Jessie appeared and began to head towards the door. I looked back a Christian. He remained standing by the table ,looking from the table to the door and back to the table again. After a couple more glances at the door Christian grabbed the map along with his leather jacket and walked into the hallway. "Alright. So where's Nick being stashed?" Kylie asked looking at Christian for an answer. "He's in a warehouse. It's on the water." He said from behind the map. "okay so how are we going to get there?" Jessie asked. "I got that covered." I said with a smile. "Alright! Let's ring up." Shae said grabbing my hand. Christian pulled Jessie into the circle next to him. "Everyone in the circle?" I asked. Everyone looked around the ring and nodded. "Okay. Now no matter what creature I turn into. Do not for whatever reason Let Go of Each Other. " I said looking at each of them. They nodded. "Alright." I breathed. "Let's do this." I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.


"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun

The frumious Bandersnatch!

He took his vorpal sword in hand:

Long time the manxome foe he sought --

So rested he by the Tumtum tree,

And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,


The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,

Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,

And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through and through

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!

He left it dead, and with its head

He went galumphing back."

I muttered under my breath.I could feel my skin ripping apart and the wings of the creature I had become grow on my arms. I let out a horrifying screech and I could feel Shae's grip on my hand loosen. I squeezed her hand and opened my eyes. I had turned into a Jabberwock ,just like the one in Alice in underland, I leaned down and everyone climbed onto my back. I blacked out after I took flight. But once I came too I was laying on the cement in front of a huge tin building."Hey? Emma? You okay?" It was Charlie. He was leaning over me with a worried look on his face. "I think so." I said as I tried to stand up. He held out his hand and smiled. I gladly took it.  Once I was back on my feet I looked around. Everyone was there. Everyone but Jessie. "Where is she?" I asked. "She's taking care of the Researcher's." Said Joanna with a frown. "Why on earth would you send the newbie?!?" I shouted. Christian stepped forward. "We didn't send her. She volunteered." He said. "She said something about payback being a bitch." He shrugged. Inside Jessie was tip-toeing around trying to see if there was anyone around. Suddenly she heard footsteps. They were right behind her. She gasped and vanished. She turned around and saw a guy. His long brown hair almost at his shoulders with bangs that covered half his face. She figured this was one of the test subjects who had wondered out of the lab. She breathed and came back into view. She looked at him and smiled. He grinned. But it wasn't a friendly one. It was one that was malevolent and bitter. His eyes darkened. She could tell that he wasn't like the other "volunteers" He was glad to be there  That's when he walked up to her ,still smiling that wicked smile, and said four little words that made her shutter. Four little words that meant he was not like the others. Four little words. "Join the Dark Side." He said. Jessie's eyes widened and she shook her head. "No?" he asked still smiling. She shook her head again backing away slowly. "Then you'll pay the price." He said as took one step towards her and filled the gap between them. Jessie gasped and disappeared. But they guy mimicked her every move. Realizing that he could see her she reappeared behind him. I'm starting to get the hang of this vanishing thing. She thought. The boy punched her square in the jaw. Jessie stumbled back and whipped her nose. She was bleeding. "Alright that's it!" yelled Jessie. She closed her eyes and tried to access his mind. It was locked. Jessie opened her eyes just in time to avoid one of the boy's kicks. "What do you want from me?" She cried making sure she was far away from him. The boy dropped his hands to his sides. He was smiling his wicked smile again. The one that made her shiver because it was so cold. "Do you really want to know?" He asked as he kicked a pebble towards her. "Yes. I do. Maybe I can help you." Suddenly the boy's shoulders slumped in defeat and he fell to his knees. Jessie ran over to him. "Are you okay?" She asked as she held his head in her hands. "Yeah. I'm fine." He said. His bangs covering his face. Jessie smiled down at him. She was hoping she could convince him to go with her to the others so they could help him. He glanced up at her and slowly pull down the neck of his grey T-shirt. There on his neck was a tattoo of a Phoenix trapped in a cage.  "This is why." He said. He was grinning again. Jessie dropped his head as he rose to his feet. Then she remembered. Jessie slid her hand into her pant leg and felt it. Her fathers 440 stainless steel rainbow switch blade knife. Jessie whipped it out and pushed the button. Out popped the blade. He was getting close. She began to panic. Then her instincts and adrenaline kicked in. She gripped the knife and threw it hard. She was aiming for his left shoulder ,since it was the one he punched the most with. She closed her eyes ,waiting to hear some sort of groan or growl. Nothing. Then there was laughter. But it wasn't the kind of laugh that made you happy. It was angry and sarcastic laughter. Jessie opened her eyes a crack. She saw him pull out the knife. There was a decent sized that should have had him laying on the concrete in pain. But he wasn't laying on the floor. No. He dangling her fathers knife with two fingers at arm's length. He continued to laugh at her. Jessie watched in horror as the hole her knife had made slowly closed and disappeared. She collapsed. He walked to her side. He was grinning. Then he made a peace sign with his fingers and slid it down her arm. Jessie's skin began to turn a painful red and her body began to tremble. "She has to many gifts." said a man who had walked up behind the boy and placed his hand on the boys shoulder. "Number 306 has fulfilled her duty." the man said with a wicked grin. The same grin the boy had. "Yes, sir." said the boy. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a gun. He aimed it straight at Jessie's forehead and pulled the trigger. Boom! and Jessie had vanished. Leaving only a pool of blood and her invisible body for the others to find.

Part 7

Damn it! I should've gone in after her one I was conscious. I thought once I managed to get my breathing under control. I felt around for her body while trying, unsuccessfully, to blink back tears. Charlie was on his knees feeling around for Jessie's body a few feet away from me. "I found her." Kylie said ,her voice barely louder than a whisper. Her hand was floating a few feet off the ground. She pushed down then I heard the sound of someone exhaling. It sounded as if someone was sighing a long painful sigh. Joanna speed crawled over to Jessie's body and gently placed her hand on Jessie's forehead and closed her eyes. "She was ambushed. Attacked. By someone. I can't see there face." Joanna said, talking more to herself then us, "Who ever it was just wanted her dead." Joanna sighed. She opened her eyes and leaned back ,using her arms for support. "I'll bet it was a Researcher guard." Shae said. I could hear the pain and regret in her voice. I looked up from Jessie's cold body. Christian hadn't said a word since Jessie's body had reappeared. Now that I thought about it he hadn't even tried to find her body. Christian was on the other side of the warehouse facing the corner. His shoulders were shaking and there were little spots of water scattered around his feet. I cautiously tip-toed over to him, fearing he would yell at me or worse. I gently put my hand on his shoulder. Christian didn't move. He turned around and put his forehead on my shoulder. That's when the impact of Jessie's death fully sank in. I started crying and hugged Christian to keep myself from falling to the floor. He hugged me back and coughed. After a few minutes I backed away and motioned for Charlie, who had been hold Kylie to keep her from bursting in to flames, to come and calm us down. Once everyone was calmed down Shae cleared her throat. "We need to take her to her family." She said "Even if they gave her up. They should see her before we take care of her." I nodded in agreement. Jessie's parents deserved to see her be for she was cremated. "No." Christian growled. His eyes had shifted color ,changing from a bright blue to a dark piercing gray. "What?" Shae sniffled. " I said No" He growled. "We can't risk it. I'm the leader until we regroup with the rest of the pack and what I. Say. Goes." Christian's voice was echoing off the steel walls and his eye's were still that same dark shade of gray. Shae flinched like she'd been slapped in the face. Christian's eye's widened and changed back to their original blue. He turned away from the group and hung his head in shame. "I'm sorry." Shae whispered. Suddenly my back was very hot. I turned around and saw Kylie was on fire from the waist down. Tear's were running down her cheeks and she was trying to get her breathing under control. I automatically understood. Kylie was afraid. Shae and Christian were like her parents and ,just like any kid, seeing her parents fight scared her. Just then Charlie noticed Kylie was lit and hurried over to her side to soothe her. 'EVERYBODY JUST CALM DOWN!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I had had it. I was tired of everyone being upset and hurt. I felt myself changing again. This time I had grown taller and my skin had turned wooden. My hair was replaced with dense leafy foliage. I had become tree-folk . I shook my head in frustration. "Emma! Stop!" It was Charlie. I towered over him. I towered over all of them. "Emma! It's not worth it." He shouted Please Emma. Change back." Suddenly my whole body was relaxed. It was as if I had just woken up and I was in that warm comfortable place between asleep and awake. Then ,abruptly, I collapsed to the ground. As I fell I felt myself change back to normal. My body hit the cement with a sickening thud followed by the terrifying cracking sound. The last thing I remember was Christian cradling my head in his hands as he shouted something at the others  Charlie was rushing over to him as Shae, Kylie, and Joanna were screaming and crying about something I couldn't understand. Then everything went dark.

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