Lamb Intestines, Anyone?

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Go there for a laugh or four. Anyways, I don't like the idea of organized religion. Also, I'm agnostic, so don't assume I'm not. The Godhead theory is more my style.

Submitted: April 28, 2011

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Submitted: April 28, 2011



The plotlines

Of your lifelines

Are fraught

With danger, my dear.

Cower not sweet angel.The veins of your ethereal beating heart organ.Are filled with the fluids.Of the Holy Ghost.Feel protected, oh follower of God.Be praised in your undoubting faith.Of He and His power.Feel iron nails in your spine.That twist and bend to God's liking.And what He deems as proper payment.For being human.
Be baptized in the soda waters of the dwindling stream.Go forth and plead for forgiveness upon your knees.And drown in the mindless silent frenzy.
Of fanaticism.Death you say.Escape I say.I say love and morals.You say devil work and sin.
So go forth and do battle with the Leviathan.
Go forth and clash swords with Mammon.
Go forth and strike atheists down.
Reap what you pretend to sow, then steal from your neighbors, says the Lord.
Go and scream it louder
Scream those words of no thought
No true humanity essence
Scream to the heavens
Scream why no one listens
Leave for home
Be angry
Be indifferent
It's the same story, isn't it?
Restore your beliefs
Commit that which you preach against?
Perish the thought.
It's a storm in hell today. I can hear your agonized voice in the little droplets of blood that cascade down from the black skies.
Pain that leads us all
Into oblivion.
Organized faith that leads us all
Into consigned doom.

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