Happily Ever After

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Emma-Lucy Stories

Tessa Harmer is an ordinary 18 year old girl who gets an offer to live in a palace but doesn’t realize that it has many secrets Meets two ghosts Harriet and Robert, founds out her mother’s past, finally meets her uncle and cousins and her dad’s parents, big sister and niece that she never knew she had, gets in a relationship, turns 19, gets engaged to the handsome stranger that she falls in love with, sees old friends and flames from back home, gets pregnant and has a baby girl, gets married, has an operation and ends up in hospital. Rekindles her relationship with her parents and her younger brother comes to stay

Will she get the happy ending she’s always wanted and live happily ever after like she derveses? This book was written in 2015

Table of Contents

The beginning

Chapter one – the beginning

Dear Diary,
Hi, I’m Tessa Jane Harmer and I’m on my way to Hollywood to follow my dream. I am 18 years old and I have left home. I miss my family and friends. Oh yes I have one younger brother called Max. He’s okay for a brother I guess, he’s a nightmare at times though but I love him to bits. My friends are amazing, they’d always come over when I had to babysit Max and his best friend Ben who is a totally weirdo and I think he used to have a crush on me. Awkward I know. Anyway I am very lucky to have a roof over my head and to have such amazing parents to take care of me and to have a little brother who I can take pictures with. I miss home though and it’s only my first day. Yeah this taxi driver is a bit weird


Now I’m on my way to follow my dream of becoming a successful author. I know I should be at college, now I’m 18 and left school but this is an opportunity of a life time. I couldn’t just turn it down could I? I would be mad if I did and anyway I’m ready to live on my own
This may sound weird but I got a letter from an uncle I never knew I had. I don’t usually ask mum about her side of her family because it upsets her. I never understand why though? Did they have a fallen out when they were younger? How come we never see gran and granddad? How come we’re never seen this uncle? What happened that upsets her? I never ask dad because he doesn’t know either. So is mum keeping a secret from dad as well as us? But Max and I don’t talk about it in front of our mum.
I don’t bother asking my Nan because we never see her. Did something happen between mum and Nan too? Maybe it’s the same reason why we don’t see our uncle? Maybe they had a fallen out with mum over the same thing? Is it something to do with dad?

Anyway about this strange letter: it said that my uncle has a palace and he’s giving it to me. Could this be an apologise for why we’re never heard or seen him? Could it be a trick from max?
I’m like “wow cool, a palace? Me? Owning a palace? And living on my own?” Amazing but I can’t thank this uncle of mine because I have no way of contacting him. Which is a shame? I can’t ask mum because it’ll upset her, I can’t ask dad because he doesn’t want to upset her either. She’s already upset about me moving so far away and Max is going to performing arts school in America. She kind of feels worried about us entering the real world and proud of us. She already arranged a big leaving party for me with 50-60 guests. I’m like “geez thanks mum”


But how am I meant to find this palace? It just says it’s mine, no directions no nothing

Hollywood is so big; it’s going to be really hard finding it

But I thought wrong

The taxi driver stopped the car suddenly; I tapped him on the shoulder “umm excuse me” I said “yes madam” said the taxi driver “you’re stopped?” I asked “yes, yes I have” said the taxi driver “um well I can’t see any palace?” I asked “I know love” he said stupidly “so why have you stop?” I asked rolling my eyes “because this is how far I’m allowed to go” he said “are you being serious mate?” I said “yes sweetie, sorry” said the taxi driver sounding like he was feeling sorry for me “I can’t believe this is actually happening, I’m wearing heels, so which way am I supposed to go to this palace?” I asked as I got out of the red taxi car and looking at the taxi driver, he had brown hair with blue eyes and he was looking at me weird “through the tall brown trees and on to the right and follow the long path and you’ll find a big silver old palace” said the taxi driver pointing to three tall trees “oh thanks” I said “your welcome, good luck, you’ll need it” he said and before I could say anything, he drove off. How rude I thought to myself and I started to walk
I walked and walked through big brown bold ruff trees, I looked around and it was like the trees were watching me
I turned right and I found a huge old fashioned palace. I got a picture of the palace from my back pack that can with the letter and I hold it in the air right next to the palace. I smiled. I found it. My own palace, my own place, with no parents, no annoying brother, no babysitting, no putting up with him or parents. This is heaven. Bingo
I followed the leafy path, got the keys and opened the silver patterned gates and walked up to the palace and opened the door but I didn’t know the secrets that were hidden in this strange big palace but I was about to find out. I put my bags down and turned and there stood a tall white face brown haired girl who looked about the same age as me, but she wasn’t alone. “Erm who are you? I asked “ oh hi I’m Lynette Solis, this is my little sisters Bree and Gabriella , big sister Susan, big brother Mike and little brother Jason, and our mother is the mayor of this town, she told us to check on the new girl moving into Mr Hunter’s palace” said Lynette “oh okay, that’s nice of you, hey I’m Tessa, wow you have a big family, your mum sure didn’t stop having kids and Ben Hunter is my uncle” I said “well welcome to our town Little wood, Brooklyn, I’m Mike” said Mike “I know your sister told me” I said smiling and giggling while smiling at Mike
Not feeling comfortable with her older brother liking her new friend, Lynette interrupted “um so do you want to have a grand tour” she said pushing in front of Mike and breaking the awkward silence “um okay sure why not” I said and I followed Lynette up the stairs

So as we went up the stairs, I suddenly stopped as we all follow Lynette “hey guys, was there anyone living here before my uncle?” I asked looking at the Solis kids “um I don’t think so Tess, why?” asked Susan Solis (for the first time) “I think I just saw a ghost” I said sounding worried. The Solis kids looked at me. There was silence then they burst out laughing “you couldn’t have” said Gabi Solis (for the first time) “is this palace haunted?” I said sounding serious and scared “I don’t think so” said Lynette. I hate ghosts. There was no mention in the letter that this palace was haunted otherwise I wouldn’t of taken it

When the Solis kids stopped laughing, they looked at me and knew that I was being serious “no one could have lived here because we don’t know if anyone lived here before your uncle, how old he/she looked like?” asked Mike “about 18, the same as me” I said “you’re 18? But aren’t you meant to be in college” asked Lynette going off the subject “yes I’m supposed to be but I got the letter from my uncle about this place and then an expected opportunity to be a famous author so I’m here to follow my dream and I’ll go to college next year” I said “aw that’s great Tess, well done” said Mike “Thank – you” I said smiled and Mike hugged me

What are these feelings I’m having? Why did Mike hug me?

“Can we continue with the tour?” asked Lynette getting inpatient “um yes sure sorry Lynette” I said looking at Lynette “Good” she said sounding annoyed

What was Lynette trying to do? I don’t have feelings for Mike do I?

When we got to the living room I stopped again “what’s wrong?” asked Mike looking concerned “I saw that boy again” I said. They all looked at me strangely “guys I’m not joking, I’m being serious” I said “I think you need to see a doctor Tess” said Gabi “No, I know what I saw. Don’t you believe me?” I asked “of course, okay let’s have a look” said Bree smiling at me. I smiled back

I love these kids!
As we went to see who this boy was. Jason Solis stopped because he bumped into another boy
“Ah ha! You’re the boy I keep seeing, why do you keep running away? And what are you wearing?” I asked looking at this strange boy. “I ... umm” but he didn’t finished because he ran … again

This is really getting silly

Hours later, I couldn’t forget about the boy when the doorbell rang
I answered it and there were two girls who looked about ten years old “hi there, have you got lost? Have you lost your mum? Where is your mum?” I asked kindly, bending down so I was the same height as them “yeah hi, I’m Olivia, this is my twin Clara and we’re come to live here and before you ask we’re fifteen so stop treating us like we’re ten ok” said Olivia “oh and we’re your cousins, who are you?”
I didn’t say anything because I was so shocked to say anything and I looked at Olivia “yeah” she said raising her eyebrows
“Who was this girl? The letter didn’t say anything about cousins? Who does she think she is?
I thought... Oh no, no not again, she is actually like Max. This is turning into a nightmare that I never wanted to happen and Max hasn’t done anything yet
As the two of them walked into the palace “come on in” I said sounding annoyed “Thanks” said Olivia giving me an evil stare
Lynette looked at the fifteen years old not feeling okay “what’s your problem with Tessa? Has she done anything to annoy you? Because your attuidue towards her is horrible?” said “I’m sorry, is it any of your business? Err I don’t think so. Who are you? … ” Asked Olivia “I’m Lynette” she said... Before Lynette couldn’t finish. Olivia interrupted her “I’m sorry, do I care?” she asked “erm um…” said Lynette not knowing what to say “no I don’t care and if I had a problem with Tessa, what’s it to you lot?” she asked rudely looking at the Solis children “well our mother is the mayor and if you have a problem with Tessa, you have a problem with me” said Mike “and me” said Lynette. I smiled at them “well isn’t that nice, because I do have a problem with Tessa” said Olivia. Not saying anything I looked at Olivia
“What is the problem? Because I don’t understand why you have a problem with me because we hardly know each other?” I asked “I know brainbox, I have a problem with you because our dad chose you over us to live in his palace” said Olivia “that’s not Tess’s fault? You shouldn’t have a problem with her, you should have a problem with your dad” said Lynette. I smiled at Lynette and turned to Olivia “I’m so sorry that your dad chose me to own this palace instead of you and Clara, I really am, I didn’t even know I had an uncle or cousins until I got the letter. But hey, let’s not hate each other, after all we are family and we’re stuck with each other, we can’t choose our family so why don’t we start again and you both come and live with me, I would love to get to know you” I said kindly “Thank-you, we would love to, wouldn’t liv?” She said looking at her twin sister “erm sure whatever” said Olivia coldly
I think Olivia still has a problem with me
This is turning into a nightmare
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The letter

Chapter two – the letter
The first morning with my new cousins didn’t get off to a good start. Olivia was being difficult
“Why can’t we have a party?” she asked “because of that boy, it’s too weird” I said “oh come on please Tess?” asked Olivia now hugging me “I will think about it ok” I said looking at Olivia “oh thank you, thank-you” said Olivia “Can I ask you something?” she asked “of course” I said nicely “why did dad write to you?” asked Olivia “I don’t know liv” I said “but you have a letter?” asked Olivia “yes I do” I said “Can I see it?” asked Olivia “yes of course, be right back” I said and I ran upstairs to my big bedroom
1 hour later I can downstairs holding an envelope and I gave it to Olivia and Clara to read it “I didn’t really knew I had a uncle or cousins until I got that letter and it came at the right time” I said smiling “why?” asked Clara “well my brother Max (your younger cousin) got offer a place to go to a singing and stage school in New York and my parents (your aunt and uncle) got jobs there as secondary school teachers” I said “OMG really? What do they teach?” asked Olivia looking up from the letter for the first time “science and English” I said proudly “my two favourite subjects” “who teaches which?” asked Clara looking confused “try and guess?” I replied smiling

It took Clara a while to work out
At ten past ten, she finally got it “your mum teaches English and your dad teaches science?” she asked “yep” I said to Clara smiling “so why moved?” asked Olivia not noticing her twin sister got something right for a change “because I got an offer” I said “to do?” asked Clara “to write” I said “and it will be good for me to live on my own” “which is?” asked Olivia ignoring everything I just said “a writer, weren’t you listening?” I asked rudely “wow that’s amazing Tess, well done” said Clara. Olivia gave Clara a dirty look “be quiet” said Olivia

I gave the envelope to Olivia, she opened it and read. While Olivia was reading the letter, I looked at Clara. She looked like she was about to cry

Poor Clara? Olivia treats her so horribly. Her own twin sister, her other half, her first friend

Olivia read the letter out loud. It said:
Dear Tess,
Hi Tessa, I’m your uncle Ben, your mum is my sister and you probably do not know this because your mother might never speak about me to you and your brother? This is quite upsetting but when we were both younger, something tragic happened, our mother was in a terrible audient and die and our father, he couldn’t even look at us, mostly Jane because she looked like our mother and he ran away and then we had to be raise by our big sister Mary, when we got older, Jane met your father and that was that, we didn’t see each other from then, we sent each other birthday and Christmas cards each year but that’s it. But I’m moving to Chard because I got a job offer there and I don’t use my palace anymore. So I’m passing it on to you because you’re probably eighteen and had always wanted to live on your own? Am I right? So why not move here?”
I’m sure we’ll meet each other soon
Take care Tessa,
Lots of love
From your uncle Ben

Olivia looked at me and it looked as though she had lots of questions in her head waiting for them to be answer and that she was going to blast “go ahead” I said to Olivia “what happened between my dad and your mum? Who’s Aunty Mary? Why did he ask you? and not us? Why did your mum not tell you about our dad? Why aren’t we mentioned in the letter? Why did he write to you and not us? What’s the job? Why didn’t he pass his palace to us instead of you? We’re his daughter. His own flesh and blood, are we invisible? Why did he move to Chard? Why didn’t we move with him? What’s happened with him and our mum?” Asked Olivia finally giving a breath “wow” I said “so answer?” she asked rudely. I gave a whole sigh and rolled my eyes. What’s Olivia’s problem? Why is she so rude? “I don’t know what happened, we never talk about Uncle Ben because it upsets mum too much. I don’t know why he asked me, and not you. You’re not the only one who’s been wondering. I don’t know who Aunty Mary is. I don’t know why you’re not mentioned and you’re not invisible” I said and I pinched Olivia on the arm “ouch, why did you do that?” she asked “to prove a point” I said “I don’t know what the job is, I don’t know what happened between your parents, and I don’t know why you didn’t move with him? You will have to ask him. These questions, you should really ask your dad liv” I said finally finished “wow” said Clara “didn’t I tell you not to speak Clara? I didn’t tell you, you could speak did I?” she said sounding so horrible “yes you did Olivia, no you didn’t I’m sorry” said Clara looking sad. I looked at Clara, trying to figure my younger cousins out
When Olivia went upstairs, Clara didn’t follow her

Why does Olivia treat Clara so horribly?
I looked at Clara “Clara, honey why does Olivia treat you like that?” I asked “oh that, that’s just her Tess, don’t worry” said Clara “but does she hate you? I hate my brother sometimes but I would never treat him the way she treats you sweetie, you should tell her how you feel? How old are you?” I asked “oh don’t worry Tess, that’s so sweet of you, but she’s just like that and I’m fifteen remember?” asked Clara “right yes I remember, right I will talk to her, don’t worry” I said. Before Clara could say anything I was running upstairs, missing one step each time so she followed me

When I got upstairs, Clara grabbed my hand “it’s going to be okay I promise. I’m going to sort this out” I said, Clara smiled at me. I knocked on Olivia’s door and Olivia opened the door “what?” she asked grumpy “I want to talk to you” I said sounding serious. Knowing that I was being serious “why? What did Clara do this time? You know, you can’t keep doing things to get my attention, I’m sorry that you are a freak and annoying but that’s not my problem. You need to stop doing this and grow up Clara” said Olivia “because I’m getting sick of it” she said “I’M TELLING YOU, I DID NOT DO ANYTHING” said Clara “did I tell you, you could speak? No I don’t think so now shut it” said Olivia sounding cross “see this is what I want to talk about” I said “what? Talk about what?” asked Olivia “why do you treat Clara like that? She’s your twin sister, your other half, your first friend and you treat her horribly. I may hate max sometimes but I don’t know what I’d do without him if I’d ever lose him. He’s my little brother. A weirdo and annoying but I love him. I would never treat him like that like you treat Clara. I’ve always long for a twin sister/brother. Someone I can tell my problems to and someone I can tell everything, my secrets, my worries but if you treat Clara like that all of your life, you might lose her for ever? Do you want that to happen? Why do you do it liv? It’s just mean sweetie. Why do you assume Clara has done something wrong?” I asked “why all the questions? You don’t know anything about us” said Olivia “because I’m worried about your relationship with Clara, she doesn’t treat you like that, and she thinks the world of you” I said “you finished?!” asked Olivia “yes” I said “well when our mother died, I always had to look after her and when we were three, we were at a railway station with our grandma to stay with her sister and Clara stupidly ran into the railway tracks and nearly got ran over by a train and got herself kill. That’s why I treat her so horribly because I nearly lost her and I don’t want to ever lose her. We’re already lost so much. She’s suffered through a lot. I am trying to protect her. You would do the same thing with Max right?” asked Olivia “you would never lose Clara, you go everywhere together. I would protect you. Yes I would do the same with Max but maybe you could start being nice to Clara again? I would do the same with Max but we’re never nice with each other, it’s who we are. You two are like two peas in a pod, you do everything together, and you’re inseparable” I said smiling “yeah we are, Clara, I am really truly sorry” said Olivia “it’s okay liv” said Clara “it’s not your fault” she said smiling “Tess, thank-you for letting me realise how much Clara means to me” said Olivia “it’s no problem, your family, my family” I said “aww Tess, thank-you” said the twins. I smiled at them and we hugged each other
That afternoon we had lots of fun taking selfiles together “ha-ha that’s brilliant, oh look at my face” I said doing the same face in the photo. Both twins laughed and smiled at me

I guess my life aren’t too bad but I know how much Max (even if he is a pain) means to me from helping the twins
“Max, if you’re out there wherever that is, I love you and I couldn’t live without you” I said smiling

“What do you two want for lunch?” I asked “sandwich please Tess” said Olivia hugging Clara, as I looked at her “me too” she said “okay, be five minutes” I said
I walked downstairs and the doorbell rang, I opened it “hi Tess, do you want to hang out?” said Lynette as she came in “sure, do you want some lunch?” I asked
“Oh yes please Tess” said Lynette “okay, will be right back, Clara and Olivia are upstairs and in our bedroom, be five minutes” I said “thanks Tess” said Lynette “your welcome” I said and I walked towards the kitchen and Lynette went upstairs. As I was buttering the bread. The doorbell rang again “we’re popular today” I said to myself and I opened the door and it was Mike. I froze. He came in “hi Tess” he said smiling. I smiled back but didn’t say hi back. I don’t know what happened after …
Putting the lid back on the butter and the knife in the sink. I looked straight into Mike’s eyes and smiled at him...

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Walking in each other's shoes

Chapter three – walking in each other’s shoes
The next morning I was out in the garden relaxing on a comfy white deck chair reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry, Hermonie and Ron was in the girls bathroom making a potion where Moaning Myrtle died and Ginny Wealsey (Ronald’s younger sister) first arrives at Hogwarts and she meets Harry when I heard lots of shouting coming from inside so I signed, put my bookmark on the page I was at and I went inside to find out

There were all four of Solis sisters. I walked over and step in to break it up “what’s going on?” I asked looking confused. They all looked at me and spoke at once. I signed and raise my hand in the air and there was silence “one at a time” I said “Lynette, what happened?” I said for the second time looking at Lynette (hoping I didn’t have to repeat myself for a third time) “I was trying to find my hair dryer and I couldn’t find it so I went into Susan’s bedroom but I couldn’t find it but I found my diary and that was that” said Lynette “so all this was over a hair dryer?” I said “no, this is what really happened okay, I was reading and I heard Lynette shout my name and I was in the back garden and because she has a loud mouth I could hear her so I went inside and upstairs to my room and I saw her diary and the twins were just watching TV” said Susan “no way” said Lynette “this started because you were being selfish Susan” said Lynette looking at her big sister “me? Selfish?” asked Lynette “YES!” answered Susan “are you kidding me? You’re the one who’s selfish, all I’ve done is help brought you up and you call me selfish, it’s always about you and the others never me. And this is how you thank me by calling me selfish? You’re got to get your facts right” said Susan “you finished?” asked Lynette “yes thanks” said Susan looking at her little sister. I didn’t say anything. Then …
I had a brilliant idea
“Guys?” I asked smiling at the two sisters “yes Tess?” said Susan “she’s my best friends not yours” said Lynette “I never said she wasn’t … oh never mind carry on Tess” said Susan “well I thought as you can agree on who started the argument about the hair dryer” but I couldn’t finished as Susan interrupted me “this is more than the hair dryer” said Susan “why not, try and walk in each other’s shoes for two weeks then you will learn a bit more about each other. Trust me, you fight now, but when Susan goes off to University, you will miss each other, I used to fight with Max over the most stupid things, I miss him like crazy now, I have learnt that life is too short to argue. Trust me, try it and you will see” I said “okay Tess” they said smiling. I smiled back

The next morning I woke up, had a strength, got out of my huge comfy bed, made it, put my fluffy violet dressing grown on and I stood by the window looking at the beautiful view “home sweet home” I said to myself and I went downstairs for breakfast, entered the kitchen and Lynette and Susan were sitting opposite each other looking at me when I entered.

I looked at them for a few minutes “what are you doing here?!” I asked looking confused and sounding worried “oh nothing has happened Tess, don’t worry” said Lynette realizing her best friend was worried “then why…?” I couldn’t finish because Susan interrupted me “because Lynette told me to come with her to yours because you said …” but she couldn’t finish “I know I know. But why so early? Why 8 am? I thought you would be asleep? Did Olivia prank call you?” I said sounding concerned “well it was her on the phone. She said you’d broken your leg?” asked Susan. I looked at them and moved both of my legs “well I haven’t, I’m really sorry you had to rush over here. I didn’t realize” I said “don’t worry Tess, we’re just glad you’re okay” said Lynette. I smiled “so how is it going?” I asked “it’s going great, we’re learnt so much about each other, thank you” said Susan “you’re awesome Tessa Harmer” and she hugged me “it’s okay, hey I told you and thankyou Suzie” I said. All three of us hugged “I am just going to shower” I said and ran upstairs

When I got upstairs, I went into Olivia’s room without knocking “hey!” said Olivia sounding crossed “why did you ring Susan and Lynette and told them I’d broken my leg?!” I asked “because it’s funny” said Olivia “IT IS NOT FUNNY. YOU LIED” I shouted “so?” asked Olivia “Are you stupid or something? It’s wrong to lie liv” I said sounding calmer “and?” asked Olivia “liv, why are you being like this?” I asked “stop being bossy” said Olivia

From downstairs Lynette and Susan could hear our conversation “do you think we should go up there?” asked Susan “yes, I think Tess needs to follow her own advice” said Lynette and they went upstairs
“Stop being so rude” I shouted “hey, what’s going on?” asked Susan as Lynette grabbed me stopping me hitting Olivia “I’m not being rude” said Olivia “yeah you are” I shouted back. Lynette and Susan looked at each other and signed “what’s going on? You were nice to each other yesterday” said Susan “oh that was yesterday” said Olivia “so what happened?” asked Lynette “because she just came in here without knocking” said Olivia “no!” I said looking so cross I was going to explode. They all looked at me then Olivia rolled her eyes “Olivia, if you’re not interested, go downstairs, don’t be rude” I said “I am actually interested Tessa, and I am not rude. I am actually quite interested as why you just came in without knocking” said Olivia. Lynette and Susan went back and forth between Olivia and I like it was a tennis match.

It was nearly four o’clock and we were still arguing “you can’t just come in here and take over Tess. You’re not in charge. Just because your 18 now doesn’t mean anything. You’re not our mum. You’re not our big sister either “we hardly know you” said Olivia “you finished?” I asked “yes thank-you” said Olivia sounding rude “well I do not think I am in charge and I know that I hardly know you but I want to get to know you and Clara. Where is Clara anyway? I know I’m not your mum or your big sister. I just care about you. I hate arguing with you, I feel like I’m at home with Max again. Trust me, I’m the oldest and the big sister and Max doesn’t like it either as much as I don’t” I said “what? He hates being related to you?” asked Olivia “yep” I said “then he must be mad” said Olivia smiling at me “because you are an amazing person Tess. I dislike this brother of yours. He doesn’t know anything about how amazing you are. Does he treat you horrible when you were living with your parents?” asked Olivia “Oh yes he did” I said “that’s horrible, I’m glad that Clara and I have an awesome cousin like you. We’re lucky to have you around” said Olivia and I hugged her “aww that’s so nice to say liv, thank-you. Ahah I dislike my brother as much as you do but he’s okay, he’s my brother. Sure he was a nightmare at home and I had to babysit him every day with his mate Ben and I never had any time for myself and my friends had to come over every day to keep me company but he’s family. I love him. Now I’ve moved away from home, I miss him like crazy. I am lucky to such lovely girls as cousins” I said and we hugged


“What’s going on? I heard shouting?” asked Clara coming in Olivia’s bedroom. We all burst out laughing “don’t worry sis” said Olivia looking at Clara “it was all just a misunderstanding” I said “like usual then” said Clara smiling
But I couldn’t help but think about that boy and what happened to him
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Boys, boys and boys

Chapter four – Boys, Boys and Boys
“Have you seen that old fashioned boy recently?” I asked Clara the next morning “no why? What’s on your mind T?” she replied “it’s weird. It’s like he’s vanished” I said wondering

That mid-morning I was reading my book and suddenly I jumped “hello again” said the old fashioned boy “you? Where were you?” I asked “I am sorry my lady” he said blowing. I looked at him strangely
Who was this old fashioned boy? Lots of questions popped in my head “why do I care though? I mean I don’t have feelings for him do I? I don’t even know him

The next day I was sat in my bedroom doing my story when I saw him again “right, I want answers master right now. Ok where do you go the other day? Why do you keep disappearing? What’s with the old fashioned clothes? What’s with the old fashioned language? Who are you? Why are you here? What’s your name? How old are you? You must like be 18 right?” I asked “umm well … I am not from this generation” he asked “what do you mean you’re not from this generation? Where are you from? What generation are you from?” I asked going around him and he kept on turning his head as I walked around him “well I’m ... well you see I am … from the umm 1970’s?” he said looking nervous “so does that mean you’re technically dead?” I asked scared “err well ... Yes but I … “he said, he couldn’t finish because I ran

A dead boy? Living here? My uncle didn’t mention anything about ghosts in this palace? I am scared. How can he be alive? When he’s meant to be dead? This place is freaky. But I have to tell my cousins

What are you talking about Tess? A dead boy? Here in this palace? Did dad mention anything about this? How can he be alive? You saw a dead boy?” asked Olivia after I told them “you’re not making any sense. Daddy would have mentioned it in the letter?” asked Clara “I know I’m not guys. But he told me he is from the 1970’s and he’s dead, no he didn’t? Do you think he would of? I know it’s so freaky, I don’t know how? Yes, clear of crystal, a dead boy is living here and I think I’m in love with …” I said but I couldn’t finish my sentence “with who?” asked Lynette “she’s was about to tell us” said Clara laughing

Oh I couldn’t tell my best friend that I was in love with her brother? That would be too weird for her. But I couldn’t lie either “Lynette, I think you should sit down” I said “why what’s going on? This sounds serious” said Lynette “Lynette, since I came here, you have been so nice to me and you are my best friend and I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship” I said “aww T, don’t go all soppy on me please, just tell me” said Lynette. I looked at my cousins, they both nodded and told me to go for it “well I sort like someone” I said “I kind of got that honey, tell me, who?” asked Lynette “your brother” I said “which one? I hope it’s not Jason, he’s too young” said Lynette laughing “Mike” I said causally “OMG aww, that’s so cute, Mikes loves you Tess, he’s talking about you all day every day, he hasn’t ask you because he’s chicken” said Susan “aww, this is so cute, so if you get married, we would be sisters but who’s the other guy?” asked Lynette smiling

That’s so weird, I thought she would be cross with me or something I’m so glad Mikes likes me too

“The other guy is Robert” I said “wow, a love triangle, you’re so lucky” said Lynette “where is he?” replied Lynette “he’s dead” I said causally “oh right oh Tess” said Lynette giving me a hug “but he is alive. He’s from 1970” I said quickly “that doesn’t make any sense” said Lynette “we were just saying that” said Olivia and Clara walking towards us “I know it doesn’t make any sense I know that guys but I’m telling you there is a dead guy living here” I said “well we’re got to find him. What’s his number Tess, text him?” asked Olivia “liv, he’s from 1970” I said laughing “so?” said Olivia “he won’t have a phone” I replied “oh. Oh I knew that” said Olivia
I looked at her and laughed “let’s go” I said and they all followed me
“How are we meant to find him? What does he look like? Do you know his name or anything? Tell us everything T” said Clara

Picturing an image of Robert in my head when someone tapped on my shoulder “hello again” and I turned around and it was Robert “hello” I said “what’s your name?” asked Robert “Tessa Jane Mary Harriet Harmer” I said proudly “wow that’s a lovely name lady Tessa” said Robert “thankyou” I said half smiling “you are more than welcome my lady. It is a beautiful name for a beautiful lady such likes yourself” said Robert “thank-you, I want you to meet my friends. They are awesome” I said and we went to the kitchen “guys, this is Robert” I said. All four girls looked at Robert “hi Robert, nice to meet you” said Lynette offering to shake his hand “the pleasure is all mine my lady, what is your name? Guess it’s a beautiful name like you” said Robert kindly “aww well aren’t you a gentlemen” said Lynette “I’m Lynette Grace Solis” “I told you it would be beautiful” said Robert “thankyou” said Lynette smiling “I didn’t know your middle name was Grace?” I asked

How could I not know about this?

“Well you do now, don’t worry” said Lynette smiling. I tried to fake a smile and be agreeable to not worry about not knowing Lynette’s middle name. “I’m Susan, nice to meet you” said Susan shaking Robert’s hand “the pleasure is all mine my lady. What is your full name?” asked Robert. Susan cleared her throat and we waited “Susan Taylor Isabelle Jessica Solis” said Susan breathing “that’s such a lovely name and a long one” said Robert and I together smiling “thankyou” said Susan “so Robert, you have some explaining to do. What are you doing? Why did you keep disappearing? Are you a ghost? Are you dead? Why live here? How did you get in here without a key? Do you know Mr Hunter? How do you know Mr Hunter? Are you really from 1970? Or is this a joke?” I said “woah T, calm down with the questions!” said Lynette sounding shocked, ignoring her I looked at Robert “well…?” I asked impatiently waiting and looking at Robert “I live here with my younger yet annoying sister. Because I can’t befriend you humans. Yes. Yes. Because I died in here. I lived here in the 1970’s. Yes we do. Yes we are from 1970 and no it’s not a joke” said Robert “why can’t you befriend us?” I asked “we will disappear forever” said Robert “we?” I asked “there’s more of you?” asked Lynette “yes but only me and my sister live here, so you don’t have to look so scared” said Robert looking at us laughing “sister? Yes we do know Mr Hunter” said Robert “he is our distance grandfather” he said “oh my god” I said “I’m sorry my lady, but what do you mean by “oh my god”?” asked Robert “he’s my uncle, we’re kind of related” I said “wow” said Lynette “didn’t see that one coming” said Susan smiling “so where is your sister? I want to meet her” I said rushing to my feet “you can’t my lady” said Robert stopping me “oh why not?” I said “because she’s hidden” said Robert “where? Why is she hidden?” I asked “because we can’t befriend humans” said Robert “why?” I said getting inpatient “because we will disappear forever” said Robert catching up with me “but I don’t get it? Why does she disappear? How could you didn’t disappear?” Lynette and I asked. No one talked for a few minutes and I was starting to get inpatient and Robert looked at me and signed “okay T, I’ll be ten minutes” said Robert giving me a hug “great” I said smiling and Robert ran off

4 hours later, I and the girls were still waiting for Robert, to pass the time, we took lots of pictures. “I bet this is a joke, something to do with Max” I said “who’s Max?” asked Susan “my annoying younger brother Su” I said “he’s a pain” “and so are you potato head” and I turned around and my little brother (not so little anymore) was standing there with suitcases and bags and a big grin on his face
“What are you doing? I thought you were on tour?” I said sounding annoying yet happy “can’t I come and see my big sister? Is there a law against it?” asked Max giving me a hug “no of course not, but there’s always a catch” I said. Max gasped “T, how can you say such a thing?” said Max “because it’s true, there’s always a catch with you. What is it?” I said slightly annoyed now “well if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve grown up” said Max “no you haven’t, now what is the catch?” I asked getting more and more angry by the minute “t, I don’t think there isn’t one” said Lynette “see” said Max “okay so what are you doing here?” I asked “for your birthday” said Max sounding so innocent “I didn’t know it was your birthday t, why didn’t you tell me?” asked Lynette “it’s not, he’s lying” I said “I’m not, I’m here for your birthday and I am not lying because it’s the 24th April today so it’s the 25th April tomorrow and that’s your birthday” said Max “well we’re got a lot of planning to do then” said Susan “aww what for?” I asked “for your birthday party silly” said Lynette “aww thank you, okay let’s do this” I said
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Max is back

Chapter five – Max is back
The next afternoon, my cousins, Lynette, Susan, Mike, Max and I were making a cake for my party “so you’re the famous Max then?” asked Max starting a conversation “yes” said Max causally “what has Tess told you?” asked Max “nothing don’t worry, let’s get the decorations up shall we?” I asked not wanting Max to find out “it’s not nothing, what did she say about me?” asked Max getting annoying (more than usual) looking at Mike. Mike looked at me I was shaking my head “no no no please don’t tell him please” I said in my head. Mike looked at Max “nothing mate, I was kidding. Your sister would never say anything about you without you knowing would she? She’s far too kind” said Mike smiling at me “thankyou” I said and I kissed him on the check. I could tell Max was up to something? But what?

Why did I kiss Mike? Do I have feelings for him? Oh why did I kiss him? Why are boys so confusing?

That evening I was pumping up an air bed in the living room for Max when he came over with a cup of coffee “ew gross, you know I hate coffee Max” I said moving away “yeah well it’s funny so shut up” said Max coming towards me “I knew you hadn’t changed. I know you were the same little kid you always were. You’re the same brat you always were. You’re lucky I’m letting you sleep inside; I was going to put you outside. All that stuff in front of Mike was so embarrassing. What’s the real reason you’re here? Pfft you came here for my birthday, yeah right?” I said “you finished?” asked Max “yep” I said standing up “me? A brat? Tess, you’re the brat. Whatever, I don’t care about your feelings. Oh cheers T, you’re such a great sister. I am here for your birthday and you don’t believe me. I could go back home you know. Would that be better? Why don’t you believe me? Sometimes T, you’re so ungraceful” said Max “me?” I asked laughing “I spent my whole life babysitting you” I said “whatever loser, by the way the air bed isn’t pump up very well” said Max “well if you think you can do a better job of doing it, help yourself” I said and I walked away and went in the kitchen

Grr Max makes me so mad. Why is he really here? Did the boarding school realize he has no talent? Did they kick them out? Did mum and dad get bored of him? So much for living on my own. I knew it was too good to be true

“Are you okay?” asked Olivia as I sat down “no not really” I said “who is he?” asked Clara giving me a hug “my little brother” I said “no way” said Clara “so that means he’s our older cousin by 2 months?” asked Olivia “yep” I said “but he was so horrible to you. I thought he would be nice” said Clara “yep, he’s always like that. Pfft don’t make me laugh liv. The day Max does something nice for me is the day I get a boyfriend and believe me that will never happen” I said “but you like Mike? He likes you? You even kissed him? What’s the problem?” asked Clara as she said this. Robert spoke and Clara’s question was answered “hello ladies” “hello Robert” I said “and how are you Miss Tess?” asked Robert “I’m pissed off, see you later guys” I said and I got up and got my coat and went …

“What does Miss Tess mean?” asked Robert not knowing what I meant “oh she means she’s annoyed. So where did you go last night? I thought we were going to meet your sister?” asked Clara “I am sorry my ladies” said Robert “its fine, we’ll meet her another time yeah? Anyway we’re got to go, see you later” said Clara leaving Robert on my own
“I told you not to befriend these humans? What do you do? Befriend these fools!” said the girl “I’m sorry sister, really I am but these humans are interesting” said Robert “yeah okay whatever well I have to befriend them too don’t I?” said the girl sounding annoyed “no Harriet?” said Robert “why do you have to meet them?” “because I have to make sure you didn’t tell them anything don’t I?” asked Harriet sounding even more annoyed “you are might to be the oldest and I have to always sort out your mess don’t i?” said Harriet “well I’m sorry” said Robert “what did you tell them? You didn’t tell them we’re ghosts don’t you?” asked Harriet “too late” said Robert “what?” asked Harriet “too late for what brother?” “Too late. He knows everything” said Robert pointing. Harriet turned around and she turned face to face with …

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Chapter six – Harriet
Max, Robert and Harriet all started at each other “you must be Max?” asked Robert “erm who’s asking?” asked Max sounding scared “I’m Robert sir. Your sister has a very place here” said Robert “yeah whatever okay. Who’s the hottie?” asked Max ignoring Robert and looking at Harriet “I’m Harriet” said Harriet walking over and shaking Max’s hand and giggling

Me and the girls all walked into the living room when we stopped and looked at Max with the girl “who is she? Why is she with Max? Why are they talking? What are they talking about? Why is Max so red? Why is Robert with them? Is that Max’s girlfriend?” I asked catching my breath “woah T, what’s with all the questions today?” asked Susan “well if people don’t tell me things and what’s going on than I have to find out don’t I?” I asked “I guess but this is Max?” asked Olivia “and?” I asked “don’t you hate him?” asked Lynette “yes but he’s my baby brother. We take photos together all the time and posted them on Instagram and Facebook” I said proudly “aww that’s so nice, what’s your username? I’ll follow you” said Susan “it’s my full name but with no spaces” I said “and you know what my full name is now” I said laughing and we walked over to the boys and Harriet

“hello ladies” said Robert “this is my little sister Harriet, I told you about” he said “nice to meet you all” said Harriet shaking each of our hands politely “you know my sister? How? When? Why? Where? Why didn’t you tell me?” asked Max “woah mate, slow down. You’re as bad as T with asking questions today. You’re more alike than you two realize you know” said Susan “the second day I moved in here, because we bumped into each other, in the kitchen and because you were on tour. Why didn’t you tell me you have a girlfriend?” I asked “because I don’t?” asked Max “I am sorry Miss Tess but I think you have the wrong end of the stick, myself and Sir Max only just met” said Harriet “ahh okay that’s alright then” I said “moving on … so how do you know each other?” asked Clara “we sort of just bumped into each other” said Harriet “aww” said Lynette “you have no idea what is going on do you?” I asked laughing “no not practically” said Lynette and she gave me a hug “what was that for?” I asked “just for being you!” said Lynette. I smiled “please can we talk about something else? Plans for your party T?” said Olivia “oh yeah, sure course liv” I said “what have we done so far?” I asked “the cake, the decortications” said Susan “that’s it?” Max asked “oh T, mum and dad are going to come and this Uncle Ben is coming as well apparently” said Max “oh yay daddy is coming” said Clara. The look on Max’s face told me he didn’t know who Uncle Ben was.

Well I don’t know who he is? Maybe Mum can tell us about him?

I looked at Max and mouth word “I’ll explain later” he nodded

We all spent the rest of the morning, making invitations “do you know who is coming?” I asked looking at Max “yes” said Max “who?” asked Susan. Max got a list of paper out of his pocket “mum, dad, an uncle ben? Ben, Grace, Meg, Me, Susan, Lynette, Jason, Olivia, Clara, Gabi, Bree, Mike, Robert and Harriet” said Max “wow, yay Grace and Meg are coming” I said happily “who’s Meg and Grace?” asked Mike “my best friends back home” I said proudly “aw I can’t wait to meet them” said Susan “me too” said Lynette. I smiled “so what should we put on the invitations?” asked Lynette “who’s it too? Where the party is? When it is? What time the party starts and ends?” said Max looking at me “okay” I said starting to write one. It said:
To Meg,
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

I showed it to Lynette “Perfect, aww I’m so excited” said Lynette “me too” I said hugging her “so do you want me to do the others Maxie?” I asked “yes dumb head” said Max laughing. I smiled

To Grace,
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

I did this for 14 times

To Mum (I did Mum’s separate to dad’s)
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

To Dad,
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

I also did the Solis’ kids and their mother separate
To Lynette,
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

To Bree and Gabbi,
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

To Mike,
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

To Harriet and Robert (as you cannot be seen by the other guests I suggested you spend time with me before the party)
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

To Jason
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

To Susan
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess
To Max,
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

To Mrs Solis,
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then. Looking forward to meeting you
Love Tess

To Ben,
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then
Love Tess

To Uncle Ben,
You are invited to Tessa Harmer’s 19th Birthday Party at little wood Brooklyn in Hollywood, at number 33 little lands on Monday 25th April 2016 at 11am to 11pm, drinks and food will be served at 5pm. Hope to see you then. We are looking forward to meeting you and your daughters are excited to see you again. Please come
Love Tess

By the time I finished the invitations; the others had decorated the cake, and finished putting the rest of the decorations up and we stood up and looked at our work “we’re done. FINISHED. WOO” shouted Lynette “woo woop well done” said Harriet coming over “thanks hats, couldn’t of done it without you and Robert though” I said hugging Harriet “aww T, don’t go all soppy on me please” said Harriet laughing. I smiled “you’re not bad you know even if you are a ghost” said Max “I guess you’re not bad either” said Harriet smiling
I guess the loser is right for once
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Mum and Dad

Chapter seven – mum and dad
The next day I woke up at 10am? What was going on? Did someone sneak in my room and turn off my alarm? I went downstairs confused
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY T” shouted Lynette jumping on me “thankyou” I said hugging her “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TESS” said Susan jumping on me “ahah thankyou su” I said “anyone else want to jump on me?” I asked laughing “well now you mention it” said Clara and all the girls, Max and Mike jumped on me “HAPPY BIRTHDAY T” everyone shouted smiling “thankyou everyone” I said smiling “now close your eyes” said Max putting his hands out in front of my eyes “why what’s going on?” I asked walking forward helped by Max and we went into the kitchen (but I didn’t know this because I had my eyes closed) I didn’t feel Max’s sweaty hands anymore and started to worry “Max? Is this a trick, on my birthday really? Where are you? Lynette, where are you? What’s going on? Can I open my eyes?” I asked and I felt someone’s hands “Mike, is that you? Oh please tell me it is you? I have been wanting to tell you for ages now, I love you” I said “I love you too Tess” said the voice. I could tell whose voice it was and opened my eyes. I stood there and my two best friends were looking at me and came over and hugged me “Meg, Grace, OMG I have missed you guys so much” I said “happy 19th birthday T. we’re missed you so much. We’re so glad we’re here. Tell us everything. How is it living on your own?” asked Meg “well I don’t exactly live on my own. But first, I want you to meet everyone” I said leading them to Mike and the others “Max” said Grace giving Max a dirty look “Grace” replied Max “hey, these are my best friends back home, Meg and Grace” I said smiling “this is Lynette, Susan, Jason, Bree, Gabi and Mike Solis. My new cousins Clara and Olivia Hunter” I said “nice to meet you all. Tess has told us all about you guys in her emails” said Meg “you too. Nice things I hope. By the way, Tess, I have a surprise with me. Come with me” said Mike holding out his hand “be ten minutes” I said and followed Mike outside in the nice big sunny back garden “what’s going on?” I asked sounding worried “I heard you when you said I love you when you had your eyes closed T” said Mike
Oh my god why did I say it? He must think I am a total idoit? Why am I so stupid? Why?
“I’s okay Mike” I said “I understand” “T, no you don’t understand” said Mike “why?” I asked “because from the first day I met you, I have always loved you and have been wanted to tell you for ages now and Jason has been telling me to tell you (yeah Jason, knows about love) it shocked me too, he’s 9 and knows about love. But I thought it would be too weird, you being both my little sister’s best friend but then Lynette and Susan told me that she thinks I should tell you and it wouldn’t be weird” said Mike “oh Mike, you are silly. Wow Jason knows about love? Blimey, Mike I love you so much” I said hugging him and we ended up kissing “T, I brought you a present. Close your eyes” said Mike “Not again” I said laughing but I closed my eyes
10 minutes later “open” said Mike. I looked at him and he was on one knee “Mike? What’s going on?” I asked “happy birthday T” said Mike giving me a box. I opened it and it had a silver necklace with ‘I love you’ on it “oh Mike, you shouldn’t of got me anything. Thank- you so much. It is beautiful. That was very thoughtful of you. I love you” I said kissing him “like you then?” asked Mike getting up “what?” I asked “it’s beautiful like you. You banana” said Mike “oh thankyou Mike” I said “I love you” said Mike “I love you too” I said and we walked back inside hand in hand

“Oh you told her omg. I’m so happy for you guys” said Susan looking at us smiling “thankyou Su” we said together and I hugged and Lynette “thankyou” I said smiling at Susan and Lynette “what’s going on?” asked Grace coming over “well long story short, we’re both in love with each other (me and mike) since the first day I moved in here but we both thought it would be weird to date because Lynette and Susan are his little sisters and two of my best friends but they told us to go out and when I said I love you when I had my eyes closed (remember Max told me to close my eyes) and he heard me so he took me outside (remember like 20 minutes ago) and he gave me this for my 19th birthday present” I said showing Meg and Grace the necklace around my neck “aww T, I’m so happy for you” said Grace smiling at me “ditto, you dervese it” said Meg smiling giving me the hint that she was talking about Max “thankyou girls” I said smiling at them “I guess I’m happy for you too” said Max coming over “oh thanks Max” said Mike laughing “yeah thanks loser” I said hugging Max whilst laughing “no worries, you were right T” said Max “did I hear right? Did Max Harmer just admit he was wrong about something?” I asked laughing “oh ha-ha very funny. Yes I am admitting I am wrong T, you’re not selfish, and I’m the one who’s selfish. Thank-you for being the best friend and sister ever. I hope you can forgive me for all the times I’ve done horrible things and for all the names I’ve called you. I am so sorry” said Max “oh Max, you are silly. Of course I forgive you. I love you” I said hugging him “I love you too T. Happy birthday. I have a surprise for you but …” said Max, but he couldn’t finished “close my eyes?” I asked and I closed my eyes and followed Max, led by him

Ten minutes later, I still had my eyes closed “Max, can I open them now?” I asked “yes T” said Max. I opened my eyes
“OH MY GOSH, MUM DAD! What are you doing here?” I asked jumping and hugging my parents “we wanted to be here for your birthday silly. Happy birthday baby girl” said Mr Harmer “thankyou daddy” I said smiling “I can’t believe your 19 today and you must be Clara and Olivia?” asked Mrs Harmer hugging the twins “yes we are. Nice to meet you both. Daddy should be here soon” said Clara “oh well isn’t that nice” said Mrs Harmer awkwardly “Jane, I think you should tell them. Or at least Tess” said Mr Harmer “tell us what?” asked Max “come with me” said Mrs Harmer and the four of us followed her “mum what’s going on? You and dad aren’t getting divorced re you?” I asked looking worried at my mum “no T, nothing like that. It’s about ..” said my mum “daddy isn’t it? Auntie, tell us what happened?” said Olivia nicely “yes it is about your dad Olivia. It was such a long time ago now, Ben has probably forgotten. But when we were little, our parents (your grandparents) weren’t getting on very well, they were always fighting about something. It was probably something silly. Anyway, every night, dad (your granddad) went out drinking and came home drunk and started to shout at mum (your grandma) and she didn’t understand why he did. I was only three years old when it happened so didn’t really understand but Ben was six years old and understood everything and heard everything. One night, dad didn’t come home and mum thought he’d left us” said my mum “did he leave you?” asked Max interrupting “me and ben didn’t think he did but mum had thoughts about it. It was a possibility. Anyway, mum got really ill, she started drinking as well and was taken into hospital and me and Ben were taken into care. I was only 11 and Ben was 13. I understood a little bit but not all of it. But I couldn’t understand why I was in care. Did mum and dad fight? Did they go on holiday without us? Did they drink? Lots of questions were popping into my head but Ben looked after me. He was like more than a brother to me. He was a dad figure. He took me to school every morning, made my breakfast, packed my lunch, did all the normal stuff, and a mum would do for you. By the time I was 18, I met your dad and we started to date and it was going really well until he met Ben and then your dad started asking me questions. Ben didn’t approve, saying I was too young. He must have thought I was still six years old. But we had a massive argument and he asked me did I want to end up like grandma? But I and your dad got married when I was 24 years old. Ben didn’t come. But I did invite him. I got pregnant with you. By the time you were 5 years old, I hadn’t seen Ben for years, and you started asking questions. You were like Nancy Drew and when I was 29, I was pregnant with Max and that’s it. Never saw Ben after that or mum. Don’t know what happened with Dad” said Mrs Harmer “aww no, I am really sorry. We didn’t realize it was that bad. We are really sorry. We love you. Thank you for telling us” I said “yeah mum, thank- you” said Max “thank-you auntie Jane” said Olivia and Clara “ah well it’s all in the past isn’t it” said Mrs Harmer standing up “of course mum” said Max. She smiled “now where’s this boyfriend of yours then Tessa?” asked Mr Harmer changing the subject to make us happy again. I smiled at my dad “come with me” I said and I grabbed his hand with mum and the girls and Max followed

We got to the kitchen and I walked over to Mike hugging him “here he is daddy” I said “aww well nice to meet you” said Mr Harmer shaking Mike’s hand “and you Mr Harmer. Your daughter is the love of my life and is amazing” said Mike “oh you can call me Craig, you are part of the family now and thank-you, she is quite amazing isn’t she?” said Mr Harmer “she is indeed” said Mike “I’m so glad my girl has found someone who makes her happy. She derveses it more than anyone. I approve. Welcome to the family Mike” said Mr Harmer smiling at me and Mike “oh thank-you so much daddy” I said hugging my dad “I guess I approve too” said Max coming over “oh cheers mate I guess” said Mike winking at Mike “yeah cheers loser” I said to Max laughing and hugging him “no worries” said Max smiling “and I approve too” said Meg coming over “and me” said Grace “me too” said Lynette “me also” said Susan “us too” said Bree and Gabi coming over “so do we” said Clara and Olivia “me too” said the other women coming over to us. She must be Mike’s mother I thought to myself “mum, what are you doing here?” asked Lynette “well Mike told me to come here so” said Mrs Solis “yes I did Mum” said Mike looking Lynette and laughing “what’s your name?” asked Mrs Solis “it’s Tessa and thank- you so much for coming. I’m so pleased to meet you” I said “and you Tess, well Mike, I approve” said Mrs Solis smiling at her son “thankyou mum” said Mike “thankyou Mrs Solis” I said “oh Tess, you can call me Hayley. You’re like part of the family now” said Mrs Solis smiling

I cleared my throat, everyone looked up at me “speech time” I said raising my glass. I looked at Mike “Mike Solis, you are an amazing guy and you make me so happy, the happiest of the happiest of the happiest person ever! And I am so glad I met you. I have always loved you, since the day I moved in here but didn’t tell you because two of your little sisters are my best friends and it would be too weird for them but they have told me to ask you out so I did. Your sisters are so supportive and kind. Thankyou girls” I said looking at Susan and Lynette “I am so glad you heard me say I love you and thank-you so much for the necklace, it is beautiful. Mike, you make me the happiest I have been in such a long time. I love you so much, you are my best friend and I am so glad I fall in love with you. Now you’re my boyfriend and that makes me happy. Mike, I know, we’re been going out for two or three months but I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you possibly living here. I want my children to be yours. I want to have a family with you. I don’t want the same thing that happened to mum. I love you so much” I said kissing him. Everyone cheered and clapped “T, I love you so much too, I am so glad I am with you. You make me the happiest I have been and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you and start a family with you. It doesn’t matter if we’re rushing and that will never happen T I promise” said Mike and bent on one knee and got a box out. Everyone was watching and knew what was going to happen next
“Tessa Jane Harriet Mary Harmer, will you marry me?” asked Mike. I didn’t speak for a couple of minutes “aww T, she’s speechless bless her. She’s not talking. That’s new” said Meg. I laughed “YES YES YES YES YES I WILL” I said jumping up and down and jumped on Mike and kissed him

“Congratulations to the both of you” said everyone “thankyou” we both said together “happy birthday T” said Mike kissing me. I smiled I was speechless “my go” said Max “oh dear” I said smiling. Max raised his glass and smiled at me “T, you are the best friend anyone could ever wish for … Max couldn’t finished “agreed” said Meg smiling “but also the best big sister ever. You basically raised me because mum and dad were always busy or away for work and I didn’t make it easy for you I know and you probably hate me. I am really sorry but I only did it because I didn’t want you to move away but if you hadn’t then you wouldn’t have met Mike and everyone else and I came here for your birthday but I really came here because I have missed you so much, it’s ridiculous. I hope you can forgive me for all the horrible things I have done. I suppose you can name them all. But I know I’ve been the worst brother ever but you are one of my favourite people and I am so happy for you. You dervese to be happy. I will 100% be there for your wedding I promise. I love you T” said Max. Everyone looked at Max, shocked at what he had said. Max looked at me and I bursted out crying and hugged Max “that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I can always visit back home? You can come here? You are always welcome here Maxie I promise. I love you too and of course I don’t hate you. You are my best friend silly and one of my favourite people. I couldn’t hate you” I said making Max’s shirt wet from crying “oops I made your shirt wet, it’s okay I can wash it for you but it’s happy tears don’t worry” I said looking at Max’s face “don’t cry on your birthday T, it’s the law, you are not allowed to cry on your birthday” said Grace “anymore speeches?” I asked laughing “well Max, said most of ours but we are so proud of you” said Mr and Mrs Harmer “thankyou mum and dad, this has the most amazing and funniest birthday” I said “good” said Lynette “we’ll leave you happy couple alone” said Susan picking up one of the twins and grabbed Bree’s hand and Lynette picked up Jason and hugged me “thank-you guys for coming, love you” I shouted as the Solis’ went
That evening me and Mike spent the evening alone while mum and dad took Max and the girls to the cinema “T” said Mike “yes?” I asked “I love you” said Mike “I love you too baby” I said kissing him “I love you more baby girl” said Mike “not possible baby” I said “oh I think it is” said Mike squeezing me and leading me over to the sofa and kissing me on the head “want to prove it?” I asked winking “oh yeah baby” said Mike and we landed on the sofa “you are so cute” said Mike when we heard knocking and we stood up “they can’t be back already?” I said walking to the door but it wasn’t my parents, max or the girls

It was Ben (Max’s best friend)

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See you again

Chapter eight – seeing you again
“Ben?” I asked looking at a grown up version of Max’s best friend “is that you?” “Hi there” said Ben. My question was answered. I waited and stood there. He came over and I finally spoke “what are you doing here?” I asked “well I heard you got engaged to your boyfriend so” said Ben “let me guess … Max told you right?” I asked sounding not surprise. Ben nodded “typical, he gives me this lovely speech and then tells you” I said waving my hands around. Ben knew I was annoyed “Tess, please don’t be annoyed. I know you think Max made your life miserable but he really does care about you, really. He told me how great it is being with you again on the phone. No joke and that he feels terrible how he treated you and made your life hell. I feel terrible too” said Ben “aww Ben, don’t be silly. It’s good seeing you again” I said smiling at him and he hugged me, I let him go “ben?” I asked looking serious “yes” said Ben “I know you have feelings for me” I said “oh” said Ben looking at the floor “who told you?” he asked “it’s obviously the truth right? Max told me” I said “oh right” said Ben “you know I’m engaged right? I asked Ben looking at him sweetly “are you?” asked Ben “yeah” I said showing him the ring “aww congratulations, you dervese it” said Ben smiling at me “aw thankyou Benny, you’re so sweet” I said “but you know I can’t go out with you don’t you? Wouldn’t you want someone the same age as you? Who lives near you?” I asked “I guess” he said sounding sad

Oh I feel so terrible. Ben is my little brother’s best friend. It would be weird dating him right? But he is so sweet. But he is like my little brother so if it would be awkward not just for me but for Max. Also I live in Hollywood now and he lives in crewkerne so we would hardly see each other, I am 19 years old and he’s 16 years old. Yes, it just wouldn’t work

“I am sorry Benny, it just wouldn’t work. You understand right?” I asked looking at him kindly “yes, yes I understand completely” said Ben looking up from the floor. I hugged him. I needed to make it up to him somehow. But how?

“Come with me” I said grabbing Ben’s hand and leading him to the living room. I was going to do some matchmaking of my own “do you know where Gabbi is Su?” I asked Susan “I think she’s with Bree” said Susan “I kind of got that part Su but where?” I asked laughing “kitchen T” said Susan “but wh … she couldn’t finished because we were gone

“Where are we going? Who was that? Who’s Gabbi? Who’s Bree? Who’s T?” asked Ben finally taking a breath “in the kitchen, that was Susan Solis, Gabbi is her sister and that’s what people called me” I said “try it?” I asked Ben “wow T, that’s so cool” said Ben

As we came into the kitchen, Max saw Ben “Ben? What are you doing here? Wow, you look so different” he said hugging Ben. I smiled and I walked over to Gabbi and Bree “hey guys” I said “hey T, who’s the guy?” asked Gabbi looking at Ben “he’s Max’s best friend from home and the poor guy came here to rekindle our relationship when there wasn’t one. He’s always had a crush on me and I had to tell him, I’m engaged and that it wouldn’t work and I feel terrible about it so I’m doing some matchmaking and I thought of yo …” I said but couldn’t finished because Gabbi was gone “I guess she likes him” said Bree “yes I suppose she does, well that’s good then though isn’t it?” I asked “yeah, well done T. you did good” said Bree and I hugged her “you will find someone too Bree, I promise” I said looking at her

As Gabbi came back over. I thought of Bree “omg T, you are amazing, Ben is so awesome. Thank you for setting this up for me. We’re going on our first date on Wednesday and maybe you and Mike can come too you know make it a double date” said Gabbi “yeah, that sounds like fun, I’ll have to talk to Mike first though” I said “of course” said Gabbi smiling. I smiled “you guys are my favourite twins” I said “aww T, thank – you, I feel a lot better now” said Bree smiling at me “good” I said smiling “why were you sad?” asked Gabbi not knowing what we were talking about and looked at her twin sister “because you have a date” said Bree “aww Bree, you will find someone I promise. I mean look at you, you look exactly like me right? So why would you not get a date? Ha-ha, you can come on Wednesday. You’ll have a laugh” said Gabbi “okay I will” said Bree hugging Gabbi “you guys” I said smiling and hugged them

That afternoon I was in the living room reading when Mike came over and sat beside me “how’s my favourite girl?” he asked blowing strawberries on my check “I am stressing out right now” I said “is it something to do with Uni? Or your job? Or Max?” asked Mike “Job. They want me to write a new story and I am out of ideas and if I don’t show my publisher by next month then I’m out of a job and if I am out of a job, I will literally have no money and that means no … “ I said “wedding. Oh T, let me help” said Mike “thankyou sweet” I said smiling and kissing him on the lips

20 minutes later pass and I decided to stop “mike?” I asked looking at my finance “yes T?” asked Mike “Gabbi has a date” I said causally “does she?” asked Mike surprised “yes and guess who with?” I asked “not Max?” asked Mike “no that’s gross. They’re going to be related to each other. No its Ben” I said “Ben?” asked Mike “Ben is Max’s best friend back home and I think Gabbi is a bit nervous and I thought it would be nice if we went on a double date” I said “aww T, that’s so sweet. Yes that’s fine. That sounds good. I want to meet this boy before the date anyway” said Mike “why?” I asked “because she’s my sister” said Mike “aww Mike, you are so protected of your sisters, that’s so sweet. Well she is going to be my sister in law isn’t she? And anyway she would do the same for me. You can meet him, he’s downstairs” I said “he’s downstairs?” asked Mike “yes he is baby” I said and Mike rushed downstairs so I signed and ran after him.
He’s over protected of his sisters. I don’t blame him. Ben is Max’s best friend. But I would do the same for Max. Max would do the same for me. He means everything to me. Oh I should shut up and checked on Mike

When I entered the kitchen, I saw Mike go over to Gabbi and Ben and I rushed over and grabbed Mike’s hand and he smiled at me “Ben?” I asked “yes T” said Ben “this is my finance” I said proudly “nice to meet you” said Ben shaking Mike’s hand “and you Ben” said Mike smiling “Gabriella?” asked Mike. This was the first time I heard Mike called Gabbi, her full name. “Yep” said Gabbi “who are you going on a date with?” asked Mike “you’re looking at him!” said Gabbi. Mike looked at Ben and then me “him?” he asked (more like a whisper) “yes” I whispered back “him?” asked Mike looking at Gabbi “yes” said Gabbi “him?” asked Mike again “yes” said Gabbi getting annoyed “you?” asked Mike to Ben “yes” said Ben also getting annoyed “them?” asked Mike. I signed and tried to stay calm with Mike “yes Mike” I said calmly. Then I signed and Mike spoke “together?” he asked. I didn’t say anything. Mike signed (as a sign of his approve of his baby sister’s relationship) “okay I approve gabs” said Mike “oh Mikey, thank- you” said Gabbi coming over and giving him a hug “no worries baby sis, but if he hurts you, I will kill him you understand?” asked Mike “yes” said Gabbi “it’s Tess’s matchmaking. Thankyou T” said Gabbi giving me a hug “no problem, anything for my future sister – in – law” I said smiling at her and she smiled back

That late afternoon, I was with Mike working on my story “so it’s the life of Mike and Tess Solis?” asked Mike “yes baby” I said smiling at him when Max came in “hello” said Max “hi there Maxie, what’s up?” I asked “I need your help” said Max “uh oh, what did you do?” asked Mike (trying to do an impression of me) but we knew he was joking. I laughed “oh Ssh be nice” I said “what’s up?” I asked “I know about your matchmaking” said Max “and you want me to set you up with someone?” I asked “yes please T” said Max smiling “ok I will see what I can do” I said “but can I ask you something?” I asked “yes you may” said Max “will you be godfather to when we have children?” I asked trying not to worry anyone “OMG T, I would love to but you’re not?” asked Max “no” I said seeing the look on Max’s face. Max signed and relaxed “I would love to” said Max. I smiled “love you” I said “I love you too T” said Max giving me a cuddle “you guys” said Mike watching us “what?” I asked “you guys are the cutest” said Mike “thankyou” said Max “thankyou baby” I said kissing Mike “my favourite boys” I said and I took pictures with them all afternoon

That late evening, about 6pm, I was with Samantha (Bree and Gabbi’s friend) “I know we hardly know each other but I have a surprise for you” I said “oh what’s that?” Asked Samantha “I found out someone fancies you” I said “who?” asked Samantha wanting to know “give me two minutes” I said and I went outside the room. Samantha waited
“Come on Max” I said outside the door “but what if she doesn’t like me back? What then T?” asked Max “she does, trust me” I said “who is it?” asked Max “ah you’ll have to wait and see for yourself Maxie” I said giggling and we walked into the room “Max?” asked Samantha (obviously they met earlier) “Tess, what’s going on?” asked Samantha “Max likes you Samantha” I said “TESS!!” said Max “you do?” asked Samantha looking at Max “well I … “ said Max sounding so nervous. This was strange, Max has never been this nervous around girls before. He must really like Samantha. I am a total match maker and such a great sister

“He means yes” I said stepping in “T, shut up” said Max looking at me “go for it Maxie” I said and I left them to it

Don’t worry Max; you’ll thank me one day

I went to my bedroom “hey girls” I said looking at my cousins “hey T” said Clara “how’s being engaged?” asked Olivia “it is GREAT” I said smiling “that’s great T, you dervese it” said Clara “you really do T, we’re so proud of you” said Olivia “aww thankyou girls, that’s so sweet of you. Can I ask you both something?” I asked “of course” said Clara “sure” said Olivia “would you like to be my bridesmaids?” I asked. They didn’t speak. By the look on their faces. I think they were speechless. I waited “guys?” I asked tapping Olivia’s shoulder and waving my hand in front of Clara “guys come on?” I asked starting to worry. I walked up and down the room, trying to figure out what to do “this isn’t funny anymore” I said sounding scared. I tapped them on the shoulders and I turned to face the window when I knocked both of them with my shoulders and didn’t realize and they fell on the floor but they were still frozen “guys, this is serious” I said starting to get even more worried “Mike! Come quick” I shouted and I heard him coming up the stairs quicker than he has before “what’s up baby? What’s going on? What’s happened? Are you okay?” asked Mike “I’m fine baby but look” I said pointing at Clara and Olivia “what’s wrong with them?” asked Mike “I don’t know” I said starting to panic “don’t worry T, baby but how did this happen Tess?” asked Mike putting his arms on my arms and hugged me tight
Mike has never called me Tess before?
“Well I only asked them if they wanted to be my bridesmaids and I knocked them but didn’t realize and they fell” I said “nothing to worry about, they’re in shock. They’ll be fine” said Mike “oh thank god. You know you should be a doctor” I said “oh T” said Mike laughing “I’ll be down in a bit baby. I just want to stay with them” I said “ok I love you, they’ll be fine” said Mike kissing me on the check “I love you too” I said
2 hours later, I was still with them and they were still frozen. But I decided to go downstairs
As I walked down the stairs, I wasn’t steady on my feet and I found myself falling and ended up making lots of noises, BUMP THUMP CRASH OUCH and I landed on the floor unconscious and wasn’t aware of people running

“What was that?” asked Susan running to the stairs “T?” she asked. I didn’t answer “Tess?” asked Susan now sounding worried. I still didn’t answer “Mike! Lynette, come quick” she shouted and more people were coming “what’s going on su? Why’s Tess on the floor?” asked Mike bending down next to me “I don’t know bro” she said “I just heard noises and I found Tess like this” said Susan. Mike looked worried and then he put his head where my heart was and it looked as though he was checking if I was still alive “T, please wake up. She’s unconscious” said Mike now getting up again. I still didn’t say anything “Tess PLEASE YOU CAN’T BE DEAD!” said Mike shaking me. I still didn’t wake up “WAKE UP LOSER” shouted Max and coming over and shaking me. No use. “Right, Lynette, go and ring an ambulance” said Mike (like he meant business) and Lynette knew he wasn’t joking and ran outside the house
“What’s going on?” said Bree coming over with Gabbi and my cousins “Su found T like this on the ground after she heard noises and she doesn’t even wake up even after I said WAKE UP LOSER and shake her but she doesn’t so Lynette has gone to ring an ambulance, Mike thinks she might unconscious” said Max. Mike kept on shaking me “Tessa Jane Harriet Mary Harmer soon to be Solis, wake up right this minute. I mean it, I am not joking. Wake up!” said Mike now crying and lying his head on me

5 hours later, the ambulance arrived and I got carried onto an ambulance bed and was on my way to the hospital with Mike and Max in the ambulance with me and the others drove behind us
“Please be okay T” said Mike lending his head on me “Mike, she’s going to be okay” said Max “yeah?” asked Mike “yeah, she’s a fighter mate. I mean she’s put up with me for 16 years. She can get through anything” said Max. Mike laughed but he had tears coming out of his eyes “oh Mike” said Max giving him a hug but Max had tears coming out of his eyes too
When we got to the hospital, I was carried to a bed and two people lifted me onto another bed and behind them, Susan and Mike and the others just came over “is she going to be okay Dr.?” asked Susan “yes she will be fine, she’s cracked her head open and is unconscious and we will need to operate” said the doctor “are you relations?” he asked “well I’m her finance and those two are my sisters, this young man is her baby brother and those two beautiful ladies are her cousins and this fine gentleman is her brother’s friend” said Max “okay well nice to meet you all but is her parents here? Or are they at home? Do you have any way of contact?” asked the doctor “no” said Max fairly “okay, would you like it if I contacted them?” asked the doctor “yes please” said Max “okay, what’s the number?” asked the doctor

By the time the doctor had rang mum and dad, I was still unconscious and wasn’t aware of what was going on
“Doctor, is she going to be okay? Please tell me she is going to be okay?” asked Susan sounding worried “yes she will be fine” said the doctor

Everyone signed of relief “thank god, what’s wrong with her?” asked Lynette “she’s cracked her head open and has a brain tumour and we need to operate before it grows any bigger” said the doctor and he left “but I don’t understand. How did she crack her open?” asked Lynette “well I don’t know stupid” said Susan “T, you will be okay I promise you” said Mike putting his head on my tummy so everyone copied when they heard running
“Mum! Dad!” said Max running towards our parents “oh Max” said Mrs Harmer hugging him and crying “what’s going on? What’s happening?” said Mr Harmer sounding so worried about his daughter that it looked as though he was going pass out “dad, are you okay?” asked Max “yes I’m fine Max” said Mr Harmer “she’s cracked her head open and by the results of her eye tests, she has a brain tumour and they need to operate before it grows any bigger” said Mike “how did she crack her open?” asked Mr Harmer “we don’t know Mr Harmer” said Susan “oh poor Tess, but we knew about the brain tumour” said Mrs Harmer “what do you mean you knew?” asked Max sounding serious “exactly what I said” said Mrs Harmer “why didn’t you tell us?” asked Max “because we didn’t want to worry you guys, we knew Tess had a lot on with her Uni and job so we didn’t want to bring more stress on her or you guys” said Mrs Harmer looking at Mike “thanks Mrs Harmer” said Mike “oh Mike, call me Jane” said Mrs Harmer smiling “she will be okay right?” asked Max sounding serious “aww Max, I didn’t know you cared so much about your big sister? But yes, she will be fine. She’s a tough cookie” said Mr Harmer “you know, she’ll kill you for calling her that in front of her friends’ ha-ha, but I do care about her mum. I don’t want to lose her” said Max now hugging Mrs Harmer “oh she’ll never know and you won’t” said Mr Harmer laughing but smiling at his youngest

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Pull through

Chapter 9 – Pull through
The next morning, everyone went to the hospital and I was still unaware of what was going on “when is her operation mum?” asked Max “12” said Mrs Harmer trying not to cry “Jane, she’ll be okay” said Mr Harmer hugging mum. Max looked at me and had tears in his eyes “T, if you can hear me. I love you so much and I am so proud of you. you’ll be okay I promise” said Max “aww Max, it’s like you’re the big brother, that’s so sweet” said Lynette “I wish I was. T has done so much for me and I didn’t even say thank-you, I was so horrible to her. I feel so useless” said Max “all of us do mate, but don’t worry about all that. You’re here now right? That what matters, T wouldn’t care, she would love it that you are here right now. She’s missed her so much. All she talks about, is you” said Olivia “does she?” asked Max “yeah mate” said Mike “aww I have missed her so much. It hasn’t been the same without her, hasn’t been as much fun eh Meg?” said Max winking at Meg “yeah ahah sure Maxie” said Meg laughing
At 12pm, I was carried off to the operate room, still unconscious (which the doctor said was really useful because I wouldn’t need a needle) but he was wrong because I had to have a needle. But didn’t feel anything. Before I went, everyone said their good lucks to mum and dad “we love you T, please be okay” said Susan kissing my forehead and everyone else did the same thing “I love you so so much T. please be okay, we will all be here for you for when you wake up” said Mike kissing my forehead and gave mum and dad good luck and a hug before I was carried away with Mum and Dad
Mum and Dad followed and came with the doctors holding each other close “please be okay Tess” said Mrs Harmer “Jane, she’ll be okay. Do you want me to phone Ben?” asked Mr Harmer
Now for any other person, they would say yes to this question about her brother but Mrs Harmer wanted to say yes but instead she said no “no honey” she said “but he’s Tess’s uncle?” asked Mr Harmer “I know that but well you know, he doesn’t approve of you honey” said Mrs Harmer “that’s the past babe, I’m willing to put it aside. Please for the kids. They’re been wanting to meet him” said Mr Harmer “have they?” asked Mrs Harmer entering the operate room “yes” said Mr Harmer “we love you so much baby girl” he said giving me a kiss on the forehead and gave my hand a squeeze “you’ll be okay” he said
They walked out of the room and walked back to the ward “no one told me?” asked Mrs Harmer starting the talk up again so she wouldn’t be thinking of her daughter “I know love” said Mr Harmer “why?” asked Mrs Harmer as they entered the ward and sat down next to where my bed was meant to be “because I didn’t know what happened” said Mr Harmer “you could ask me honey” said Mrs Harmer “yes I could’ve of” said Mr Harmer “why didn’t you?” asked Mrs Harmer looking at her husband “because I knew it would upset you so I didn’t want to put you through that much pain. Not again” said Mr Harmer giving his wife a kiss on his check “aww babe” said Mrs Harmer smiling “why didn’t the kids?” she asked “for the same reason. I told them to not ask you and they understood because they didn’t want to put you through that much pain” said Mr Harmer “aww that’s so lovely, they are such good kids. We’re done good” said Mrs Harmer smiling “yes they are, yes we have done amazingly well” said Mr Harmer laughing but he looked sad “babe, she’ll be okay you know. She’s a fighter, like her father” said Mrs Harmer smiling at my dad “but she’s my baby girl” said Mr Harmer now starting to cry. Mrs Harmer looked at him and hugged him
He really was a fighter. He could get through anything. He was my hero
“I just want Tess to have a happy ending. She derveses it. More than anyone” said Mr Harmer “me too sweetheart. Me to. She’s such a special girl. I can’t believe our little girl is all grown up. But she’ll be okay I promise” said Mrs Harmer. Dad smiled “so can I call him?” asked Mr Harmer changing the subject. Mum thought for a moment “okay if you must” said Mrs Harmer signing “thank you Jane” said Mr Harmer “I love you” said Mrs Harmer “I love you too” said Mr Harmer

Hours and hours passed and finally I was taken back to the ward but still asleep “the operation was very successful. Your daughter will awaken in a few hours. Hope everything goes okay for you. Best wishes” said the doctor “thank you very much” said Mr Harmer. The doctor smiled and walked away “oh Tessa” said my mum and dad landing their heads on my belly and dad squeezing my hand and they felt me move “T?” asked Mr Harmer. I opened one eye and my parents were there smiling at me “hello” I said crockly “hello T” said my mum giving me a hug. My dad was on the phone. I watched him and wondered it was

My parents just looked at me and smiled when Mike, Max, Susan, Lynette carrying Jason on her hip, Bree and Gabbi, Clara, Meg, Ben, Olivia, Grace and Mrs Solis rushed over “oh T, we were so worried” said Mike “yeah tell me about it, your finance was in a right old stare and all, I’m just glad you’re okay Tess” said Mrs Solis smiling “thank you” I said “yeah thanks mum” said Mike laughing “hello” I said trying to sit up “oh Tess, I’ll help you” said Lynette “we knew you would be okay” said Susan “did you?” I asked “yes darling. You’re a fighter” said Mr Solis. I smiled “mum?” I asked “yes sweetie” said Mrs Harmer “how long until I can go home?” I asked looking at my mum. I knew I asked my mum a hard question but I had to know. You would want to know too right?
At first my mum didn’t say anything and looked at my dad and then Mike and he saw her face and stepped in “baby, listen there’s no rush” said Mike holding my hand “yes there is” I said “you need to recover first beautiful. Honestly there is no rush” said Mike. I smiled. Mike always called me beautiful but this time, it made me feel so special. “Yes, Mike is right Tessa. You need to get better first” said Mrs Solis for the first time. I knew from the tone of her voice, she didn’t like me. I faked a smile at her to be polite

When everyone went home, Mike stayed for a bit longer and Mum went to the shop “Mike?” I said not sounding crockly anymore “yes baby girl? What’s up?” asked Mike “your mother doesn’t like me” I said sounding serious “what?” said Mike now sounding serious and looked at me “what?” asked Mike “it’s true” I said. Mike looked at me and I knew from the look he gave me, he believed me. I felt special. “That’s not like mum” said Mike “hmm” I said not knowing what to say “I will talk to her T, I promise” said Mike

When mum got back, Mike got his things together “I will see you tomorrow T” said Mike. I smiled “I love you so very much. You are my hero. I am so proud of you” said Mike “I love you too” I said. As mum looked away, we kissed “Thank – you Mike” said Mrs Harmer giving him a hug “I’m just glad T is okay but it’s not a problem Mrs Harmer” said Mike. Waving my hand in front of their faces “hello? I am here you know” I said laughing “please call me Jane. Thank – you for everything” said Mrs Harmer. Mike smiled, gave us a hug and a wave and he was gone
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Uncle Ben

Chapter ten – Uncle Ben
“Why don’t you like her, mum?” asked Mike later that day as they were walking “don’t like who sweetheart?” asked Mrs Solis “T” said Mike getting annoyed “what you mean Tessa?” asked Mrs Solis opening their front door “yes mother” said Mike now getting really furious “I do like her” said Mrs Solis going into their living room “why say you need to recover first? Yes agree with you but do you think she’s not enough for me? That she is too young?” asked Mike “no she is good enough” said Mrs Solis “then what’s the problem mum?” asked Mike looking at Mrs Solis. She looked at him, signed and then walked away leaving Mike clueless

Back at the palace (yes I got to go home early) I was reading quietly in the garden in the lovely bright blue sunshine. A ray of sunshine. I was reading the secret garden. I was enjoying the book and the peace and quiet but I heard some talking so I went to see who it was. I stopped by the edge of my bedroom door and listened. It sounded like it was mum’s voice “Ben, please” said mum “I can’t” said the other voice “why? Craig is willing to forget the past. Why can’t you? Please Ben. I’m your sister. We haven’t seen each other in years. Your kids are grown up now. But do you care? Nope. Just please come” asked mum “okay fine” said the other voice “thank you, thank you” said mum sounding happy and repeating herself whilst jumping up for joy. She hung up
“Who was that mum?” I asked walking over causally “Tess, what are you doing? You’re meant to be recovering. But it was my brother” said Mrs Harmer “you mean Uncle Ben?” I replied “yes” said Mrs Solis “that’s great mum” I said hugging her “thank you my gorgeous girl. He may even stay for good and come to your wedding” said Mrs Harmer smiling “that’s fantastic mum” I said again smiling “yeah that’s so great Jane” said Mr Harmer coming over “well it wouldn’t of happened with you. Thank you Craig” said Mrs Harmer to my dad and they kissed
I looked away and laughed. That’s so good that Uncle Ben is coming

I walked upstairs, walked into my large out space bedroom all happy and I looked at my cousins Clara and Olivia “what? Do I have something on my face?” asked Olivia rubbing her face “no liv, its fine. You look beautiful. But your dad. He’s coming here” I said “OMG finally! Who? I have to thank them” said Olivia jumping up so quickly, it was a blur “my mum” I said as soon as I said this. Olivia ran downstairs. I laughed and I looked at Clara and went upstairs

As we reached the bottom step, we heard some screaming and we ran into the living room and Clara suddenly stopped and stare
“Hello baby girl” said the voice. It must of been Uncle Ben’s
“Ben, this is my daughter Tessa, who you gave your palace to” said Mrs Harmer “Hello Tessa” said Uncle Ben shaking my hand “Hello. Thank you so much for giving me your palace” I said smiling. I needed to get Uncle Ben to like me just for mum’s sake. “Aw aren’t you a cutie. Your welcome!” said Uncle Ben when we heard the door opened. It was Mike with my dad and Max and came into the living room. Mike came over to me “hi baby” said Mike kissing me. I smiled. But when my dad saw Uncle Ben. Everyone stopped “hello Ben” said my dad “hello Craig” said Uncle Ben. There were lots of tensions in the room. Mum saved the day by interrupting “Ben?” asked Mrs Harmer “yes Jane?” asked Uncle Ben turning the other way to look at his sister “can we just leave the past behind us? Please! Craig is willing to forget about the past and move on; can you just do that same for me? Please Ben? Your daughters are really excited to see you!” said Mrs Harmer “Clara? Olivia? Your dad is here” she shouted to my cousins upstairs and in two seconds we heard Clara and Olivia running (mostly Olivia) downstairs and shouting. They ran towards Uncle Ben and they hugged “daddy” said Olivia “my girls” said Uncle Ben hugging them both but Clara let go and came over to me “T?” she asked “what’s up?” I asked “can I talk to you in private?” asked Clara “sure” I said looking worried but smiled as I followed Clara upstairs

What was going on? Why did Clara let go? Why is she sad to see her dad? What was wrong? Why does she want to talk to me in private? Without Olivia?
We went upstairs in silence but so many questions were in my head and felt like I was going to burst

We sat down and Clara looked at me “what’s going on sweetie? You can tell me” I said sweetly “my dad” said Clara “your dad? Why did you let go? I asked “you know about me and liv when we were little and I nearly got run over? Asked Clara “yes” I said “my dad was drunk when that happened and my mum and Olivia stopped me but dad just stood there when mum stood in the road and she got … said Clara looking down at the floor “run over?” I asked finishing her sentence. Clara nodded. I looked at her and didn’t say anything and just hugged her “I am really sorry, that’s so sad” I said “that’s alright T, thank you for listening” said Clara. I smiled “would you like to go for a walk?” I asked “that would be lovely T” said Clara

We walked downstairs quietly and I saw Mike “Clara and I are going for a walk, do you want to come?” I asked. He nodded, he got his coat and keys and grabbed my hand and we quietly sneak outside trying not to make any noise “do you want Olivia to come?” I asked. Clara shocked her head. We quietly went to the door and opened it and went outside

When we got outside away from the palace, we all signed of relief and laughed “why are you sad about your dad being here?” I asked “because of what happened to mum. Dad couldn’t cope so he left so Leah had to look after us three and she couldn’t cope either so she left and we ended up taken into care” said Clara “three?” I asked “oh yeah, you have an older cousin called Leah” said Clara “and she had to look after you and liv?” I asked “yeah I guess that’s why we were taken into care and sent here” said Clara “why couldn’t she cope?” I asked “because of dad” said Clara “I’m sorry about that. But I’m glad you were sent here” I said trying to make Clara happy. I smiled “me too” said Clara “why did you let go off your dad so quickly?” I asked changing the subject “it brings back memories of mum” said Clara “that’s understandable” said Mike smiling at Clara with me “thank you guys” said Clara hugging me and Mike smiling. I smiled at Clara “but why didn’t you want Olivia to come?” I asked “because she doesn’t want to remember mum being run over, dad getting drunk, Leah leaving, Dad leaving and us being taken into care. It upsets her too much. She shouts me at me even if I mentioned them. Does she love me?” asked Clara “of course she does” I said smiling “care?” Mike asked “yes” said Clara “why were you in care?” I asked trying not to sound rude “because daddy used to always come late and drunk and Leah couldn’t take any more of daddy so she phoned the social services” said Clara. I looked at Clara and hugged her. “That sounds so awful. I am really sorry” I said “it isn’t your fault, don’t be silly T” said Clara smiling at me. I faked a smile but I felt so awful

When we got home, Clara smiled at me “thank you T, I love you loads” she said, I smiled and Clara went upstairs to her room while me and Mike went to the kitchen. No one was in there “I feel so awful” I said walking into the kitchen “it’s not your fault sweetie. It’s not anyone’s fault T” said Mike smiling at me. I smiled at him “love you” I said “I love you too T” said Mike “I love you more” I said giggling “I love you most” said Mike winking and now hugging me and tickling me “I have to do something to make Clara smile again. I do not like it when any one I love is not smiling. It makes me sad also we have to do something to remember their mum” I said “I was wondering when you were going to mention me but that’s so sweet T, you’re so lovely. I’m in” said Mike “I love you, you numpty” I said “I love you too” said Mike “we have to think T” he said looking as though he was thinking hard. I laughed and he smiled

Hours later, I had thought of something, I looked at Mike “baby?” I asked “yes” said Mike “I know what we should do” I said smiling but I had that look of cheeky and Mike smiled “what should we do baby?” asked Mike “a photo album” I said “and a finally good bye to their mum” I said proudly smiling “that’s so lovely of you T. I reckon she’ll love it” said Mike “me to, right we can’t tell Clara okay?” I said sounding serious. Mike laughed “what’s so funny?” I asked “you keeping your mouth shut” said Mike “what you trying to say?” I asked “it’s not going to be easy for you, you can’t keep your mouth shut less than 2 seconds” said Mike laughing. I poked my tongue out at Mike but smiled “okay I guess that’s true” I said “I’m joking baby, you can do it” said Mike smiling at me “thankyou baby, I’m only doing it because Clara is family. Should we tell the others?” I asked laughing then looked at Mike. He knew I was serious now “yeah sure” said Mike looking at me smiling and he stopped laughing because he saw my face and he knew I meant business and we went downstairs

When we got to the kitchen, we saw Olivia on her own so we walked over “hey liv” I said causally “hi T” said Olivia as we sat down at the table “we know what happened to your mum” said Mike. Olivia looked shocked but gave us a half smile “Clara told you?” she said and sounded cross “yes but ...” I couldn’t finished because Olivia went so Mike and I followed
“Why did you tell Tess about mum? I thought I told you not to tell anyone” shouted Olivia “I know liv but you …” said Clara but couldn’t finished “Clara, I told you NOT to tell anyone ... Do you understand what that means? It means NOT TO TELL ANYONE okay? Do you understand? Next time, keep your mouth shut understand?” shouted Olivia. Clara nodded when I walked in “liv” I said trying to calm her down “please don’t shout at Clara, she was only telling me. I’m family. I won’t tell a soul I promise” I said. Olivia looked at me. I waited hoping that Olivia will apologise to Clara. Olivia looked at Clara “I’m really sorry I shouted at you Clar” said Olivia “it’s okay liv” said Olivia. They hugged. I smiled “she only told me because she was upset about your dad being here?” I said as Clara went “if I knew it would upset you guys, I wouldn’t have ask mum to call your dad” I said grabbing one of Olivia’s hands “it’s not. It’s just Clara. Don’t worry T, I love having my dad here. You did a good thing” said Oliva smiling at me “well we thought of how to cheer up Clara. I told you T, you worry too much” said Mike “hey stealer, I thought of it. Yes but I just care about people” I said giggling but smiled at Mike and Oliva “what’s the idea?” asked Olivia “make a photo album of you and your mum with Clara and say a finally goodbye to your mum” I said “what about dad?” asked Olivia “yeah sure” I said “aww T, that sounds so sweet. That’s so lovely of you. Thank you so much. She’ll love it. We didn’t get to say good bye to our mum probably so that will be really nice” said Olivia “that sounds so awful” I said sounding sad “you are literally the best” said Olivia smiled at me and I hugged her “well done T” mouthed Mike behind Olivia

Mid-afternoon, the Solis’, Mike, Ben, Olivia and I were all very busy making Clara’s surprise “I wonder what happened to Robert and Harriet” I said “I don’t know T” said Olivia “that’s a cute picture” I said holding up a picture of the twins and their mum dressed as fairies and their mum as a princess “thank you T” said Olivia “do you reckon this should go in the album?” asked Lynette “YES” said Olivia smiling “thank you so much for doing this T, it means a lot” she said smiling at me “anytime liv, I just wish I knew I had cousins back then and your parents, you know” I said “me too” said Olivia

When we finished the album, it was so big; it was as big as my Uni folder. It was that big. Insane right?
Olivia and I went to go and find Clara and give her the album
When we found her, she was in the living room watching Coronation Street “hey” I said causally “hey T” said Clara as I sat down next to her “Clara, I got to give you something” I said smiling and Olivia and everyone else walked in and I stood up and Lynette gave me the album but secretly and I pulled it out behind my back and gave it to Clara “what’s this?” she asked “a photo of you, liv, Leah and your parents” said Susan “and all of you made it?” asked Clara flicking through pages of pictures “yes, it was Tess’s idea” said Mike “oh T, can you get any more sweeter?” asked Clara hugging me “it’s okay. As you didn’t get to say goodbye to your mum probably, would you like to do it now?” I asked “I would love to” said Clara smiling “thank you, you guys are the best” she said. We all smiled and hugged

When the Solis’ went home, Clara, Olivia and I walked down to the graveyard and found their mum where she was buried “loving mum to twins Clara and Olivia and oldest daughter Leah Hunter and wife to Ben Hunter” I read “always remember Amber Kate Hunter, never forgotten.” We all bent down on one knee and Clara and Olivia just looked at the name “mum, we’re never ever forgotten and we’re never stopped loving you. We miss you so much; hope you’re okay up there. We have a cousin called Tessa and this was her idea. We will always remember you. Good bye mum” they said “she would have been so proud of you both” I said proudly “thanks T, let’s go home” said Clara “hang on, I just need to tell you both something” I said nervously “what’s up? What is it?” asked Olivia. I looked at them “well I think I might be pregnant” I said sounding worried. They didn’t say anything. They just looked at me “wow” said Clara “with Mike’s baby yeah?” asked Olivia “well obviously, I took a test and it said positive” I said smiling “oh my gosh, wow congratulations” said Olivia and Clara “thank you” I said and we headed home arm in arm

When we got home, we heard shouting and rushed upstairs to see what was going as we went inside, we walked to the kitchen “so are you going to tell Mike?” asked Clara as we reached the kitchen but Olivia and Clara stopped “guys?” I asked them laughing. No response. “Guys?” I said again now sounding serious but waved my hands in front of their faces. Still no answer
What was going on?
I looked up and saw a tall beautiful nose pierced grown up girl. I thought about this for a moment. This must be Leah. Olivia and Clara’s older sister
But what is she doing here?
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Chapter 11 – Connections
There was silence. No one talked. Everyone just stare at nose pierced grown girl standing behind the kitchen cooker. I didn’t speak because I didn’t know what to say
Who was she? Why are Olivia and Clara so shocked? What’s her name? Does she have a connection to the girls? What about Uncle Ben?
As I thought about this to myself, my mum and my uncle came in and uncle ben stopped when he saw the grown up girl
So she does have a connection to Uncle Ben? But what was it? Why did he stop so suddenly like Olivia and Clara?

But someone broke the silence and spoke “Leah?” asked Clara looking at the grown up girl “yes?” she asked “what are you doing here?” asked uncle ben “can’t I come and visit my baby sisters?” asked Leah “we haven’t seen you since we left care. Why see us now?” Olivia slightly annoyed “because I missed you” said Leah. Olivia raised her eyebrows (this meant that she wasn’t impressed) “well if you missed us so much, you could of visited us in care. We thought of you every day Leah. But you didn’t care did you? Because you’re too selfish. Poor Clara, she went over to the window every day, wanting you to come back. She looks up to you and so did I until you left us. But no, you didn’t come to see us not once. Are you ashamed? Is that it? And when we got a letter about this place, we came here and we meet Tess and she’s looked after us. She’s more like a big sister than you’ll ever been. We visited mum’s grave and we thought of you and mum would not be proud of you right now. Leaving your own family. That’s just wrong. Abounding your sisters? I know dad did as well but Leah, we looked up to you, we thought you would look after us. Well not any more” said Olivia and Clara and Olivia walked out of the kitchen

I just stood there looking at Leah not saying anything and thinking whether I should go after the girls to see if there okay
What was that before with liv and Leah? I’ve never seen that side of Olivia before. I need answers
I went off to find Olivia and Clara and they were nowhere to be seen “Clara?” I shouted so loudly. No answer “Clara?” I shouted again. Still no answer. I bite my lip

Where were they? You don’t think they would off run away do you? Oh god
I rushed upstairs when I bumped into Robert “Tess, are you okay?” he asked “no I’m not” I said sharply “oh what’s the matter?” asked Robert “it doesn’t matter. I might see you later yeah?” I said as I ran off to my bedroom
“Oh my god Clara, Olivia? Where are you?” I said to myself when Mike came in “Baby, are you okay?” he asked “no, I think Olivia and Clara have run away and I don’t know what to do” I said sounding really worried and getting all frustrated “oh my god, T don’t worry don’t panic just stay calm okay” said Mike grabbing my hands to calm me down “it’s all my fault Mikey” I said now crying “no no it’s not. We will find them I promise” said Mike hugging me

We went downstairs and we saw my mum “Mum, I think Clara and Olivia have run away” I said “we can’t find them anywhere” getting all worried and hugged my mum “it will be okay honey I promise you we will find them” said Mrs Harmer smiling at me
So we got our coats as it was a bit windy outside and we set off

When we got outside, I stopped “what if we don’t found them? What if something bad happened to them? I should have stopped them from going? I should of made Leah leave then this wouldn’t of happened?” I asked sounding even more worried “ssh we will found them T” said Mike trying to keep me calm “I found a note on Olivia’s bed” I said “you didn’t think to tell us earlier?” asked Mike laughing “what did it say?” asked Mrs Harmer

I let go of Mike’s hand and went through my left hand pocket of my leather pink soft jacket. I found a packet of pink chewing gum (raspberry flavour) a blue hair band, a mars bar wrapper chocolate bar, 20p and a folded up piece of paper
I unfolded it and read it
Dearest Tess (and Mike if you’re there, you probably are)
We’re run away and don’t worry T, we will be fine and we will be back home we promise okay just don’t worry about us. You know that we can get through anything, with you and Mike beside us. We’re always fine right? But we just need space. Anywhere away from Leah. You understand right? We’re gone to mum’s grave. We will be fine and we’ll see you later
We love you T
Thank you for everything you’re done for us. We apprentice it so much
Mike, you are awesome and we love you and we are so happy for you guys. Welcome to the family (good luck)
See you later
Love from
Your favourite twins
Clara and Olivia

I folded the piece of paper back up again and put it back in my pocket and got two chewing gum out “want one?” I asked “yes please baby” said Mike. I offered him one and put the rest of the packet in my pocket and put one in my mouth. Mum and Mike knew I was worried about Clara and Olivia “T?” asked Mike “yes?” I asked “they will be okay” said Mike “yeah I know but they are my cousins and I am worried” I said “yes I know baby but they will be fine. They are my friends and family to” said Mike
Poor Mike! Why did I say that? What was I so mean to me? Why do I do this?

“Mike, she doesn’t mean it. She’s just worried about Clara and Olivia. I’ve never seen her so happy. Honestly she thinks the world of you and you are family. She loves you. we love you” said Mrs Harmer giving Mike a hug “thank you Jane. I love you too” said Mike smiling “let’s go and follow her quick. She’s probably gone to Clara and Olivia’s mum’s grave and they’re been there before” said Mrs Harmer

As I was walking, I felt terrible about what I’d said to Mike. We’re never gotten into a fight before. I was just so worried about Olivia and Clara. It just came out. Oh he probably hates me now
Oh well done Tess

I walked and I walked until I spotted the graveyard with Clara and Olivia. I went over and bent down beside them “hey” I said “hey T, how did you guessed we’d be here?” asked Olivia “I just guessed also you mentioned it in your letter you numpty” I said “oh yeah” said Olivia “what was that with Leah before?” I asked. Olivia looked at Clara, she nodded and Olivia looked at me “T, I want to tell you something? But you have to promise not to tell anyone?” asked Olivia “I promise” I said “not even Mike” said Clara “I promise I do” I said “I won’t tell anyone I swear” I said. My cousins smiled at me “it’s Leah” said Olivia “yes?” I asked “well she …” said Olivia “she left when our mum passed away so did dad and that’s why we were in care. Leah promised she’d visit but she NEVER did. She promised mum that she would look after us but guess what? She never did. She left us alone. She didn’t go to mum’s funeral which is pretty heartless don’t you think? Then she just turns up. She didn’t contact us while we were in care. Actually she didn’t contact us at all. She didn’t tells us where she was or anything and then she just turns up here and uses the most stupidest excuse we’re ever heard. If she missed us so much then why did she go? Why didn’t she stay? Why didn’t she go to mum’s funeral? Why just turn up unexpected?” asked Olivia looking at me. I looked at her sad. Both of them looked at me curiously “what’s bothering you T?” asked Clara. I didn’t say anything. I stood up, looked at my cousins, nodded at them and went downstairs

I needed answers and I was positive I was going to get them
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Chapter 12 – answers
As I went downstairs, I bumped into Harriet “oh hey Harriet” I said “hey T, what’s up?” Asked Harriet “oh just family drama that’s all. Where’s Robert?” I asked causally “I don’t know but what’s that on your finger?” asked Harriet. I looked at her awkwardly
How could I tell Harriet that I’m engaged? She’d be crushed and what about Robert? He will be desvasted. Oh poo!

“Well I … I’m sort of engaged” I said looking at Harriet “oh ... who too?” asked Harriet. I awkwardly gave her a fake smile “Mike” I said. Harriet didn’t say anything but just looked at me “oh that’s … that’s great T” said Harriet “really? You’re not mad or anything?” I asked “absolutely not … you dervese to be happy T, I am really happy for you. Honestly. T, don’t look so worried” said Harriet giving me a hug “aww thank you so much Harriet” I said smiling “you’re welcome Tess. Have you told Robert yet?” asked Harriet. I didn’t say anything but Harriet saw the answer written all over my face “you haven’t told him have you?” asked Harriet “no I haven’t” I said quietly walking towards the living room “oh T, why haven’t you told him?” asked Harriet “I will tell him, I’ve just been really busy” I said. Harriet raised her eyebrows at me but smiled “I promise I will tell him” I said smiling as we got in the room. Harriet walked away
I walked towards Leah and Uncle Ben “Tess, where did you get to?” asked Uncle Ben “Nowhere. Leah, I need to ask you a few questions” I said “okay? Go ahead” said Leah sitting down “okay … well” I said getting a piece of paper out from my demi jacket, unfolded it and looked at Leah “why see your sisters now? Why didn’t you visit them in care? Why leave? Why leave your own family? Why didn’t you take care of them? Don’t you care? Why didn’t you go to your mum’s funeral? You promised your mum? You promised the two people who are upstairs now? The most beautiful and caring girls I have ever met? You promised your sisters? You promised your mum? Why would you break those little girls’ hearts? Why did you let them down? Why did you turn up here? How do you know about this place? Why didn’t you contact them? Why use the excuse you miss them? When if you missed them so much then why didn’t you stay? Huh, answer me that Leah? Why did you go?” I asked looking at Leah. Leah looked at me raising her eyebrows “okay” said Leah “is that all you have to say is okay?!” I said “yes” said Leah “you’re not even going to answer my questions?” I asked “NO!” said Leah sounding crossed. I signed and walked away

As I went upstairs, I walked into my room and sat down on my soft pink fluffy duvet on my bed. Mike came in and sat down right next to me when I finally stood up “I’m going to the bathroom baby” I said “okay babe” said Mike

I got to the bathroom and locked the door. I got a pregnancy test out and I looked at it and I knew from that moment
I was pregnant

How did this happen? How can I be pregnant? Should I tell Mike? I should tell Mike shouldn’t I? He’s obviously the father? But should I keep it from him? Should I go to the doctors?
Oh Crap! This is great, really great

When I got back to my room, I found Leah sitting on my bed “Leah?” I asked as I shut the door behind me “yes?” asked Leah “what are you doing?” I asked “waiting for you” said Leah “why?” I asked “to answer your ridiculous questions?” asked Leah sounding angry “good because Clara and Olivia need answers” I said looking at Leah “but go ahead” I said now looking at Leah seriously “right” said Leah now sounding meaningful and unfolded a piece of paper “what are those?” I asked “the answers to your questions” said Leah “I’m going to go and get Clara and Olivia?” I said standing up “why?” asked Leah “because it’s them that need answers and it’s them that need to hear you and then you don’t have to repeat yourself” I said “okay” said Leah and I walked downstairs

“Clara? Olivia? Leah wants to talk to you upstairs” I said as I got in the kitchen “why what for?” asked Olivia “to answer your questions” I said “you mean your questions?” asked Olivia looking at me. I looked at her “T” said Clara sounding serious “okay yes you forced it out of me” I said. They both laughed “this is not funny” I said as we walked upstairs “oh it is” said Olivia. I signed and smiled

Olivia, Clara and I entered our big bedroom and Leah with her nose pierced and belly showing just stood there looking at us. Olivia raised her eyebrows. This meant she wasn’t impressed “so?” asked Olivia “so what?” asked Leah sounding moody “Leah, stop being so difficult and answer the flipping questions” I said. Leah signed “fine” she said “you want answers, fine” unfolding a piece of paper “ready?” asked Leah. We all nodded “because I miss you is why I came back. Because I felt terrible like it was my fault, of course I do. Why would you even say that? Because it was really hard. I tried really hard, I did but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take it anymore. It reminded me of mum too much. I didn’t go because it was too upsetting and anyway you two didn’t go” said Leah “Leah, we were 9” said Olivia “anyway yes I know I promised you both and mum and I’m sorry okay but Ben didn’t make it easy you know” said Leah “DAD call him DAD” said Olivia “yes I know you are the sweetest girls I know. But Tessa, this has nothing to do with you. Are you like the lets ask Leah lots of stupid questions police?” asked Leah “no” I said sounding upset “don’t talk to her like that. This has everything to do with Tess” shouted Olivia “whatever Olivia, can I continue?” asked Leah “yes!” said Olivia sharply. It sounded like Olivia didn’t like Leah much like me. I smiled at Olivia “I am not selfish, shut up” but she couldn’t continue because she was interrupted again “don’t tell Tess to shut up. She has been there for us more than you have and we’re only known each other a couple of months. She’s our best friend and we’re had lots of fun here with her more than we did with you when we were living with you so don’t you dare tell Tess to shut up” said Olivia “it’s rude to interrupt people. Didn’t you learn any manners in care” said Leah “because they were constantly crying and asking me where mum was and Ben was a nightmare? I just lost it okay? I didn’t want to leave but dad just made me lose it when he kept shouting at you and even me remember? Coming home drunk every night and blaming me for mum’s death” said Leah “don’t blame dad. You could of stayed” said Olivia “stop interrupting me for heaven’s sake” shouted Leah giving Olivia the evil eye “would you lose it if your dad came home every night drunk and you had to look after your baby sisters 24/7 and take care of them” said Leah “I know how you feel but I would never leave my brother Max” I said “I couldn’t take anymore because I didn’t know dad was going to keep coming home drunk. I’m not a fortune teller. Do you think it’s fair?” asked Leah “no but I ...” I said “I didn’t think so. I didn’t want to do it. It was hard on me. I am not heartless. I care about you. Both of you. I don’t know. I just came here. Do you have a problem?” asked Leah “no but we just need to know” I said “we? Pfft, you’re not my sister? You’re just a stranger to me because I don’t even know you” said Leah “well she isn’t a stranger to us. She’s our best friend and big cousin” said Clara smiling at me “I don’t know why I came here but I just knew you were sixteen and you would of left care. I wasn’t allowed to see you but it’s not an excuse. It’s the truth. I never lie” said Leah “yeah right” said the twins. I laughed “because it was too hard. Everyone and everything reminded me of mum because I needed to get away from dad. I needed space. Don’t you understand? I couldn’t do it. Anymore stupid questions?” asked Leah looking at me “no, thanks” I said “well you happy?” asked Leah “well we’re got answers” said Clara “whether they are true or not” said Olivia. I laughed and the three of us went downstairs

When we got downstairs I stopped “hey T, don’t listen to Leah. This has everything to do with you. You are family” said Olivia “yeah I know but it’s not that liv” I said “then what’s up?” asked Clara. The twins looked at me. I didn’t say anything for a few minutes “I think I might be pregnant” I said. No one talked for a few minutes “wow” said the twins “have you told Mike?” asked the twins “no” I said “you have to tell him T” said Clara “how?” I asked sounding worried “do you know if he wants to have kids?” asked Olivia “not sure liv” I said “what you mean you’re not sure? Have you talked about it with him?” asked Olivia “well it doesn’t really come up in our conversations liv but do you think I should tell him?” I asked “YES!” said the twins “okay I will” I said “you promise?” asked Clara “yep, yep I promise” I said “have you seen the doctor yet?” asked Olivia “not yet” I said “oh T” said Olivia laughing “do you want to go on Monday?” asked Clara “don’t you have school Clar?” I asked “yes but we can miss it just this once” said Clara. Olivia and I stared at Clara “what?” she asked “Clara, are you feeling okay?” I asked “yeah I’m fine why?” asked Clara “you’re never missed a day of school even when you’re not well, you still go” said Olivia “you’re got to start somewhere right, plus liv, you’re always moaned about me being a goody goody” said Clara. Olivia didn’t say anything because it was true. I laughed “I guess so but” I said “but nothing T, this is more important to me than school is. I and Olivia will go with you to the doctors because you’re not 100% sure that you are pregnant. It will be fine” said Clara “okay if you’re sure” I said sounding worried “what am I supposed to tell Mike? I’ve never lied to him and I don’t plan on starting now” I said “well you’re not actually sure that you are pregnant right? So just tell him that you have a check up and you don’t have to tell him until you’re absolutely sure okay? Don’t worried so much” said Olivia giving me a hug “love you liv” I said smiling at her “I love you T” said Olivia “if you worry too much. You’ll get anxiety” said Clara
That afternoon I was with Mike, I grabbed his hands “Mike?” I asked “Tess?” asked Mike “baby?” I asked “girl?” asked Mike “are you finishing” I said but couldn’t finished “my sentences. Yes, yes I am” said Mike “Mike, I’m being serious, come here” I said and I grabbed his hands and lead him over to the sofa and we sat down “uh oh, has something happened?” asked Mike “no, no but how do you feel about kids?” I asked “they’re alright I guess. Though I have five siblings that are kids” said Mike laughing “do you want kids?” I asked “yeah of course” said Mike “with me?” I asked “who else?” Mike asked “that’s great, be right back” I said and kissed Mike on the check and ran upstairs

I went into my bedroom “did you talk to Mike?” asked Olivia attacking me by giving me a hug “yes” I said causally and making Olivia to let me go “what did he say?” asked Clara “he wants to have kids” I said “with me” finishing my sentence grinning “oh T, that’s great” said Clara hugging me “yes” I said “are you going to tell him?” asked Clara “no” I said “why?” asked Olivia “because I’m not 100% sure I am pregnant” I said annoyed “I’m going to book a hospital appointment” I said “good” said Oliva. I smiled
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The truth is out there

Chapter 13 – the truth is out there
The next morning, me, Clara and Olivia were in the sitting room “when is the appointment T?” asked Olivia “11am” I said “do you want Mike to come?” asked Clara “no just you two” I said “are you sure T?” asked Olivia “yeah I mean wouldn’t it be better if you were both told at the same time” said Clara “no because I am not 100% sure I am and you don’t want two adults disappointed and upset do you?” I asked laughing “I guess not but you are going to tell him right?” asked Olivia sounding serious “yes I promise” I said looking at Olivia “good” said Olivia “we’re better get ready”

We got our coats and as I picked up the car keys. Mike came over “where are you three going?” he asked “doctors” I said causally “why what happened?” asked Mike. I looked at the twins and then Mike “check-up” I said sounding not worried “are you okay T?” asked Mike sounding worried “yes I’m fine. It’s just a monthly check up” I said “okay well good luck baby. Tell me what’s going on? See you later” said Mike kissing me on the check “bye” I said and closed the door behind me

When we got to the doctors surgery, we all sat down “are you nervous?” asked Clara “no” I said “do you want us to come in with you T?” asked Olivia “please” I said smiling
20 minutes later “Tessa Harmer?” said the receptionist “yes?” I asked standing up with Olivia and Clara “the doctors ready to see you now” said the receptionist “thank you” I said

I knocked on the door and waited “come in” said the person in the room. We walked in “hello Dr Miles” I said shaking his hand “hello Tessa” said Dr Miles. We sat down “I have something to tell you but is your partner with you?” asked Dr Miles “no he isn’t” I said causally “oh right but would you like me to tell you anyway? It’s wonderful news” said Dr Miles “yes please” I said grabbing Olivia and Clara’s hands “Miss Harmer, you are pregnant. Congratulations” said Dr Miles “thank you so much Dr Miles” I said smiling and shaking his hand “I’ll book you a scan in a few weeks” he said “thank you, we’ll see you then” I said smiling “thank you”

When we got home, we went into the living room “T?” asked Olivia “yes?” I asked sitting down “you are going to tell Mike right?” she asked “yes liv, I promised didn’t i?” I asked “yeah” said Olivia “I will tell him now” I said sounding worried “why are you so worried?” asked Clara “because I don’t know how he’ll react” I said “he’ll be thrilled I promise” said Olivia smiling at me and giving me a hug

That afternoon I was in my bedroom when Mike came in “hey baby” he said sitting down next to me “hey” I said not looking happy “what’s up T?!” asked Mike “well you know I had a doctor’s appointment?” I asked “yes baby, are you okay?” asked Mike “yes I’m fine, it’s just…” I said standing up and walking over to the window “just what? T, what’s going on? Whatever it is, I’ll be here for you through everything” said Mike sounding worried “I’m pregnant” I said quickly and walked over to my dressing table and sat down and started doing my hair. Mike just stared at me
20 minutes later …
“Mike?” I asked as I turned around and looked at him worrying “you’re kidding right?” asked Mike finally “no” I said “how many weeks are you?” asked Mike “umm I don’t know, I only found out this morning” I said “you mean your doctor’s appointment?” asked Mike “yes” I said standing up “OMG, this is great news T, we’re going to be parents” shouted Mike picking me up and spinning me round “I love you” said Mike “I love you too Mikey” I said kissing him “do you know whether it’s a girl or a boy?” mike asked. I laughed “I only found out this morning baby” I said “oh yeah” said Mike “you are so stupid sometimes” I said laughing “hey, only when I’m with my sisters” said Mike laughing “that’s mean but I love you so much” I said kissing Mike “I love you so much” said Mike and we ended up on the bed

“Max?” I asked “yeah?” asked Max “don’t freak out okay?” I asked “Tess, I’m already freaking out. Stop being weird and tell me what’s happened?” asked Max taking my hand and leading me to the sofa “now Tess, what’s going on?” he asked me “are you okay?” “I’m fine Max” I said “then what’s going on?” said Max “I’m pregnant” I said quickly. Max did the same thing Mike did and just stared at me
I signed “Max, you idoit! Say something?” I asked quickly “are you joking?” asked Max “NO!” I said “OMG!” shouted Max jumping up and down “I know I know, you’re going to be an uncle and Mike is going to be a dad oh my gosh. It’s finally happening Maxie, my happy ending” I said hugging Max “I love you so much T” said Max “I love you so much too Maxie” I said “have you told mum and dad yet?” asked Max “no” I said letting go of Max “why?” asked Max “because I don’t know how they will react, I’m 19 I should be going to university and at least have a job. But I don’t and this is just one of the many things they’ll be disappointed about” I said starting to cry “Aww T, it will be okay I promise. I’m going to be with you every step of the way. It’s the best news ever. Yes you do have a job. You’re a writer” said Max “not a very good one. I haven’t even got any of my stories published” I said “and? They’ll be thrilled to be grandparents I promise T” said Max hugging me “I love you and I’m so proud of you” I wiped my eyes “I love you too and thank you” I said “will you tell them?” asked Max “I’m too scared” I said “yes they’ll be shocked but no matter what, they will be so happy to be grandparents. I’m sure of it T. They are so proud of you. You used to have to look after me 24/7 so you’ll be a fantastic mum. I feel so awful for all the horrible things I did to you and called you and you didn’t dervese it and you are the best” said Max “aww Max, thank you but you shouldn’t feel that way, I love you no matter what you did to me or called me. You’re my baby brother and my best friend. It doesn’t matter. You’re the best ever” I said “you’re welcome T, do you feel a bit better now?” Max asked hugging him “good, how many weeks are you?” asked Max “I don’t know, I’ve just found out” I said “okay well I’m here for you” said Max “thank you” I said smiling “who else knows?” asked Max “Mike, Clara and Olivia “so not the rest of the Solis’s?” asked Max “no not yet” I said. I looked at Max and saw the look on his face “I will tell them I promise” I said “what about Meg and Grace?” asked Max “I will tell everyone after the wedding” I said “why after the wedding? Why not now?” asked Max “Because mum is probably stressing out about the wedding and I don’t want to put more stress on them but I will tell Meg and Grace later” I said smiling “good point and good” said Max laughing

“OMG, that’s great news T, congratulations. You’ll be a fantastic mum” said Meg “thanks Meg” I said smiling “we are so proud of you T” said Grace “thank you, lots of people have said that” I said laughing and hugged Grace “no problem, so they should because it’s true” said Grace “have you told Mike yet?” asked Meg “he was the first person I told honey” I said laughing “well I’m just checking because if you didn’t then you would have to keep quiet and the day you’re quiet is the day pigs start to fly” said Meg. Grace laughed “Megan, what’s your point?” I asked slightly annoyed “my point is, is that you can’t a secret so it’s good that you’d told Mike otherwise there would be drama like in the soaps” said Meg laughing “shut up Meg” I said poking my tongue out at Meg “love you” said Meg “I love you too” I said smiling at Meg “have you told your mum and your dad yet?” asked Grace “oh no not you too” I said signing “what do you mean?” asked Meg “Olivia, Clara, Max and Mike want me to tell mum and dad too” I said “so are you?” asked Grace “I don’t know” I said “what do you mean T?” asked Grace

What should I tell them? I don’t know myself? Should I tell my parents? They would be thrilled right?

“I mean I don’t know whether to tell mum and dad or not” I said finally “you should” said Meg “no” I said “why not?” asked Grace “I’m too scared” I said “of what T?” asked Grace “what’s going on honey?” asked Meg “of how they will react? How would your parents reacted if you told them that you were pregnant at the age of 19 when you’re meant to be going to university and have a job not having sex with your 20 year old boyfriend and get yourself pregnant” I said “they would be over the moon. Mum would start asking me questions. Dad would be so happy to be a granddad” said Meg “what about you Gracie?” I asked Grace “my parents?” asked Grace “yes” I said “they would be the same as Megan’s parents. You have nothing to worry about T” said Grace “yeah Grace is right” said Meg “of course I am” said Grace laughing “they will be the same as anyone’s parents” said Meg ignoring Grace “but Max said “ I couldn’t finished “hold it right there, when have you ever listened to your brother?” asked Meg “never” I said “then why start now?” asked Grace “because it’s the truth. They will be disappointed in me. I’m 19” I said “doesn’t matter how old you are. Well over 18 is a good age. You’re got to tell them, they’ll find out eventually” said Meg smiling at me “I guess” I said “why guess?” asked Grace “it will be okay I promise T” said Meg giving me a hug
Meg and Grace have always managed to cheer me up right from when we were at primary school
“okay I’ll tell them” I said smiling “good” said Grace “we’re here for you” said Meg “every step of the way” said Grace “thank you guys” I said “you’re the best friends anyone could ever have, I don’t know what I’d do without you” I smiled at Meg and Grace “your life would be boring” said Meg laughing “but aww T, don’t go all soppy” said Meg laughing. I laughed “but what Meg is trying to say is thank you” said Grace laughing “you’re welcome” I said smiling at Meg and Grace

“Mum? Daddy?” I asked later that afternoon “yes T?” asked Mrs Harmer “I have something to tell you” I said slightly nervous “what’s that baby girl?” asked Mr Harmer. My parents looked at me as I was looking around for Meg, Grace, Max, Mike, Olivia and Clara and I smiled when i saw them come over to us “mum, I want to ask you a question?” I asked “go on?” asked Mrs Harmer “what were you doing when you were nineteen?” I asked so quietly that it sounded like I muttered to myself “what darling?” asked Mrs Harmer “what were you doing at nineteen?” I asked again “oh umm god I can’t remember, but I was Stanford university, why sweetie?” asked Mrs Harmer. I swallowed and looked at Mike, by the look on my face, both Max and Mike came over and grabbed my hand either side and nodded at me “mum, dad don’t freak out okay?” I asked sounding worried “okay” said Mr and Mrs Harmer “you’re going to be grandparents” I said thrilled that I finally said it “phew that was hard” I smiled at Mike and he kissed my check “well done T” he whispered in my ear. I smiled at my parents. They didn’t smile back. I looked at them not knowing what to say and waited …
I knew they would react like this? Oh damn you Mike, you shouldn’t of conviced me to tell them
We all waited for either mum or dad to speak
I shouldn’t have told them? But they would found out eventually right? Perhaps they’re in shock … hopefully

“mum? Dad?!” asked Max breaking the silence. I smiled at him. mum looked at me and she didn’t look happy. I swallowed “YOU CAN’T BE PREGNANT! YOUR 19 YEARS OLD, YOU ARE NINETEEN YEARS OLD TESSA! YOU SHOULDN’T BE HAVING SEX AT 19, YOU SHOULD BE GOING TO UNIVERSITY NOT ENDING PREGNANT. How could you be so stupid? Tessa, you shouldn’t be making babies at nineteen, you are at university. I didn’t get pregnant at 19. I was at university studying to be a nurse” said my mum calming herself. “I can’t even say anything else” she said sounding angrier than ever. I looked at dad hoping he would say something different. I looked at him and waited. He didn’t say anything but smiled at me and gave me a hug so tightly I had to let go of Mike’s hand and Max’s hand “you’ll be a fantastic mum T, I am so proud of you” said Mr Harmer whispered in my ear so mum couldn’t hear. I let go and smiled at my dad “thank you daddy” I said smiling

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And it hurts

Chapter 14 – it hurts
I stood there looking at my mum waiting for her to say something “you should be ashamed of yourself. I’ve never been so embarrassed” shouted my mum. I didn’t say anything and ran upstairs crying
“did you have to be so horrible mum?” asked Max “SHE’S 19 Max!” shouted my mum “yes I know but Tess, she has always looked after me 24/7 while you were at work, she never did anything for herself, you should be proud of her not ashamed or embarrassed just because she’s 19” said Max. Mum didn’t say anything. Max and Mike looked at mum and then walked upstairs

I landed on my bed. I heard footsteps “T?” asked Mike coming over with Max and sat down “T?” he asked again “are you okay?” asked Max. I sat up “Mike, I’ve never seen mum like that. I don’t know what to do. I shouldn’t have told her” I said still crying “ssh Tess, she doesn’t mean it” said Mike giving me a hug “it’s going to be okay princess” he said kissing my head “it’s going to be okay” said Max “I love you guys so much” I said “we love you so much too T” said Mike and Max smiling “I love you more” I said giggling “I love you most” said Mike “Mike, I feel sick” I said changing the subject “so do I, you guys make me sick” said Max. I told Max to be quiet and I looked at Mike worriedly “do you know how many weeks you are now?” asked Mike “yes” I said “I think” “how many weeks are you?” asked Mike “30” I said “36” “and how big is your bump?” asked Mike “it’s like a watermelon” I said holding up my t-shirt so I showed Mike my tummy “do you know if it’s going to be a girl or a boy?” asked Mike “no not yet but I have a hospital appointment this afternoon” I said putting down my t-shirt “is that a scan?” asked Max “yes” I said smiling “so we’ll found out soon?” asked Mike “yes” I said “oh my god T. this is really happening. We are going to be parents. Oh my god” said Mike smiling. I smiled and jumped up and down and hugged Mike “do you want me to come with you princess?” asked Mike “yes please, you are my prince” I said “and you are my princess” said Mike “they’ll put some jelly stuff on my tummy and appartnenly it’s really cold” I said “aww baby” said Mike laughing “it’s not funny you idoit” I said “I’m sorry baby” said Mike giving me the puppy dog eye look “you are forgiven” I said laughing “do you want your mum and dad to come?” asked Mike “no, what about you?” I asked “what about me?” asked Mike “have you told your parents yet?” I asked raising my eyebrows and looked at Mike “no not yet” said Mike “because all of my sisters and brother will want to ask questions and besides they won’t believe me anyway” said Mike “why?” I asked “because mum needs to see proof before she believes me” said Mike “ahh so she won’t be ashamed or embarrassed?” I asked “no honey, she’ll be thrilled to be a grandmother” said Mike smiling “that’s good baby. I wish Mum was thrilled like your mum will be” I said looking sad and hugged Mike “your mum will be thrilled I promise T” said Mike “I hope so” I said and I ran to the bathroom and locked the door
“T?” asked Mike knocking on the door 20 minutes later “Tess, are you okay?” he asked “yeah I’m fine” I said as Mike heard me be sick in the toilet and I opened the door and wiped my mouth “it’s all part of being pregnant I guess” I said “aww baby, it will be okay” said Mike hugging me “so are you going to tell your parents or not?” I asked “no” said Mike “why? You made me tell my parents when I didn’t want to” I said poking my tongue out at Mike “they’re downstairs” I said “what?” asked Mike “yeah I told them that you had something to tell them because we have proof now. A baby scan. We’re having a girl” I said smiling “oh my god babe” said Mike “I know I know baby” I said “I’m going to tell my parents, come with me” said Mike grabbing my hand like I had no choice and I didn’t “do I have to?” I asked sounding sarcastic “yes” said Mike grabbing my hand and I signed and followed Mike

When we went downstairs, we walked into the living room where we found Mr and Mrs Solis. We sat down opposite them and Mike cleared his throat “mum, dad, we’re got to tell you something and we’re got proof before you say anything, here you go” said Mike giving his parents the baby scan. They looked at it and we waited
“Whose baby scan?” asked Mrs Solis? We grinned at Mrs Solis and handed each other’s hands “ours mum” said Mike smiling at his mum “your joking Michael?” asked Mr Solis
I don’t think I’ve ever heard Mike being called his full name
“No dad” said Mike “your being serious?” asked Mrs Solis “yes mum” said Mike slightly annoyed now “wow congratulations to the both of you. that’s wonderful news” said Mrs Solis “thank you Mrs Solis, that’s very sweet of you” I said smiling “your welcome, do you know what sex your having?” asked Mrs Solis “a girl” said Mike “oh my gosh. That’s wonderful news. So happy for you both” said Mrs Solis “thanks mum” said Mike “thank you Mrs Solis” I said “we’re proud of you Michael” said Mr Solis “thanks dad” said Mike “it was lovely to meet you T …?” asked Mr Solis “Tessa and it was so lovely to finally meet you Mr and Mrs Solis” I said “thank you” said Mr Solis “welcome to the family Tess” said Mrs Solis “thank you so much guys” I said hugging the three of them and smiled “You are amazing” said Mike “aww you cutie” I said “it’s true, my parents love you” said Mike “aww I love them too. Especially your mum, she’s not ashamed or mad at you. She’s proud of you and so am I” I said giving Mike a hug “your mum will calm down I promise. She’s nice too. I love your parents and Max” said Mike “Max?” I asked looking shocked “yes, your little brother” said Mike “oh him, he likes you too and my dad loves you too and are you sure mum is going to calm down?” I asked looking at Mike worriedly “he likes me?” asked Mike “yeah?” I asked looking at Mike again “likes me?” asked Mike again “yes, so?” I asked “so why doesn’t he love me silly, like a big brother” said Mike tickling me “because he’s Max” I said “so?” asked Mike “SO he doesn’t show his emotions and he’s never like any of my boyfriend’s anyway so think yourself lucky and ssh” I said poking my tongue out at Mike “wow” said Mike sounding shocked “yeah I know, it’s almost like he’s a different Max” I said “or he’s growing up and you don’t want him to” said Mike raising his eyebrows “maybe I don’t know. It was so lovely to meet your dad at last! You are so much alike, almost like twins. It’s strange” I said “he enjoyed meeting you too and yeah ahah strange isn’t it because my dad isn’t a twin but my mum had twins Gabbi and Bree” said Mike “you and Max look a lot like ea … “but he couldn’t finished his sentence because I’d have covered my ears “la la la I can’t hear you la la la” I said giggling. Mike came over to me and took my hands away from my ears “each other” he said finishing his sentence “ew gross I don’t want hair growing up my nose thank you very much” I said “oh T, I love you so much” said Mike “I love you so much too Mikey, I am so proud of you. You’ll be a fantastic daddy” I said hugging him “oh someone just kicked” “let me feel” said Mike and I put his hand on my tummy “oh my god, that is most amazing thing ever. You are creating a little human inside of you. You’re going to be an amazing mum to our little girl T. I’m so proud of you” said Mike “yeah I am indeed creating a little human inside of me. Aw thank you, I’m going to try and thank you. Have you thought of any names for our little princess yet? Do you reckon she’ll be tall or short? Or have brown eyes or green? What about a lazy eye? Will she need glasses?” I asked without taking a breath “we won’t know anything about her until she’s born you plonker and yes I have, have you?” asked Mike bending down to my tummy “hey little one, your mummy’s a bit of a plonker isn’t she” I laughed and kissed him

My life is going really well at the moment. I am so glad I said yes to Uncle Ben’s offer to live here otherwise my life would be a nightmare like before and I don’t want that. I’m so lucky
But should I tell Mike about the exes? No I shouldn’t. It might make things worse and I’ve never seen him so happy. Yes that’s right I won’t tell him and anyway I don’t even remember any of their names

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Years apart us

Chapter 15 – years apart us
the next day I was watching TV with Susan and Lynette, I turned the TV off and sat round to face them “what’s up T?” asked Susan “yeah what’s up?” asked Lynette “I have to tell you guys something” I said “what’s up?” asked Lynette “this will explain” I said giving them the baby scan “OMG” said Susan “your pregnant” said Lynette finishing Susan’s sentence “yes” I said “oh my gosh” said Susan and Lynette together “I know right” I said smiling “we’re going to be aunties?” asked Susan “yeah” I said smiling. Susan and Lynette looked at me “what?” I asked “nothing but have you told your parents and mum and dad and Mike? Who have you told?” asked Lynette “yes I have told my parents, your parents, Mike, you guys, Max and my cousins” I said “what about Robert and Harriet?” asked Susan “no” I said “are you?” asked Lynette “nope” I said “why?” asked Susan “Robert has feelings for me” I said “oh T” said Lynette sounding sympathetic and giving me a hug “how am I supposed to tell him?” I asked sounding nervous “I don’t know T” said Lynette “did you tell him that you’re engaged too?” asked Susan “I think so” I said “you think so?” asked Lynette “well I bumped into Harriet the other day and I think she told Robert but I am not sure” I said “you have to tell him” said Lynette “but” I said “no buts. You have to tell him T. he derveses to know” said Susan “but how am I supposed to tell him? He’ll be crushed” I said “he’ll be crushed, yes, but he will also be happy for you” said Lynette “do you think?” I asked “yes” said Lynette smiling at me “love you” I said smiling at Lynette and Susan “we love you too T” said Susan

Around 11am, I went to go and look for Robert when I bumped into Harriet “oh hi T” said Harriet “hello, do you know where your brother is” I asked “yeah, come with me” said Harriet and I followed her and went over to Robert “hey” I said “hello Tessa” said Robert “um Robert, I have to tell you something. Well two things actually” I said “you can tell me anything Tess” said Robert “okay well I’m pregnant and I’m engaged” I said looking at Robert waiting for his face expression. He looked at me “oh, well congratulations Tess, we’re happy for you” said Robert “Robert, I am really sorry honestly” I said “I know but it’s okay, it wouldn’t have worked anyway. You’re a human and I’m a ghost” said Robert “are you sure you’re okay?” I asked concerned “yeah I’m fine Tess” said Robert. I looked at him worried. He put his arm around me. I looked at him “don’t look so worry my lady Tessa, I’m fine” he said “okay well I still care about you” I said “you can’t do that my lady, I’m sorry” said Robert “why can’t i?” I asked “because I am a ghost” said Robert “and?” I asked “and it’s not allowed” said Robert “why?” I asked “my lady, I’ve really got to go, I’m sorry” said Robert “but” I said but before I could finished. Robert vanished into thin air. AGAIN

“She’s pregnant?!” asked Harriet “yes sis” said Robert “and Mike is the father?” asked Harriet “yes” said Robert sounding angry “and how do you feel about it?” asked Harriet sounding scared “FINE ALRIGHT stop going on about it. It wouldn’t of worked anyway” said Robert “why?” asked Harriet “are you thick or something?” asked Robert sounding more angry “no but I” said Harriet “you what?” asked Robert sounding irritated “I just thought you would be happy for Tess” said Harriet “did you Harriet?” asked Robert “did you really” “yes” said Harriet “why aren’t you happy for Tess?” asked Harriet “I AM” Robert shouted “are you?” asked Harriet now looking at Robert seriously folding her arms “no” said Robert sounding sad “I thought so” said Harriet “it wouldn’t of worked Harriet” said Robert “it wouldn’t of been allowed. You know it’s true” “that’s a stupid rule” said Harriet “Robert, are you okay?” she asked “no but I still have you don’t i?” asked Robert “always big bro” said Harriet smiling at Robert “but are you really happy for Tess? She derveses to be happy right?” asked Harriet “yes I am” said Robert now calm “then tell her?” asked Harriet “oh and Tess is getting married” said Harriet now remembering

“and what else don’t I know Harriet?!” asked Robert sounding angry again “oh it’s a girl, 40 weeks and now it’s May so the baby will be due in nine months” said Harriet “since when were you an expert?” asked Robert sounding impressed “TV” said Harriet “ahh” said Robert “are you mad?” asked Harriet sounding scared “no” said Robert fairly “then what?” asked Harriet “I’m happy for lady Tessa” said Robert “okay good” said Harriet. Robert smiled at his little sister “do they have a name?” he asked “no, stupid. They’re just found out” said Harriet “oh” said Robert. Harriet laughed and rolled her eyes

“Babe?” I asked in the afternoon “Tess?” asked Mike “can I ask you a question?” I asked “anything baby” I said “have you thought of any names?” I asked “what for?” asked Mike “the baby you numpty” I said “oh then no I haven’t” said Mike “I have” I said smiling “what is it?” asked Mike “Paris Gabriella Lorelai Leigh” I said “wow” said Mike “do you like it?” I asked “its beautiful T” said Mike “really?” I asked “it’s no too long?” “No it is beautiful” said Mike “thank you” I said “I love you” “I love you too idoit” I said laughing and looking at Mike grinning. Mike looked at me and I knew that look so I ran for it laughing

“Lynette? Susan?” asked Mike “what?” asked Lynette “well we’re decied on a name for our baby” said Mike “what is it?” asked Susan “Paris Gabriella Lorelai Leigh” said Mike smiling “wow” said Susan “that’s a beautiful name to name a beautiful baby girl who will be my niece” said Lynette “aww thank you” said Mike “love you” said Lynette “love you too baby sis” said mike “good big bro” said Lynette “idoit” said Lynette “smelly” said Mike pulling his tongue out at Lynette. Lynette smiled and giggled

Meanwhile I was looking for Robert I couldn’t find him anywhere

“Robert, there you are. I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Even outside then realise you wouldn’t be outside because you’re a ghost but I found you and I need to tell you something” I said “obviously I wouldn’t be outside. You are so stupid” shouted Robert “excuse me?” I asked not impressed “you don’t know?” asked Robert “no?” I asked “are you being serious” said Robert “yes, please explain” I said “you didn’t think I wouldn’t found out about you being pregnant and engaged” said Robert “oh no” I said “do you know how I feel right now Tessa” said Robert “Robert, I am really sorry” I said sounding upset “I found out from my little sister. Do you know how that makes me feel” said Robert “no Robert, I am really sorry. I was going to tell you” I said “were you really? When? When the baby is born?” asked Robert “no but I was going to tell you. You have to believe me. Please” I said sounding really upset “well I don’t” said Robert and walked away and left me on my own and I bursted out crying

I was still crying when Mike came up the stairs “T?” asked Mike “what’s up?” “Robert” I said “yeah? Did you tell him?” asked Mike “well I was going to but Harriet told him and he wasn’t very happy” I said “oh T, come here” said Mike hugging me “it’s going to be okay” he said “really?” I asked “yeah T” said Mike “you promise?” I asked “I promise to the moon and back and to infinity and to the world and back” said Mike “okay” I said smiling “there’s the finance I know with a beautiful smile” said Mike “it’s going to be okay T I promise you” said Mike “I love you so much” I said “I love you so much more” said Mike “I love you so much most” I said poking his tongue out at Mike “do you feel a little better now?” asked Mike “a little bit baby but I have to find Robert and apologise” I said wiping my eyes “T?” asked Mike sounding serious “hmm, Mikey what’s up?” I asked “you shouldn’t” said Mike “you shouldn’t what?” I asked “you shouldn’t have to have to say sorry” said Mike “but I should have told him” I said “you were going to tell him T, he’s just too stubborn to believe you which is hurtful” said Mike “I guess but I still feel bad. I can’t help it” I said “I know T, I love you” said Mike “I love you too” I said “do you want me to come with you?” asked Mike “baby?” I asked “beautiful?” asked Mike “I don’t think that’s a good idea honey” I said “why?” asked Mike “because I know how it will go” I said “do you?” asked Mike “yes” I said “okay well you’ll be okay” said Mike. I kissed Mike and walked to find Robert
“Robert, can I talk to you?” I asked “no my lady. I am quite busy at the moment” said Robert not looking at me “doing what?” I asked sounding annoyed “nothing” said Robert “Robert, you’re being very rude to Lady Tess” said Harriet “well I’m not up to talking today” said Robert “fine, I only came to say sorry for not telling you. I was going to tell you. I am really sorry” I said and I walked away

“I try my best” I said looking sad “I know you did T, it will be okay” said Harriet “he’s so stubborn sometimes though” “I did try and find him but it’s hard when your you know” I said awkwardly “dead?” asked Harriet “yeah, Harriet I am truly sorry” I said “I know you are. I’ll talk to him for you” said Harriet “oh my gosh” I said “what?” asked Harriet “I love you” I said “I love you too T” said Harriet. I smiled and hugged Harriet
“STOP BEING SO STUBBORN?!” shouted Harriet later that day “well hello there sister and how are you?” asked Robert “shut up Robert. Why were you so horrible to Tess?” asked Harriet “she didn’t tell me that she was pregnant” said Robert “she was on her way and couldn’t find you. She was crying after you left when Mike found her and she feels awful so stop being so stubborn. At least she told you. She could’ve of not told you” shouted Harriet and left Robert alone
“Tess” said Mike “yes?” I asked “are you okay?” asked Mike “no” I said “what’s up?” asked Mike “I just want mum to be happy for me” I said “she will” said Mike “and how do you know Mr clever cloves” I said poking my tongue out at Mike “because I will talk to her” said Mike “you would do that for me?” I asked “I would do anything and everything for you T” said Mike “aww you cutie” I said now kissing him “anything for my baby girl” said Mike “hey I’m no baby” I said winking at Mike. He poked his tongue out at me and I giggled

While I was reading faults in our stars by John Green, Mike went to go and find mum

“Mrs Harmer, could I talk to you?” asked Mike “depends what about?” asked Mrs Harmer with a tone that Mike hadn’t heard before “your daughter” said Mike quickly. Mrs Harmer raised her eyebrows “oh, no I’m not interested thanks” said Mrs Harmer “why not?” asked Mike “because she’s pregnant” shouted Mrs Harmer “is that it? Your ashamed of me because I’m pregnant?” I shouted coming the stairs “yes Tessa, I am” shouted Mrs Harmer “why mum?” I asked “because your 19, you should be at university” said Mrs Harmer “but mum, this baby is the bestest news I’ve heard in ages. Please just be happy for me. Okay?” I said “okay I’m happy for you Tessa” said Mrs Harmer “thank you” I said smiling “I’m proud of you Tess” said Mrs Harmer “you’ll be a great mum” “thanks mum” I said smiling and hugged mum and smiled at Mike

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I am in love with you

Chapter 16 – I am in love with you “I told you your mum would be happy for you” said Mike. I giggled and smiled at Mike

“Lynette” said Mike later that morning “yes Mike?” asked Lynette “I think I am in love” said Mike “really” said Lynette not sounding too surprised “yeah, aren’t you surprised?” asked mike “no, not
really” said Lynette “are you jealous?” asked Mike “ha-ha no I’m not jealous and I’m not surprised either” said Lynette “why?” asked mike “because it’s obvious” said Lynette “go on” said mike
“Mike, come on we all know you’ll in love” said Lynette “oh is it that obvious?” asked Mike feeling embarrassed “yes mate, it is” said Lynette laughing “oh dear” said mike “it’s a good thing
douchebag” said Lynette “yeah?” asked Mike now smiling “yes” said Susan coming over “everyone knows bro” she said “do they?” asked Mike “yes” said Susan “expert…?” said Lynette “T” said Max coming
over smiling “where is she?” asked Mike “guess” said Olivia “the garden? Reading?” asked Mike. They all nodded “thank you” said Mike hugging all four girls “just go loser” said Susan. Mike ran
upstairs to put shoes on

I was, meanwhile outside in the gorgeous sunshine sitting on a sun bed reading with Max and Clara. They knew something was up because I wasn’t talking “T?” asked Max finally “Max?” I asked now
stopping reading and bookmarking my page and I sat up “what’s going on?” asked Max “nothing, I’m just reading the faults in our stars and Hazel is fighting cancer and her friend Angstrus emails her
favourite author and” I said “yeah okay T but what’s going on with you?” asked Max “why do you think something is up?” I asked “your quiet that’s how” said Clara laughing “you’re never quiet. Now
what’s going on?” asked Max sounding serious “oh thanks guys. I love you too” I said sounding sarcastically and laughed “Tessa Jane Harriet Mary Harmer! Tell me what’s going on or I will ground
you” shouted Max. Clara and I just stared at Max for a minute and Clara moved towards Max “T, I’m sorry but I’m with Max on this one” she said “what? There’s nothing going on and you all know I
would tell you” I said. Clara and Max stared at me again “fine” I said signing. Max raised his eyebrows “I think mum and dad are hiding something” I said finally “is that it?” asked Max “yes” I
said. Max looked at me “I think your right T” he said “but what?” Clara asked “I don’t know” I said looking around “there’s something else isn’t there?” asked Max “Max?” I asked “Tessa?” asked Max
raising his eyebrows “what do you mean?” I asked looking confused “is there something else bothering you?” asked Max “maybe” I said “what’s bothering you?” asked Max “I think I’m in love” I said
“really? Who with?” asked Max. Clara rolled her eyes “Max, it’s obvious” said Clara “is it that obvious?” I asked. Clara nodded “what’s that obvious?” asked Max stupidly. Clara and I laughed “Max,
your sister is in love” said Clara. Max laughed. We just stared at him “what? You are being serious? With who?!” asked Max with in between laughter but sounding serious. Clara rolled her eyes
again. I don’t blame her. How can Max be so clueless and brilliant at the same time?! “Maximillian Justin James Leonard Harmer, god you have a long name. Your sister, Tessa Jane Harriet Mary Harmer
is in love with Michael … what’s his middle name T?” asked Clara “I think it’s Stephen David” I said “with Stephen D avid Solis, how can you not of noticed?!” asked Clara “really? I don’t see it
because she only talks about him 24/7 all day every night everyday” said Max laughing and I smiled “do you think he’s in love with me?” I asked sounding serious “T, he ask you to marry him and he’s
the father of your baby. He thinks the world of you Tess” said Clara “really?” I asked. Clara and Max nodded. I giggled “I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love” I said sounding happy and smiling “NO,
you don’t say” said Max sarcastically. Clara laughed. I poked my tongue out at Max and giggled “go found him then” they said. I ran inside the house

* When I got bumped into Mike “oh hey, I need to tell you something, come with me” he said and grabbed my hand and I followed him to my room and we sat “Tess, I love you more than I have ever loved
a girl. You make every day fill with sunshine and you make me so happy. I love you so much” said Mike and he picked me up and turned me around. I grinned at him. “Mike” I said as I got to the
ground “yes” said Mike “in my experience, I’ve never ever loved a guy as much as I love you and I’ve never been this happy with any guy and I can’t believe that Max likes you and I can’t believe
you like me and I think” I said “I think you should move in” “really?” asked Mike smiling “yes” I said smiling “I love you” said Mike “I love you too” I said “I love you more” said Mike laughing “I
love you more than food” I said winking. Mike stared at me “oh my god” he said. I smiled “I win” I said giggling “hey, what’s your middle name?” I asked “Stephen David” said Mike “I knew it” I said
“why?” asked Mike “because Max was joking around and me and Clara told him that I’m in love with you and Clara asked me what your middle name was and I said Stephen David” I said “you’re in love
with me?” asked Mike. I didn’t say anything but just smiled at Mike and nodded. Mike smiled at me and we hugged “I’m in love with someone too” said Mike “oh who is she?” I asked sounding upset
“well she lives here, she’s stunning, kind, amazing, beautiful, talkative, creative, smart, funny, loyal, and her name is really long and I’m engaged to her” said Mike “oh what’s her name?” I asked
“Tessa Jane Harriet Mary Harmer” said Mike looking at me “you know another girl with the same name as me, why is this the first time I’m hearing of this” I said quickly “no you banana, it’s you”
said Mike “me?” I asked “your name is Tessa Jane Harriet Mary Harmer isn’t it?” asked Mike smiling “yes” I said smiling at Mike “oh my gosh, I love you so much” I said “I love you too” said Mike
hugging me and I smiled at him

He’s the sweetest guy I have ever met
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Chapter 17 – Offer
The next day I got a phone call from America offering me a contact and I can’t even put it into words how believably shocked I was

“oh my gosh, um thank you so much for this amazing, this amazing offer. Thank you so much. This is believably amazing. I can’t believe it. Thank you Mr Smith. I’ll let you know, okay bye” I said and I hung up
After I hung up, I just stood for a few minutes and I screamed

I heard people running upstairs “T, are you okay? Is the baby okay?” asked Mike rushing over “the baby isn’t coming is it?” asked Lynette “has your water broke?” asked Susan “are you okay?” asked Olivia “why did you scream?” asked Clara “is the baby okay?” asked mum and dad “are you going into labour?” asked Max “don’t be silly Max, it’s too early” said Lynette “right T?” “Yes it is too early, and she’s fine babe don’t worry and no Lynette and no got ages yet and I think I’m the happiest girl in the world” I said sounding so happy. Everyone just stared at me “I got a offer to be a writer” I said happily “oh my god T, that’s amazing” said Lynette smiling at me “that’s amazing news T, I am so proud of you. No wonder you’re all happy. That’s your dream job. I’m so happy for you” said Max giving me a hug “thank you” I said smiling “congratulations Tessa. We’re so proud of you” said dad “thank you daddy” I said “that’s great news T” said Susan, Clara and Olivia “thank you” I said smiling

After everyone left me and Mike alone, we didn’t say anything and 20 minutes later, Mike finally spoke “I am so proud of you” picking me up and swig me around “thank you baby” I said after Mike stopped swinging me around “it’s my dream job” I said “I know it is. its amazing news” said Mike “but do you think I should say yes?” I asked. Mike stared at me, not saying anything “are you draft? Of course you should say yes, you numpty” said Mike “we wouldn’t have to move?” asked Mike “well the phone call was from America” I said “but no of course not” I said quickly seeing Mike’s face. I smiled at him “I love you T” said Mike “I love you too” I said smiling “when’s your next scan?” asked Mike “tomorrow I think babe” I said “okay” said Mike “tomorrow is the 24th yeah?” I asked “yes, all day” said Mike “then yes, it’s tomorrow” I said “want me to come with you?” asked mike “well we’re going to see our baby girl so of course I want you there plus the jelly stuff is really cold and it’s an outer sound” I said “Mum said she couldn’t come” I looked at Mike “I thought your mum was fine with it now?” asked Mike seeing my face “so did I” I said “is your dad okay with it though?” asked Mike “yes, he’s thrilled to be a grandad. He’s coming tomorrow too” I said smiling “well that’s great baby” said Mike “yes it is” I said “are you going to tell him about the offer?” asked Mike “no, I’m going to turn it down” I said “oh babe, this is your dream, why?” asked Mike looking at me “because I’m his little girl and America is too far away, he’ll break down in pieces” I said “I can’t do that to him” I sounded upset and Mike gave me a hug “well whatever you decide, I’m with you 100% I promise” said Mike “thank you” I said smiling “your amazing you know” said Mike “Michael Solis, are you flirting with me?” I asked winking and giggling “maybe I am, maybe I’m not” said Mike winking at me “I love you so much” I said smiling “I love you so much too baby girl” said Mike “oh yeah I suppose I am your baby girl because I am younger than you” I said laughing “you’re just figured that out?” asked Mike laughing “no” I said “I love being your girl, you make me feel so special and you mean the world to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you Mike. You’re my best friend, my rock, my moonstone, my world and my everything” I said smiling “T, you brighten up my day just by smiling and being the funny and kind person you are and I’m so glad I am with you. I wouldn’t be able to go by day by day without you and your beautiful face” said Mike. I had to stand on tip toe because Mike was taller than me and we kissed

“How tall are you?” I asked “I think I’m nearly as tall as dad but 6ft why?” asked Mike “that’s not fair” I said laughing “how tall are you?” asked Mike winking “5’1” I said “how tall is Max?” asked Mike “5’6” I said “and your mum?” asked Mike “5’8” I said “dad?” asked Mike “I think he’s the same height as you baby” I said laughing “so you’re the shortest out of us five then?” asked Mike “yes until this one is born and then mummy won’t be the shortest one anymore” I said talking to my tummy smiling

“What do you think mum is hiding T?” asked Max “I don’t know” I said “what are we going to do?” asked Max “nothing” I said “what why?” asked Max “because I am pregnant” I said “what’s that got to do with mum and dad hiding something?” asked Max “nothing” I said sounding annoyed “then what are we going to do?” asked Max “nothing, no we’re going to let them tell us. Yes we’re going to do that” I said “but what happens if they don’t?” asked Max “then we can ask them” I said “wouldn’t it be better if we just do it in the first place?” asked Max “no” I said “why not?” asked Max “because of the wedding” I said “what’s that got to” he couldn’t finished his sentence “if you finish your sentence so help me I will ground you for a month but not July because that’s my wedding” I said “okay, okay I’ll shut up” said Max “probably a good idea” I said smiling. Max laughed “what time is your outer scan?” asked Max “2pm Maxie, why?” I asked “I want to come too, I want to see my niece” said Max “aww that’s sweet, you’re welcome to come” I said smiling

At 2pm, Mike, Max, Dad and I went to the hospital
When we got into Mr Miles’s room, I came over to the bed and laid on my back while the doctor hooked me up to the machine “please lift up your t-shirt Tessa” he said. I pulled up my t-shirt and as I did, Mr Miles put some jelly stuff on my belly to the baby inside me clearly “here” said Mr Miles “oh my gosh, look Mike look” I said grabbing his hands “oh my god, is that” said my dad “is that my granddaughter?” asked my dad “yes daddy, it is” I said proudly and smiling at my dad “oh my god” said the three men. I smiled at them.

When we got home, I walked into the kitchen and I didn’t realise my dad followed me “that was amazing” he said. I jumped “god, dad you made me jump” I said as I turned around to face him “sorry sweetie” said my dad laughing “dad” I said sounding serious “yes T?” asked my dad “I got something to tell you” I said “what is it? Are you okay?” he asked sounding worried “you know I love you more than anything in the world and I would do anything for you” I stopped “what is it T?” asked my dad “well the reason I screamed early, was because I just got a offer to be a writer” I said “wow that’s great news. That’s your dream. I’m so proud of you. the women you’re becoming” said my dad “you’re not my little girl anymore. You’re all grown up” said my dad looking at me happy but his voice sounded sad. I couldn’t take it “I’m always your little girl daddy. I’m not going to take the offer” I said grabbing my dad’s hands “what why?” asked my dad sounding shocked “because it’s making you sad” I said “in a good way T. don’t worry I promise. Where was this phone call from?” he asked “America dad” I said sounding serious “oh, okay well that’s great T, I’m incredibly proud of you” said my dad “I said no” I said standing up “but why T? This is everything you’re dreamed about since you were little” said my dad “I’m not ready to move half way across the world from you dad and I can’t do that to you or mum or Max. I’m sorry” I said. My dad smiled at me and gave me a hug “you don’t have to say sorry for doing something generous and kind and turning down a chance of a dream for your family T” said my dad “well if I did go, it would be too quiet without me” I said “that’s very true” agreed my dad laughing “I love you daddy” I said smiling “I love you so, so much T. your mum and I would be lost without you and Max” said my dad “I don’t know what I’d do without you guys” I said smiling “actually there’s something I need to tell you and Max. Where is he?” asked my dad letting go of me “MAX!!” I shouted so loudly that my dad jumped
In a second, Max was in the kitchen “what’s up?” asked Max coming over and sitting down next to me “dad wants to tell us something” I said to Max “oh, what’s up dad” said Max turning to Dad. I laughed “well your mum wasn’t at the hospital with us because” he stopped “because she’s ashamed” I finished “no of course not, why? Did she say that?” asked my dad “pretty much dad, right in front of T” said Max rubbing my back. I smiled at Max and mouthed “thank you” “aww T, why didn’t you tell me?” asked my dad. I went all quiet “she didn’t tell you because she didn’t think it wasn’t a big deal” said Max “of course it is a big deal, oh T you are silly” said my dad laughing but smiling at me “anyway what were you going to tell us?” I asked changing the subject on propose “your mother told me how ashamed she is and I told her that was wrong and we had a big fight and I stood up for you and she said I was being won over and that I was all grown up and you shouldn’t be pregnant but in university and she” he said “she left” and he looked at us “WHAT!!” Max and I said together

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Big but bad news

Chapter 18 – big but bad news
“What? She left you?” I finished shouting “yes” said my dad “just because you were standing up for me?” I shouted “yes” said my dad quietly “that’s bull” said Max suddenly “MAX!!” I said laughing “what? It is” said Max “that’s true” I said “are you okay dad?” I asked sounding serious “yes I’m fine. It was your mother’s choice to leave Tess. It will be okay darling I promise” said my dad “okay dad I love you” I said “I love you too T” said my dad “oh shot, shot, shot” I said “what’s the matter?” asked Max “mum” I said “she was going to help me with the wedding prep” “oh, so there’s no wedding?” asked Max “what? No of course there’s going to be a wedding. Why would you say that?” said my dad “don’t you want your big sister to have a happy ending? Be happy” said my dad “no I don’t want her to get married because she’ll moved away with Mike and I’ll never get to see her so no I don’t want her to get married” said Max and he walked away

I stood there not saying anything and my dad was watching me “are you okay sweetheart?” he asked “no not really” I said “but it’s just Max” my dad smiled at me “do you want me to talk to him for you?” asked my dad “no it’s okay dad. It’s just Max. Don’t worry daddy. It will be okay” I said. My dad smiled at me “you’re amazing” said my dad “thank you” I said smiling at my dad “I love you” said my dad “I love you too daddy” I said. He gave me a cuddle and led me to the living room and we sat down
“Dad?” I asked “yes?” asked my dad “would you give me away?” I asked “I’d be delighted to T” said my dad smiling at me. I hugged him

“what was all that about?” I asked Max “nothing” said Max not looking at me “Max, it wasn’t nothing, just tell me” I said. Max signed and looked at me “I don’t” he said “don’t?” I asked “I don’t want us to end up like mum and uncle Ben” said Max “that will never happen Maxie” I said “how do you know? You’re not a fortune teller” said Max “because” I said “because why?” asked Max “because you like Mike and you’re invited to the wedding. You’re come to every scan with me and we’re not like mum or uncle Ben. I promise” I said reassuring Max “I do, I love Mike. I think he’s the best and he treats you right. Which makes me happy” said Max “aww Maxie” I said smiling at my brother and gave him a hug “but don’t move away okay?” asked Max “I promise” I said “I’m not going anywhere” I smiled at Max “good” said Max smiling at me “so we’re okay?” he asked looking worried “yeah, of course we are. Why wouldn’t we be okay?” I asked “because of what I said and because I made your life miserable” said Mike “don’t worry” I said smiling “are you sure?” asked Max “yes, you’re my baby brother and your my best friend. I’d be lost without you” I said “T, you’re my big sister and I am really sorry that I made your life miserable. You’re my best friend and I honestly can’t live without you” said Mike smiling “I’m so glad you’re here Maxie. I’ve missed you so much” I said “me too T, it’s not the same without you. It’s a lot quieter at home” said Max laughing “I can be quiet if I want to” I said not really convincing Max. He raised his eyebrows “can you?” asked Max “yeah” I said “no you can’t T” said Max laughing “yeah I can smelly” I said “no you can’t pin head” said Max laughing “I can to” I said not sounding convinced. I signed “no I can’t” Max laughed at me “so what’s mum and dad hiding?” I asked “I still haven’t figured it out yet” said Max “do you know what?” I asked “what T?” Max asked “we should go into dad’s office” I said “why?” Max looking clueless asked “oh Max, work it out” I said

I gave Max a couple of minutes to work it out “have you worked it out yet?” I asked signing “no but just tell me” said Max “there might be clues” I said “to what?” asked Max. I rolled my eyes “are you stupid or something?” I asked annoyed “no” said Max “then use your brains and work it out” I said laughing

When Max had finally worked it out, we walked to our dad’s office looking out for our dad “so what you are saying is, there might be clues in dad’s office?” asked Max as we walked quietly into dad’s office
Earlier we had made sure that dad wouldn’t be in his office

“hooray” I said smiling “you could of told me” said Max “I did” I said as I started to look around “yeah but without making me think” said Max “then how would you learn?” I asked “I don’t know” said Max “you are welcome” I said as I started to look through my dad’s drawers “T?!” asked Max quickly “yes?” I asked “what are you doing?” asked Max “going through dad’s drawers” I said “why?” asked Max “why what?” I asked “why are you looking through dad’s drawers?” asked Max “sometimes Max, I feel like you’re the big brother” I said laughing “TESSA!!” said Max sounding serious “okay keep your wig on. I’m going through dad’s drawers because there might clues” I said “would you stop?” asked Max sounding angry and he put his hand on top of mine and I stopped going through the drawers “okay big bro” I said laughing and I closed the middle drawer “not funny Tessa” said Max “I love you” I said “I love you too T” said Max “I wish I was the oldest” “what and marry Mike?” I asked laughing “ew no gross” said Max “no I’d wish to be the oldest and take care of you” said Max smiling at me “aww Max, you’ll be a brilliant dad you know” I said smiling at Max “you’ll be a brilliant mum T, what’s her name going to be?” asked Max. I cleared my throat “Paris Gabriella Lorelai Leigh Solis” I said “where did Lorelai come from? I’ve never heard that name” said Max “I got it of my favourite show Gilmore girls” I said proudly “I love it” said Max smiling at me “she’ll be a lucky girl to have you guys as parents” said Max “thank you” I said

That afternoon, me and the girls were shopping for my wedding dress and their bridemaids dresses
“what do you think?” I asked coming out of the dressing room “beautiful” said Meg “it suits you T” said Olivia “you look so nice” said Clara “I love it” said Grace “thanks guys” I said “you look stunning” said Lynette “like always” said Susan. I smiled at my friends “thank you guys, you’re too kind” I said

When we got back, we came home with lots and lots of bags and all happy “I can’t wait” I said “it’s going to be a great night” said Olivia “yes indeed” I said putting my bags down “you dervese it T” said Meg. I smiled

Meanwhile Mike was trying to find Max when he entered the living room where Max was watching TV with Bree, Gabbi, Ben and Jason “you excited about having Mike as a brother?” asked Gabbi “not really” said Max “really? Well aren’t you nice?” asked Mike coming over. Max turned around “Mike, how long have you been standing there?” asked Max “just long enough to know that I feel the same way and that Tess is in for a challenge” said Mike “I’m sorry” said Max “you’re forgiven” said Mike “I want to ask you something” “go on” said Max “would you be my best man?” asked Mike “at the wedding?” asked Max “well yeah” said Mike “where else?” “I suppose so … yes I would love to” said Max “good” said Mike “Jason, my good man, would you like to play a very important part in my wedding … would you like to be my pageboy” said Mike picking up Jason and putting him on his lap “he probably doesn’t know what a pageboy is. He’s only like 5” said Max “I do, I do know what that is and yes I would love to” said Jason smiling “Great, good boy” said Mike smiling at his little brother
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I do

Chapter 19 – I do
“can you believe Jason knows what a pageboy is and he’s only five” said Mike the next day “aww yeah, he’s so clever” I said smiling “what’s the plan today as your last time as Miss Harmer?” asked Mike “oh I don’t know but me and Max are going to go into dad’s office” I said “why?” asked Mike “because mum and dad are hiding something and Max thinks there might be clues” I said “to what?” asked Mike “to what they are hiding” I said “what are they hiding?” asked Mike “I don’t know” I said “you could ask them” suggested Mike “we can’t” I said sounding sad “oh why?” asked Mike “because mum left” I said sounding sad “oh no T, I’m so sorry” said Mike giving me a hug “don’t be draft you idoit, it’s okay” I said “why did she leave?” asked Mike “because dad stood up for me because mum is ashamed of me because I am pregnant and I should be in university” I said sounding upset “that’s awful, so horrible” said Mike “yeah” I said causally “are you okay?” asked Mike “just about” I said “I’m here for you” said Mike “thank you” I said “how’s Max doing?” asked Mike “not really sure” I said sounding worried “why don’t you ask him?” asked Mike

“Hey Maxie” I said “hey T” said Max “how are you doing? Are you okay?” I asked “Just about but how are you? This is about you not me” said Max “I’ll be okay, it’s going to be okay. We don’t need mum” said Max “I love you” I said “I love you too” said Max “good” said Max “he-he” I said “do you know if dad is going to be okay?” asked Max “I don’t know” I said sounding worried and started to cry “come here T, it’s going to be okay. Just let me be the big brother for a while eh?” said Max “Max this is my entire fault” I said “T, don’t say that” said Mike “why not? It’s the truth” I said “T, this is not your fault. Mum shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed because you are pregnant, she should be proud and happy for you because you dervese a happy ending more than anyone I know. Mum is the only one who is ashamed, dad is happy and excited for you and so am i. we’re both so happy for you and Mike to start this new chapter together so don’t ever say that this is your fault. You know whose fault this is? Its mum’s. She was the one who left. But we don’t need her okay? You promise me, don’t say that this is your fault because it isn’t” said Max. I looked at him, shocked at what he said but smiled at him and we hugged “I love you Maxie” I whispered “I love you too” said Max “but are you okay?” “yeah, 38 weeks” I said grinning “I’m so excited” said Max “me too” I said smiling “I’m so excited about my wedding too, I just really wanted mum to be there you know” I said “I know you did but isn’t she coming?” asked Max “no” I said upset “why not?” asked Max “because she can’t stand seeing me pregnant appartenly” I said shoving my shoulders like I didn’t have a care in the world but then was in tears. Max looked at me and smiled at me, bent down and wiped my eyes “we don’t need her” he said “I ruined everything, why did I tell mum? Why Max? Why did I ruin everything? I asked “Ssh it’s okay; it’s not your fault T. Personally I think dad derveses better but seriously Tess, we love you and don’t think this is your fault because it’s not okay?” said Max “okay big bro” I said poking my tongue out “good girl, I love you lil sis” said Max “I love you too big bro” I said

“I do, I do, I do, I do” I said repeatly “you do it perfectly” said Lynette “thank you” I said “you do, do it perfectly T, you are going to look so beautiful in your wedding dress and we’re so happy that you are going to be our sister in law, we’re never like any of Mike’s girlfriends but we do like you, we love you and we are so excited to meet your daughter but Mike told us about your mum and we think it’s really harsh honestly honey we do” said Lynette and Susan smiling at me “aww that’s so sweet, Mike’s had other girlfriends? I do? Aww you guys, you are so sweet! Yeah but we can’t choose our families can we? But I’m okay. Max and I used to hate each other, we would fight about everything, sometimes all day and everyday. He made my life miserable and I’d hated him so much. But when I moved away, I realised that, he only made my life miserable because he didn’t want me to move away. Bless him but look at us now, we’re talking and we live together and he is just amazing. He’s my best friend. But I’m going to be okay I promise” I said “yeah he’s had 4 other girlfriends but they’re never been this serious as you guys are. Yes you do, do it perfectly and it’s the truth, unfortunately we can’t. Are you sure?” asked Susan sounding worried “oh well, Mike’s never told me? We are serious? Aw su, thank you and yes I am sure thank you. Max is looking after me so is Mike” I said “mike doesn’t talk about them because it hurts too much, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Have you had any other boyfriends? I bet you have, as you are so pretty. You guys are serious, you are having a baby? And you are getting married? You can’t be more serious than that. Okay well we’re all here for you. Max is looking after you?” asked Lynette “no, Mike is my first ever boyfriend, I’ve had dates but Max has always ruined them. Aww thank you, I am so happy to hear that. Thank you and yes he is” I said grinning “Max?!” asked Susan “yes” I said “your brother?!” asked Lynette “no, my cousin, of course my brother” I said sounding sarcastic “but you said he’s a pain and you hate him because he made your life miserable?” asked Lynette “yeah but he’s grown up now and he only made my life miserable because he didn’t want me to move away and I don’t hate him, he’s my best friend and he’s my big brother” I said “I thought he was younger than you” said Susan “he is younger than me but he said to let him be the big brother for a while so I’m letting him, it’s really sweet don’t you think” I said “aww bless him, that’s so sweet” said Lynette smiling at me “we think that mum and dad are hiding something but we don’t know what and we are going to look into dad’s office because Max thinks there might be clues in there but I cannot find him anywhere. Do you know where he is?” I asked “um, yeah I think he is with Ben and the twins” said Lynette “which twins?” I asked “Bree and Gabbi” said Susan “and where are they?” I asked “kitchen” said Susan “okay thank you, I’ll see you later?” I said. They both nodded and I rushed downstairs and ran to the kitchen

“Max, there you are!” I said as I went into the kitchen “hello lil sis” said Max “little sister?” asked Bree “I thought he was your little brother?” asked Bree “he is” I said “then why oh I’m so confused please explain” said Gabbi “I will later Gabs I promise but Max, we’re got to do that thing, you know that thing I’m talking about” I said. Max thought for a moment
“Oh yes, I do, we will see you later” he said to Bree and Gabbi and we rushed off
When we got to dad’s office, I had a look out to see if he was in there. He wasn’t “he’s not in there, let’s go” I said and we went in
“So what exactly are we looking for?” I asked “clues to what mum and dad are hiding silly. Remember?” asked Max “oh yeah, yeah I remember now” I said now remembering
While we were looking for clues, Mike and my dad were in the living room, bonding
“Mike, can I tell you something?” asked Mr Harmer “of course, anything Mr Harmer” said Mike “please call me Craig, Mr Harmer makes me sound old. But don’t tell Tess or Max. They can’t find out. You have to stick to your word okay” said Mr Harmer sounding serious “okay I promise” said Mike. Mike always keeps his promises. “Well Max and Tessa, they have a” said Mr Harmer “a big sister” he finished

“Have you found anything yet T?” asked Max. I opened a drawer and found a picture of a girl with dad. I stared at it not realising Max had asked me a question “T?” asked Max “what is it?” he came over. I gave him the picture frame with dad and the girl “that’s dad?” asked Max. I didn’t say anything but looked at him and nodded “and that’s you right?” he asked “no I think” I said “I think it’s the thing that mum and dad are hiding” “you mean what I think you mean” said Max “what do you think I mean?” I asked “I think you mean that, that girl could be our big sister” said Max “I think you’re right” I said looking worried

“What do you mean they have a big sister? They can’t have a big sister” said Mike “their mum got pregnant at 17 but was too young to keep her but we were allowed to name her” said Mr Harmer “what’s her name?” asked Mike “Alyssa” said Mr Harmer “and where is she now? I mean how is she?” asked Mike “I’m not sure but I think she’s 28” said Mr Harmer “have you ever tried and looking for her?” asked Mike “no and don’t let Tess go looking for her” said Mr Harmer “but she’s always wanted a big sister and now she has one” said Mike “please Mike, don’t let her go looking for her sister” said Mr Harmer “please” mr Harmer begged “okay I will try but when Tess makes up her mind about something, she sticks to it. But you’re got to tell them” said Mike “no it’s better this way that they don’t know” said Mr Harmer
“TOO LATE” I said
My dad and Mike turned around and looked at me “Tess, I am so sorry” said Mr Harmer “save it dad, how could you? You made my finance not tell me about my sister? Why would you do that?” I said and I walked away

“We’re got to found her Max” I said but Max looked at me noticing that I was upset about the whole sister situation “T, what’s happened?” he asked me confronting me “Max, I think” I stopped “I think that girl in that picture with dad is our big sister and dad didn’t tell us” I said “what??!” asked Max “exactly but she is called Alyssa and I think she is 20” I said “how could dad not tell us? Mum probably threated him. This is massive T” said Max “I don’t know big bro, yeah mum probably did. But I’m determined to find out. Want to join me?” I asked “yeah court me in, lil sis, so do you know anything about Alyssa?” asked Max “no” I said “anything at all?” asked Max “well I know her name is Alyssa” I said “well duh” said Max “anything else?” “nothing” I said signing “what should we do?” asked Max “ask Mike” I said “but he knew before you found out and didn’t tell you and dad told him not to tell you” said Max “yeah I know but he will” I said determined “do you want me to come with you?” asked Max “no it’s okay” I said “but T” said Max “please Max, just let me do this okay” I said. Max looked at me and nodded

“Mike” I said as I went into the kitchen “yes, my nearly wife” said Mike grinning at me “I’ve found out something” I said “oh what’s that?” asked Mike “I have a sister” I said smiling “oh my god T, I was going to tell you I promise but your dad told me not to, I am sorry. I wanted to tell you” said Mike sounding worried that I’d be mad “Ssh it’s okay baby. I’m not mad” I said “I love you” said Mike “so so much” and he picked me up and spun me round “I love you too” I said “I’m sorry” said Mike “for what?” I asked “for not telling you, silly” said Mike putting me down “you’re forgiven. Actually you’re not forgiven because it isn’t your fault that dad didn’t tell us and plus you wanted to tell me in the first place so it’s all okay baby” I said kissing him on the check “what are we going to do?” asked Mike “who says we’re doing anything?” I asked “don’t you want to look for your sister?” asked Mike “I do” I said “good then what’s the plan?” asked Mike “nothing” I said “but you just said” said Mike “we’re not doing anything until after the wedding” I said “I love you” said Mike “I love you too” I said “you are so amazing” said Mike “aww thank you” I said smiling

Are you okay?” asked Susan “yeah, why wouldn’t I be okay?” I asked “because of what you found out” said Lynette “I’m doing okay, I just” I said and then I fell to the floor
“TESS!!” asked Lynette “TESS” said Susan and both of them came over to me and bent down “MIKE! Come quick” shouted Susan

Mike ran over to us and saw me on the ground and bent down next to me “Tess?” said Mike “Su, what happened?” he asked his sister “I don’t know, she was talking like normal and then she just fell. You don’t think it’s the baby do you?” asked Susan “we have to call an ambulance” said Lynette “wait, hang on” said Lynette “MAX COME QUICK, it’s Tess” shouted Lynette

Max came in 5 seconds “oh my god, what’s happened? Is T okay?” asked Max “she has to go to the hospital so I’m going to call the hospital and when the ambulance comes, me and you will come into the ambulance with T and Lynette and Susan and whoever else will follow okay? So while I call the hospital, you stay with T, max and Lynette and Su, you will get everyone and yourselves ready to follow us okay? Let’s go” said Mike clapping his hands and he walked to the living room and dialled the hospital. Lynette and Susan rushed off to find dad and everyone else while Max stayed with me but I didn’t know

He lend his head on me and kissed my forehead “please be okay T” he whispered

When the ambulance came, Mike helped them lift me up onto a stroller bed and got me inside and Mike and Max climbed into the ambulance and sat down and watched me with my eyes closed “Mike, she’s going to be okay right? And the baby?” asked Max sounding really scared “Mate, she’s going to be fine, I promise” said Mike but he sounded scared but smiled at Max “Mike, you don’t have to put on a brave face” said Max sounding sympathy “and the baby?” asked Max “everything will be fine, Tess is such a strong girl. She’ll get through this” said Mike smiling at Max “I love you Mike, I’m so glad Tess is happy and you’re going to be my brother in law” said Max “aww thanks, me too and I love you too lil bro” said Mike “and why is Tess calling you big brother? I thought you were younger?” he asked “I am younger than Tess” said Max “then why, what’s going on?” asked Mike looking confused “oh Tess was really really upset about mum leaving and she was saying it was all her fault and that she shouldn’t of told mum and dad that she is pregnant which I think was the right thing to do to be honest and mum is a cow and she is wrong for being ashamed and embarrassed but anyway Tess was really upset so I said I would be the big brother for a while because I love Tess more than anything. You know that right? I hate it that Tess is blaming herself when it’s not her fault, it’s mum’s and this baby is going to be really lucky that T is her mum because Tess is amazing and kind and caring and the best friend ever” said Max “aww that’s so sweet and that’s so true about Tess, it’s not her fault at all” said Mike smiling at Max. Max smiled back at Mike
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Chapter 20 – Disaster
When we got to the hospital, I was awake “Mike, what’s going on?” I said “I don’t know baby, but you were talking to Susan and Lynette like normal and you just fell so the doctors are going to check you out to see if you and the baby are okay but I’m here no matter what and I love you Tessa Jane Mary Harriet Harmer (nearly Solis) okay? I promise everything will be okay” said Mike. I smiled at Mike “I love you too Michael” I said

When the doctor came over, Max was with us. Mike grabbed my hand and squeezes it and smiled at me “you and the baby are absolutely fine Miss Harmer. You just fainted. Nothing serious” said the doctor “oh that’s good. Can I go home now?” I asked “yes but how many weeks are you?” asked the doctor “33” I said “can I book a appointment scan to make sure everything is okay?” asked the doctor “yeah, yeah that’s fine” said Mike “how does next week sound?” asked the doctor “perfect. What time?” I asked standing up “what about 10am?” asked the doctor looking through his appointment planner book “great, see you next Tuesday and thank you” I said shaking the doctor’s hand “no problem Miss Harmer, see you next week. Take care” he said “see you next week” said Mike opening the door and we left

“Please don’t do that again” said Mike sounding serious as we got into our red ford. I shut the passenger seat “I won’t” I said. Mike started the engine “I’m just really glad you and little madam are okay” said Mike tickling my tummy and we drove home

When we got home, everyone hugged me as we walked inside “are you okay?!” asked Lynette “what happened?” asked Susan “is the baby okay?” asked Olivia “are you okay?” asked Max. I tried to speak but it was no use. I looked at Mike and he nodded, took my left hand and looked at my family and friends “let her speak guys” he laughed. I smiled and looked at my friends “I’m fine guys, so is bump I just fainted” I said. Every one signed of relief and smiled at me. I smiled back at them

That afternoon I was in my bedroom with Max, Clara and Olivia “you have a sister?” asked the twins looking at me and Max “it looks that way” I said with a weak smile “wow” said Olivia “yeah, I know it’s great” said Max. He looked at me and he noticed the weak smile I had on my face “isn’t it T?” “Yeah of course” I said trying to sound convincing. It didn’t work. Max wasn’t convinced “what’s up T?” I thought you’d always wanted a big sister?” asked Max “yeah T, what’s up?” asked Olivia “nothing, you’re right I’ve always wanted a big sister but dad lied to us all our lives. I’m struggling Maxie” I said “what?! He never told you?!!” asked Clara “never” I said “it never came up” said Max coming over and hugging me “not ever?” asked Olivia “no” I said sounding upset “did you ask them?” asked the twins “no, they were always at work, hardly saw them and mum wasn’t as close to uncle Ben as she is now and we thought it would be upsetting for her” I said. Olivia smiled at me “Ben might know” said Clara suddenly smiling at me “Clara, you are brilliant” I said hugging her. Her checks were turning red and I smiled at her

Uncle Ben was watching TV when we all came in “Ben, we’re got something to ask you” said Clara “will it kill you to call him ‘dad’ Clara” started Olivia. Clara rolled her eyes. Uncle Ben turned the tv to mute and turned around to face us “what’s the questions?” asked Uncle Ben “do you know if mum had a daughter called Alyssa?” asked Max sounding serious. We waited for Uncle Ben to answer. We could tell that he was thinking so we all sat down and got comfortable and looked at him “umm … how did you found out?” he asked nervously “dad” said Max “well I kind of walked in on him and heard him” I said “you weren’t supposed to know” said Uncle Ben “why Ben? Why weren’t they supposed to know? What’s going on?” asked Clara. She sounded angry. “your mum should of told you” said Uncle Ben “well she never did” I said sounding angry “I’m sorry, she told me that your sister was born when was 17 and Alyssa is 28 now” said Uncle Ben “why didn’t mum tell us?” asked Max “I don’t know” said Uncle Ben “so what now? Do you know where Alyssa is?” I asked Uncle Ben “no I don’t, sorry T” said Uncle Ben “but I am happy to help you” “thank you” I said “wouldn’t auntie Jane kill you for telling them though” said Clara “you would love that, wouldn’t you?” asked Olivia. We signed and Clara rolled her eyes

“What’s your problem?” asked Clara “you” said Olivia “why?” asked Clara “because you never called him ‘dad’ you called him Ben” said Olivia “that’s his name” said Clara “oi, don’t be rude. You’re meant to call him ‘dad’ not ‘Ben’” said Olivia “you know why I don’t” shouted Clara “yeah well maybe it’s time to forget Clara, it’s been 16 years for god’s sake. You need to let it go and forgive him” said Olivia “please” she begged. Clara signed and looked at Uncle Ben “hello dad” said Clara smiling at Uncle Ben. We all smiled at Clara

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How could you?

Chapter 21 – How could you?
“How could you lie to us dad? How could you not of told us that we have a big sister? You had plenty of time to tell us?!” shouted Max “hey, I’m sorry but your mother, she put Alyssa in care. It was really hard on us. I’m sorry we didn’t tell you both. But we didn’t know what else to do” said Mr Harmer “why didn’t you tell us?” I asked keeping calm “because you were too young to understand we didn’t tell you and why we put Alyssa in care. It was really hard on your mum. You got to understand that? But guys, if you want to go and look for her, I’m happy to help you” said my dad “aww dad, I’m sorry we didn’t know but we do understand. It must have been really hard on you and mum. Thank you” I said smiling and gave my dad a hug “it’s alright sweetheart. You have a right to know who Alyssa is” said my dad “so what?” asked Max. I looked at him. He was being so difficult. “I mean, do you know where she is?” he added quickly noticing the look on my face “no” said my dad “do you know where she lives?” asked Max “she lives in Yeovil and she has a little girl” said my dad “aww let’s go” I said “to where?” asked Max “Yeovil” I said “but Tess, you’re getting married tomorrow” said Max “I know” I said “I meant after” everyone signed of relief and smiled at me “who do you think I am? Leaving my own wedding? I would never do that to Mike” I said “we know T, we know” said Lynette smiling at me

“T?” asked Max “yes?” I asked “are you okay?” asked Max “yeah” I said. Max wasn’t convinced “Tess?” he asked now sounding serious “hmm” I said but I wasn’t really listening “Tessa?” asked Max again “Maximillian” I said now listening “what’s going on? Talk to your big bro” said Max “Max, I’m struggling” I said “with what?” asked Max “okay so all my life I’ve always been the big sister since the day you were born and then the next i found out I have a big sister? The man I trust more than grandad, didn’t have the guts to tell us and lied these plus 19 and 16 years and I’m getting married tomorrow” I said getting frustrated and upset (I felt like I was having a panic attack) but hopefully I wasn’t. “okay calm T, deep breaths. In and out. In and out. I’m strugging too but not as much as you because I’ve always been the youngest. I agree with you but he had his reasons. I know, it’s so exciting, you’re getting married tomorrow T, oh my god” said Max “I know, I know, oh my gosh” I said jumping up and down with Max and hugged him so hard “I love you so much” I said “I love you so much T” he said

That afternoon, Lynette, Susan, Gabbi, Bree, Jason, Mike, Max, Clara, Olivia, Ben, Meg and Grace were all in the living room together (they told me they were studying but I knew it was something else) but I was too tired and went upstairs to sleep
“Are you guys going to write speeches for T for tomorrow?” asked Meg finally “of course” said Clara “I can’t believe T is getting married tomorrow. It only feels like yesterday that me and Ben was spying on her, Meg and Grace” said Max “hah good times eh Max” said Meg sarcastically and winking at him “yeah, why did you make Tess’s life so miserable Max?” asked Grace “you’ll think it’s silly” said Max “no we won’t, we promise mate” said Mike “I made Tess’s life really miserable and horrible because I didn’t want her to move away. It didn’t work because she did and now she’s getting married and is pregnant. I’ve lost her forever just like mum and uncle Ben. It’s exactly the same thing” said Max “it’s not the same thing. The thing between your mum and your uncle is completely different. You haven’t lost her mate, she thinks the world of you. She doesn’t care about the things you did to her. She has moved on and so should you. it means everything to her that you’re here. Honestly and you haven’t lost her because she’s pregnant and getting married. You are always welcome to live with us. I mean we have the room don’t we” said Mike laughing “thank you” said Max. mike smiled at Max “let’s hear your speech su” said Mike. Susan was just finishing, put her pen down and looked up “okay” she said
They waited looking at Susan. She cleared her throat and read:
“so I’ve known Tess for a couple of months now, and I’m so glad I met you because you are so kind to everyone and you’re always smiling whatever mood I’m in. you always make the day brighten. You’re my best friend and I’m so glad you’re my sister – in – law. You dervese to be happy. I love you T” finished Susan. Everyone was smiling “she’ll love it su” said Mike “I love you” said Susan “I love you too su” said Mike

“Tomorrow is going to be great Max. I can’t believe I’m getting married” I said “I can’t believe it. You’re grown up so quick” said Max with a tear in his eye “are you still playing big brother?” I asked laughing “yeah if you want me to” said Max “yeah, please just until I get my head straight” I said quickly. Max smiled at me and we hugged “it will be okay” he said to me “you promise?” I asked. Max paused for a moment and looked at me. I waited “I promise” he said finally. But will he keep his promise? I wasn’t so sure

“I’m scared” I said “baby, why are you scared?” asked Mike “because of mum” I said quietly “oh T” said Mike “what if she doesn’t want to come to the wedding? What if she doesn’t want anything to do with me? What if she doesn’t want anything to do with Paris? What if” I stopped because Mike grabbed my hands “T, listen to me okay, she does want everything to do with you” said Mike “how do you know?” I asked “T, don’t be silly” said Mike “no, I’m not being silly Mike, I’m being truthful. Mike, she doesn’t want anything to do with me because otherwise she wouldn’t have left my dad or be ashamed or embarrassed of me. You know it’s true” I said. Mike didn’t say anything and thought about it and he knew I was right. I smiled “I love you” I said “T, I have a idea and I love you too baby” said Mike “what’s the idea?” I asked “to go to Alyssa’s house and meet her” said Mike “why?” I asked “because you could invite her, I know it’s short notice and everything but you want to meet your sister don’t you?” asked Mike “of course I do” I said “but?” asked Mike “but maybe I’m not what she wants to have as a little sister? Maybe she doesn’t want a little sister and baby brother? Maybe she doesn’t want anything to do with us? Maybe that’s not the right person? Maybe dad has lied to us again? Maybe it’s just a really big joke? Maybe there isn’t a big sister?” I asked breathing hard “okay honey, calm, come here” said Mike grabbing my hand and leading me to the sofa and sat down. Mike moved my fringe out of my eyes and grabbed my hands “you, Miss Tess, are an amazing person who needs to stop worrying about things. I know that Max loves you more than Manchester united football club and that’s a lot also he loves having you as a big sister. He loves that you are a big sister. You are the most caring and kindest person I know. You make me so happy and I don’t like it when you’re sad, I am so glad I am marrying someone so caring and stunning, it’s unreal. Okay so if you don’t feel comfortable because you’re nervous with inviting Alyssa to the wedding because you’re nervous or scared then don’t worry about it baby girl, it’s okay. Why wouldn’t Alyssa want you as her little sister? I know Susan and Lynette are beyond excited to have you as their little sister. I know Lynette is older than you by only a few months because her birthday is in November but Bree and Gabbi are so excited to have another big sister. Bless them. But once we are married, we can go and look for Alyssa I promise. Don’t worry about a thing okay?” said Mike. I smiled “okay” I said “you promise?” Asked Mike “I promise, promise, promise” I said jumping up and down. Mike smiled “but the worrying thing, I can’t help it” I said “I know gorgeous, it’s okay” said Mike “that’s sweet” I said changing the subject “what is?” asked Mike “that Lynette and Susan are …” I stopped and looked at Mike. He looked clueless “oh never mind” I said

That night before the wedding, I was with Max. He was keeping me company “Max, do you want to go for a drive?” I asked “but it’s the wedding tomorrow” said Max “I know but please, let’s go for a drive big bro” I begged “I don’t think it’s a good idea” said Max. I rolled my eyes “you pick now to be responsible” I said sounding crossed “yes, you can’t go Tess” said Max “oh why not?” I whined “because I said so” said Max “but come on Max, please” I begged “where would you exactly go?” asked Max “anywhere, I just want to be you” I said “what?” asked Max “what’s the word?” I asked “you’re confusing me” said max “irresponsible, that’s you” I said finally “T, no don’t be silly. You’re getting married tomorrow. I know why you’re doing this. It’s because you’re scared right?” asked Max “but you don’t have to be. It’s going to be okay” added Max noticing the sad look on my face “I’m doing this because I want to do it” I said “you can’t do it T” said Max “who says?” I asked “I do since you said I’m the big brother and you can’t do it. It’s very irresponsible T” said Max “well you know everything about being irresponsible don’t you” I said sounding crossed “so teach me” I added “I don’t” he stopped when he looked at me and I was on my knees “please Max” I begged “okay, okay you win” said Max helping me up “great, where?” I asked quickly before Max changed his mind “where what?” asked Max “where should we go stupid?” I asked sounding crossed and hit Max’s head “ouch, why did you do that for?” asked Max “because it’s your stupid” I said “well it’s your idea. Bit stupid if you ask me. Running away, the night before you’re getting married” said Max “well I’m not asking you am I? Now let’s go” I said sounding angry and grabbed Max’s hand like he had no choice but to come with me. We set off, having no idea where we were going

Meanwhile, at home, Mike had no idea
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The big day

Chapter 22 – the big day
It was the day of the wedding and Mike was freaking out “why the hell would she do something like this? The night before her wedding? I suppose Max talked her into it. Yeah he’s so irresponsible, she wouldn’t listen to him?” asked Mike “I don’t know why but it’s going to be okay. Tess will come to reason and come home” said Lynette “how do you know?” asked Mike pacing up and down the room “because it’s Tess. She’s a sensible girl” said Lynette trying to keep calm “yeah well she wouldn’t have done this in the first place” said Mike “maybe she’s scared Mike. Have you thought about that?” asked Susan “why would she be scared?” asked Mike “maybe she’s scared because one minute, she’s 18 and moved away from her family and then what happened with her mum and she got pregnant, got engaged, turned 19, become a official adult and getting married and then she will be a young mum. Maybe, just maybe, it’s too much” said Olivia “why didn’t she tell me? Why did she say yes?” asked Mike “because she loves you” said Clara “we have to go and find her” said Mike “but we have no idea where she is” said Bree “WE HAVE TO FIND HER” shouted Mike “okay, okay we will find her I promise” said Susan trying to calm down Mike

“So where exactly are we going?” asked Max as we stopped at traffic lights. I didn’t say anything “you know that Mike is probably freaking out right now” said Max. I still didn’t say anything. My phone was ringing; Max picked it up and looked at it. It was Susan “T, its Susan” he said. I didn’t look at Max, just at the yellow Suzuki in front “T, why are you doing this?” asked Max “T?” the traffic lights went to green and I started driving again

“where is she? What if something really bad happened? It’s 2:30pm, where is she?” asked Mike sounding really worried. No one answered because they didn’t know what to say. No one knew where I was

“T, are you okay?” asked Max “yeah thanks Maxie, why?” I asked as we turned a narrow corner “because it’s your wedding day T and don’t you want to get married?” asked Max “yeah of course I do, why?” I asked as I drove “because you haven’t done anything like this before and Mike is probably really worried about you and the baby. What’s really going on T?” asked Max as we slowed down “I am scared Maxie” I said finally “oh T, why?” asked Max “of losing you and dad. I’ve already lost mum. I don’t want to lose you and dad too. I wouldn’t survive without you” I said “T, drive there and stop for a minute” said Max pointing to a space in front of a old Victorian house. I drove and stopped, turned off the engine and faced Max. Max hauled my hands and looked at me “okay, listen to me T; you will NEVER EVER EVER lose me or dad NOT EVER okay? We wouldn’t be able to survive without you. You are a beautiful and intelligent girl who is my best friend and who I love so much. You are amazing” said Max “can we please go home? I said and I looked at Max and smiled at him, we hugged and I drove home

When we got home, Mike hugged me so tight with Susan and Lynette’s help “where have you been? I’ve been so worried about you” said Mike “I’m really sorry. I just went for a drive. Max tried to stopped me because it was a really dumb thing to do, and I am really sorry” I said “just don’t do it again. Do you want the girls to help you get ready? Max and I will get ready and we’ll see you at the church okay? I love you” said Mike and kissed me and walked away with Max

As I got ready, I looked at Susan, Lynette, Bree, Gabbi, Clara, Meg, Grace and Olivia and smiled “you guys look amazing” I said “says you! You look amazing. Are you ready Mrs Solis?” asked Susan “let’s go” I said and they picked up their bunch of flowers and followed me and held my dress up so it wouldn’t dragged on the floor. My dad was waiting outside the changing room “oh my god T” said my dad smiling as I came out. We linked arms and walked to the church
This was it

When we reached to the church, we walked in. my dad smiled at me “you have no idea of how proud I am of you. You dervese everything and more” said my dad. I smiled at him and signed happily
We walked down the aisle with all of the girls following us. When we got to Mike and Max, I and my dad unlinked our arms and my dad went and stood next to Max and the girls went and stood on my left side. I smiled at Mike. My dream was coming true
“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join Michael Solis and Tessa Harmer in matrimony commended to be honourable among all; and therefore is not to be entered into lightly but reverently, passionately, lovingly and solemnly. Into this - these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together - let them speak now or forever hold their peace. Please read your vows” said the minster
“I, Michael take you Tessa to be my wife to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part” said Mike. It was my turn. I cleared my throat and read “I, Tessa take you, Michael to be my husband, my friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honour and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live” I said “Michael, do you take Tessa to be your wife?” said the minster. Max opened a small box and there was a silver ring and gave it to Mike “I do” said Mike and he put the ring on my finger “do you Tessa, take Michael to be your husband?” asked the minster. I smiled at Mike “I do” I said “you may kissed the bride” said the minster closing his book and looking away as we kissed. Everyone clapped and cheered and threw confetti over us and held each other’s hands and I made sure my vain stayed on my head and we both ran out of the church while everyone continued to chapped and cheered

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My dream come true

Chapter 23 – my dream come true
The next morning, I woke up and looked at Mike sleeping “he’s so cute, I’m the luckiest girl in the entire world” I said to myself. I got up quickly and nearly got out of the bedroom and then Mike woke up “hey, where are you off to?” asked Mike “I just” I couldn’t finished “get back into bed, I will be right back” said Mike getting up and kissing me on the way out. I had no choice but to get back into bed and Mike walked downstairs

When he got downstairs and into the kitchen, Lynette and Susan were drinking their cups of tea while Max was making his breakfast “hey guys, can you help me?” asked Mike “sure” said Susan “what do you want help with?” asked Lynette slipping her tea “breakfast for Tess, you know to celebrate her being a Solis” said Mike “aww, that’s cute. Of course we’ll help” said Susan smiling

Meanwhile, I was still in bed and had my book in my hands and was just about end chapter 19 of harry potter and the goblet of fire when Mike came in with a tray, sat down and gave it to me so I had to put my book on my bed side table “Mike, what’s this?” I asked politely “your breakfast, your first breakfast as Mrs Solis” said Mike “aww that’s so cute, your adorable, thank you” I said kissing him

“How are you Mrs Solis?” Max asked me winking “I’m great, I want to thank you for stopping me doing the dumbest thing in the world. Thank you, you are the best” I said to Max hugging him “you’re welcome T” said Max “I love you big bro” I said “I love you too lil sis, just don’t ever scare me like that again” said Max sounding very serious “okay, okay I won’t, I’m really sorry” I said “honestly” I sounded sympathetic. I looked at Max. He didn’t say anything. He smiled at me and I smiled nervously and he hugged me

“where would you like to go for our honeymoon?” asked Mike “Paris, baby” I said “yeah, I love the name for the baby” said Mike “no I mean, the city, you numpty” I said “ahh, yeah that’s sorted. I will book it tomorrow” said Mike. I smiled at Mike

“oh my god” I said “what?” asked Susan “that was my publisher on the phone” I said “yeah?” asked Lynette “my book is going to be in every book shop and it’s going to be published” I said smiling “oh my god baby” said Mike picking me up and swinging me round “that’s great T” said Olivia “yeah, really great” said Clara “T, that’s amazing” said Max, Meg, Grace, Ben, Bree and Gabbi “I want to take a picture before I go” I said “go? Go where?” asked Gabbi “Paris, Gabs” said Mike. Gabbi looked clueless so Mike rolled his eyes “for our honeymoon Gabriella” he said annoyed “ohhhhh, aww that’s so cute” said Gabbi finally getting it “does anyone have a selfie stick?” I asked politely “no” replied everyone “okay, I have my phone” I said. Everyone got in to position and I stood and held my phone at an angle that could have everyone fit in the photo and I said “smile” and took it

All afternoon I insisted in having a few photos with everyone including dad and uncle ben and Mike’s parents – which was weird but nice and I went upstairs to pack my things “T?” asked Max coming in “yeah, what’s up?” I asked folding clothes and putting them neatly in my pink fluffy huge suitcase which Mike got me for Christmas “you will be coming back right? I mean you won’t be staying or anything?” asked Max as he helped me putting clothes in the suitcase “yes I will coming back, of course I won’t Maxie” I said “oh good” said Max smiling “I will miss you so much Tess” I smiled at Max “I will miss you so much too Maxie. It’s only five days. I am coming back” I said “honestly mate” I added “have a good honeymoon” said Max “thank you, I love you” I said “I love you too” said Max. I smiled at him “what?” he asked “don’t cause any trouble while I’m away okay?” I said winking “I won’t, I promise. So where are you going?” asked Max “Mike asked me the other day” I said “yeah?” asked Max raising his eyebrows “we are going to Paris, Maxie” I said smiling “isn’t that fantastic” “so romantic T. have a good time. See you in five days smelly” said Max poking his tongue out at me. I laughed and squeezed him

That mid-afternoon I was finishing packing when dad came in “hey T” he said causally “hey dad, what’s up?” I asked “nothing honey” said my dad “what’s up dad?!” I asked sounding serious “well” he stopped. I raised my eyebrows and looked at him “your mother is downstairs” I looked at him. He didn’t say anything and I knew he was serious and I rushed downstairs

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Chapter 24 – Betrayal
When I got downstairs, my mum was standing there just looking at me when I came over. First of all, both of us were just stood there. Not saying a word. I was taken aback with her being at the palace again after she left “how many weeks are you now Tessa?” she asked. She sounded crossed and said Tessa. I didn’t say anything, kept on looking at her. My dad and Max saved the awkwardness between us and came over “mum? What are you doing here? Why leave dad?” asked Max “yes, Max is right. What are you doing? Why leave?” I asked finally catching up “yes, Jane I’m wondering the same thing” said my dad. All of us just stood there just looking at each other “how many weeks are you?” asked my mum sounding annoyed. She changed the subject on purpose “8” I said not looking at my mum “is it a girl or a boy?” asked my mum “girl but if you wanted to know so badly then why did you suddenly leave?” I asked more like shouting and looked at my mum not smiling “I’m not going to answer your questions Tessa!” shouted my mum “why not Jane? I, I mean they deverse to know why their mother left them” shouted my dad “I’m not going to discuss this” shouted my mum “then why are you here?” I shouted back “because I miss you. I miss you guys okay” shouted my mum “well then why did you leave?” I asked again “because it began up memories” said my mum sounding calmer “like?” asked Max “I can’t tell you” said my mum upset “why?” I asked “because” she stopped “because I can’t” “why?” I asked. My mum looked at me “stop being so difficult Tessa. God, grow up. You’re an adult now not a kid” shouted my mum “I AM NOT BEING DIFFCULT MUM” I shouted back “don’t give me attuidue” shouted my mum. I rolled my eyes and signed “I KNOW YOU ARE HIDING SOMETHING MUM” I shouted and walked away


“Did you hear her?!” asked Mrs Harmer to Mr Harmer “yes I did, Jane and I agree with Max and Tess. They dervese to know the truth about Alyssa” said Mr Harmer “you’re told them?” asked Mrs Harmer sounding shocked “yes” said Mr Harmer proudly and walked upstairs

“I can’t believe mum” I said pacing up and down in my room “yeah I know” agreed Max “she’s hiding something about Alyssa” I said “is she?” asked Max “yes” I said “what?” asked Max “I have no idea” I said just as my dad and Mike walked in “are you okay?” they both asked “yeah I’m fine” I said “why?” I asked “the way your mum spoke to you was pretty harsh” said Mike “yeah I know but I’m fine. I don’t care about her. I feel betrayal by my own mother” I said starting to cry and sat on my bed. My dad came over and sat next me and gave me a hug “it’s going to be okay sweetheart I promise” said my dad smiling at me and kissed my head “love you” I said “I love you too sweetie” said my dad “I love you more” I said smiling “I love you most” said my dad “I love you to the moon and stars and back again” I said laughing “wow” said my dad “that’s a lot of love” I smiled “yes it is” I said. My dad smiled at me “your mother does love you Tessa. You know that don’t you?” he asked “hmm” I said not sure what else to say “I have an idea, come on. Where’s Max?” asked my dad “probably watching” I couldn’t finished because my dad grabbed my hand and we went to find Max

When I was looking for Max, I bumped into Harriet and Robert and they looked at me “oh hey” I said “hello lady Tessa. How are you?” asked Robert “I’m fine thank you. how are you?” I asked “we’re very sad” said Harriet “oh no, why?” I asked “it is our time to lady Tessa. We have to say goodbye. It’s our time to crossover” said Harriet “where do ghosts go exactly?” I Asked “heaven” said Harriet looking at me “will I see you again?” I asked sounding sad. Harriet and Robert looked at each other and then me and shocked their heads “can you help me find Max? my dad has an idea about our big sister” I said changing the subject “you have a sister?” asked Harriet sounding shocked “yeah, it’s great isn’t it?” I asked “yes it is lady Tessa” said Robert “that’s great T. we’re happy for you” said Harriet “thank you” I Said “your welcome lady Tessa” said Robert. Harriet rolled her eyes as we walked into the kitchen and saw Max and walked over “hey Maxie” I said “oh hello T, what’s up?” asked Max “nothing, dad has a idea about Alyssa but I am sad” I said “oh why?” asked Max “because Harriet and Robert have to go” I said “go? Go where?” asked Max “go to wherever ghosts go to” I said “aww T” said Max “yeah well I’m going to throw them a farewell party” I said “is that it? Is that why you’re sad? Your not sad about mum?” asked Max. I signed “Maxie, don’t” I said “don’t what? Don’t tell the truth? Tess, I know your upset” said Max “please don’t, I know what you are doing and I want you to stop now” I said sounding annoyed “what am I doing?” asked Max “making me feel pain of mum being ashamed” I said “do you feel pain?” asked Max “yes I do” I said starting to cry. Max signed and gave me a hug “Tess, listen to me okay. Mum is the worst. Screw her. It’s going to be okay I promise you” said Max “I love you Max” I said putting my head on his tummy like I really was the little sister. Well Max is taller than me “I love you too” said Max and kissed my head

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Goodbye Harriet and Robert

Chapter 25 – Goodbye Harriet and Robert
The next day, it was Harriet’s and Robert’s farewell party and I was so excited but sad that they were crossing over and leaving the palace for good. Before the party started, I was writing two letters, one for Harriet and Robert. Saying goodbye
Dear Harriet,
Hey Harriet, I’m writing this letter to you to say goodbye. This is really hard for me because I hate saying goodbye to people. I love and care about but this is very difficult because it’s your time to cross over. I understand that I do but meeting you was so lovely. I know we didn’t get on very well at the beginning. But look at us now, we’re best friends, and I love you and I think you are amazing and a really scary ghost but try and not scare anyone too much okay? Behave in ghost heaven and be nice to Robert okay? I will miss you so much
It was really nice knowing you!
Love from
When I finished Harriet’s letter, I read through it and then I started Robert’s letter but had tears in my eyes but continued to write trying not getting the paper wet
It said:
Dear Robert,
Hey Robert, this letter is similar to your sister’s but when I say goodbye to you, I will cry a lot okay? Because I hate saying goodbye to people who mean a lot to me and love. But I know it’s your time to go and crossover. When I found out you had feelings for me, I was touch and scared at the same time. I was touch because it’s been a long time since any boy has liked me and I was scared because well you’re a ghost. I had to say no because your typically dead aren’t you? it wouldn’t of worked and I guys it wouldn’t of been allowed right? You will find some girl ghost up in ghost heaven. If that exists? It was really lovely knowing you and Harriet. I will miss you both so much. Don’t forget to peek and watch Paris grow up okay?

When I finished both letters, I went to go and find Robert and Harriet when I bumped into Robert “oh hello Robert, I have something for you” I said and I gave him the letter and smiled at him “I’ve got to go and find your sister. Do you know where she is?” I asked “bedroom” said Robert and I was gone

“What is this T?” asked Harriet as I gave her, her letter “a letter saying goodbye, I’ve got to go. What are you and Robert doing about 5ish?” I asked “nothing, why?” asked Harriet looking at me spuriously “meet me in the living room later okay?” I asked quickly and I ran upstairs

“They both have letters I wrote; saying goodbye and they’ll meet me in the living room at 5pm. How are the decorations going and the banger? And the food?” I asked “they are all done. Aww T, that’s so sweet” said Olivia “yeah, are you free at 5?” I asked “yeah, yeah absolutely” said Olivia “what about Clara?” I asked “yeah so is dad” said Olivia “great, I’ll see you three later” I said “yeah” said Olivia and I ran downstairs
“Are you lot free later?” I asked the Solis’s “we should be, why? What’s going on? It’s not the baby is it?” asked Susan “Farewell Party for Harriet and Robert, and no I got 7 weeks left su, don’t panic” I said smiling “aw yeah, we’re free. What time is it?” asked Susan “5?” I asked “yeah we should be, why? What’s going on? It’s not the baby is it?” asked Susan “Farewell Party for Harriet and Robert, and no I got 7 weeks left su” I said reassuring Susan “aw yeah we’re free. What time is it?” asked Susan “5?” I asked “yeah we’ll be here, see you later” said Susan as she helped Jason put his coat on because it was raining outside “it looks proper miserable outside” I said as I watched the tiny wet raindrops fall on the living room window “see you later” I said and I hugged Susan, ruffled Jason’s hair and went upstairs to find Max

“That’s so lovely of you T” said Max “thank you, so can you come?” I asked not thinking Max lives with me “I live here, you doughnut” said Max laughing “oh, yeah ahah. That’s great. Everyone can come and everything is done so what now?” I asked Max “uh um” I said (I felt like my head was spinning) “Tess, I think you should sit down and rest. Let me take over” said Max leading me to a chair which was difficult to get on “but I” I stopped “you need to rest T. don’t worry about a thing. Just rest and chill. It will be good for you AND the baby” said Max kissing my forehead “okay well if you insisted then I’ll rest for 20 minutes not doing anything” I said “20? No T, just rest for 2-3 hours okay?” asked Max sounding serious “but what about the party? The food will be here in 10 minutes” I said sounding worried “let me care of you please. I want you and the baby to not do anything for the rest of the day okay? Let me worry about the food. I’ll take care of everything. I’ll check on you in 25 minutes. Here” said Max and he handed me a magazine and left

20 minutes passed so slowly, I was so bored that I got up and walked to the big pink wallpaper living room and I saw Max and went over. He was standing on a long ladder reaching to put up the party banner. It said “GOODBYE HARRIET AND ROBERT” on to the celling “hello” I said looking up at Max. He looked down and was surprise to see me “oh Tess” said Max and jumped the last step and stood next to me “what are you doing?” he asked “standing” I said. Max sighed and looked at me seriously “you’re meant to be resting” said Max “I know but I want to help. Please” I begged “okay fine. Could you check on the food for me? There’s a good girl” said Max but he sounded annoyed but smiled at me “sure” I said “be careful. Want me to walk with you?” asked Max “no I’m fine. Thanks though but I’m fine” I said smiling at my brother “okay” said Max and we hugged

“Someone shoot me” I said as I got into the kitchen, I walked over to Susan and sat down at the kitchen table “what’s up?” asked Susan “Max” I said “what’s he done?!” asked Susan “nothing” I said “but he’s taking this big brother thing way too far. I mean I had a dizzy spell earlier and he told me to go and rest and let me take care of me. He wants to take care of me” “it’s too much?” asked Susan “I love him but it’s too much” I said “then you need to tell him” said Susan now sitting down “what time is it?” she asked looking at her Justin Bieber watch on her arm “4:50, why?” I asked “the party!!” said Susan panicking and standing up “OMG the party” I said panicking now realizing what Susan was on about and we both ran into the hallway and into the living room “GUYS, QUICK, they’ll be down in ten” said Susan “I’ll go get them” I said and everyone nodded and I ran up to the attic

When I got to the attic where Harriet and Robert slept. I knocked on the door and waited. I heard some noise and Robert popped through the door “hello lady Tess” said Robert. I jumped “god Jesus Christ, Robert you made me jump” I said laughing “sorry my lady Tessa” said Robert “don’t worry, come with me” I said “and bring Harriet”
I waited for them to come out of the room “hello Tess” said Harriet popping her head out of the room and came out “you ready?” I asked “yes but Tess, what’s going on?” asked Harriet “you have to wait and see” I said. Harriet and Robert looked at each other scared and with that, I went downstairs and the two ghosts followed

When we got downstairs, I stopped “both of you closed your eyes” I said “why?!” asked Robert “just do it” I said annoyed. Harriet and Robert closed their eyes and I grabbed their hands and led them to the sitting room and let go of their hands and walked over to Max and mouthed “is it ready?” and he mouthed back “yes” I smiled and stood next to Max “you can open your eyes now” I said to Harriet and Robert. They opened their eyes and looked at us all and looked up to the banger hanging up on the ceiling and read “Farewell Harriet and Robert” they smiled at me “Tess, you are so lovely. Thank you so much” said Harriet and Robert smiling at me “your both very welcome” I said and the ghosts both attacked me

After the party finished, we all followed Robert and Harriet up to the dark stuffy attic which was really scary and I never went in there since I came to the palace. “Do I have to go in there” I moaned “it’s dark and scary” “yes you do” said Max. I had no choice but to go in because Max dragged me in “so this is really goodbye” said Harriet looking at me “it’s define” I said sounding upset “it’s been a blast lady Tess” said Robert. I smiled “right back at you” I said. Everyone looked at Harriet and Robert. They smiled at us “goodbye” said Robert. We all smiled at the two ghosts and then there was a gust of wind that lifted both ghosts and then Harriet and Robert grabbed each other’s hand and waved at us “goodbye Harriet and Robert” I said smiling
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A happy couple. A happy ending

Chapter 26 – a happy couple. A happy ending
“how are you feeling Mrs Solis?” asked the doctor “okay, I think” I said not convincing anyone “do you feel nausea or sick?” asked the doctor “I do feel a bit sick actually doctor. Is that a good thing?” I asked “yes. A very good sign. The baby is on her way” said the doctor smiling. We both smiled at the doctor “erm doctor, what are the signs of labour?” asked Mike awkwardly I put my hand on his arm to stop it from shaking and smiled at him then the doctor “there are seven signs, that you should keep a eye on. Sign 1 – Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes (SROM) commonly known as the ‘breaking of the waters’, this happens when the amniotic sac (which surrounds the baby) ruptures, resulting in amniotic fluid trickling or gushing from your vagina. This happens as the first sign of labour in around 15-25% of labours, so it’s not as common as the TV soap operas would have you believe. You may notice a smaller gush of waters or sometimes it may be an enormous flood. Some women also notice a ‘popping’ sensation as their waters break. Amniotic fluid can leak for days and even after the waters have broken, the fluid will still be replenished. If you suspect you have broken your waters, pop a pad on (do not use tampons) and call your midwife or labour ward who will ask a few questions to help distinguish what has happened. Sometimes it may be a bladder leak – don’t feel embarrassed if this is the case, as it’s quite common in the latter stages of pregnancy. Some indicators that your waters that have broken are: Having no control over the flow A panty liner is inadequate to absorb the fluid The pad is wet more than once, and It doesn’t smell like urine Some women describe their waters smelling a bit like ‘semen’ so if you do notice a smell, mention this to the midwife. Your waters should be clear or may have a pink tinge to them. If they are green, brown or any other colour you should get checked out by your doctor or midwife. Waters usually break during the night, some wake to their waters breaking and some wake to go to the toilet and find their water breaks as they get up. It can happen other times also. Sign 2 – Contractions Regular contractions are a good indicator that you are in labour. Early labour contractions usually feel like period pain or you may experience a lower backache at around 20 to 30 minute intervals. Sometimes these pains may radiate from back to front, or vice versa. There is no need to start timing the contractions straight away – if they are mild contractions, ignore them. If you feel there has been progress with early contractions (e.g. getting stronger, longer and closer together), time 5 contractions and see how they are panning out, then time another 5 when you feel there has been further progress. To time your contractions count how many seconds there are between the start and the end of the contraction. You can also time how long it is between contractions by counting how many minutes there are between the start of one contraction and the start of the next contraction. Approximately 3-5 minutes apart and roughly a minute long are a good sign that you are in labour. Labour contractions can start off coming at irregular intervals, but usually become more regular – this is why ignoring early contractions is helpful, as it avoids unnecessary disappointment and anxiety when the contractions aren’t progressing as you hoped. If you are in labour, the contractions will become stronger and last longer. This is the main indicator of labour contractions – time between the contractions is also good, however some women will have contractions that last anywhere between 5-10 minutes apart until the birth. So its the stronger, longer opening contractions you want! It is possible to experience contractions without your cervix dilating. You may still be in pre-labour and not established labour if: Your contractions are irregular The contractions aren’t getting increasingly stronger A change in position, massage, walking, eating or drinking relieves or stops the contractions The contractions are short or may last several minutes Labour contractions will: Not stop or slow down, regardless of frequency and your activity Be in a fairly predictable pattern (e.g. every eight minutes although some women will have regular contractions every 5-10 minutes throughout) Become increasingly closer together Last longer Become stronger (walking usually makes them stronger) Build up, have a peak, then reduce. Sign 3 – Mucus Plug / ‘Bloody’ Show As your cervix begins to dilate (open), the thick mucus plug which sealed off your cervix during pregnancy (to prevent infection reaching the baby) may come loose and partially or wholly discharge from your vagina. It may be watery or sticky and be jelly-like in appearance, and sometimes has a brown, pink or red tinge to it. Some describe it as looking like a blob of semen and it may be as big as a 50 cent coin or more. The show may occur over several days and sometimes you can lose your show up to two weeks before labour starts. Most women who do notice their show will go into labour over the following few days. Some women will not notice their show at all; others may lose their show when their waters break. Take a look at our poll and discussion in our forums as to when women noticed their show and when labour started, here. Sign 4 – Involuntary Shivering Even if you are not cold, you may experience shivering or trembling in early labour. The same thing can happen during or after birth, and can be frightening if you aren’t sure why your body is doing it. It’s simply your body’s way of relieving tension and often lasts only a few minutes. What you can do to help is by doing something relaxing, like a warm shower, massage, deep breathing etc. Holding your breath to the count of 5 several times consecutively can stop the shivers. Another little trick you can try is to count backwards in threes from 20. 20, 17, 14, 11… Sign 5 – Lightening When your baby has dropped and settled deeper into your pelvis, you might notice that you can breathe a little easier than before. This happens because it relieves some pressure on your diaphragm. However, as a pay off, you may then feel more pressure on your bladder, which means more trips to the bathroom! Sometimes others around you might be first to notice that baby has dropped as your tummy changes in appearance, which you might not have realised. Some women don’t experience ‘lightening’ at all and go into labour fine – if your baby doesn’t drop, it doesn’t mean you wont go into labour or baby wont fit. Some good contractions can help with that! Sign 6 – Diarrhoea In the days prior to birth, production of prostaglandin will stimulate your bowels to open more frequently. As labour approaches, you may notice diarrhoea – the body is naturally emptying the bowels to make way for baby. A very common fear is that you will open your bowels in labour, however you may find this emptying of the bowel prior to going into labour prevents that. Sometimes there can be some passing of stools during labour. Some women don’t even notice as midwives quickly attend to this, however keep in that the midwives are used to this and it is very normal. Anxiety in labour can slow or stall contractions, so if it is of great concern to you, have a chat with your midwife. Sign 7 – Increased Braxton Hicks Contractions These ‘practice’ contractions which you may have felt during pregnancy may occur more frequently and be more intense and painful. Some women may not feel any Braxton Hicks throughout pregnancy so don’t feel alarmed if you haven’t and this doesn’t mean labour is any further away. Remember, to distinguish Braxton Hicks from labour contractions, note the points from the contractions paragraph – if they are labour contractions and not Braxton Hicks, they need to be getting stronger, regular, closer together and do not stop!” said the doctor …

By the time the doctor had finished explaining Mike’s arm had stop shaking. We both stood up “thank you doctor” I said shaking his hand “good luck, here” said the doctor and he gave us a booklet of what he had explain to us but in more detail “goodbye” said the doctor and we shut the door

“That was very useful what Dr Miles told us” said Mike getting into the car “yes it was” I said as Mike started the car and drove “but?” asked Mike “there’s no but” I lied “yeah there is, come on Tess. I’ve known you for long enough. I know when you’re lying” said Mike “what’s up?” “Talk to me” he added as we stopped at some traffic lights “it’s just … I’m scared” I said “with mum not talking to me and everything. I’m all alone” I said and I started to cry “she’s still not talking to you? aw T, you’re not alone, you’ve got me” said Mike smiling at me “thanks babe, I’ve texted her and rang her but” I said shrugging my shoulders “I give up, if she wants to act like a child, let her” I added sounding angry now “aww honey, I don’t know what to say, but don’t forget that I love you” said Mike trying to make me smile “I love you too” I said with no smile “are you okay?” asked Mike sounding worried whilst looking ahead and started to drive “yeah I’m fine, I just feel sick” I said “I’ll get you home as soon as I can I promise” said Mike putting his hand on my left shoulder, trying to confront me “are we having the baby at the hospital or at home?” he asked “hospital, I was born at the hospital so was Max” I said “what about Alyssa?” asked Mike. I went silence “I don’t know, I don’t know about anything about Alyssa. I just know her name and where she lives which is Yeovil and she has a little girl” I said “don’t you think it’s weird?” asked Mike “what is weird? I don’t understand” I said “that your mum had a girl and now you’re having a girl” said Mike “two girls” I corrected him “huh?” asked Mike “mum had two girls. Me and Alyssa” I said “yeah, do you want to find her?” asked Mike as we packed in the driveway next to Susan’s car and got out. I got my house keys out of my bag and open the castle’s front door and we walked in “find who?” I asked “Alyssa” said Mike “yeah of course” I said “I just need to …” I stopped and bent down with my hands on my tummy because it was hurting “babe, is it the baby?” asked Mike. I stood back up “no it’s okay” I said “sure?” asked Mike “yes” I said smiling and looked at Mike

“What did the doctor say?” asked Max “that the baby is healthy” I said smiling at my brother “Mike asked what synthons that we should look out for” I added “yeah? And how are you feeling now?” asked Max “sick” I said “do you want me to get Mike?” asked Max “no it’s okay, I just think I need to lie down and sleep, you know” I said and I walked over to the bed and sat down towards my fluffy pink pillow and laid down “I’ll let you sleep okay” said Max. I closed my eyes and Max quietly got up and Mike was standing by the door “oh hi” said Mike as Max walked out of the room “hi” said Max, but his reply was so cold towards Mike “is Tess okay?” asked Mike ignoring Max’s cold response “she is feeling sick” said Mike “has her water broke yet?” asked Mike “no, she’s asleep at the moment” said Max “you’re going to be good parents” he added smiling “thank you” said Mike “your welcome, her water could break any minute” said Max “really?” asked Mike “yes” said Max. Mike smiled at Max “I’m glad you’re here Maxie” he said “me too” said Max “so is Tess” said Mike. Max smiled then he heard noises coming from my bedroom. They both rushed to the bedroom and opened the door and saw me in pain. They rushed over to me “Tess?” they asked “Mike, I think my water’s just broke” I said

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Chapter 27 – Labour
“OMG, um okay” said Mike “GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW” I yelled. Mike and Max helped me up and went downstairs towards the door. Max opened the door and got hauled of my other arm again and they both helped me to the car “ouch, put me down” I said “right, I’m going to call the ambulance” said Mike and he and Max helped me sit down while Mike rushed to call the hospital “ARUGHH, OMG it hurts so much” I moaned

When Mike came back, it was getting worse “OMG Mike, I’m having a baby” I moaned “the ambulance is on its way Tess. It’s going to be okay” said Mike

35 minutes later, I was lifted into a wheelchair by the paramedics and they pushed me into a lift and got in the ambulance and they put a blanket on me to keep me warm and Mike jumped in and Max got in my ford car and the paramedics shut the doors behind us and got in the front and started the engine. Mike was sat on the seat next to me “OMG, the pain” I screamed. Mike put his hand on my hand to stop it from shaking “it’s going to be okay honey, I’m here” said Mike and he led forward and kissed my forehead and moved my hair out of my face “the pain, it hurts so much” I cried and I sat there crying because it hurt intensely on the way to the hospital

They got to the hospital, got me out of the ambulance. I was still crying and screaming. Mike grabbed my hand and I squeezed it hard while one of the paramedics pushed me and the other opened the door to the ward 4 of the hospital
When they got to a bed, the two men lifted me from the wheelchair to the bed, got me into a confronting position, and rushed everywhere to find some towels and nurses. Mike and Max sat each side of me. Max turned up at the hospital just as I was put on the bed. They both grabbed my hands “where’s dad?” I asked “he’s here sweetheart” said my dad coming over. Max let go of my right hand and my dad grabbed it and sat in the chair where Max was sat next to me. I squeezed both of Mike’s and my dad’s hand hard, but they didn’t say anything and just smiled at me. When the doctors and nurses came over with towels and the doctor had medical scissors “okay Tess, I want you to breathe in and out for me? Can you do that?” asked the doctor
I breathed in and out while pushing really hard. The doctor kept looking up my bladder to see if the baby was coming while I kept pushing and breathing in and out and I closed my eyes
While I had my eyes closed. Max, Mike and my dad waited patiently for the baby to come out

25 minutes, the doctor said “here you go Mrs Solis, it’s a baby girl. Congratulations” and he gave me the baby. I opened my eyes and looked at the baby girl “she’s beautiful” I said whilst crying and laughing. Mike, Max and my dad stood up and looked at the baby

The baby was small, had brown shiny eyes, that sparkled so brightly like the stars in the night sky, had a small button nose, her face was just as beautiful as her mother’s

“Lucky thing” I thought to myself laughing
Her hands were so delicate and tiny. She laid there in her mother’s hands, fast asleep, weighing only 6 pounds. She was born midday and was absolutely the beautiful baby Tess had ever seen.
The baby opened her eyes, we were all looking at her “she’s so tiny” said Max touching the baby’s tiny hands “yeah she is, she’s just like a doll” I said smiling “she’s ours” said Mike “forever” I said kissing Mike “want to hold her?” I asked “of course, yeah” said Mike and he hauled out his arms while I passed her gently to Mike “oh my god, she’s so light. She’s not heavy at all” said Mike “Max, pass me my phone a second” I said and Max took my phone from my bag and gave it to me “I’m going to take a picture” I said “oh you too Max” I added. Max stood next to Max and I looked through my new phone for the camera. I looked up and the height difference between my little brother and my husband was so funny. When I found the camera, I smiled at them “smile” I said and took the photo and smiled and showed Mike and Max “bless you T” said Max smiling at me and hugged me

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Chapter 28 – Baby
“Do you know when you can come home?” asked Mike the next day “tomorrow” I said “with the baby?” asked Mike “yes” I said smiling “can’t wait, but why can’t you come home today?” asked Mike “the doctors just want to make sure I’m okay and that the baby is okay, don’t worry baby” I said reassuring Mike “you sure?” asked Mike “yes” I said “are you sure the name isn’t too long?” I asked “no, it’s perfect” said Mike. I smiled at him

“she’s so beautiful” said Mr Harmer as he held the baby and smiled at me “well done sweetheart, congratulations to both of you” “thank you” I said smiling “what’s her name again?” asked Mr Harmer “we haven’t properly named her yet dad” I said “okay, what are you going to call her?” asked Mr Harmer. I cleared my throat and sat up in my hospital bed “Paris Gabriella Lorelai Solis” I said “wow” said Mr Harmer “wow? Is it too long?” I asked worried “no, no sweetheart. It’s a lovely name” said Mr Harmer “are you sure it isn’t too long?” I asked still worrying “yes” said Max stepping in. I smiled at my dad and my brother

When my dad and Max got home, they both went into the kitchen where they found Mike going through photos “what are you doing?” asked Max “trying to find out who Alyssa is” said Max “how’s T?” “she’s fine, the baby is beautiful, congratulations” said Max “Thanks Max mate” said Mike “your welcome Mike mate” said Max “I know who Alyssa is” said Mr Harmer “we know you do, so tell us” said Max “okay” said Mr Harmer. Max and Mike waited “what?” asked Mike “wouldn’t it be best if we just leave it” said Mr Harmer “are you insane?!” asked Mr Harmer “I’m just being sensible” said Mr Harmer “but Tess wants to find Alyssa” said Mike “please dad, not just for us but for Tess as well” begged Max “okay, okay but don’t tell your mum. I’m in enough trouble for telling you, her existent” said Mr Harmer, giving into Max. Mike and Max laughed at this but my dad joined in and smiled

“so Alyssa has a daughter called Stacey Brennan, she’s 28 years old” he stopped “what, Stacey is 28 years old, OMG” said Max “Max, don’t be stupid. Your dad meant that Alyssa is 28 years old not Stacey” said Mike sighing “yes, Alyssa is 28 years old not Stacey, thank you Mike” said Mr Harmer “she lives in Yeovil, she’s divorced, she’s adopted” he stopped again “well obviously” said Max. Mike rolled his eyes “stop interrupting your dad. It’s rude. What’s the matter with you” said Mike. After that, Max stopped being rude “doesn’t know you and Tessa are her brother and sister, she’s got three adopted sisters called Lauren, India and Kristen and 2 adopted brothers called Elliot and Parker. Her adopted parents are called Andrey and” “Andrey, what kind of a name is” Max stopped when he saw the look on dad’s and Mike’s face and didn’t finished “and Callum. She doesn’t know me or your mother, doesn’t know anything about her past, doesn’t know why she’s adopted. She loves reading like Tess. She has a job as a beauty therapist. Her ex-husband is called Blake Brennan and her daughter is 4 years old” Mr Harmer finished “does she like writing stories?” asked Mike “no I don’t think so. She has a thing for motor bikes and that’s how she met Blake” said Mr Harmer “I think Tess is the only one with the creative side” “can I tell this all to Tess when I pick her up?” asked Mike “yeah of course, is she coming home today?” asked Mr Harmer “yes” said Mike. Everyone smiled

“are you ready to come home?” asked Mike “you bet I am” I said as Mike helped me pack “everyone is so excited” said Mike “aww” I said smiling “I’m glad you’re coming home, I’ve missed you so much. Max has been a” he couldn’t finished “Nightmare?” I finished. Mike nodded “what’s he done this time?” I asked sighing. Clearly fed up of Max’s behaviour “he kept on being rude and interrupting your dad when he was telling us about Alyssa” said Mike. I rolled my eyes “don’t worry, I told him off and after that, he stopped interrupted your dad” said Mike quickly seeing my face. I smiled at Mike and hugged him and looked up at him because he was taller than me “thank you” I said “so what’s going on?!” asked Mike “what do you mean?” I asked confused “what did the doctors say?” asked Mike. I let go of Mike, cleared my throat and looked at my husband “Mike, this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to say but our baby, well she has neurofibromatosis type 1” I said. I looked at my husband, he didn’t say anything “Mike, honey are you okay?” I asked sounding worried. Mike stood up and walked over to the baby tank to where our daughter was sound asleep in lots of blankets. I went over to him “I’m still getting used to the idea myself” I said and I put my head on Mike’s shoulder and he kissed my head “how can she? I mean, you don’t” said Mike “I don’t know baby. It was a huge surprise to me too” I said “what is neurofibromatosis exactly?” asked Mike “it’s too do with the nervous system and learning disabilities and the curvature of the spine and learning difficulties” I said. Mike just stood there looking down through the tank to see Paris “I know, it’s huge” I said “but she’s perfect no matter what” said Mike finally putting his hand to join mine “agreed babe” I said and we finished packing

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Paris Gabriella Lorleai Solis

Chapter 29 - Paris Gabriella Lorelai Solis
When we got home, we opened the palace’s front door, I was carrying the car seat that had my baby in it and walked into the living room “hey” I said causally “T” said everyone and they rushed over and hugged me “she’s tiny” said Lynette and looked at my baby “yeah” I said quietly “she’s so beautiful” said Susan “yeah she is” I said again quietly “congratulations” said Susan hugging me “thank you Su” I said smiling “what’s her name?” asked Olivia “didn’t I tell you liv?” I asked “yeah but I can’t remember” said Olivia “she’s called Paris” I said “full name?” asked Olivia “Paris Gabriella Lorelai Solis” I said proudly “aww, so cute” said Clara “guys” I said “it’s a lovely name” said Max “guys” I said again “she’s so prefect” said Meg and Grace “GUYS” I shouted. I couldn’t wait any longer “yes T?” asked Grace “I have to tell you something” I said sounding scared “what is it?” asked Lynette. I cleared my throat, looking at Mike “T, tell them” said Mike and grabbed my hand and I looked at all of them “our baby, well she has neurofibromatosis type 1” I said. Everyone went quiet and looked at me then the baby then me again and Max saw my face and came over and gave me a hug and put his face against my face and gave me a squeeze, wrapped his arms around me too “come with me” he said grabbing my hand “what about the baby?” I asked worried “we’re look after her, don’t worry. Go with Max” said Meg nodding at me “okay” I said and followed Max and we walked into the living room. Mike looked up and saw my face “what is it?” he asked coming over and Max stood up as he was sat down “she’s upset” said Max starting the obvious “I can see that. Where’s the baby?” asked Mike “I don’t understand how something so sweet and innocent can have neurofibromatosis type 1. It breaks my heart” I said “with Meg and Grace” I added “does anyone has it?” asked Mike. I looked at Max “don’t think so” he said “maybe you should ask your dad?” asked Mike. We nodded and we went to find my dad

“What did you find out about Alyssa?” I asked Max “lots” said Max as we went upstairs “like what?” I asked “like lots” said Max “Max, stop being so difficult” I said sighing “fine okay, I’ll tell you” said Max “she has a daughter called Stacey, she lives in Yeovil. She’s 28 years old, she is dircoved, she is adopted, doesn’t know we’re her brother or sister, she has 3 adopted sisters called Lauren, Kirsten and India and 2 adopted brothers called Elliot and Aaron. Her adopted parents are called Andrey and Callum, doesn’t know mum and dad, doesn’t know about her past, doesn’t know why she is adopted, she loves reading, she has a job as a beauty therapist, her ex is called Blake Brennan and her daughter is 4 years old” said Max.
We walked into dad’s bedroom “hey dad” we said causally “what’s up?” asked Mr Harmer “dad, we found out this morning that Paris has neurofibromatosis and we were wondering if anyone else has it in the family?” I asked “grandma has it” said Mr Harmer “have we meet her and grandad?” asked Max “no you haven’t” said Mr Harmer “do you have their phone number? Maybe they can come here and we can meet them” said Max. my dad looked at us “please daddy” I begged. This always used to work when I was little when I wanted something
He stopped and saw our faces. We were doing puppy dog faces “I’ll see what I can do” said Mr Harmer. I smiled at him jumping up and down. High fived Max and hugged my dad “thanks daddy” I said then I heard crying and rushed upstairs.

“it’s alright princess, mummy’s here” I said as I walked into the kitchen and Meg passed her over to me and I gently rocked her to calm her down. In a second, Paris stopped crying and gave me a smile “you’re a natural” said Meg giving me a hug and kissing Paris on the check. She giggled “thanks Meg, want to take a picture?” I smiled at my best friend and got my phone out of the bag and we both smiled at the camera with Paris on Meg’s hip. “Smile” I said, I showed it to Meg “aww that’s cute” said Meg “thank you Meg, thank you for everything” I said. I smiled at her, I got Paris from Meg and Paris put her small soft head on my left shoulder and cuddled. We took another photo “smile” said Meg and she stood in front. Paris and I both smiled. Meg showed me the photo “aww” I said smiling and we had a big hug.

“what did grandma say to you dad? asked Max the next day. My dad sighed and looked at me, Paris and Max “can I hold her?” asked Mr Harmer. I nodded and passed Paris over to him and he smiled “she’s so prefect” said Mr Harmer and Max together “thank you, she IS prefect” I said smiling “family photo?” asked my dad “with everyone?” I asked “like who?” asked Max. I rolled my eyes “mum?” he asked hopefully. Bless him. “no” I said “she’s made it clear enough, she doesn’t want to be in our family anymore. This is our family” I said and cleared my throat “dad, Alyssa, me, you, auntie Rachael, Uncle Ben, Olivia, Clara, Leah, Grandma Mary, Grandad Arthur, Grandma Brenda, Grandad Allen, Mike, Paris, Mr and Mrs Solis, Lynette, Bree, Gabbi, Susan and Jason” I finished

It took Max a while to remember this “oh yeah” he said finally remembering. I laughed and ruffled his hair “so?” I asked looking at my dad “so what baby?” asked Mr Harmer “so are they coming or not?” I asked getting inpatient with my dad “yes” said Mr Harmer formally “really?” I asked raising my eyebrows “yes, your grandparents are coming here Tess” said Mr Harmer smiling “OH MY GOD” I said jumping up and down with so much joy that I nearly tipped but Max saved me “careful” he said helping me up “sorry” I said “they can finally meet Paris” I said smiling. By this time, I’d stopped jumping up and down and was sat down on the sofa “yeah, they’re her great grandparents and they can finally meet you and Max at least and Olivia and Clara. They can meet the whole family. I am so excited. I haven’t seen my parents since I married your mother, oh god, they’ll be so disappointed in me. They loved your mum. Maybe this is a bad idea” said Mr Harmer freaking out “no dad, it’s not your fault. Mum left you, you didn’t leave her. She’s a bitch and the sooner grandma and grandad know it, the better” I said. The doorbell rang and we all looked at each other “they’re early” said Mr Harmer. We all walked downstairs, followed by Mike, with Paris on his hip, Clara and
Olivia and opened the door …
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Meeting the grandparents

Chapter 30 – Meeting the grandparents
I opened the door and we all looked at each other not saying anything “come in mum and dad” said Mr Harmer. My grandparents walked in and looked around “very nice Craig” said my Nan “thanks mum but I don’t typically live here. My daughter does” said Mr Harmer and he hurried me to step forward “mum, dad. This is my daughter Tessa” said Mr Harmer. I smiled at my grandparents “hello Tessa, we’re very pleased to meet you but whose baby?” asked my nan shaking my hand “nan, she’s mine” I said smiling “yours?” asked my grandpa “yeah” I said grinning “she’s so beautiful” said my nan “thank you” I said “can I hold her?” asked my grandpa “yeah of course” I said and Mike passed Paris over to my grandad “this is Mike, my husband” I said proudly and walked over to Mike and cuddled him and my grandad put Paris in his arms “nice to finally meet you all. Who’s this? Your son Tessa??” asked my Nan. We all laughed expect my Nan “oh your serious?” I asked laughing “yes” said my Nan “he’s not my son nan. He’s my brother” I said smiling at Max who was still laughing “hi Max, I’m Max” said Max who stopped laughing and shake nan’s hand and smiling “any other family members we don’t know about Craig?” asked my grandad who sounded annoyed “well …” said my dad stopped and walked to the living room and we all followed him “just a few more” said my dad and everyone else came over and smiled at my grandparents “hello I’m Susan, this is Lynette, Bree, Gabbi, Jason, Olivia and Clara” said Susan looking at my grandparents “nice to meet you all” said my grandad. I smiled at my grandparents “you too” said Lynette “so where’s Jane?” asked my Nan. I looked at my dad “be right back” I said and I grabbed my dad’s hand and we went into the kitchen

“Dad, what are you going to tell them?” I asked “the truth” said Mr Harmer “what? No, you can’t” I said worrying “why not?” asked Mr Harmer “because it’s my fault” I said panicking “no it isn’t T. don’t think like that” said Mr Harmer “what am I suppose to think dad? That this whole mess is mum’s fault? When she didn’t get herself pregnant! It’s my fault. It’s all my fault” I said “and I have to tell them” I added and I rushed off back to the living room “no Tess, don’t” said Mr Harmer and he rushed off after me.

“It was my fault” I said “what is your fault?” asked my grandad “tess, don’t” said Mr Harmer as he came in running “Craig, what’s going on? Where is Jane?!” asked my nan “mum, um theres something I need to tell you” said Mr Harmer. His voice didn’t sound normal like usual. It sounded like he was nervous or scared or something. It wouldn’t be his grandparents would it?
“What is it?” asked my grandad looking at my dad “well you see, the thing is, is that well Jane doesn’t live here because she’s left” said Mr Harmer “what, has she gone on holiday?” asked my nan

They must love my mum so much that they thought she went on holiday

“no mum” said Mr Harmer laughing “then why did she leave??” asked my nan “because she’s ashamed” said Mr Harmer “and embarrassed” he added “of what?” asked Mr Harmer “of me” I said “why?” asked my nan “because I got pregnant” I said looking at the floor “oh honey, that’s so harsh” said my nan catching up. I nodded “it’s her loss not yours. It’s your life not hers. Your 19 now so you’re a adult and not a kid. Don’t worry about her, your daughter is prefect and I am so proud of you and what you’re been through” said my grandad “thank you so much grandad” I said and hugged him and smiled at him “you’re welcome” said my grandad “can I ask you something?” I asked as I looked at Mike and he nodded “of course, anything” said my grandad “do you have neurofibromatosis type 1?” I asked. My grandparents looked at each other than me “I have it darling, why? Do you have it?” asked my grandma “no I don’t but my baby girl does” I said looking at the tiny baby sleeping quietly in her nice, pink and soft blankets. She looked so peaceful and cute “oh my god, I am so sorry” said my nan “aw don’t be silly nan, it’s not your fault” I said smiling and hugged her “you’re a sweetie” said my nan “thank you” I said smiling “nan, there’s something else” I added “what is it?” asked my nan “well what are the symptoms?” I asked “learning difficulties, pale and non – concerous, bumps on or under skin” said my nan “thank you Nan, will you stay? Please stay?” I asked “well” said my Nan stopped and looked at my dad “I- I don’t know, is that alright with you, Craig?” asked my Nan “well, yes of course mum. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like” said Mr Harmer. I looked at my dad, I knew that look. He was hurting. But he smiled at me and my grandparents

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Secrets I never knew

Chapter 31 – secrets I never knew
“Nan, do you know where we can find Alyssa?” I asked that afternoon “yes” said my Nan “great” said Max smiling at me “where is she? We would love to meet her so much Nan. We’re been trying for months haven’t we T?” asked Max “yes we have” I agreed “want me to take you both?” asked my Nan “can you drive?” asked Max. I stared at him “Maxie, don’t be so rude” I said “yes of course I can drive young man, come on” said my Nan and we followed her.

Oh my god, I was actually going to meet my big sister Alyssa

That afternoon, we all set off. We had to use two cars because there were five seats in my grandparents car, plus Paris’s car seat, it was my grandparents in the front and me, mike and Paris in the back. Then Susan, Lynette, dad, Max and the twins all in dad’s car with dad driving
“What’s she like?” I asked “she’s very much like you” said my nan “really?” I asked smiling “yeah T, she looks a lot like you too. You two are very much alike” said my nan as we got into Yeovil and turned at the roundabout. I smiled at Mike and Paris giggled “did I hear someone giggle, did I? did I paris?” I asked and tickled her and smiled.

When we got to Alyssa’s house, my grandad packed in front of her house and I looked through the window. The house was big and it looked like any other house really but covered with ivy and the walls were painted pink and the door was painted purple. “So what now?” asked my grandad “I- I don’t know. Maybe you could go up to the door. Does she know you?” I asked “yeah she does” said my grandad causally. Not realising how hurt I would be. In that second, I didn’t say anything. I was feeling hurt and angry but smiled at my grandparents anyway.
“So you could go up to the door with us?” I asked “absolutely, of course” said my nan smiling at me. I smiled at her. My phone vibrated and I looked at it and it was Max, I read the text out loud “what’s the plan? We’re parked behind you” and I turned around and looked at Max as he was waving at me and I turned back round and replied back to the text. I said “we’re going to go up to the door with grandma and grandad together” and I turned back to face Max and looked through the front window and saw everyone come out of dad’s red ferri car and I smiled and turned back round to Mike “let’s go” I said and opened the car and got Paris out of the car and shut the door behind me.

Max, my dad, Olivia, Clara, Lynette and Susan came over to us “you ready?” asked Max “I-I, not really” I said nervously. Max grabbed my hand and smiled at me “together?” he said. I smiled at him.
We walked up to Alyssa’s front door with Mike carrying Paris in her car seat and he hauled my right hand and we all stopped and I looked at my nan and she nodded at me and reach to ring the doorbell. We waited patiently.
10 minutes later, we heard footsteps and a 28 year old woman opened the door. She had brown eyes and hair, with very long hair. She looked tired and wore an apron and had flour on her face. We all looked at her. She raised her eyebrows “yes?” she asked “Alyssa, hey” said my grandad “oh, hi grandad. What are you doing here and who are all these people?” asked Alyssa looking at me and Max “this is Tess and Max. They’re both our granddaughter and grandson” said my grandad smiling at me. Alyssa continued to look at me and Max and thought for a minute. We all waited …

20 minutes later, Alyssa spoke “so that means – if they’re your granddaughter and grandson. Then that means they’re my baby brother and sister” I smiled at her and she smiled back. I noticed her smile was actually like mine. “OMG” said Alyssa suddenly and grabbed both me and Max by our arms and hugged us.

30 minutes later, she let us go and I continued to smile at my big sister “I’m Tess, I’m so happy to meet you” I said happily “I’ve always thought I had a brother and sister out there somewhere. Tess – what a lovely name, it suits you very well. You are gorgeous!” said Alyssa. I smiled at her “thank you” I said “Who’s this handsome chap?” asked Alyssa now looking at Max “I’m Max, I’m also really happy to meet you” said Max offering his hand to Alyssa. She shake it and smiled at us “do you want to come in and we can talk properly?” asked Alyssa and we all followed her inside. “Sorry about the mess, your house is never tidy when you” she stopped “have kids, we know how you feel” I finished. Alyssa looked at me and Mike as we sat down “I’m Mike, please to meet you. T has wanted to meet you for ages. This little one is Paris. She’s a month old” said Mike smiling at Alyssa. I smiled at both of them “aww, wow, congratulations. They grow up too fast, my little girl is 4 already!” said Alyssa “thank you” said Mike “her name is Stacey May and she’s amazing” said Alyssa “aww” I said smiling “so what do you want to talk about?” asked Alyssa “I don’t know but we would like you to meet someone” I said and my dad stepped forward and smiled at Alyssa “hi Alyssa, I’m your dad” said Mr Harmer “Oh my god, daddy?” asked Alyssa smiling and they both hugged while I smiled at my dad and my big sister

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Chapter 32 – thank you
“Do you want to come home with us?” I asked out of the blue. There was silence after I said this and everyone stared at me “what?!” I asked getting annoyed with everyone looking at me “I’d love to” said Alyssa finally smiling at me “and Stacey?” I asked hopeful. Alyssa smiled at me and came over and whispered “thank you” I smiled at Alyssa and for the first time in my 19 years of life, I was extremely glad I was the middle child.

The next day, we all helped Alyssa get all of her and Stacey’s stuff packed. I was helping Stacey upstairs “so are you at school Stacey? Do you enjoy school?” I asked “I love school. Are you mummy’s friend?” asked Stacey “not really sweetheart. I’m her sister, so I’m your auntie” I said “no you’re not. I already have lots and lots of aunties” said Stacey “yes but I’m blood relate” I said “I love you Auntie Tess” said Stacey and she hugged me. I put my arms around Stacey and smiled. Stacey called me auntie

“Guess what happened upstairs?” I asked Mike grinning. Mike looked at me worriedly “what?” asked Mike “Stacey called me Auntie Tess, she told me she loves me. She actually called me auntie. It was so wonderful” I said smiling “oh T, that’s great. Really great” said Mike smiling “thank you” I said and Mike kissed me. We didn’t notice that Stacey had walked in the living room “ew, Auntie Tess is kissing someone” said Stacey. She said it so loud that everyone rushed in “Stacey sweetheart, that’s your uncle Mike” said Alyssa a hug “he can’t be, I have lots of uncles” said Stacey getting confused “oh honey, uncle Mike is auntie Tess’s husband and auntie Tess is my sister” said Alyssa bending down and holding Stacey’s hands “oh hello” said Stacey “hello there Stacey, there’s someone we would like you to meet” said Mike “this is Paris. She’s your baby cousin, she is 5 months old” I said smiling “thank you Tess” said Alyssa “what for?” I asked “for inviting us to stay” said Alyssa “no problem, we have lots of room and you’re family” I said. Alyssa smiled


When we got home, we unpacked all of Alyssa’s and Stacey’s things into a spare room “you don’t mind letting us use that bed?” asked Alyssa “not at all” I said “are you sure?” asked Alyssa “yes, it wasn’t being used anyway” I said “love you” said Alyssa. I smiled for a minute at Alyssa “I love you too” I said hugging Alyssa and smiling “so what happened with your ex?” I asked “it’s a long story” said Alyssa “well I got cheated on three times with my ex best friend. I wondered why she was spending a lot of time at my house you know. But I thought it was to spend quality with Stacey. But she was privately spending time with Chris behind my back” said Alyssa “OMG, you dervese better” I said “it’s his loss” I smiled at her and hugged her “thank you” said Alyssa “your welcome” I said hugging her again and we smiled at each other. It was so nice bonding with Alyssa after not knowing that I had a big sister for 19 years.

“I think it’s time I forgive mum” I said to Max “what? Why?!” asked Max “Paris deverses a grandmother no matter what the issues are the two of us” I said more convicing to myself than Max because he just stare at me not saying a word

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Forgiveness and stuff

Chapter 33 – Forgiveness and Stuff
Max continued to stare at me for quite a long time that I got slightly annoyed that I clicked my fingers in front of his face. He blinked “why?!” he asked me suddenly. I wasn’t listening. I was looking around for something “T?” asked Max. I was looking through a drawer so wasn’t listening to Max still and he got slightly annoyed at me “Tess?” asked Max again. I jumped and turned around to look at Max “yeah” I said causally “why forgive so quickly? After all the things she said to you. WHILE you were pregnant with Paris. You can’t forgive her this quickly” said Max “I know it was harsh words but Paris needs a grandmother. Stacey has one” I said “Stacey doesn’t” said Max “she does” I said “no she doesn’t” said Max “YES SHE DOES” I said sounding angry “no she doesn’t” answered Max “Max, she does” I said “Tess, she does” said Max “who?” I asked “her adopted gran” said Max “yeah, adopted gran, it doesn’t court” I said “it does” said Max “doesn’t” I said “does” said Max “doesn’t” I said sounding annoyed “she does T” said Max “okay, adopted yeah, but not blood” I said “still doesn’t court” I added “but they both need grandmothers” I said “but she left dad T” said Max “What Stacey? Or Paris?” I asked. Max rolled his eyes and sighed “no you idoit. Don’t be so stupid. Mum left dad” said Max “I know” I said “so you shouldn’t forgive mum so quickly” said Max “do I have to choose between dad and Paris?” I moaned and sounding upset “no, but you’re got to find a better way T” said Max trying to make me smile. I smiled at him “thank you” I said smiling at Max “I love you so much T” said Max “I love you so much more” I said “not even possible” said Max “I think it is” I said poking my tongue out “come with me” said Max grabbing me by my arm “where are we going?” I asked “we are going to go and ask Mike if you should forgive mum or not as you can’t choose” said Max “Max, don’t, this is hard enough without Mike making me choose too” I said “I know you don’t have to choose. You’ll be okay I promise T. you’ll choose the right thing to do” said Max

When we got into the kitchen, we went over to him “oh hey guys” said Mike as he was washing the dishes “T can’t choose” said Max “can’t choose what?” asked Mike “whether to forgive mum” said Max “we really need a dishwasher” said Mike “we do have one” I said cheekily “we do?!” asked Max looking at me “yeah, it’s Mike” I said cheekily and smiled at Mike. Mike raised his eyebrows and stopped washing a red plate but still had bubbles on his hands and smiled at me with evil eyes and I frowned at him and ran for it and Mike chased me.

When we got upstairs, Mike suddenly wrapped his arms around me so I couldn’t escape “Mike, let go” I said laughing and trying to escape. Mike started kissing my face, then my neck “oh Mike, that tickles” I said laughing “good” said Mike letting go. He poked his tongue out at me. I went all quiet. He looked at me “what’s up?” asked Mike “nothing” I lied “T?” he asked “yeah?” I said causally “what’s wrong?” asked Mike “nothing” I said slightly annoyed “it’s just” I said quietly “just what?” asked Mike “Max doesn’t think I should forgive mum but Paris needs a grandmother and Max and I came into the kitchen to ask you if I should or not” I said “I agree with Max” said Mike “why? Paris needs a grandmother” I said “she does have one” said Mike “no she doesn’t” I said “yeah she does” said Mike “who?” I asked “my mum” said Mike “oh” I said “yeah because we’re married now aren’t we?” I added now remembering “well done Emstein” said Mike teasily chapping his hands “why shouldn’t I forgive mum though?” I asked “because of all the harsh things and words she said to you while you were pregnant with Paris. T, she called you embarrassing. What sort of mother does that? Paris doesn’t need a grandmother like that and you don’t dervese a mother like that and you shouldn’t forgive her” said Mike “until she says sorry to you first” said Max coming over “I don’t think that’s ever going to happen guys” I said “she’s so stubborn, she doesn’t admit to anything wrong” I added “she might” I turned around to see my mum standing there. We didn’t speak for a few minutes, just stare at each other “oh, what are you doing here” I asked “I am here to say sorry and to hopefully have my daughter’s forgiveness” said my mum. I kept on staring at my mum but came forward and awkwardly give my mum a hug “thanks” said Mrs Harmer “Tessa?” asked Mrs Harmer “yes?” I asked not looking at my mum “I’m sorry” said Mrs Harmer “you should be” I said sounding angry “what you said to me was really harsh especially while I was pregnant” I added “I know it was really harsh. I’m really sorry, I felt really bad after I said all of it. I’m truly sorry Tess. Please” my mum begged. I didn’t say anything “please Tess” she said again. I just looked at her “Max doesn’t want me to forgive you” I said “since when did you listen to your brother?!” asked Mrs Harmer “BUT Paris needs a grandmother no matter what. So I’m only forgiving you for Paris. Not for us. Not for me. But for Paris, it’s too late to fix our relationship. You’re done something that I could never forgive you for” I said “Thank you Tess, thank you so much darling. Where is Paris?” asked Mrs Harmer “she’s in the kitchen on her play mat, with Max and Mike” I said and I went to the kitchen and my mum followed me.

We went over to Mike and Max and my mum saw Paris playing and bent down “hello Paris” said Mrs Harmer. Paris giggled and smiled at my mum “Paris Gabriella Lorelai Leigh Solis” I said proudly “very nice honey” said Mrs Harmer. I smiled at my mum “thank you” I said
Max and Mike came into the kitchen, saw my mum and came over to me and dragged me by my arm and led me into a corner “what’s mum doing here?” asked Max “she said sorry and I’ve forgiven her for Paris’s sake. I told her I’ve forgiven her for Paris. Not me. Not us. But Paris” I said. Both boys looked surprisly shocked at what I said. I looked at them “what?” I asked “well what you said … was very grown up to forgive Jane after what she said to you. Just for Paris … it was very grown up. Well done. That must have been really hard on you. I’m proud of you” said Mike “thank you” I said smiling “I’m so proud of you T. you’re the best big sister ever and the bestest friend in the entire world. I don’t want anyone but you to be my big sister and best friend. I love you so much” said Max “thank you Maxie, I love you so much too” I said smiling and hugged him “selfie?” asked Mike “I thought you’d never ask” I said getting my phone out of my bag and held it high but it didn’t work because I was so short “here, let me take it shorty” said Max taking my phone from me and we switched places and I stood next to Mike, wrapped my hands around his neck. Max found the camera, put it up high in the air and stood in front of me and Mike, so it was like a photobomb and said “smile”

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Moving on

Chapter 34 – Moving on
The next day, I was reading a new book called The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett in the garden; I know right the perfect place. While Paris was playing with her toy frog called Froggy when Max came over and sat down on the deck chair next to me and he watched me. I ignored him and carried on reading.
No use, he was still watching, I sighed and put my book down and turned around and looked at him “you know it’s rude to stare right?” I asked “what’s wrong now?” “Why did you forgive Jane so quickly?” he asked me “I’ve already told you dumbass” I said getting up sighing “I’m worried about you” said Max sounding worried “you don’t need to be. I’ve moved on from the past” I said “if you say so” said Max. I smiled at Max.


“I think Max has a problem” I said to Mike “what problem?” asked Mike looking at me while holding Paris in his arms “about moving on” I said sitting down on the bed “why do you say that?” asked Mike sitting down next to me “because he doesn’t want me to forgive mum and he’s worried I’ve moved on too quickly but I’ve told him that he should move on too” I said “you’re a good big sister babe, Max is lucky to have you” said Max “thanks baby” I said smiling.

“you have a problem” I said seriously to Max that afternoon, walking into the living room “excuse me?” asked Max “you have a problem” I repeated “do i?” asked Max looking confused “yes” I said causally as I sat down on the sofa “what is it?” asked Max “about forgiving people and moving on” I said “Tess, I’m not forgiving mum” said Max “why not? Love means you don’t have to say I’m sorry” moaned “you’re joking right?” asked Max raising his eyebrows “does it look like I’m joking?” I asked. Max didn’t say anything “no I didn’t think so” I said “because she’s horrible” said Max “Max, don’t be stupid. She’s your mum” I said “don’t you think I know that?” asked Max “Tess, can’t you remember what she used to do when we were younger?” “Of course I don’t” I said. This was a lie, I actually did remember but didn’t want Max to know “she always used to babysit me; you could never go out or anything. Your whole life was to look after me and now she has said horrible things to you while you were pregnant with Paris. She said she WAS embarrassed by you. What kind of mother says that to her own daughter? Doesn’t that bother you?” asked Max “no” I lied “Tess?” asked Max “what?” I asked “surely it does” said Max. “It used to bother me a lot” I said “not anymore” looking at Max “what?!” asked Max “why have you not forgive mum?” I asked “you know why” said Max “Max, she’s your mum. You have to let this go and move on mate. You don’t want to lose her do you?” I asked sounding serious more than I’d ever been. Max didn’t say anything but looked at me “what?” I asked slightly annoyed “I don’t want to lose mum but I just” he stopped “just what?” I asked and waited for Max to answer.
I was still waiting when Mike came in Max’s bedroom “hey guys, what’s up? You’re both been up here for ages!” said Mike. I looked at Max raising my eyebrows because I was still waiting for his reply.
At least he finally said something “I don’t want to lose mum but I can’t forgive her. I’m sorry Tess. Not after everything she’s done to us. I hope one day you’ll understand why” said Max hugging me and kissed Paris’s check “I love you” he whispered and left the room.

It was just me and Mike and Paris “what does Max mean? Everything she’s done? Who’s done what? What is going on?” asked Mike looking at me while I was looking around. I didn’t answer “T?” asked Mike. I turned around and looked at him not smiling “yes?” I asked picking up Paris from her cot and feeding her but I put a towel on her to give me privacy “what was Max talking about?” asked Mike “you know Max, he doesn’t know what he is talking about but doesn’t mean anything” I lied. Mike looked at me, I halfed smiled at him “T, tell the truth” said Mike
Oh damn, he knows when I’m lying. Now I have to tell him what mum has done. Oh thanks Max I thought to myself.

Mike was still looking at me, I looked at him trying to look innocent “you really want to know?” I asked “yes, we’re in a partnership now. Whatever your mum has done, I’m sure she didn’t mean it” said Mike. I laughed “you’re kidding right?” I asked “no, but just tell me” said Mike “please, I won’t judge you” I looked at Mike and sighed “fine okay, I’ll tell you. When me and Max both lived at home, mum used to leave me to babysit Max every day, some of those, she knew I was going out with Meg and Grace. She still left me to baby sit. She came home every night drunk and used to shout at me and Max for no reason. More at me because Max was only little, but she told me I was a mistake, I shouldn’t of been born and she should of put me into care. Sometimes I wished she did. Dad stopped her. Then one week, she told me and Max that she was going on holiday to Spain and she came back and the shouting came back with her and then she started hitting us and swearing at us. Dad tried to stop mum but then mum started shouting and hitting dad too and told him it was his fault that she wasn’t a tv actress and it was his fault that she got pregnant. She told him that she wished she’d never met him and then gotten pregnant and it was his fault that me and max were born. Then I got an offer for this place and I took it. Well you know the rest” I said almost crying but I stopped a tear rolling down my face. Mike didn’t say anything but just stared at me.

It was 12:45 when Mike finally spoke. I was sat Max’s bed “wow, she’s so horrible” said Mike “how did she conviced me that she was nice?” “because she made me forgive her and she told me when I met a guy that I would tell him nice things about her and after that, my life became miserable” I said “so basically that’s blackmail” said Mike “yes, basically” I said “and that’s why Max hasn’t forgive her” I nodded “oh T, come here” said Mike offering his arms and he sat down beside me and he wrapped his arms around me “so what about your dad? Why did your dad forgive your mum?” he asked “blackmail, she threated him that she would get him arrested” I said “wow, I have an idea” said Mike quickly “wait, what’s your idea?” I asked “Max fakes to forgive your mum and we’re the only ones who know he hasn’t. I know why he hasn’t forgiven her, but I understand why you’ve had to because Paris needs a grandmother right?” asked Mike “yes” I said but I didn’t know what he was on about “wait here” and he rushed downstairs leaving me with Paris “what’s your daddy up to eh?” I said to Paris and she just giggled

“Max, I know why you haven’t forgiven your mum” said Mike “who told?” asked Max sighing but he knew it was me “Tess, look mate, I have an idea” said Mike “what’s the idea?” asked Max “what if you fake forgive your mum and only me and Tess know you haven’t. I understand why you’ve haven’t forgiven her. I mean, all the stuff she has done to you and Tess was really horrible and if my mum did that to me and my sisters and brother. I would never forgive her no matter what so I understand mate. But she doesn’t need to know that you’d not forgiven her just pretend that you have and Tess has only forgiven her because of Paris. Not her. Not them. Just Paris?” said Mike. Max thought about Mike’s suggestion

20 minutes later …
“Yes okay, I’ll do it, that’s very mature of Tess to forgive mum for Paris” said Max “she’s so amazing” “thanks bro, you’re awesome” said Mike “thanks Maxie” said Mike and ruffled Max’s hair “stop doing that, Tess does that, ahah” said Max laughing and they went to find my mum

An hour later …
When they got to the kitchen, Mrs Harmer was cooking tea, which was usually for her as I always used to have to cook tea back home because she was always out getting drunk. They walked in looking totally confused “Mum, what are you doing?” asked Max “I’m cooking tea” said Mrs Harmer “but you never cook tea” said Max “well I am now what’s wrong?” asked Mrs Harmer not impressed with Max “Mum, Tess has forgiven you for all the things you’re done and so” he stopped and looked over at Mike and he mouthed “go on” “and so do I” said Max trying to convinced our mum. Mrs Harmer looked at Max not saying anything then Mike then Max again
15 minutes later …
She still looked at Max, she looked convinced that Max actually has forgiven her and put her hands on Max’s and hugged him “oh darling, thank you, thank you so much. I don’t forgive yours or your sister’s forgiveness. Thank you so much” said Mrs Harmer. She obviously brought it.

Mrs Harmer let go and smiled at Max, he halfed smiled at her and the boys left her and walked by the stairs and started laughing and high fived each other and walked upstairs together

When they came in Max’s bedroom when I was sat on the bedroom, having cuddles with Paris “she brought it. I’ve moved on” said Max “ssh” I said putting my finger on my lip and pointed to Paris, she was sound asleep on me “brought what?” I whispered “that I’ve forgiven her, when I haven’t” said Max smiling evilly “you will never forgive mum properly will you Max?” I asked “never” said Max. I smiled at him “thanks for standing by me” I said “OH MY GOD, SHE BROUGHT IT, YOU GUYS ARE BRILLANT” I shouted “ssh” said Mike copying me with the finger on his lip, I laughed “thanks Mike” Max and I said together. Mike smiled at us and we all hugged each other

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I love you Mike Solis

Chapter 35 – I love you Mike Solis
The next morning I was changing Paris’s nappy “you are so perfect” I said. Paris didn’t understand and just giggled and smiled at me. Mike came in our bedroom and came over “how’s my two perfect girls?” asked Mike “we’re both fine and how is daddy?” I asked. Paris giggled then put her fingers in her mouth “I’m fine” said Mike “Mike” I said looking at him “yeah?” he asked “thank you” I said smiling at him “what for baby?” asked Mike putting his arms around me “for everything, thank you for everything you’re done for me since I moved here. For supporting me with mum and everything that’s happened. For appecting me for the loser I am” I said laughing shyly “hey, you’re not a loser, you are amazing” said Mike. I smiled at him “for being there through the whole pregnancy. You are the perfect person I have ever dated. All the other guys just were losers and Max ruined the dates anyway. But he likes you. He loves you and you are an incredible daddy to Paris. I am so glad I met you. I love you so much Mike Solis, more than you can ever imagine. Thank you for absolutely everything. I can’t describe how much you mean to me” I said “aww babe, you’re so cute. You’re welcome, and I love you so much too” said Mike smiling at me

“I’m so glad you came here guys. I have missed you both so much” I said “aww T” said Meg smiling “we’re missed you too, it hasn’t been the same without you back home. We’re been really lonely without you” said Grace “haven’t we meg?” “Oh, yeah, absolutely” said Meg. I smiled “you guys” I said giggling “how is our lovely niece this morning?” asked Meg “she’s out with her daddy to spend time with him” I said proudly “aww that’s so lovely” said Grace. I didn’t say anything but nodded at Grace “hey, what’s up?” asked Meg “I’m a bit surprised and shocked” I said. Meg and Grace looked at one another confused than me “About what?” they asked me “about everything” I said “explain?” asked Grace “okay well I finally got my happy ending you know. Max hasn’t tried to ruin it or anything. He’s been supported since he got here” I said “and that’s a bad thing?” asked Meg “no it’s just I’m so used to Max ruining my life that I’m surprised that he hasn’t tried to do it again” I said “you dervese to be happy and have a happy ending T” said Meg and Grace “thanks guys” I said smiling “and maybe he feels bad for ruining your life so he’s trying to make it up to you by not ruining your new life. He is 16 isn’t he? Maybe he’s maturing into a adult” said Grace “yeah, he’s 16 but you’re not a proper adult until you’re 21 Gracie” I said “oh, yeah I knew that” said Grace. Meg and I laughed and I went between Meg and Grace and put one arm on each shoulder and we walked upstairs together laughing and smiling going through memory lane, we walked down the hallway, went left then we entered my bedroom and Meg and Grace all sat down on the blue carpet crossed legged and Meg and Grace looked at me while I was looking around my big nice bedroom with a big bed with a nice red duvet with a dressing table and a mirror which had all of my make up on in a nice row in front of the medium pink border mirror with three drawers each side which had my underwear and clothes were in the chest of drawers which was in front of the wall. Meg and Grace were still watching me while I was standing up and walked over to my book shelf which had four sleves full of books and I opened up a book and started reading The Duff while Meg and Grace continued to watch me, confused “T?” asked Meg finally. I looked up at Meg “yes?” I asked “what’s up?” asked Grace “why would there be something up?” I asked “because you’re been quiet for ages” said Meg “so?” I asked slightly annoyed because Meg thought I couldn’t be quiet without there being something up which isn’t true because I could be quiet if I wanted to “so you’re not normally quiet” said Grace “and?” I asked “oh Tess, we’re worried about you. Tell us” said Meg “nothing, it’s just” I stopped “just what?” asked Grace “well I … I love Mike” I said “we know” said Meg “and I haven’t told him about Chad” I finished “Chad? Who’s Chad?” asked Meg. I looked at Meg, confused. I haven’t told Meg and Grace about Chad.
“He’s an ex-boyfriend” I said “why haven’t you told Mike?” asked Meg “because I just love the guy so much and he’s so happy. I don’t want to ruin it” I said “so you’re just going to have this over your shoulder forever?” asked Grace “oh Grace, don’t be so silly. Tess is going to tell Mike when she’s ready” said Meg “right T?” “oh, yeah, right sure” I said keeping up. I smiled at Meg and Grace.

The next few days, I tried to tell Mike about Chad but I kind of failed

“Have you told him yet?” asked Grace the next blue sky morning “no” I said “Tess?!?” said Grace “I’ve tried telling him” I finished, looking at Meg and Grace. Max came over “whose Chad?” he asked me. I jumped and turned to see Max “where did you come from?!” I asked “well, I came from our mum on the 18th of August 1999 inside her stomach” said Max “very funny” I said sarcastically “what do you want?” I asked “do I have to repeat myself?” asked Max “yes” I said “fine” said Max in a bad mood “who is Chad?” max sighing “you know who he is” I said sighing “well if I knew who he was, I wouldn’t be asking would I? Come on Tess, use your brain” said Max “don’t be like that Max. Chad is my ex-boyfriend which who you have met before” I said “oh I remember now. Yeah didn’t I tell him that you were cheating on him and you weren’t and then he dumped you” he said remembering “yes, you little cow” I said laughing “sorry T” said Max “it’s alright” I said smiling. We decided to go and have a little walk which was suggested by Grace so I could think about what to say to Mike about Chad.

As we were walking, all three of them were watching me as I was pushing Paris as she giggled and smiled at the birds and the walking passing us. I was listening to the birds in the tall brushy trees making loud ticking noises and feeding their babies, wiggling worms. We kept on walking until Meg stopped and looked at me. I looked at her scary, weird face (this was so she could get my attention) I looked at her, confused so did the others after they realized we’d had stopped walking “what’s wrong Meg?” we all asked “nothing” said Meg. There was clearly something going on. I could see it on her face straight away. Also she’d gone all quiet and that’s not like Meg at all.
We kept on staring at Meg as we walked farer and saw a wooden brown bench and we sat down next to each other and I turned Paris’s pushchair around so she was facing the four of us. She giggled and smiled as she rattled her new toy that Mike brought her. It was a monkey that made noises. I looked at her watching her play “what’s up with Auntie Meg eh?” I asked laughing. Paris just continued to play with her monkey not understanding what I said so I turned to face Meg, Grace and Max who were watching the cows across us in the grassy large field, they were munching grass loudly. The silence continued.

1 hour later, I had fed Paris and she was asleep quietly.
“Meg?” asked Grace “what’s going on?” I finished Grace’s sentence “nothing, it’s more like what’s going on with you?” asked Meg looking at me concerned “so what’s going on?” asked Max “nothing” I said quietly
But they knew I was lying and I sighed because they all kept on looking at me and it was getting very annoying so I decided to tell them.
“Because I know you guys will keep asking me, I’m going to come out and say it okay?” I asked “okay” said Meg and they waited.
I checked on Paris and she was sound asleep, she looked so cute and I turned and faced my friends “did you tell Mike about Chad yet?” asked Grace “no and I’m not going to” I said “why?” asked Meg “because he was nothing to me, I love Mike, I never loved Chad. It wasn’t as serious as it is with Mike. I love Mike so much and no one else okay? I had no feelings for Chad, he was the one who dumped me remember? My feelings for Mike are real and my feelings for Chad weren’t. he’s the only guy I want okay?” I said “end of conversation” I said “wait so you don’t even love us?” asked Max. I looked at Max, rolled my eyes “yes of course I love you” I said “and I love you too” said Max laughing
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Chapter 36 – Dearest
The next day, I spent the whole day writing different letters while my parents took Max, Meg, Ben, Grace to the cinema to watch paper towns and Mike took Paris, Lynette, Susan, Bree, Gabbi and Jason and his parents to the beach. They’d asked me if I wanted to go but I said no and Mike said “oh but its Paris’s first outing to the beach” but I had to say no because I had to finish writing my book. But that was just an excuse. I was writing letters
The first one was for my dad and my mum
Dear Dad and Mum
I am writing this letter to you both, to bid you farewell as I fly to New York to the north of America to start my new life with my new family
Thank you for everything you’re done for me. It means so much to me. Thank you for preparing me for the future. Thank you for supporting me with the pregnancy. Thank you for letting me leave school. I know that mum wasn’t so supported at first about the whole baby situation but mum; you’re the only mum I have. Which is blood and I don’t want to lose you. Ever
I am so happy that you support my decision to start my life with Paris and Mike. You’re always welcome to fly over here to come and stay and see us and we’ll come over and you and Max as much as possible. This is a little scary for me but the things you’re taught me through the 19 years of my life will always be with me. Thank you so much for being the best parents a girl could ask and grandparents to Paris
Make sure you guys and Max come and visit and I promise to text, call and video call you every night
Your loving daughter

The next one was for Mike,
My dearest Michael,
You are the real treasure in my life; I never want to lose you. In addition, I know very well that in my life, I haven’t met a kind and loving guy such like you. You are the only guy for me. You are a ray of sunshine and hope. I want to keep all those lovely memories that we’re created and shared together in my heart forever. When I am with you, the time goes so fast. Spending the rest of my life with you is a real joy of sunshine and I couldn’t tell you how much I love you. just a mention of your name makes me the happiest person in the whole world.
I wish I could tell my love for you. Words are not enough.
When we first met each other, we were leading very different lifestyles in our own ways. I still remember that Lynette tried to not get us together. We were so navie and young with innocence filled eyes and having the power of fully starry romance. With all innocent eyes, we have to come to a decision of getting married and have a new life of our own with our daughter, which I never regretting. Ever
Lots of problems that come in our way before getting married and several difficulties we faced after getting married and having Paris have strengthen our relation. You have given me the strength and confidence to be myself out of your love. I love you for being in my life, I love you for being your wife, I love you for being my life panther. I am proud of myself for being your wife and for being a mum to Paris. Being a mum to a stunning funny loving little girl is the best thing in the world. Hope that no bad would touch us and come between us. I promise I will beside you during the tough times that we have to lead our life.
I love you
Your loving wife
Tessa xxxxx
Next letter I wrote was for Meg and Grace,
I am writing this letter to you both so that you have something that you can keep to remind you of our friendship to bid you a proper farewell, so that you will never forget our friendship and the times of joy as well as sadness, we spent together. The past few months have been fantastic, reminding me of school and college times and how much I really have changed
Thank you both for coming here, and being bridesmaids at my wedding. Thank you for helping me with Max. My friendship with you means so much to me. Thank you for supporting me through everything and the pregnancy. Thank you for being such good best friends to me.
Please come and visit whenever. I’ll send you my new address
There’s a question I want to ask you both. Would you both be Paris’s godmothers?
Hey, imagine if Miss Hastings didn’t put us on the same table and made us sit next to each then we would never have become such good friends. I can’t imagine not being friends with you guys. I can’t live without either of you
My phone number and email address is the same as always. Please stay in touch, you both are a long life friend to me and I wish you all the best for whatever your decisions are for the future.
See you soon
Love you always and long time
“yes” said Meg when they got home. I looked at her confused “huh?” I asked “yes, we will be Paris’s godmothers” said Meg. I still looked at her confused “we read your letter T” said Grace helping me catch up “ahh” I said finally “aww guys” I said smiling “thank you” said Grace “what for?” I asked “to ask to be Paris’s godmothers” said Meg “well you are my best friends” I said “and don’t forget aunties” I added smiling “aww T, you are the cutest person” said Meg “literally the best” finished Grace “you guys are lying, I am not the be” I couldn’t finished my sentence because Meg and Grace grabbed a arm each and dragged me upstairs “where are we going?” I asked “to prove you wrong” said Meg

We turned left and knocked on my brother’s door “hey” said Max as he opened the door “Max, is Tess, the best person you know?” asked Grace “yes” answered Max formally and quickly and he smiled at me. I smiled at him back “thank you guys” I said to my three best friends “why don’t you ask Alyssa? I bet she’ll agree with us” said Max winking at me. It was a wink that he was up to something. But what was it?
So I was dragged to Alyssa’s room “I’m still not convinced that I’m the b-“ I couldn’t finished because Meg and Grace knocked on my sister’s door and Alyssa opened it and smiled “heyya, come in, so what’s up with my little sister eh?” asked Alyssa slightly worried as we all sat down in her room “she’s not convinced that she’s the best person ever? Max said she is so do we and Paris and Mike agreed with us. Well Paris just giggled and smiled so we took that as a yes and Max suggested to ask you?” asked Meg “yes” said Alyssa. We all looked at her confused “yes, I think Tessa is the best person ever” said Alyssa “see, told you” said Meg and Grace together as they caught up with what Alyssa said and they both poked their tongues out at me and I laughed and smiled at them.
I do hope Mike knows how much I love him and care about him

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I have my happy ending after all just like a princess

Chapter 37 – I have a happy ending after all just like a princess
“I love you” said Mike “good” I said. Mike waited and didn’t say anything and just looked at me, like he was expecting me to say something else “what?” I asked finally “don’t you love me?” asked Mike sounding serious “of course” I said “I’m sorry, I love you too” Mike smiled at me and we kissed.

I am so proud of you” said Max, that afternoon while hugging me “oh why?” I asked looking at my brother “because of what you’re been through, putting up with me, your amazing” said Max “oh that’s so sweet, thank you Maxie. I am so proud of you also” I said smiling “why?” Max asked “because of your exam grades. You did amazingly well mate” I said “thank you T” said Max smiling at me “I love you” I said “I love you” said Max and we hugged.

After 25 minutes later of hugging, I heard Paris crying “oh dear, I think someone needs her nappy changed. Do you want to do it?” I joked looking at Max “EW no way, I’ll happily watch though” said Max laughing “hahaha okay mate, let’s roll” I said laughing and we headed upstairs

Mummy’s coming” I said as I heard Paris crying even more. As we entered my bedroom, I gently picked up Paris and I rocked her gently and gave her a cuddle “could you laid out her changing mat please Maxie. It’s over there” I said and I pointed over by Paris’s baby chair. Max walked over and picked up a pink changing mat and handed it to me. I put it down on the table and put Paris on it. While I was looking in the bag for a new nappy. Max was playing with her “peekaboo” he said “she loves you so much Maxie” I said as I started changing Paris’s nappy “I love her so much too” said Max “she’s lucky” “why?” I asked as I finished changing Paris’s nappy and I turned to face Max “to have such a amazing mummy” said Max smiling “aww thank you” I said grinning and hugged him “you’re not that bad. I understand why you made my life miserable now and I know you feel awful but if you didn’t then this one wouldn’t be here right now so what I’m trying to say is thank you for making my life miserable” I said. Max stared at me “are you feeling okay?” asked Max and he put his hand on my forehead “yes” I said “why?” “because you shouldn’t say thank you for making your life miserable” said Max “no one should” “well I am” I said “’I’ll be the first one then” “your crazy” said Max laughing “thank you” I said smiling. Max laughed

This turned out into Max having a laughing fit that lasted over 25 minutes “Max, calm down” I said “I’m sorry Tess but you are crazy” said Max in-between laughter “you need to calm down” I said
An hour passed and Max was still laughing “Max?! it isn’t that funny mate” I said. Max took a breath and stopped laughing “you weirdo” he said “me? Why me? What about you?” I asked shocked “because you are crazy” said Max laughing again “why?” I asked “why what?” asked Max “why am I the weirdo?” I asked rolling my eyes. Max looked at me, he looked very cross in his eyes “Tessa” said Max “Max?” I asked “stop being difficult” said Max “I am not being difficult, I’m asking you a simple question. But if you don’t want to answer it, fine and stop acting like you’re the big brother for god’s sake, I’m the oldest and you do what I say. Grr, you’re so difficult to get along with sometimes” I said and I stomped out of the living room and you could hear me going up the stairs like a group of elephants
I went into mine and Mike’s room and sat on our bed and lay on my back just staring at the boring white painted ceiling.

A couple of hours passed slowly, really slowly in fact that I got slightly bored and I picked a book from my hideously big four shelf book case and I sat on my bed again and decided to be on my tummy, facing the lush pink wall, I started to read the white giraffe by Lauren St John

5 hours passed and I must of fallen asleep because I didn’t hear Mike shouting from downstairs
“tess??” asked Mike shaking me “Tess?” he said again. I moved because Mike stopped shaking me. I sat up, looked at Mike and he smiled at me “hey” he said quietly “what are you doing in here? I thought you were with Max?” I sighed “well I was” “what happened?” asked Mike. I stood up and sighed “we had a fight” I said “yeah” said Mike “but you’re had fights before?” I sighed and walked up and down our room “yeah” I said “but not like this” “what was the fight about?” asked Mike “well we were changing Paris’s nappy and I said I understood why he made my life so miserable and I said that if he didn’t then Paris wouldn’t be here and then he said I was crazy. He had a laughing fit for about 25 minutes, then he said I was a weirdo and I said me? Why me? And then he said stop being difficult and I told him I was the oldest” I said “is that it?” asked Mike “yes” I said “I’m going to go and say sorry”

No one spoke and I thought about the fight and I went downstairs

“Max?” I asked as I went into the living room, looking at my brother. He was sat on the sofa and I sat next to him and he turned to face me and stood up “Tessa” he said “I am really really sorry, I just want a happy ever after, you know. Just like Cinderella when she marries prince charming” I said and we walked towards each other and hug “I’m really sorry too. That’s understandable, I just got carried away. I’m sorry, I really am. I want you to have a happy after ending just like your favourite Disney princess Cinderella and you will okay? You dervese it more anyone okay? I love you” said Max “I love you Max. So much” I said
We smiled at each other

I finally have my happily ever after just like Princess Cinderella

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From Tess

Chapter 38 – from Tess
I sat down at the kitchen table, I still lived in the palace. Still married to Mike and I was writing a letter for Paris for her 21st birthday which was obviously years away
It said:
Do you know how much you mean to me?
As you have grown into the women you are today
You came from within, from just beneath my heart
It’s there you’ll always be, through your own life will start
You’re growing up so fast, it sends my heart awhirl,
With misty I ask, wheres my little girl?
I know sometimes to you, I seem harsh and so unfair
But one day, you will see, I taught you well because I care so very much
The next few years will fly so quickly
With laughter and joy, mixed with a few tears to cry
As you begin your growth to womanhood, this fast
Youll always be my source of pride, no matter what, where you go
You must stand up tall and proud within you
Feel no fear,
For all your dreams and goals sit before you very near
Wit god’s love in your heart and the world by its tail,
You’ll always be my winner, my victory, my prevail, my best friend and especially my little girl,
For you, this poem was written, with help from above,
To tell you in a rhythm of your mother’s heart felt love
I love you Paris Gabriella Lorelai Leigh Solis, happy 21st birthday my darling
Lots of love

Then it was Mike’s turn
“Mike, are you going to write a letter to Paris, for when she’s 21?” I asked “yeah sure” said Mike smiling “okay, I’ve got to go and write another letter, see you later” I said kissing Mike and I left

Mike started his letter. It said:
To my little girl,
Precious as a pearl,
We’re had our ups and downs
No matter what you do
I’ll never stop loving you
No matter how rough life may get
You should always live with no regrets
And now it will not be long
Soon your little girl will arrive
She will make you feel so alive
Her little fingers, her tiny toes
All baby girls have wings and halos
So don’t let other people get you down
Just because her skin will be brown
So hold your head up high
And walk on by
Because Mum and I love you
This is our girl
Happy 21st birthday sweetheart
Love from

My turn and I was writing a letter to Max, I got five pieces of paper as I thought that it was going to be long
It said:
To Max,
Do you know what family is?
Family is
Heaven sent from our father above
Bonded by the power of love
No matter what family have each other’s backs
When push comes to shove

Family is
Understanding, never demanding
All for one and one for all
I will never leave you alone standing

Family is
One in itself, my love is your love
Your pain is my pain, my wealth is your wealth,
I promise to never leave you by yourself

Family is
The strongest team, the strongest unit
If love could be visualized,
Family would be the blue print

Family is
Forgiveness and patience,
Its sweeter than the sweetest fragrance,
The power of family is a reflection of god’s compassion and magnificence

Family is
Never turning our back, never shames,
Lend my helping hand and not a finger pointing the blame
No matter what, a family bond is never broken
Even though a nuclear explosion
If one of us lives, we all live
Forever to eternity, we are family
My father, my mother, my sister, you and I
We are family
And no matter how much of an annoying brat you are

Life is passing so quickly
Dreams are proliferating so rapidly
But in the middle of all these,
Memories are embracing so tightly,

The time we spent together was most memorable,
The days we live apart were most dreadful,
The fights we shared were most dangerous,
Still the care we tend to do is most loving

Rare is the love I receive from you,
Precious is the knowledge which I receive from you,
By paramount of all these,
Peculiar are my sibling which I receive from God
I love you Max
Lots of love

I was right about needing five pieces of paper, haha, but when I finished Maxie’s letter, I started on Meg and Grace’s,
To Meg and Grace,
A good friend is someone
Who cares about you,
They are someone who will be
There when you’re down,

A good friend is someone
Who’s willing to help you,
When you are in a little trouble,
That’s hard to get
And that’s you two

A good friend is someone,
Who will come and stop
You from taking your life
And sit down and show you
All of the good things
To live for
And that’s you two

You guys mean absolutely everything to me, and I don’t know what I’d do without you guys and I am so grateful for everything you’ve done for me, the memories we’re shared and created over the years and all the times you’re been there for me,
You both are my best friends and you are like sisters to me
I can’t live without you
I love you so so much
Love form

When I finished all of my letters, I took Paris to my bedroom and I put them in separate evelopes and I put them hidden in my chest of drawers next to my bed

To be given to everyone in the future …

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Chapter 39 – Finally
“FINALLY” I shouted so loud, it made Mike jumped “what?!” said Mike “you going on about?” “FINALLY” I shouted again “Tess, what are you on about?” asked Mike getting annoyed “I’m on about finally” I said “finally what?” asked Mike sounded even more angry. Then we heard Paris crying from upstairs
“I think missy needs her nappy changed” I said and I went upstairs
Leaving Mike clueless


That afternoon I was in my bedroom while Mike was downstairs, still very clueless
“I’m confused” he said to Lynette “what’s up?” asked Lynette while sewing Paris’s new jumper “why are you confused lil bro?” added Susan “Tessa” said Mike with a big sigh “what’s happened?” asked Lynette “well she said FINALLY like really randomly” said Mike “finally what?” asked Susan “I don’t know, that’s’ why I’m confused” said Mike “maybe because of what’s she’s been through, maybe she has always wanted a happily ever after just like her favourite princess and says FINALLY because she’s FINALLY got a happy ending” said Lynette smiling at Mike “maybe” said Mike and he walked off to find me

“I love you” said Mike as he came and sat down next to me on the brown sofa when I was typing up my story “yeah okay” I said not looking at Mike but looking at the screen of my laptop and not listening. Mike got inpatient and cleared his throat “Tess, what did I just say?” he asked me “I don’t know” I said “I said I love you” said Mike “oh sorry, I’ve been busy typing up my story for my publisher “I said “I love you too baby” I added and stopped typing and had a cuddle with Mike. He got some popcorn ready and we watched films for the rest of the day.

“FINALLY!” I shouted “not this again!” said Mike “what do you mean again baby?” I asked “you keep saying FINALLY out of the blue” said Mike “so?” I asked “without giving me a reason. It’s not like you Tess. Come on, tell me the reason” said Mike. I sighed and stood up and walked over to my dressing table “Tess?” asked Mike “yes?” I asked “what’s going on with you?” asked Mike. I sighed, I was about to speak when the bedroom door opened and it was Max followed by everyone else
“What’s up T?” asked Max “I only keep saying finally because I’ve finally got my happy ending I’ve always wanted. A happy ending” I said smiling.
“Oh T” said everyone laughing, while I had no idea what was going on
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Make it happen

Chapter 40 – Make it happen
“You know the offer you had?” asked Mr Harmer “yes?” I asked “I think you should go” said Mr Harmer “but what about you and Max?” I asked “Tess, this is your dream job. Don’t worry about me and Max” said Mr Harmer “are you sure?” I asked “yes” said Mr Harmer “you know it’s in America?” I asked “yes?” asked Mr Harmer “you still I should go?” I asked “absolutely honey, look I love you so much, and I know you’re dreamt about a happy ending and to be a writer and you’re been given a chance to make it happen. Don’t say no just for me and Max. we’ll see you all the time I promise” said Mr harmer reassuring me and I smiled at my dad “I love you so much daddy” I said hugging me and he wrapped his arms around me “I love you so much too baby girl” said Mr Harmer. “But what about Max?” I asked, my dad was just going to answer when Max came over to us into the living room. He looked at me. He didn’t say anything, and then ran out of the room, leaving my dad and I clueless.

Next, Lynette and Susan went into the living room “what’s up with Max? We just saw him ran into his room?” asked Susan “I don’t know” I said sounding worried “you know the offer you got?” asked Lynette “yeah?” I asked “take it” said Lynette and Susan together “oh no, not you to” I said “what do you mean?” asked Lynette “I was just saying the same thing” said Mr Harmer “it’s a chance of a happy ending sweetheart” “but what about Maxie?” I asked worrying “I don’t know what’s going on with him” said Mr Harmer “should I go and find out?” I asked. My dad looked at me and nodded

While I was looking for Max, thinking of what my dad said “you have a chance to make it happen” I walked into the kitchen where Max was sat at the kitchen table looking through a abulm of photos that I realized it belonged to my dad. I looked at Max really confused but walked over to him and sat across to him. I still looked at him confused. He didn’t looked up “Maxie?” I asked grabbing his hand. He looked up at me “mate, what’s going on with you?” I asked “what was that earlier in the living room?” “Nothing” said Max. I laughed “it wasn’t. You came in, we were talking about America and then you ran out. Don’t you want me to go?” I asked “no, I don’t want you to go” said Max “but why?” I asked sighing “because everything is changing so fast, and I’ll never see you again” said Max “you’re already moved away from home” he added “oh Maxie, why didn’t you tell me” I said “because I didn’t want to ruin anything” said Max “oh Maxie” I said sympathy and hugged my little brother “I love you so much” I said “but you are so stupid sometimes. Why didn’t you say anything before? You couldn’t ruin anything okay so you were really annoying when we lived at home but now you’re grown into a lovely caring young man who I’m lucky to call my best friend and little brother and I am so proud of you. Don’t worry, you’ll see me all the time I promise” I said “how?” asked Max “wait here” I said smiling and ran upstairs quickly

“I’ve got a therapy” I said as I went into my bedroom “what’s that?” asked Mike “Max, come and live with us in America” I said. Mike looked at me shocked and put his hand on my forehead. I looked at him confused “baby, what are you doing?” I asked “feeling your forehead” I said “er why?” I asked “because you said Max, come and live with us in America” said Mike “so?” I asked “why?” asked Mike “because the reason why he came in and ran out when we were talking about America earlier was because he’s scared” I said “of what?” asked Mike “of me moving away again” I said “why?” asked Mike “if I move away to America, he thinks he’ll never see me again” I said “that’s silly, of course he will always” said Mike “Mike?” I asked “yes?” asked Mike “can Max come and live with us in America?” I asked “please” I begged and I went on one knee. Mike looked at me and sighed “please” “okay yes, he can come and live with us” said Mike as he grabbed my hands and I got up. I jumped up on Mike like all couples do and we kissed.

“Thank you so much Mikey” I said “I love you so much Tessa Solis” said Mike as he looked at me “I love you so much too” I said “you are the most gorgeous human being in the entire world” said Mike smiling at me. I smiled back at him “I can’t wait to start our new chapter together. Our little family” I said grinning “you, me and our little princess” “me too baby” said Mike and we kissed again.

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A new chapter

Chapter 41 – a new chapter
The next day I was upstairs working on my computer when Max came in my room and attacked me by hugging me so hard. I couldn’t breathe “you are the best ever” said Max “why, what have I done?” I asked confused “you’re done the nicest thing ever” said Max. He was still hugging me tight “explain?” I asked in-between breaths “letting me come with you to America” said Max “yeah?” I asked “thank you ever so much, you are the best” said Max now hugging me even tighter “you’re very welcome, let’s hope dad allows us to go” I said “what do you mean?” asked Max “to go to America” I said “so?” asked Max “he might not agree with it” I said “why?” asked Max “because it’s far away” I said “so?” asked Max. I rolled my eyes, sighed with laughter and looked at Max and walked off

I went into my dad’s office that afternoon “hi dad” I said sitting down on the sofa “hi sweetie, are you okay?” asked Mr Harmer. I was just about to speak when Max came in and sat down next to me. I looked at him and sighed then looked at my dad “what’s up?” he asked “well you know the offer I got from America?” I asked sounding nervous, because I didn’t know what dad’s reaction would be “yes?” asked Mr Harmer “well I’m thinking about saying yes” I said “good, I think you should go baby girl” said Mr Harmer “but dad, it’s America?” I asked “I know sweetie, but you’re all grown up now, you’re got your own life” said Mr Harmer “I know it’s a long way but it’s your dream” “are you sure about this?” I asked looking at him “Tess, baby, this is your dream. Go for it, and I am so proud of you and everything you’re done. You make me proud every single day. I’ll come and see you as much as I can. You’re grown into a beautiful, caring, lovely young woman who has such a gorgeous baby girl and a lovely husband. This is a chance of a life time. You dervese to have a happy ending more than anyone else just promise me?” asked Mr Harmer “okay?” I asked “stay in contact” said Mr Harmer “oh dad, of course I will I promise” I said and I hugged him so tight. I refused to let go. It was so nice hugging my dad this tight again.

But in the end, Max had to make me let go and I sat down “dad?” I asked “yes honey?” asked Mr Harmer “can I ask you another question?” I asked “go on?” asked Mr Harmer “well Max wants to come to America with me and mike” I said “to visit?” asked Mr Harmer “not exactly” I said “then what?” asked Mr Harmer “well … he wants to come and?” I stopped “to live with us” I finished “no” said Mr Harmer and he walked away

Me and Max just stood there “okay, so what now?” asked Max “I’m not really sure mate” I said standing up “but I’m going to find out” and I walked away

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Bon Voyage

Chapter 42 – Bon Vonage
“Dad?” I asked when I walked into his office “yes honey?” asked Mr Harmer “what’s going on? Why did you say no and walk off?” I asked. I sounded nervous because I didn’t know what was going to happen after “because Max is too. He isn’t old enough to live on his own. Across the world. He’s not going” said Mr Harmer with the tone of dad’s voice. I knew it was something else “Dad?!” I asked “what now Tessa?” asked Mr Harmer “that’s not it though is it?” I asked “what’s not it?” asked Mr Harmer “you don’t want Max to move to America” I said “no he’s not going Tess” said Mr Harmer “nor are you, end of conversation. I’ve got work to do” said Mr Harmer and with that, I decided to not answer back and walked away

“I don’t know what’s going on with him” I said “me neither” said Max “what did he actually say to you?” he asked me “not much” I said causally as I put Paris’s clean dresses back in her drawers “T, come on” said Max “what did he say?” “Well…” I said. Max came over and put his hand on mine so I’d stop and looked at him “dad doesn’t want me to go. He doesn’t want me or you to go to America” I said “why?” asked Max sounding confused “I guess it’s because he doesn’t want us to grow up too fast” I said “I really don’t know Maxie” I added “I thought you said he said you should go?” asked Max “he did but I don’t know what to do now” I said. Max hugged me “It’ll be okay T” said Max. I smiled at him “I’ll go talk to dad” said Max and he walked upstairs

“why do that?!” asked Max as he went into dad’s office “why do what?” asked Mr Harmer “why say you should go to America to T and have this long nice speech for her and then say no?” asked Max “and why say no to me going with her?” he added “because you’re sixteen that’s why. You’re got school to think about mate” said Mr Harmer reassuring Max. Max thought about this.

It took Max a while to think about this “good point dad” said Max “but what about Tess? She’s 19 nearly 20, she’s been dreaming about this forever and your opinion means the world to her dad, so you saying no to her means she won’t go at all. She loves you too much” said Max “she’s my little girl” said Mr Harmer “she’ll always be your little girl dad” said Max confronting Mr Harmer “I’ve got to let her go right?” asked Mr Harmer “yes” said Max “you’re staying” said Mr Harmer “but dad, I’ll never see her again” Max moaned “yes you will” said Alyssa coming over “how do you know?” shouted Max “because she’s our sister” said Alyssa “she’s not our sister. She’s my sister. You hardly know her. Whereas I do, I grew up with her” said Max and he ran out of the front door.

“What was that all about?” asked Mike following Max outside “Alyssa hardly knows T” said Max “I’ve been there for Tess more than Alyssa in the last 19 years and Alyssa didn’t even see us” said Max “because she didn’t know you existed stupid” said Mike “she could of tried and find us” said Max “maybe it was too hard and painful for me” said Alyssa coming over “it was too hard and painful for us, mostly T, but we still tried to found you” said Max “Max, I’m sorry okay” said Alyssa. Max didn’t say anything and walked back inside.

He went upstairs to check up on me and walked into my bedroom. I was putting Paris down for a nap and I turned around once I wrapped Paris in her pink blanket “what’s up?” I asked “Alyssa, thinking she knows us but she doesn’t “ said Max. I sighed, Max watched me as I started packing my things “you’re still going?” he asked as he went over to Paris’s cot and watched her sleep “yes” I said as I zipped up my suitcase “will I see you again?” asked Max “oh Maxie, of course you will dopey” I said laughing “I’m being serious Tessa” said Max.

This was weird because it was the first time Max had called me Tessa and I knew in the tone of his voice that he was annoyed
“so am I” I said. Max raised his eyebrows and looked at me “what?” I asked sounding annoyed because Max was just looking at me not saying anything “I’m being really serious T” said Max “so am I” I said “I don’t want to lose you” said Max “you used to hate me and make my life miserable remember?” I asked “yes I remember and I’m really sorry” said Max. I didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes but I looked at Max “it’s okay buddy, you had a reasonable and logical reason and I understand now but I promise you” I said “that you will never ever lose me. Come on, your my best friend, uncle, brother and a pain but you really do mean the world to me Max. just because I’m moving to America doesn’t mean we’ll lose each other, we’ll phone, text, email, skype, I’ll come back and visit and you’ll come and visit. We’ll text each other everyday. I promise on my life, you are an ass sometimes, we used to agrue and fight about everything and we used to hate the bones of each other but love means never having to say you’re sorry and hate means you hate the same person. You used to be a total nightmare and made my life hell but when you came here, I was so happy to see you and when you planned a surprise birthday party for my 19th, you’re done so much for me, I’m so grateful” I said smiling “I love you so so so much” “aww T, I love you so so much, thank you, we better do, I don’t know what I’d do without you. when you left, I was so lonely with out you being there, it was to quiet” said Max winking “but you are everything to me T, I think you are an amazing woman who insprises many people including me, I’m so grateful for what you’re done for me, you looked after me everyday for mum and dad and you didn’t get to go out at all and I felt so bad when you left and I thought it was because I made your life miserable, that’s one of the reasons why I came here to make it up to you and I am so proud of you and everything you have done and will do and I hope you have the happiest marriage with Mike. You guys belong together and you are an amazing mum to Paris and an amazing big sister and best friend to me, you deverse this job, you are going to do amazing at doing your dream job and you’re going to kill it in America. We will see each other soon I promise. We will always be more than brother and sister, we will always be best friends” said Max. I smiled at Max and hugged him so tight and wrapped my arms around him and he wrapped his arms around me “I love you” said Max “I love you too” I said smiling

We went downstairs and walked into the living room and we stopped and I looked at Max “Maxie?” I asked “yes?” asked Max “what’s going on?” I asked “just close your eyes and wait here” said Max

I had to wait ages for Max and got really inpatient and was starting to wonder what was going on

Then Max came out of the living room “Maxie, you were ages” I said “come with me” said Max grabbing my hand. I let go of Max’s hand “no I’ve got to check on Paris” I said and I went upstairs

I went in my and Mike’s bedroom and walked over to Paris, she was sound asleep “mummy loves you so much princess” I whispered and quietly went forward and kissed Paris on her forehead and went back downstairs

“Can you come with me now?” asked Max as I came over to Max “yes, but why?” I asked “just close your eyes” said Max and haul my hand tight and opened the living room door. I still had my eyes closed but I felt Max let go of my hand “Max, where are you? what’s going on?” I asked sounding worried “open your eyes T” said Max
I opened my eyes “SURPRISE!!!!” shouted everyone. I walked into the living room looking really surprise and looked at the banner, I read it. It said: Bon Vonage T, Mike and Paris
“oh my god, you guys” I said hugging Lynette “do you like it?” asked Susan “like it? I love it su. You guys are so sweet and amazing and I love you all so much” I said smiling at everyone “oh T, we’re not finished yet” said Mike winking and turned to face a big screen and turned ir on and I looked at it “Mike, what is this?” I asked “ahh, wait a second my girl” said Mike.
In a flash, some writing came up saying “To Tessa Jane Mary Harriet Solis” I smiled “is this a slideshow?” I asked “you bet” said Lynette and pictures of me when I was little, pictures of me, meg and Grace, pictures of me and Max, pictures of me, Max and dad, me and Mike, pictures of Paris, pictures of me, paris and Mike, pictures of everyone I cared about. When it finished, it had a message saying “we love you so much T, we are so proud of you and you’re going to kill it in America. Bon Vonage Tess, Paris and Mike” and when the slideshow ended, I was in tears and hugged everyone “that” “was” “the” “sweetest” “most loving thing” I have ever watched” “I’m going to miss you all so much, thank you so much for everything you’re done for me, you are the bestest friend a girl could ask for and I will never ever forget you. I promise and I will see you all again before you know it. Thank you for this” I said and we all had a big cuddle together.

Right after the party ended, me, Mike and Paris got all our things together and smiled “this is it baby girl” said Mike “let’s do this thing together” and he hauled my hand and I had Paris on my right hip and we all walked downstairs and everyone was waiting by the front door including my parents. They smiled at me “we’re so proud of you sweetheart, we’ll come and see you all soon. Best of luck baby girl” said Mr Harmer and they both hugged me. I smiled and Max looked at me and it looked like he had tears in his eyes “oh Max, you big girl, come here” I said laughing “love you so much Max, thank you for everything” I said “love you too” said Max hugging me “I’ll call you as soon as we get there okay? Behave while I’m gone okay?” I said laughing then I moved on to my friends “we’ll miss you so much” they all said together “I’ll miss you all so much, but I promise I’ll come back” I said “told you Max” said Alyssa coming over. Max poked his tongue out. Alyssa ignored him and hugged me “you are an amazing girl Tessa” said Alyssa. I smiled at my big sister “thank you” I said
I put Paris in her pushchair and haul Mike’s hand and looked at him then everyone and smiled at them all “goodbye T” they said smiling and waving at me
“This is it honey” said Mike “you ready” “you bet I am, Bon Vonage everyone, see you all soon” I said as I opened the front door and walked outside “see you T” said everyone. I waved to everyone as the door closed and we walked pushing Paris in her pushchair, hand in hand. Ready to start our new adventure
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1. The beginning 13
2. The letter 19
3. Walking in each other’s shoes 24
4. Boys Boys and Boys 28
5. Max is back 32
6. Harriet 34
7. Mum and Dad 40
8. Seeing you again 46
9. Pull through 54
10. Uncle Ben 57
11. Connections 63
12. Answers 66
13. The truth is out there 71
14. And it hurts 77
15. Years apart us 82
16. I am in love with you 87
17. Offer 90
18. Big news 94
19. I do 98
20. Disaster 104
21. How could you? 107
22. The big day 111
23. My dream come true 114
24. Betrayal 117
25. Goodbye Harriet and Robert 120
26. A happy ending. A happy couple 124
27. Labour 128
28. Baby 130
29. Paris Gabriella Lorelai Leigh Solis 133
30. Meeting the grandparents 136
31. Secrets that I never knew 138
32. Thank-you 140
33. Forgiveness and stuff` 143
34. Moving on 145
35. I love you Mike Solis 149
36. Dearest 152
37. I have my happy ending after all just like a princess 155
38. From Tess 158
39. Finally 164
40. Make it happen 166
41. A New Chapter 168
42. Bon Voyage 170
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