The Secret Life of Victoria Jones and her two brothers

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Victoria, Liam, and Harry Jones have a big secret. They are wizards but when Vicky's best friend and boyfriend find out her secret. There are hurt and lies. Will Vicky be able to trust her friend
and boyfriend with her big secret? Read on and find out Book 1 out of 3 All the books were written in 2011

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Chapter one

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 1

“Dog breath” shouted Victoria-Lily.
“Witch nose” replied her twin brother Liam. “I have not got a witch nose” said Vicki “well, my breath doesn’t smell of dog” said Liam

They both looked at each other and then walked to their rooms and slammed the door.

2 hours later, Vicki was on her computer when Harry came in her room “yes” said Vicki sounding crossed. “Hi, what was all that about with Liam early” asked Harry “I don’t know, asked Liam he the immature one” said Vicki. “Hey, I know you two have problems, but maybe you should say sorry to him” said Harry “I am not saying sorry to him and anyway we got wizard training” said Vicki. They both went downstairs and into the kitchen and then into a room and sat down. Vicki

2 hours later Vicki was on her computer doing homework when her older brother Harry came in. “hey, what that all about with Liam early” Harry asked “I don’t know, he’s the immature one” said Vicki. “Hey I know you two have problems but maybe you should say sorry” said Harry “I am not saying sorry to him and anyway, we got wizard training now” said Vicki. They both went downstairs then into the kitchen and into a room and sat down. Vicki looked at Liam and put her tongue at him. Mr Jones turned around to his children. “Today’s lesson is to work as a team” said Mr Jones.

“Right, first I want Vicki to stand here” Mr Jones helping Vicki “and then Harry and Liam stand next to each other”
“Ok, daddy” said Vicki.

Then Liam and Harry lifted their wands and then Vicki went up the wall.
Harry kept his wand in the air but Liam; on purpose put his arm down. And Vicki felled on the floor and stood up.

“Liam, why did you do that, I could have died” shouted Vicki. “My arm was hurting and plus I hate you” said Liam smiling at Vicki meanly and then sat down “your arm looks fine to me” said Vicki.

“Here they go again” said Harry signing.
“this is normal” said Mr Jones. “dad, they’re twins and plus we’re wizards” said Harry.

3 hours later, Vicki and Liam were still fighting.
“STOP” shouted Mr Jones.

There was silence. “We are fed up of you two fighting” said Harry “well it’s not my fault, Vicki is the immature one” said Liam “I am not immat” but before she could finished, Mr Jones said “that’s it, you’re both grounded” he said. “What, dad that not fair” shouted Liam “I agreed with him, for once” said Vicki. “Well, you should thought about that before you started fighting” said Harry.

Vicki and Liam didn’t say anything. They were both gobsmacked.
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Chapter two

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 2
The next morning, Vicki was in her room on her computer when her door suddenly opened and in walked Liam.

“Don’t you ever read the sign” said Vicki standing up. “Hi to you too, look we need to stop fighting” said Liam “I know” said Vicki “I know, we can pretend that we are nice to each other and then dad will let us out again” said Liam. “That’s a really good plan but it won’t work” said Vicki. “ and how do you know” asked Liam “I just do alright” replied Vicki.

Then the door opened and Harry ran in. “can you at least have a talk without fighting” said Harry “what’s wrong with you” asked Vicki “nothing Vicki, look I heard Liam’s idea and I think it will work” replied Harry. “really, ok let’s do it” said Vicki.
Then there was a sound of a bell.

“Wizard training” said Vicki moaning.
They all walked down to the basement.

3 hours later Vicki, Liam and Harry were all in the living room when Mr Jones came over “I’ve got something to tell you Vicki and Liam” said Mr Jones “Yes, daddy” said Vicki sweetly. “Well, Harry he’s has have his first flying lesson” said Mr Jones “what, that’s not fair” shouted Liam “why can’t we have our first flying lesson” shouted Vicki. “because I don’t want to see you growing up to fast” said Mr Jones.

Vicki and Liam looked at their dad and didn’t say a word.
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Chapter three

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 3

That afternoon, Vicki was in the living room watching television when the doorbell rang. Vicki answered it and it was Harry. “Where’s your key” asked Vicki sitting down and watching television again. “Lost it, what’s wrong?” said Harry “nothing, I’m going to my room” said Vicki.

Vicki stood up and headed to the stairs when Harry stopped her. “What’s wrong, it’s not nothing” asked Harry looking at Vicki. “It’s just, I really need to see someone but I can’t because I’m grounded” said Vicki walking up the stairs. “Let me think this boy, he would happen to be called oh I don’t know Johnny Taylor and I know how to sneak out” said Harry walking up the stairs “how and how did you know I like Johnny” asked Vicki. “Because you talk about him all the time and followed me” said Harry.

A moment later, they were in the basement. “There is an exit door, so go” said Harry opening the door. “Will you tell dad” said Vicki “would I helping you if I would tell dad and no I wouldn’t I promise” said Harry “thanks Harry, see you later” said Vicki steeping out. “Just make sure you’re back before dad is” said Harry kissing Vicki on the chick.
“I will” said Vicki as she waved at Harry and disappeared.
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Chapter four

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 4
5 hours later, Vicki was back and on her computer in her bedroom when Harry came in. “you better come downstairs, dad’s got a women with him in the living room” said Harry “a women” said Vicki looking confused as Harry dragged her down to the living room.

Vicki froze when she came in the living room and looking at her dad and the women next to him. “Hi, sweetheart” said Mr Jones “hi, who is this” asked Vicki. “Don’t you recognised your own mother” said the women.

Vicki gasped and walked over and hugged the women “mum, you came back” said Vicki crying. “I have and we are back together” said Miss Miles “WHAT, I thought you are together already” said Vicki “no, honey I left your dad when you and liam were 5 years old because I found out that your father was a wizard and it scare me so much that I just left and you didn’t see me again but here I am” said Miss Miles. “Have you any idea what you done, Harry told that you die” shouted Vicki looking at her mother. “Honey, sweetheart I know you’re mad but I am here now” said Miss Miles trying to hug Vicki.

Vicki pushed her arm away and didn’t look at her mother or say to her mother.
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Chapter five

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 5
“Honey I know you’re mad and I am so sorry” said Miss Miles

There was silence. “Victoria-Lily, I can’t believe you are being so selfish, your mother said she was sorry about what happen you should forgive her” said Mr Jones.

Vicki turned and look at her mother “mum, I’m sorry and I love you so I forgive you” said Vicki. “oh tori, I love you too and I will stay here as long as you want” said Miss Miles “thanks mum, and plus it has be hard being the only girl here” said Vicki hugging her mum.

1 hour later Vicki was in her bedroom practicing magic when her mum came in. “wow, love what you done to this room” said Miss Miles “thanks mum, why are you up here” said Vicki looking confused. “oh, so boy from school called Johnny wants to talk to you” said Miss Miles “where is he” asked Vicki “downstairs talking to your dad” said Miss Miles.

Vicki was gobsmacked and rush down stairs and strated at her dad talking to Johnny about how she used to wet herself when she was little….
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Chapter six

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 6
Vicki froze and then rush to Johnny and her dad.

Johnny looked and smiled. “Hi, Vicki” he said shyly “hi, what are you doing here” said Vicki “to see you, uh can we go somewhere prative” asked Johnny “yeah, sure followed me” said Vicki leading Johnny to her bedroom.

They got to the stairs and then Liam appeared and came over “what’s he doing here” asked Liam “seeing me, if you got a problem with that take it up with mum and dad, come on Johnny, let’s leave grumpy pants alone” said Vicki opening her bedroom door. “what was all that about” said Johnny “oh nothing, it’s just Liam, we have a fight early but never mind that you were going to ask me something” said Vicki “oh yeah, will you go out with me” asked Johnny. “of course I will” said Vicki kissing Johnny on the click “I got something that is big like a big secret but I can’t tell anyone but I can tell you because you are my boyfriend, I am a wiz” but she couldn’t finished because she was dragged by the arm by Harry and Liam and left Johnny alone and confused…
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Chapter seven

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 7
Vicki was dragged to the kitchen “what do you think you doing, telling big gob our secret” said Liam “he is NOT big gob and won’t tell a sol” said Vicki “but what if he does what would happen to us we have to move and you see him again” said Harry. “Harry, I love him” said Vicki starting to cry and hugging Harry “I know Tori, if you love him you can’t tell him” said Harry. “Ok, I won’t tell him I will lied only because I love you Harry” said Vicki “you are SO my sister, thanks Tori” said Harry squeezing Vicki until she couldn’t breathe. Harry let go and let Vicki breathe again. Vicki walked up the stairs and walked to her bedroom door and shut it behind her.

“What was all that about” asked Johnny “nothing, just a family thing so tell me about yourself” replied Vicki “well, I lived in a care home with my two little sisters Sophie and Tee, what about you, you were going to tell me something” said Johnny “ what oh I lived with my parents, my older brother Harry and my twin brother Liam as you met my family already” said Vicki “what was the thing you were going to tell me something” asked Johnny. “It’s nothing, shouldn’t you be going” said Vicki pushing Johnny to the front door. “See you tomorrow at school” said Johnny stepping outside and waving and walking back home.

Vicki closed the door and went to the kitchen and shut the door, but then Harry and Liam came in. “so, did you tell big gob” said Liam helping himself for a drink. “no and he is not big gob” shouted Vicki “yes, he is” shouted Liam “no he is not” said Vicki walking out of the kitchen to the stairs and into her bedroom and shut the door.

Vicki sat on her bed and lay back. She was so argued with Liam she just wanted to go to sleep…
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Chapter eight

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 8
The next morning, there was a crisis at Vicki’s house. Everyone was rushing around everywhere get their school things but somehow Vicki made it to school on time by magic as usual.

At lunch time, Vicki was sitting alone when her bestest friend Katy Jayne Ganger came over and sat down. “Where’s lover boy said Katy laughing opening her lunchbox and started to eat “don’t know” said Vicki looking sad. “ hey, it’s only a joke, have you and him have a fight” said Katy confronting Vicki “no, it’s not that” said Vicki “you can tell me, what is it” said Katy. “Well, I got this secret that I CAN’T tell him” said Vicki “you can tell me, can’t you” said Katy “well, yeah ok, as long as you don’t tell Johnny, ok” said Vicki “ok, I won’t I promise” said Katy. But as Vicki was going to tell Katy the secret. Liam came over and sat down “Vicki can I speak to you” asked Liam. “I’m busy” said Vicki not even turning around.

Liam signed and sat down “go away Liam” said Vicki “nope, I’m not moving” said Liam. Vicki kept on talking to Katy ignoring Liam when harry came over. “Tori, please may I speak to you” said Harry. “yes, of course” said Vicki “see Liam all got to say is please, it’s pretty simple” she said standing up…
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Chapter nine

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 9
Harry walked into a classroom followed by Vicki and he shut the door. “Vicki, please can you not tell Katy, I know you have known Katy since birth but please don’t tell her” asked Harry kissing Vicki on the head and then open the door and left Vicki by herself.

Vicki thought and thought about what Harry said, she sit down and stood up, she did this several times thinking then the bell rang for end of school. Vicki headed out of school then Harry ran up to her “so did you tell her” asked Harry “no, I couldn’t you got what you wanted” replied Vicki and Harry picked her up and hugged her and kiss her. “you are SO my sister” said Harry putting Vicki down again “don’t you mean little sister” said Vicki “let’s go home” said Harry holding Vicki’s hand and they walked home hand in hand.

Their big secret is safe for now but will Liam tell Katy and get Vicki into trouble.
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Chapter ten

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 10
Vicki was in her bedroom when Harry shouted “Tori, Katy’s here” he said. Vicki walked down to meet Katy then she said “hi Katy” “you lied to me” shouted Katy “Katy, calm down I don’t know what you talking about” said Vicki “you know exactly what I am talking about, I know your secret” said Katy calming down “why didn’t you just tell me” said Katy “I couldn’t” said Vicki. Harry came into the room “Vicki can I talk to you a moment please” asked Harry “sure, I will be back in a bit Katy” said Vicki “ok tori” said Katy.

Harry leaded Vicki into the kitchen “did you tell Katy our secret” asked Harry “no, I didn’t you know I wouldn’t” replied Vicki “how did she find out” said Harry.

Vicki thought and then looked at Harry “Liam” they both said. Harry signed and storm up the stairs to Liam’s bedroom and open the door “LIAM RICHARD JONES, did you tell Katy Ganger, our secret” shouted Harry “I was wondering how long it was going to take you to work it out” said Liam. “YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE YOUNG MAN” said Harry “who put you in charge” said Liam “mum and dad, so for nearly getting Vicki into trouble you are grounded for 3 weeks, no TV, no going out, no going to the arcade, no computer and no magic” Harry said “WHAT, THAT’S NOT FAIR” shouted Liam as Harry shut the door.

Harry walked down to the living room and headed over to Vicki and Katy. “What happen up there I could hear shouting” said Vicki “oh, I just told him off for nearly getting you into trouble” said Harry.

“So, you really are wizards, every single one of you” said Katy.

There was silence and Harry and Vicki looked at each other…

Will Harry, Liam and Vicki get into trouble when Katy tells everyone their secret…?
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Chapter eleven

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 11

“Katy, you won’t tell anyone our secret, will you” asked Vicki following Katy around the living room. “No of course not tori, you know I wouldn’t expect Johnny of course” said Katy sitting down and helping herself to a magazine. Vicki froze and then sat down next to Katy. “Katy, please can you not tell Johnny or anyone else our secret” said Vicki “but Vicki, he has to know, he’s your boyfriend” said Katy.

There was silence and they all heard two people trying to get in. “that must be mum and dad back from their holiday early” said Harry “quick Tori, Katy go in your room and wait till my call ok” said Harry. Vicki and Katy rushed upstairs to Vicki’s bedroom. Harry tidy things up and opened the door. “mum, dad you’re back early from your holiday” said Harry sounding not surprise and hugged both of his parents. “is everything ok sweetheart” asked Miss Miles sounding a little bit worry “yeah, yeah Tori’s in her bedroom and so Liam, should I go get them” said Harry starting to walk up the stairs.

That moment later, he came back down with Vicki and Liam. “Mum, dad you’re back early” said Vicki. “that’s exactly what Harry said, ok Harry what’s be going on” said Mr Jones looking at his eldest son..
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Chapter twelve

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 12
The next morning Harry and Vicki told their parents the whole story “so that’s what be happen, mum when are supposed to come home” said Harry “in two weeks, Liam told us to come home straight away” Miss Miles.

Harry and Vicki signed and looked at each other. “Liam set this up, he’s be grounded for nearly getting Vicki into trouble” said Harry “so Katy Ganger knows our secret” said Mr Jones “yes, because Liam dress up as me and told her but I was with Harry all that time wasn’t I Harry” said Vicki. “Where is Liam” asked Mr Jones “in his room, probably bored” said Vicki.

Mr Jones and Miss Miles stormed upstairs leaving Harry and Vicki alone. “What about Katy, she’s still in my bedroom” said Vicki.
They both froze and then run up stairs….
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Chapter thriteen

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 13
Vikki and Harry opened Vikki’s door ‘’sorry Katy you have to go our parents will find out” said Vicki helping Katy out the window. “Ok see you at school” said Katy hugging Vicki. And then out of the window and then she disappeared

Three minutes later Liam came in. “you know I was in trouble, and now I am in even bigger trouble thank to you and your big mouth” said Liam. “Well, it wasn’t my idea for you to dress up as me and tell Katy to get me into trouble, so it’s proves right” said Vicki.

3 hours later, Vicki was in the kitchen doing her homework when the doorbell rang “tori, could you get that” said Mr Jones from the top of the stairs. Vicki signed and answered it and it was Johnny.

“I don’t love you anymore you lied to me I love Jade-April” said Johnny “I know you’re wizards” he said.

Vicki was frozen and didn’t say a word

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Chapter fourteen

Submitted: February 07, 2016

Chapter 14
“How can you love Jade-April” asked Vicki “sorry, but I just do, but I hope we can be still friends” said Johnny.

Vicki froze and saw Johnny opening the door and then disappear…

2 hours later Vicki was on her bed in her bedroom looking at a picture of her and Johnny kissing when her mum and Harry came in and sat down. “tori, what’s wrong, you’re be up here for 2 hours since Johnny left” asked Harry “I just find that he didn’t love me from when we went on our first date and he’s love Jade-April instead” said Vicki. “What, as in Jade-April from school” asked Miss Miles. “Yeah, that’s her” said Vicki as she started to cry.
“Where is Johnny” asked Harry “back at the care home, why” replied Vicki.

Before she had no answer Harry was nowhere to be seen…
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