The Secret Life of Victoria Jones and her two brothers: Secrets are realved

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Happily Ever After

Secrets are relieved when Vicki’s dad tells Vicki that she has got other siblings. This book was written in 2011

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Chapter one

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 1
Dear diary,
Dad says I can tell Jack our secret but I just can’t , but if I don’t Johnny (who I hate) will tell him and I will get hurt again but Harry doesn’t want me to tell him but half of me does want to tell him and the other half doesn’t want to tell him.

Maybe I can tell Jack our secret but I’ll tell Harry that I won’t, and then everyone’s happy.


I am so clever


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Chapter two

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 2
“Lily I’m allowed to tell Jack the secret, but Harry doesn’t think I should, what should I do” said Vicki “well, what does your dad think it’s ok” said Lily “yeah” said Vicki “well, you don’t want to get hurt, so I think you should Tori” said Lily “what about …. “ said Vicki but she could finish when the door opened and it was Lily’s mum “hi Lily, who’s your friend” asked Mrs Westfield “mum, this is Vicki Jones” said Lily “Hi I’m Victoria-Lily Phillipa Jayne Alexandra Jones, please to meet you” said Vicki holding out her hand and shaking Mrs Westfield’s hand “nice to meet you Vicki, tea is in 20 minutes, would you like to sleep over Vicki” said Mrs Westfield “oh yes please” said Vicki “well you’re have to take it up with your parents, but its ok with me” said Mrs Westfield “really mum” said Lily hugging her mum “yes sweetheart, I know it’s be hard moving here so you dervese it” said Mrs Westfield hugging her daughter “see you in the minute Mrs Westfield and Lily” said Vicki opening the door and shutting it behind her and then she got grabbed by the mouth and disappear…
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Chapter three

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 3
Vicki was dragged into her house and into the kitchen. “Vicki, you can’t tell Jack our secret” said Harry “why dad said I could” said Vicki “because that’s not all you don’t know” said Harry “what do you mean” said Vicki looking confused “come on lets go home forget all I said, you can tell Jack our secret” said Harry “no Harry you’re hiding something and I want to know” said Vicki “no really forget about it” said Harry sounding cross “ok, no need to get cross” said Vicki “I’m not, I’m just trying to keep you safe, that’s my job as your big brother, isn’t it” said Harry “ok, I won’t ask again” said Vicki holding Harry’s hand and they walked home together hand in hand

But is Harry keeping a very deep secret from his other siblings
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Chapter four

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 4
Vicki opened the door and went into the living room but froze as she saw her mum and dad fighting and went up to her bedroom and blesses into cries and landed on her bed.

Harry signed and followed her and knock on the door “what” said Vicki wiping her eyes and sitting up “I didn’t want to tell you” said Harry “it’s mum and dad, they are getting divorced” said Vicki “I..” said Harry “aren’t they” said Vicki “well yes they are” said Harry “but why” said Vicki “because, you know mum came over well she didn’t tell dad that she’s got another family back home” said Harry.

There was silence. Vicki was gobsmacked
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Chapter five

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 5
That afternoon Vicki was in Harry’s room walking up and down the room. “so mum is having affair with dad” said Vicki “well yes mum’s got another husband called Steve, he has 2 daughters from his previous marriage called Sam and Rebecca” said Harry “why didn’t mum tell us” said Vicki “I don’t know, but don’t worry, you’re always have her wherever she is” said Harry “I guess, but it won’t be the same will it” said Vicki

Then there was a sound of a bell, Vicki and Harry went downstairs to the basement.

5 hours later Vicki went to her dad’s office “dad, are you or are you not having affair with mum” said Vicki “what sweetheart, I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Mr Jones as he said this Vicki’s mum came in “mum are you or are you not having affair with dad” asked Vicki “um, how do you know about this Victoria” said Miss Miles “so you having one with me” said Mr Jones. “Ashley, I…” said Miss Miles “I don’t want to hear it Emma, pick your stuff and leave” said Mr Jones “fine” said Miss Miles walking upstairs. “mum, wait please” said “I’m sorry Victoria, your father wants me gone, hope your father looks after you all” said Miss Miles, opening the door and kissing Vicki on the head “don’t worry sweetheart, I will always be here in this” said Miss Miles pointing at Vicki's heart and then getting in her car.

And with that, she was gone, Vicki waved and shut the door…
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Chapter six

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 6
Vicki froze and went upstairs and bless into cries. Harry followed her and went into her room “Tori” said Harry comforting her and cuddling her “it’s my entire fault, I am such a twat” said Vicki blessing into cries “I think I can agree with you on that one” said Liam coming in “no you’re not Tori you are most talent person I know ok and Liam don’t be so horrible to your sister, haven’t you heard the news” said Harry “what, what is it is Vicki not related to us after all” said Liam “no you idiot, mum was having affair, dad find out and he ask her to leave” said Harry “what, who, why, where has she gone” said Liam “Vicki told dad but she didn’t know it was going to turn out like this” said Harry “so it’s your fault, mum left” shouted Liam “I didn’t mean to I’m sorry Liam” said Vicki “Liam, it’s not Vicki’s fault she said she was sorry even though it wasn’t her fault” said Harry.

Vicki sat on her bed and didn’t say a word. “I’m sorry Liam and Harry, I better say sorry to dad” said Vicki walking downstairs and disappeared…
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Chapter seven

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 7
Vicki opened her dad’s office door and went in. “dad, I’m so so sorry, I didn’t mean it” said Vicki “it’s all my fault, I didn’t know it would turn out like this” said Vicki “sweetheart it’s not your fault and I’ve got something to tell you, where are the boys” said Mr Jones “they’re in my room, what’s the news” said Vicki. There was no answer. “Liam, Harry could you come down I’ve got some news” shouted Mr Jones.

Liam and Harry ran down and came into their dad’s office “dad, before you say anything punish Vicki she’s the one who told you and mum” said Liam “it wasn’t Vicki’s fault, I’ve got something to you” said Mr Jones “so what is it” said Vicki “well, you got more siblings then you think you have” said Mr Jones “I don’t understand” said Vicki “dad’s right, you, me and Liam have got more siblings but they lived with mum, but they are living here now” said Harry “you’re a big sister Vicki” said Harry hugging Vicki and kissing her. “but they do know they are wizards because we are and dad is” said Liam “yeah they do” said Harry “but Harry how did you know” asked Liam “well dad told me, yes dad told me” said Harry.

Vicki froze and didn’t say a word.

She was a big sister and not the only girl anymore…

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Chapter eight

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 8
The next day Vicki told Lily the news “I just found out last night” said Vicki sounding excited “that’s great news Vick, but I’m sorry about your mum” said Lily sounding both excited and sad hugging Vicki “Lily, you don’t have to say sorry it’s not your fault and by sides dad was going to find out in the end” said Vicki “if you’re sure you’re alright” said Lily “yeah I’m fine Lil, trust me and stopping worrying about me but do what best have fun” said Vicki “thanks Tori, would it be ok if I come to your wizard lesson” said Lily “yeah sure, you’re always welcome to my house, and you don’t have to ask me” said Vicki. “Thanks Vicki, but mum says I should always before, you’re always welcome over mine too even if it’s a bit full, best friends forever no secrets” said Lily “best friends forever, no secrets, hey I just have the best idea ever why don’t you come over mine for a sleepover” said Vicki “yeah that is a good idea but tonight is a school night” said Lily “no I mean on Saturday” said Vicki “what about Liam and your dad” said Lily “don’t worry about Liam and I’ll ask my dad tonight and tell you tomorrow” said Vicki
Vicki and Lily walked home and went into Vicki’s house “Dad I’m home” shouted Vicki “hi sweetheart, how was your day” said Mr Jones coming over into the living room “it was ok I guess, dad is ok if Lily watches our lesson and then sleepovers on Saturday” said Vicki “sure, but I have something to tell you, where are the boys” said Mr Jones “I don’t know , why what’s the news” said Vicki “well, your other siblings are coming to live with us to give your mum some space” said Mr Jones.

Vicki froze and didn’t say a word to her dad nor Lily…
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Chapter nine

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 9
“What I don’t even know them” said Vicki “well I told you, they’re called Ella and Lucy that are twins and then there is Lizzie, Abby and Casey, and I am meeting them at the airport, um what’s the time” said Mr Jones “9.30, why” said Harry “oh my gosh, they’re be waiting for me at the airport, I’ve got to go” said Mr Jones “look after them Harry” said Mr Jones kissing Vicki “bye” said Mr Jones opening the door and closing it and disappear…

“so now I have 5 sisters including you Tori” said Harry “I know I’m not the only girl” said Vicki “yeah but you know you have to share your room with six other beds” said Liam “but there won’t be room” said Vicki looking at the ground “Tori, don’t worry, you can have our room, it is bigger” said Harry “thanks Harry” said Vicki “but, but don’t I have a say in the this, and anyway all my stuff in there like my guitar” said Liam “no and you don’t even play it” said Harry as he said this the door opened and Mr Jones followed by 5 girls came in.

“Here we are girls and this is Victoria-Lily, Harry and Liam” said Mr Jones.

Vicki stepped followed and put her hand out, but no-one shooked it, Vicki looked at Harry and then looked confused and froze…
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Chapter ten

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 10
Vicki went backwards and looked at Harry.

But then Ella stepped followed and put her hand out and Vicki shake it “so how are you then” asked Vicki “4” said Ella shyly. Then Casey “hi I’m Casey, how old are you” said Casey “15 years old, what about you” said Vicki “19, I went to a college in America but I have to find here now that I am living here” said Casey “my school goes up to sixth form, so you can start there, I can show you around tomorrow” said Vicki “thanks” said Casey “but do you know that dad is a wizard and we’re wizards too” said Vicki.

Vicki looked at Casey and then smiled but then looked confused when Casey’s face read “I don’t know what you’re talking about”…
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Chapter eleven

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 11
Vicki froze and went into the kitchen where Harry was cooking dinner. “Harry, they don’t know their wizards, I mean Lizzie, Abby and Casey don’t know” said Vicki “they do, they’re just teasing you” said Harry “but does Ella and Lucy know” said Vicki “no I don’t think so” said Harry “should I go and tell them” said Vicki “no, they’re get all worried and upset” said Harry “ok, where’s dad” said Vicki “oh, he’s gone out, why, what’s the time” said Harry “it’s 6.30 why” said Vicki “dad’s gone out for hours” said Harry. “Maybe it’s the traffic” said Vicki sounding helpful “no, he’s not far away, he’s gone out to a friend’s from work” said Harry “oh right, maybe we could go and get him” said Vicki “what about Ella and Lucy’s bedtime” said Harry “we could do that before we go” said Vicki. Harry signed and went into the living room where his brother and sisters were watching TV. “Casey could you babysit, while me and Tori go out for a bit” said Harry “what, where are you going” said Lizzie standing up.
Harry signed and holed Vicki’s hand and opened and shut the door and went round a corner. “Where does this person live” said Harry “just here” said Vicki knocking on the door and they heard their dad’s voice and opened it but he was also kissing a woman…
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Chapter twelve

Submitted: February 12, 2016

Chapter 12
“Harry, Vicki it doesn’t look like what you think” said Mr Jones “you said you were going to a friend’s house” asked Harry “yeah I am” said Mr Jones and then a women came over “Ashley, who are these people” said the women. “They are my teenage daughter and grown up son Victoria-Lily and Harry” said Mr Jones “oh right, hi you too, I’m Miss O’Brien the new school principal” said Miss O’Brien “dad, what’s going on” said Vicki “kids lets go home” said Mr Jones “no dad we demanded an answer” said Harry “fine, me and Miss O’Brien are getting married” said Mr Jones.

Vicki and Harry froze and then stepped backwards and went into a corner “what does dad think he’s doing marring Miss O’Brien” said Harry “well, it’s not me who going to go blasted is it” said Vicki “what do you mean” said Harry “well, what will Casey, Lizzie, Abby and Liam think dad marrying again and to Miss O’Brien” said Vicki “you do have a point maybe it’s best if we don’t tell them” said Harry as he said this Mr Jones and Miss O’Brien came over. “Kids, you might want to know you have another set of step-siblings” said Mr Jones.

Vicki and Harry froze and were gobsmacked…

Find out how Vicki’s life is turn up side in the worst thing about having step-siblings
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