Emma's Anthem

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First thing posted ! This is a free write, something's I should say to the young males I've taken interest in, or young males interested in I. It's a bumpy roll-a-coaster. These are my issues.

Submitted: August 21, 2013

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Submitted: August 21, 2013



Note to self/him/shit I desperately need to say/Emma's Anthem: in all acknowledgement: 

I WILL leave you, 

Hurt you, 

Literally ignore you, 

You will no longer exist in my mind, world, or life, as I in yours. 

You are just another victim. 

You are setting yourself up for disaster, and you're probably in too deep for me to warn you in time.

We are playing Russian roulette, 

two souls, two bullets; 

and I'll guarantee you'd be the one going out first. 

It'll only get worse if you try to keep me, 

You'd just unravel another can of worms,

Leaving me clueless, and madly in love w. you 

Years later after I break up w. you thrice, 

because I am just that pathetic. 

I'm insincere, insecure, and fucking disrespectful. 

The consequences don't mean shit, during any situation, 

and thats where my mouth needs to be chained up ?

I may try (not hard enough) to inform you on my bizarre issues, but you'd be blinded by..what ? 

You'd just become oblivious

You'd hit me with irritating cliches and I'll lie to you, 

I'll put on this bold, yet enticing facade 

and you'll ask me a question such as: "Do you like me?" 

Only I know, so very fucking well; that I'll want to gag at the immaturity level used in that question. 

I'll respond

"Yes ", (lie #1)

Or the more satisfying response: "Am I attracted to you?"," Am I interested?" 

"Yea, sure."

"Do I want to pursue in anything further between you and I?"

"Why not?"(lie #2)

Still, I'll take the offer and start a relationship, 

Further into this relation, or earlier(depending on who you are)

You'll ask a question such as: "Do you love me?" 

"What the FUCK do you know about love!?", "Aren't we all just a little too young anyway?", wanting to be my response, 

but instead I'll respond with the old cliche

"With all my heart baby !"(lie #3)

 I'll stir up endless arguments

About nothing

My grudges will be held against you

As long as possible 

I'll make you seem ignorant, 

Only to hold seemingly educating conversations with you, 

Me alone, sounding educated,

Leaving you, subjecting towards the feel of stupidity . 

You will come back, 

and I'll treat you the same way. 

You will not underestimate me,  

You cannot underestimate me.  

I mean all harm,  

and after you've entered my world full of bullshit,

Then its literally your bullshit too, 

There's really no turning back. 

I apologize for the inconvenience(lie #4) 

And If this confession gives you any type of justice, 

It'll have brought no fuck in the world to me. 

So fuck you for being so goddamn naive.

Thank you. 

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