Broken Vision

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Sometimes in life, things don't go according to plan. Fate has a cruel way of luring its victims into a false sense of security then suddenly slapping something out of their control in their path and changing everything.
Amelia Brookes had it all planned. She'd fall in love with the perfect guy, love him in every way she could, and eventually get married and have a few kids. But her plans were torn up and thrown away when Jake abducted and raped her.
She's left not knowing how to react, how to protect the ones she loves, not having a choice but to go forward and face what lies ahead.
Only, she can't move on. Jacob slowly begins opening up to her, forcing her to relive the abuse over and over, before being slung into a situation no teenage girl should have to face.
Caught up in a feud between two rival -and extremely dangerous- gangs, Amelia has to identify her enemies and her allies.

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Broken Vision

Submitted: December 27, 2011

Amelia Brooke had always been different but when she is kidnapped and raped, she becomes far more distanced from reality than she had ever imagined. She tries to cover it all up, pretend it never happened, but then her kidnapper Jake returns, Amelia doesn't know where her heart truly lies. Read Chapter

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