-An Old Flame-

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A story that I wrote when I was about 15, for a high school project. This is one of my "lost" pieces of work, which I found just today!!

Obviously because I wrote this when I was younger, the wording etc... may not all be technically correct, I may re-edit this one day, bring it up to date a bit!

All of the drawings, I did myself at the time I originally wrote the story, managed to salvage those too, so thought I may as well include them.

A little warning about this story. Its got alot about depressed feelings and mentions suicide attempts,mental illness and there is a scene of self-harm. This won't be suitable for everyone.

Submitted: June 15, 2008

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Submitted: June 15, 2008



Golden sunshine flooded the sky on a day ten years ago. But, it was a very sad day because two fifteen year olds, Amy Jones and David Owen, had to say goodbye to each other. This was because Amy’s father had just got a new job in America, which meant that she had to move away.

Amy had been David’s girlfriend for nearly three years, and they meant a lot to each other, but Amy knew how much her father’s job of being a doctor meant to him.

All of Amy’s friends were gathered around her saying their goodbyes, as her father waited in the car. Billy Smith, Dani Greeves, and David’s sister Beth, had always been Amy’s best friends, and saying goodbye to them was painful, but not as painful as saying goodbye to David. He had been her first ever boyfriend, and she loved him more then anything else in the whole world.

Amy walked past the line of friends saying goodbye to them in turn. Then she came to David, he was really upset, she could tell. He was looking down at the ground with his hands in his pockets. As Amy approached him, he looked up and stared into her eyes.

"I love you. Never forget that." he said to her.

"I won’t, believe me." she said as tears started to roll down her cheeks.

David got closer to her and they cuddled. He now had tears in his eyes. Then, they kissed for the last time.

"Come on love. We have to go now or we’ll miss the plane." said Amy’s father out of the car window.

"Maybe I could come back one day." said Amy trying to smile.

"Hopefully." said David, "I love you." That was the last word. Amy got into the car. She looked at David . through the window, then the car started up, and they drove off into the distance.




Over the years as they grew up, Amy and David seemed to lose contact with each other. Letters and phonecalls didn’t come as often, and then soon, none at all.

Now, ten years later, a plane from America touched down at Birmingham airport. A slim pretty blonde woman of twenty five, got off the plane. It was Amy. She had decided that it was time to pay a visit to the place that she once knew and lived. But, behind her so-call confident smile, she was a very unhappy, lonely person.

Since moving to the States, nothing had seemed to go right for her. She had even once become a victim of anorexia, and had even tried to take her own life with an overdose. She hated herself. She believed that she was fat, and ugly, but she wasn’t. She thought that men didn’t like her, they did, but she didn’t notice.

A taxi picked Amy up from the airport, and took her back to where her old friends lived. She got out of the taxi, it drove away. She stood in the beautiful country lane that she had last seen David and the others. She walked over to where she had stood when she had spoken to David that last time. She stood there for a minute, remembering what had been said that day.

Just then, a car came along the lane, and pulled up beside her. A woman with long brown hair, slowly got out from the drivers side.

"Amy? Is that you?" said the woman. Amy recognised her. It was Beth! "It is you isn’t it?" she continued.

"Beth!" shouted Amy happily, "It is me! I’m back!" with that, they got talking to catch up on all of their news and gossip.

"Do you want to come and see the others?" asked Beth.

"I sure do!" replied Amy.



Beth drove Amy to the little thatched cottage that she knew best as "the Owen household". It stood beautifully in the golden sunlight. It was a familiar, welcoming sight.

"I think everyone will be here. Mum and dad definitely will be." said Beth as she and Amy got out of the car.


Beth led Amy into the house where her mum and dad were sat talking in front of the television. When they saw Amy they fell into silence. Beth’s mum, Sue, ran up to her and greeted her in a loving way. They had always been lose.

"This is a sight for sore eyes!" she exclaimed.

"So what brings you back to this place?" said Beth’s dad, John.

"Well, things were getting a little bit stressful for me over in America." replied Amy.

"Well lets sit down and have a cuppa, and you can tell us all abou it." Sue suggested. So with that, they started to disgus Amy’s experiences in the states, and "the good old days".



A short while later, someone walked through the door and proped himself up against the wall. It was a tall, handsome young man.

"Hello stranger!" he said.

Amy looked up to see that it was David. She ran over to him, and he flung his arms around her.

"Its great to see you." he said looking deeply into her eyes. With that one look, Amy realised that she had just fallen in love with him. It was as though a magnetic force was attracting her to him. His black shiny hair drooped over his face, and his dark brown "puppy dog eyes" sparkled.

He was wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket, underneath, a white silk shirt gripped to his body. It was slightly open at the neck so that his gold chain was showing.

Amy couldn’t believe the effect that he was having on her, even though thay had only been re-united for less then a minute. She thought that she had died and gone to heaven.

"Wanna go for a drink?" he asked.

"Yes, okay." was her answer.

"We will go in my car. I know this little country pub called "The Inn"." he smiled again, causing her heart to melt.




An hour later, Amy and David were sat in the pub talking.

"So," said David, "has there been anyone special in your life lately?"

"Not really." she replied. She felt as if she was beginning to go a bit shy around him.

Just then, some familiar faces appeared through the door. It was Dani and Billy accompanied by Beth. At last, the friends were all together again. They all went over to join Amy and David. There was a great feeling of relief in the air for Amy. At last, something was going right for her.

The old friends talked and laughed for hours. It went silent for a minute. There was the sound of very loud laughter. A woman and a man walked in. They were both very drunk. It later became obvious that the woman was called Esther, and the man, Ronan.

"Give me a vodka mate!" Esther said to the barman.

"I think that you have had enough to drink already, don’t you?" he said back. As he said that, Esther spotted David in the corner, and went over to him. Ronan was just sat quietly at the bar.

"Wanna buy me a drink darlin’?" she asked David.

"Whats it worth?" he replied with a smile upon noticing how short her skirt was.

"Wouldn’t you like to know!" she said.

With that, David got up whilst still looking at her, and then slowly walked over to the bar to buy her the drink that she had been wanting. She walked over to join him, and they got talking. They were both flirting like mad.

Amy stared at them in a daze of shattered dreams. It wasn’t fair. How could she have a chance with David, when there were people like Esther around. All of a sudden, she felt as though the whole world was against her again. Everyone seemed better then her.

She got up and ran out of the door. Nobody seemed to notice this except for Dani. She ran after Amy, finding her sitting on a bench outside looking depressed.

"You like David a lot don’t you?" she asked as she sat down next to Amy.

"Yeah. I do."




In just three weeks, Amy had got to know David inside out. The more she got to know him, the more that she fell in love with him. But, when she wasn’t with him, she wasn’t the same. She would sit in her flat, feeling so alone, crying tears of loneliness because she knew that what she most longed for, was probably out of her reach.

On many days, Amy had sat and watched David talk to other women in a way that he’d never talked to her. She would rather have the ground swallow her up then have to go through the torture of seeing that again.

One of the women that David had been talking to, was called Penny Fortes. They had gone out to dinner one night. Amy hated her. She seemed so perfect in every way. She always wore expensive clothes, which made Amy’s clothes feel like garbage bags. Her make-up was always perfect too, she got on with everyone, everyone wanted to know her. Not like Amy.

Amy couldn’t cope anymore. She seemed to have the weight of the world on her shoulders. Penny had won David’s love, but there was something about her that made Amy think that she wasn’t after David for a good reason. Maybe she was just being jelous, but she knew there was something. Something which didn’t quite fit into place, but what?



Days passed slowly and mysteriously as Amy tried to find a fault with Penny, but it didn’t happen. From what she could tell, Penny on the outside, appeared to have a completely clean slate.

Amy decided to go and confide in Dani, afterall, she thought, two heads are better then one. So, she began walking over to Dani;s house. It was set besides a beautiful riverside.

As she approached it, she noticed that Penny was walking in the opposite direction with another woman. They were talking closely. She was dressed up again.


When they walked past Amy, Penny turned and gave her an evil look.

"I know what your trying to do! You are trying to turn everyone against me! But don’t bother, because you will be the first person that ends up getting hurt!" with that, they stormed off leaving Amy totally stunned.

She must be up to something, or else she wouldn’t have said that. What if she was going to hurt David? Amy knew that she had to do something, she was the only person who could stop something terrible from happening to him. But what could she do? She had no proof. She didn’t even know what she was planning to do.

Amy ran to Dani’s house. She knew that she would be able to help her, she had always been able to rely on her.

When she got there, she rang the doorbell and waited. Dani opened the door and Amy rushed in.

"You’ve got to help! Pennys up to no good! I just know it! I don’t want to see David get hurt! She’ll hurt him!" she shouted, and then broke down into tears. She just couldn’t stand life any longer. She was confused and wanted to die. If only David loved her instead of Penny. He’d make everything okay, he’d stop the world from caving in on her. But it was out of her reach.

Dani put her arms around Amy, and tried to comfort her, but she couldn’t stop crying.

"What happened?" asked Dani sympathetically. Amy tried to explain how she was feeling, and told her what Penny had said. Dani just gave her a blank look. "Do you want to have a lie down?" she asked.

"Okay." said Amy, who was in such a state now, that she could hardly even speak. Dani took her to the spare room where Amy fell to the bed and curled up.




While all of this had been happening, there had been a visit from Amy’s father, Peter, over at the Owen household. He has flown over from America, and he was panicking. He spoke to Sue, John, Beth and David.

"Is Amy here?" he had asked, "I’ve got to find her! She’ll hurt herself again, I just know it!"

"What are you talking about?" David asked.

With that, Peter explained about the times that Amy had tried to hurt and kill herself, and that she hadn’t told him where she was going, she had just vanished without a trace.

"She needs help. I have to find her." he continued, as he sank into a chair and out his hands over his face.

"I’ll go over to her flat to see if shes there." said Beth rushing out.

"I’ll ring around everyone from my house." said David as he walked out too.

"Come on," said John, "we’’ take the car and see if we can find her." so they got into the car, and drove to the houses of the people that they knew. When they reached Dani’s house, she opened the door and let them in.

Amys upstairs lying down." she explained, "She got upset and was saying all these crazy things about David’s girlfriend. It didn’t make any sense."

As they talked, Amy got up from the bed and sneaked halfway down the staircase to hear what they were talking about.

"You see," continued Peter, "she went so crazy, she just couldn’t handle it anymore. It was really the last straw when she took an overdose for the third time. I din’t know what to do. I still don’t."

There was a silence for a minute, and then the door bell rang. Amy quickly crept back up the stairs in tears shaking.

Dani opened the door, it was Penny. It became obvious to Amy that they were telling her everything too.

"That’s awful." said Penny, "The poor girl!"

"Now I’ve got to work out what to do now." said Peter sorrowfully.

"Dani? May I use your bathroom?" asked Penny. "I won’t disturb Amy."

"Yes, of course." answered Dani without giving it a second thought.

With that, Penny went upstairs, went into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She poened her handbag, and brought out an extremely sharp razor blade. She smiled to herself and opened the door.

She walked across to the room that Amy was in. Amy knew that she was there, the smell of her expensive purfume filled the air.

Amy was now shaking really badly, she was curled up in the corner of the room on the floor.

Penny walked into the room. There was a deadly silence until she let out an evil ear piercing laugh, and walked over to Amy, holding the razor blade to her own arm.

"Ha! You are going to get the blame for everything that I do from now on! I am going to use David for all he’s worth! I’ll get all of his money, and nobody will be able to stop me! Oh, and don’t think about trying to tell anyone. They wouldn’t believe you. Everyone thinks that you are crazy! Your own father told us that you are! This is going to hurt you more then it will hurt me!" with that, she started to cut her arm. Blood went everywhere.

Amy was crying and shaking, powerless to stop her. Why was she doing this to her?

When Penny had finished cutting herself, she smothered Amy’s hands and clothes in blood, and threw the razor down by her side. Then, she screamed out as loud as she could.

Everyone ran upstairs and into the room.

"She went mad! She just attacked me! Shes crazy!" screamed Penny, as she fell to the floor to add to her act.

"Call an ambulance!" shouted Peter, as he began using his skills as a doctor to start attending to Penny’s wounds.

David threw his arms around Penny, trying to make her feel better.

"I think that someone should call the police too!" he shouted staring at the trembling Amy.

"No, don’t. She needs help instead. Calling the police on her will just make thinks worse." said Penny quietly.



A week later, everything was getting worse for the framed Amy. Penny was now out of hospital, she had bandages all up her arms, and, she was still threatening Amy. She had said to her, "I told the police to drop all charges, so that I can have some more fun first!"

Amy’s only witness was God. Nobody believed her, yet she was right. Everyone thought she was just plain mad. Penny had succeeded in wrecking her life.

Amy was now staying in her flat with her father until they could get back to the States, but even though she was going through all of this torture, she couldn’t leave. She didn’t want David to end up hurt. She had to find a way of proving that Penny was doing this.



Amy suddenly decided that she would have to get away afteral, even though she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving David, he had been a light at the end of a very dark lonely tunnel, but all of that chance, a chance to get close to him, had gone.

She got up and walked over to a bag that was lying in the corner of the room. She stood over it whilst pushing a bit of loose hair away from her face. She snatched up the bag and rushed over to her wardrobe, grabbed enough clothes to shove into the bag, and then sneaked out into the hallway. She looked into the living room. Peter was in there asleep with the coffee table out in front of him. Papers were spread out on top of it.

She crept over for a closer look at them. On one of the papers, in big bold letters, were the words:

Cromford River Asylum
for the mentally ill

Amy stood shocked and stared at the letters. Tears of desperation rolled down her face. It was as though this was a kind of dream, no, a nightmare, and she couldn’t get out. She was well and truly trapped.

She ran out of the room with her bag and then straight out of the front door. Her eyes were stinging and she couldn’t see out of them properly. As she walked past everyone, they were going about their normal daily lifes. It seemed to be happening in slow motion. Amy felt ill, exhausted and terrified. Before she knew what was happening, she collapsed in a heap on the pavement, and everything went black......




A bright light suddenly came into view. It was the brightest, and the most beautiful light that Amy had ever seen. Then, even stranger, she could hear a voice.

"Don’t give up now Amy. Don’t give up." it said in an echoed whisper.

"Amy." said another voice. It was Peter. She had suddenly woke up and found herself lying on a hospital bed. Peter was sitting at her side holding her hand. "I thought I’d lost you." he said gently.

"What happened?" Amy asked.

"You collapsed trying to get away. Do you remember that?"


"Look love. I have got to go and make a quick phonecall." with that, he got up and walked over to the door. When he had got there, he stopped for a moment, and looked back at his daughter, then continued on his way.

A few minutes past by. Amy looked all around the room, studying every detail from the bed in which she lay. Just then, a nurse walked into the room.

"You have another visitor." she said with a smile before walking back out. Then in walked a woman with blonde shoulder length hair and green eyes. It was Esther, the woman who she had seen in the pub that time before.

"Hello Amy." she said gently, "I bet you are wondering why I have come here." she sat down on the chair that stood next to the bed. "I know what you are going through. Penny did the same to me."

"What?!" said Amy as she sat up and looked at Esther.

"She made me look crazy, just like shes doing to you now. But, don’t worry, she won’t get away with it this time."

"You know what’s been going on?"

"Yes Amy, and I am going to help you fight Penny until the end. Your not alone anymore."

"Oh thankyou so much!" Amy leaned over and hugged her. At last, there was someone who knew what was happening.

Esther continued to tell Amy all about what Penny had done to her, and they then started to work out what they would do about her.




It wasn’ t long before Amy was out of hospital. Her father had tried to get her to go to counselling sessions, but, she refused. She wanted to spend time with Esther devising a plan to catch out Penny with proof, but at this moment, they were struggling to think of anything. All Amy could think about, was David.



A couple of weeks later, something happened which meant that Esther had to go away for a few days. She had had a phonecall from someone about her boyfriend.

"You can’t go!" said Amy desperately.

"I have to. Ronan might be in trouble, and I have to go and sort everything out. I’m really sorry Amy. I’ll try to get back as soon as possible. I promise."

"Okay." said Amy as she watched Esther pick up her handbag and walk out of the door to her flat.

After she was out of sight, she heard footsteps approaching her from behind. Amy froze. It was Penny. She walked into the room and gazed nastily at Amy.

"How did you get in?!" Amy asked, horrified.

"Never you mind! I told you that everyone is going to turn against you, and I was right!" she laughed.

"You won’t get away with it!" Amy shouted.

"I already have! Everyone thinks that you are the crazy one, not me!"

"Why are you doing this?" asked Amy as she backed away, Penny still walking closer to her.

"You do know that you’ll never get David, don’t you Amy? He loves me, not you!"

"But I love him!" said Amy bursting into tears.

Just then, there were more footsteps.

"So!" said a familiar voice, "Ronan is in trouble is he Penny?!" shouted Esther as she walked back into the room with Ronan, David, Dani, Beth, Peter and Billy.

"We’ve just heard everything that you said to Amy! How could you ruin her life like this?" asked David angered. Amy looked up at him. She could see that he was really hurt. He then walked out of the room.

"I think you’d better explain everything!" shouted Peter angrily.

"I just wanted to have David to myself. I knew if Amy got too close to him, he’d fall in love with her instead." Penny started to cry.

"You’re pathetic! You did all of this because you were jealous of her!" cursed Esther.

"And to get to his money. In fact, she doesn’t really give a damn about David. Just her precious money." added Amy.

Penny quickly ran out of the room and outside, everyone staring at her as she left.

Dani looked over at Amy. She was sitting on a chair in the corner, fragile and shaking. She walked over to her, and put an arm around her. Everyone watched sympathetically.

"Are you okay?" she asked her, but Amy didn’t answer.

Just then, David walked back into the room and looked at Amy. He walked over to her. Dani moved away as he hugged Amy tightly. She felt so safe in his arms, and whats more, he had an amazing calming effect on her. His after shave smelt really nice too.

She soon stopped crying and shaking. She just wanted him to hold her forever so that nobody could ever hurt her again.

"I’m so sorry." he said, softly and quietly.

She hoped that David had overheard her say to Penny that she loved him. She only wished that he loved her too.

"Look, Amy. Would you like to get out of here, and go over to my house for a bit? Theres something that I’ve got to tell you." he said looking at her.

"Okay." she agreed, whilst still holding onto him as much as she could.

David took her by the hand and they both stood up. He led her out of the room, and outside to his car.



When they got to his house, they sat down in the lounge. Amy looked around. His house was really nice, and felt welcoming.

"You know that you are really special to me. don’t you?" David asked.

"Am I?"

"Yes you are."

Amy’s eyes began to well up with tears agin.

"You really don’t have to lie to me, saying that I’m special, just to make me feel better!" she said, standing up rushing towards the door.

"I heard you say that you love me. Is that true?" he asked.

Amy stopped just before she reached the door. David walked up to her.

"Is it true Amy?" he repeated his question.

Amy looked up at him.

"Yes, it’s true." a few tears escaped and rolled down her cheeks.

There was a complete silence that followed for a moment, except for the sound of a clock ticking.

David’s brown eyes stared deeply into Amy’s as he moved cloder to her. He wiped away the last of her tears as he gently touched her face. He then moved his face closer to hers. Amy could feel her heart pumping frantically as his lips touched hers, and they kissed.

After a few moments, he slowly pulled his head away, still looking into her eyes. He took her by the hand, leading her out of the lounge, slowly up the stairs, and into his bedroom where he made love to her.


© Copyright 2018 Emma Sparrow. All rights reserved.

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