The Visionaire's Protector

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A woman called Asha becomes a 'Visionaire' and is given the gift of seeing spirits, and future and past events whilst an angel tries to protect her from any evil entities she encounters along the way.
But the angel soon has to come up with another way to keep Asha safe when the number of Visionaire's on Earth means he is unable to watch over all of them all the time.

I wanted to write this in the style of an 'old legend'. Let me know what you think as it is a bit different to my usual style!

Also, this was a bit of an experiment as I want to write this into another story I have planned (that will bring the Visionaire thing into the present).

Submitted: December 02, 2009

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Submitted: December 02, 2009




There once lived a young woman named Asha who had found herself one day to be inflicted with a strange malady. At first this new curse was a terrible burden for her, and she was unable to make any sense of it.

She saw not only ghostly figures appear to her, but small glimpses of events in her mind’s eye. She was unaware of their meaning until one day, she saw the death of her own husband in one of the terrible visions.

One week later, the vision came true and she indeed for real, saw her beloved die exactly the way she had foreseen.

Through her grief and loss, she came to realise that she was able to see future events before they would come to pass, but did not know what she was supposed to do with this knowledge.

Feeling alone with such complications, she soon confided in a friend whom laughed at her story not believing that such a thing was at all possible. She accused Asha of losing her mind and confessed that she could not be seen around such a wretched creature. She bid Asha goodbye, ordering her from her home.

Asha soon found that her old friend had spread word of their conversation by the end of that very day, and the village’s people did not look at her well from then on, except for one man named Silus whom had always had a kindly heart and a fondness for her. It pained him so to hear such things said about the beautiful widow.

Again Asha found she was alone with her burden, and wept for herself and her late husband under the stars one night, begging to the heavens to make sense for her this wicked magic that had been afflicted upon her person.

Upon hearing her cries, an angel came and he comforted Asha. He explained that she had become a Visionaire and had an important job to do. He told her that she had been chosen to help the spirit people pass over to the light when they could not otherwise manage to do so themselves. Not all were able to let go of the mortal world which they have had to leave and for whichever reason, feel they cannot abandon their loved ones even after death.

It was to be Asha’s destiny to talk sense into the spirits so that they would finally go on to where they now belonged. The visions of the future, and even the past would come to her as a tool to aid her quest when necessary.

But the angel warned Asha, for not all spirit people were of a friendly nature and could intend the Visionaire harm. He also told her that sometimes the futures that would appear to her, could not always be altered, that some fates were set in stone.

This worried Asha, but the angel promised that he would often keep watch over her if she should need his help, and he would return to banish such evil spirits should they ever present themselves.

Asha asked the angel if she was the only Visionaire, to which he informed her that she wasn’t. He went on to tell her that there was one Visionaire to each part of the Earth, and that they were all in his protection.

Once the angel had finished his explanations, Asha felt more at ease. She accepted her destiny and the angel went on his way.


Over time, Asha came to know many spirits whom she helped cross over to the beyond after they had resolved their last needs. Asha soon realised that most of them simply wanted their loved ones to promise a happy life, even without them to share the rest of the journey, and some simply wanted to say a final farewell.

One night, Asha was even visited by the spirit of her late husband who insisted on her finding love once more so not to let her heart waste. He told her it would be impossible for him to move into the light without knowing that she would do this. She gave him her sincere promise, that when one worthy of her love came along, she would certainly settle with him. Afterwards, her husband had finally left, content enough to move on.

Asha was doing well fulfilling her duty as the Visionaire, though the village’s people still whispered ills about her behind her back. They would call her a witch, and all matter of bad names, but she cast their words aside knowing in her heart that she was only doing good and that she had an angels protection when needed. Still, the kind-hearted Silus did not join in with the other’s cruel taunts, instead he took it upon himself to call in on her once in a while and they soon became good friends.


Trouble finally came for Asha one very dark night when a bad spirit arrived. Asha pleaded with the spirit man, but he was a brute, and from her visions she could see that he had been murderous in his time of living.

The spirit man had energy like no other spirit she had yet faced, and he was able to throw her across the room with great force with just the snap of his fingers.

Asha had fell to the ground painfully as the spirit man laughed at her. He told her that she would not be able to overpower him with her words, that he would stay on the earth forever and a day bringing torment to the weak humans.

After he left to wreak his havoc on some other poor soul, Asha was left lying on the ground. Thankfully she was not seriously harmed, but feared for her life should the spirit man ever return.

A few days later, the angel returned. Asha was angry at him for not being there to protect her like he had once promised.

The angel was saddened by what had happened to Asha, and it was then that he realised that he alone could not be ready to help every Visionaire on the Earth all at the same time. His efforts were stretched thin.

He told Asha that he would find another way to protect her, then left to go seek an answer.

Though no idea came to the angel as to how he would go about protecting his Visionaire, he took care to watch over Asha more frequently, but found that the Visionaire’s further away on the Earth would soon come into danger outside of his presence.

After a while, the angel noticed that Asha was being visited by one of the villagers. The man Silus had took to calling on her from time to time, and soon the angel realised that Silus desired her, though had not the courage to speak his true feelings and had settled for her friendship.

Finally an idea occurred to the angel, so he decided to pay Silus a visit of his own.

Silus was shocked when confronted by the angel, but he was a wise man and knew that there had to be much more to the heavens and earth then there seemed to be, so he listened intently as the angel made him an offer.

The angel told Silus that Asha was very special, gifted by God with visions and the ability to help the spirit people, but this put her in danger from the bad spirits that occasionally happened upon her dwelling and she needed a protector to help rid of such beings.

Silus was confused as to why the angel would share such a thing with him, but the angel told him that he knew of his love for the widow and that he could see he cared for her very much so and couldn’t imagine a better man to protect her.

Silus asked how a simple man like himself would possibly be able to keep such evil at bay and to stop them harming Asha.

Of course the angel knew that humans were weak against the spirit world, so he told Silus that he’d transfer some of his power to him to use as defence.

Silus was truly amazed when the angel said that he’d be gifted with the power of the skies; lightening. He would be able to summon it through his very fingertips at a time of need to stun or even forever banish the evil spirits.

But the angel warned Silus, for the bond between he and Asha would be so strong, that if any spirit were to get past his protection and Asha was to die by their hand, with her very last breath, Silus would also began his own long sleep.

Even with the warning, Silus had not to give this another moments thought, for he confessed he loved Asha so, and would stop at nothing to keep her safe from harm.

And so it was, the angel gave Silus some of his own power and sent him to Asha’s home to carry out his brave new duty.


After a time, the angel came back to check on Asha and Silus and was overjoyed that the situation had worked out well. Silus had kept Asha safe from the bad spirits whilst she continued her own job as Visionaire.

There was an extra surprise though, for Asha had found she returned her feelings for Silus and so they had since been wed.

The angel was so happy that he decided that he would find a Protector for each Visionaire on the Earth, and gift them all with some of his powers as he had done for Silus. This way, all them would have immediate help close by when they needed it.


Soon, the angel had travelled far and wide, finding suitable Protectors for each of his beloved Visionaires, but came to realise that each time he transferred some of his power, he himself became weaker.

Finally, he reached the very last chosen Protector, but knew in his heart that it would use up the last remnants of his powers and he would surely cease to exist himself once he had given them away.

But he knew that it needed to be done, and once the last Protector was created, as predicted, the angel forever vanished.


Little had the angel known, but his own self-sacrifice that day would leave an ever lasting effect; for a strong magic was born when he’d left this realm, a magic born of the love he felt for his Visionaires, and ever since, whenever a new Visionaire is born to the Earth, also will be born a Protector whom shall be destined to find one another to continue the ever-lasting quest to guide the spirits from this world to the next.


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