Cupids hit

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No one likes valentines day when they're single.
Alicia Ryler has been dreading valentines day this yer more than ever. Her best friend will be with her boyfriend. Her older sister will be going to some dance. And both of her parents have to work. Life just seems to suck! Until Cupid shots his arrow and makes this one unforgettable valentines day.

Submitted: February 14, 2013

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Submitted: February 14, 2013



I hate Valentines day. All it is,is a day to make people realize they're forever alone. That's me. Alicia Ryler-forever alone.

It's not like I never had a boyfriend. I had those silly ones in elementary school and I dated one guy for real for a bit...but nothing serious. My older sister,Annabel says that I'll find him someday I just need patience,but Annabel's been dating the sme guy since freshman year. They'll probably get married. So what can she say? I'm a junior and still haven't been in love! Hasn't everyone by know?

This is what I was thinking walking to my locker on valentines day. It was probably because I had just seen Olivia,my BFF make out with her boyfriend making me feel more alone. I had no one to share my misery with. I was going to spend my night sitting on my couch eating a bag of potato chips and watching a movie while everyone else would be kissing.

I felt myself bump into something snapping me out of my thoughts.

\"Sorry\" I mumbled realizing I'd bumped into someone,a boy. A extremely hot boy too. He was probably 6'2 so he toward over my 5'1 body. He had abs that you could clearly see through his shirt. I wondered why I'd never seen him before.

\"It's fine. It was my fault anyways\",he said with a smile. \"Can you help me find room D13 I'm new here\"

\"Sure,I'm Alicia\",I said trying to sound cool, which was hard standing next to such a hunk as himself.

\"Alicia Ryler?\"

\"Um, yeah?\" How'd he know my name?

He burst out laughing. I blushed a shade of red.

\"Logan Hains in second grade you were my best friend. Until you moved. Who ever thought we'd see each other again?\"

I smiled. Logan! Logan wasn't only my old best friend but he was also my first kiss if you count being 8. We'd lived next door to each other until my parents divorced and my mom found a job in a different school district.

\"Well Logan how's it been?\" Alright really lame I know but I didn't know what else to say!

He laughed again \"that's what you say? I haven't seen you in forever and you just say \"how's it been\"?\"

\"Yep!\" I smiled

\"How about I tell you at dinner? You've missed your pretty face a lot since then. And it is valentines day so it can sort of be\"

I didn't answer right away. I didn't know what to say! Was he asking me on a real date or a friend date?

\"Sorry you probably have a boyfriend. I hope this didnt mess up our friendship. Lets just forget it ok? I didn't think\" he said awkwardly

\"No, no boyfriend. Here's my address ill be ready at seven ok?\"

He grinned like the goofy old Logan who I feel in love with 8 years ago. \"Ok\"

Maybe this was true love I thought with a laugh. Maybe this valentines day wouldn't be so bad after all! I meantally thanked Cupid for having a good hit!

AN:This is my parents love story! So tgey lie happily ever after! Besides my dad spilling his drink on my mom that night (that date didn't go to well but luckily she gave him about her chance because they got married once they graduated college). They've been telling me this story all day so I told them to just go and tell anyone besides me. So they suggested I put it on booksie! LOL:) I hope you guys like it! Please comment-it'll probably look like a mess because my brother is on the computer doing mine craft or whatever that is and wouldn't move and my labtops Broken so I'm doing it on my lets see!

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