A mating story

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Moonheart has loved her leader for a long time. Now she is in heat. Will he love her back? If so, will they mate?

Submitted: September 26, 2012

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Submitted: September 26, 2012



Moonheart lay alone, her head were on her paws.

Duststar noticed the she-cat and padded over to her, "How have you been, Moonheart?" he asked.

"Good," she meowed.

Duststar nodded and asked, "Would you like to go hunting?"

"Sure," Moonheart meowed and stood.

They padded out of camp and into the dense forest.

Moonheart looked at her leader, lust in her eyes, she was in heat, she needed his member inside of her.

Duststar looked at Moonheart and said, "Now that I have had a good look at you. you are the most beautiful she-cat I have ever seen," with that he twined tails with her.

Moonheart purred and said, "Will you be my mate?"

Duststar nodded and said, "Would you like to make it true?" he asked looking at her tight virgin core.

"Yes," Moonheart purred and lifted her haunches in the air.

Duststar softly lick Moonheart's core making her moan, he then went quickly pushing his tounge into her core.

Moonheart began moaning loudly then began lick the tip of Duststar's member.

Duststar moaned and stopped her and mounted her.

Moonheart was still.

Duststar slid his member into her core and rammed into her.

Moonheart yowled in pain from his bristles on his member.

Duststar quickly stopped, "Do you want me to stop?"

Moonheart shook her head.

Duststar licked her ear and began ramming into her once more.

Moonheart's yowls went back to moans of pleasure.

Duststar continued on, the feeling incredible.

Moonheart never wanted Duststar to leave her core.

Duststar continued thrusting and then released his seed into her.

Moonheart and Duststar then fell over panting.

Duststar purred and lick Moonheart's muzzle.

"Incredible," was all Moonheart could say.

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