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Submitted: August 23, 2018

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Submitted: August 23, 2018





Artificial light is the greatest

enemy I have ever known.

Transparently existing to rob me of rest,

Lampposts suffocating the moonlight.

We are taught that the light will guide us,

beams that slip through closed blinds

masquerade as our brothers and lovers

whom we trust, only with the intention

to burn and blind.

The faint glows, a wicked false hope

That makes us crippled coward's, bitter beings

who quiver at the slightest, most gentle touch.

I was overwhelmed with the belligerent brightness;

A mortifying metamorphosis

I collapsed in, forcing a soft body

to become bulletproof.

To become a soldier

I was not meant to be.


She was there from the beginning,

waiting for an opportunity to tell me

what she can see that I cannot.

She says she loves the seafoam of my eyes

and the gravel in my voice.

She asks about every scar

she finds while exploring my body,

from the speckles on my cheeks

to the bands on my ankles

trying to decipher stories and secrets.

I told her I am not well,

sometimes my nose bleeds

and sometimes I wake up crying

and I can’t remember why,

she told me blood nor tears frighten her.

I told myself she is another false beckon,

if I am burned again I won't make it.

But I should have known I’d fall for

the freckles under her eyes and the

scar on the center of her hand.

I fell asleep beside her and woke up

knowing that she is starlight.

And now I can see again.


That every fingertip can create a lifetime,

that words spoken can keep a heart beating,

that there are armys of trees that reach for the heavens,

and moss that kisses the earth.

There is light in the palms of everything that breathes.


This generation is scorched by silence,

Unable to see the redemption

held in the street corners and alleyways

We used to call home, we are  

immune to our own magnificence.  

Not as simple

As the fierce illuminations can make us.


I will wander.

Follow the natural light

I learned I can trust.

If I am a fool for falling prey

To the cliches then

So be it.

If I am meant to die,

To return to the dirt I am so in love with,

So be it.


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