Your amazing just the way you are.

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This story is about a boy called Sam who has a bestfriend called jess who is in love with but is he? Enjoy!

Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012



How can telling the girl you love be so complicated? If only she could see the way i feel about her, if only...
"Hey sam!"
I stared at my locker door, daydreaming. I was suddenly jumped on by my bestfriend Jess, well when i say bestfriend i mean, crush. I have known Jess eight year's but yet she sees no intrest in me at all, insted she falls inlove with all the 'bad boys' and always ends up getting hurt. I would never hurt her, never. Besides, Jess would never fall for a guy like me. I'm not as good looking as all the guys she falls for and i'm certaintly not as good as chatting women up as they are - i will never stand a chance. Jess was one of the most beautiful girls i had seen, she was natural blonde and her hair was always so wavy, she always had beautiful brown eyes and rosey cheeks. She was perfect but most of the guys she dated thought she was just another dumb blonde ready to play but they didn't understand Jess like i did - no one did. Me and Jess were close, real close. I knew Jess more than she knew herself, she tells me everything and she is the most trustworthy person i know, i can tell anything to her without any doubts.
"Er Sam, hello?" Jess said, opening her locker and placing her books inside it.
"Oh erm, Hey Jess!"
"Away with the faries were we?"
"I wish." I mumbled quietly to myself.
I turned and looked at Jess and saw her pulling a rather weird look, a nervous look infact.
"What's the matter Jess? You seem...nervous?" I questioned, she was obveriously thinking something.
"Well, Sam you know how we have been friends for a while now?"
"Yes, go on."
My heart started to thump, was this the day Jess finally asked me out and saw how i felt for her? I felt like screaming yes at her face but i controlled myself and waited patiently for her to continue.
"I was wondering, Do you see that guy over there? His name is Tim and i'd really love it if i got to know him some more. I heard you know him, could you help me?"
I was devestated. She didn't want me insted she wanted the new guy Tim who i just happend to know, i wish i didn't now. I couldn't let her down as for she was my bestfriend so i nodded and placed a forced smile on my face.
"Oh great," She said, putting on lipstick whilst looking into her locker mirror, "Can you introduce me now?"
She fluttered her eye lashes at me but you see if that was me, she wouldn't need more lipstick on to impress me, she'd look perfect just the way she is. I walked over to Tim with Jess close to my side like a lost sheep and tapped him on the shoulder.
"Hey tim." I said, not sounding the least bit interested.
"Oh hey Sam", He said whilst looking Jess up and down and then back at me, "What can i do for you?"
"Nothing much, just thought i'd introduce you to my mate Jess."
I didn't want to say bestmate as for i wanted to sound cool for once in my life.
"Why hello there Jess, Nice ass." Tim laughed and stuck out his hand for a handshake.
Nice ass? That's how boy's do it, they say nice ass?
"Hey tim, pleasure to meet you and well i do try my best." Jess giggled, she never giggled when i spoke to her.
"I'd love to get to know you some more Jess, why don't you come round mine tonight, i'll discuss it with you at...lunch?"
"Yes sounds great!" Jess blurted the words out fastly that it was hard to understand.
"See you at lunch then."
Tim slowly walked off looking behind him at Jess whilst he walked away. I turned to look at Jess and she had the hugest grin on her face and hugged me tight.
"Jess, i thought you were coming round my tonight?"
"Oh yeah, sorry. I'll make it up to you."
I smiled lightly when i didn't even feel like smiling at all.
"Why don't you go mingle Sam, it could do you some good?"
Was she serious, me mingle? Haha. One thing i was sure of, it was worth a shot.
"Mingle, yes, sounds good. I'm going now, bye."
I walked off in a fast walking pace and began walking to the courtyard and went to my school lesson. The day slowly dragged on and i sat by myself at dinner as for Jess was all over Tim and she didn't even notice me through out the whole lunch. My day was getting worser and worser and the only thing that could cheer me up was Jess, looks like i'm going to be sad for a while then. The end of school bell rang and i waited in my usual spot for Jess, Me and jess always came to this spot at the end of the day just to catch up but she never showed. I kept looking at my watch and i wated half an hour for Jess to turn up because i kept making silly excuses in my head. Maybe she has a detention? Maybe she's talking to some friends? Maybe a teacher want's her? I filled my mind with stupid excuses until i came to my commen sense and reliesed that Jess wasn't going to show up.

After walking home by myself and eating lunch by myself the previous day, i didn't really feel like going to school that much today. I had to go for simple reason,
I had a plan. Jess was going to notice me today and if this dosen't work, nothing will. I got up out of bed and ran straight to the bathroom and picked out my most expensive clothes and spiked my hair up. I ran down stairs and tried to sneek past mum but my mum had really good hearing, like super hearing.
"Sam, what on earth are you doing in your best clothes."
Great, what was i going to do now? Lie.
"Today at school we have a show for...the teachers! They told us to bring our best clothes as for we will be recorded and i want to make a good impression today mum."
"Oh, Ok deary! Just make sure you keep it clean ok, love you."
My mum kissed me on the cheek - ew. How old did she think i was? I didn't need to have kisses all the time, i was a fully grown fifthteen year old boy.
"Will do mum."
I grabbed my shoes and bag making sure that i didn't have a bunch of school stuff in muy bag as for i didn't want to look like Sam Hadly today, today i wanted to look like Jesscia's sort of guy. I got to the bus stop and nelt down to un-tie my trainer laces and tuck them into my shoes because apparently that was the new fashion. The bus man stopped at the bus stop and looked at me with a rather odd look.
"New lad are ya? Well goodluck."
New? I walked on the bus to see everyone on the bus looking at me and gasping. The whole bus went silent and i walked over and sat down on the back seat of the bus - the cool side of the bus. I heard my name atleast thirty times whilst on the bus and i was the new center of attention. This was bound to get Jessica's attention for sure. I walked into the school and started heading towards Jess when i was inturrupted by one of my friends Kate.
"Wow Sam, you look amazing!"
"Yeah, yeah erm not now Kate, i'm busy."
I walked straight past her nudging her shoulder and walked over to Jess who was stood with Tim.
"Yo, Jess."
"Sam? Is that you?"
"Yes, i thought i'd change a bit."
"Why? You know this new looks stupid. Go change."
Woah, stupid? Couldn't she see that i had done this for her. I was abouts to reply when i was distracted by Tim who starting getting closer to Jess. Tim then kissed Jess and Jess wrapped her arms around him.
"Wait, Jess? Your with Tim?"
"Yes, it's good isn't it?"
"You know what Jess, who needs friends like you!"
I stromed away immediatly and ignored my name being called by Jess. I budged everyone out of the way and even knocked someone over but i didn't care, why sould i care when no one cares about me? I stromed out of the school and slammed the door's shut. I give up. Everything i did was never enough for Jess, never. I walked out of the school gates and sent down on the curb. I put my head in my hands and just sat there, hopelessly. I heard a russle come from behind me and i turned around to see Kate coming towards me and sitting down next to me.
"Hey there, remember me? Kate. You know, your friend?"
"Kate, i'm sorry about the way i've treated you. Your a true friend, you really are."
I looked up at her and she smiled down at me.
"I know you were putting this look on to try and impress Jess."
"Atleast you noticed. She didn't even look twice."
"I looked several times but if i'm honest, i really do prefer the old you. Your amazing just the way you are."
She placed her hand on my head and flattend my hair down.
"I prefer the old me too, i've been stupid today Kate and i've been horrible to you, How can i make it up to you?"
Kate pulled my colar and pulled me close to her,
"By doing this."
She put her lips against mine and started kissing me, i wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her lips.
"Kate, i've been so blind. I've known it all along, it's not Jess that i'm madly in love with it's you..."
"Sam, i love you."
She loved me, she actually loved me. This was it, this was meant to be.
"I love you Kate."
I did, i really did.

Over the next couple of days me and Kate became a couple and she was more of a bestfriend than Jess could ever be. Jess caught Tim cheating on her with two other women and soon was left pregnent and alone. On several occasions Jess tried to ask me out but it was to late, i'd made up my mind. There was one good thing about the eight years i spent with Jess, she taught me a lesson. She taught me that you don't need to change yourself to impress someone because someone out there think's your perfect just the way you are.

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