the girl who jumped

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a short poem about a girl's last thoughts

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



the girl who jumped

she stood on the edge leaning precarious worried words that had no significance  to her once she stepped one two  three small baby footsteps over  the  edge

how beautiful, she thought must I look I must look so pretty  with my finest dress


over the edge, flowing like water crystalline ice so blue

she felt scared she felt brave she felt nervous she felt joyous

she felt alone

the grass ended sloping grazing  the edge a wooden plank  then two  a bridge  I'm walking? 

she chanced to look over dizzying heights  and rocks foaming water crashing and rocking rocking  rocking

the wind breeze  current so salty sweet beautiful 

her eyes  swooping to the sky dark  and looming overwhelming on her shoulders lifting her feet  mindlessly to the first rung she knew it was the beginning,  of the end 

how they would wonder shocked and appalled  how could she? why  oh why would she do this so? 

gulls cried moaning birds  turned to screams  the world swirling churning  like the water below

she could feel the jagged rocks a thousand  needles piercing  her heart

she stood alone atop  the railing wooden creaky  of the bridge

the noise  escalated grinding screeching  noises of  pain and  suffering aghast faces and drowning  people drowning  in themselves. 

silence and she was alone serene  peaceful  beautiful  one last time, she thought 

and she breathed one last breath   and let go

hurdling smashing the wind stung her face

colliding pain  you'll only feel  a pinprick a drop of blood a scream  in torture

soaring back  flying laughing 


oh so happy joy  love  faith  hope  everything careening through her heart

her lost soul lifted  aloft lighting to the air

while her former self  simply left floating there

did anyone feel the loss did anyone feel the pain did anyone feel the  difference of one less person standing  here 

no one would no one could entirely  fathom  the impossibly  possible beauty  gruesome  horrific  bizarre  beauty  felt in  one last breath one last touch  one last taste one last tear  one last wish one last dying wish

one last wish to be free

one last wish, of the girl who jumped. 

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