Nigtmare calmness

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something interesting

it's a clear night after only moments after a rain storm making my visit in the forest even more peaceful i can smell the flowers trees and wet soil as i walk on the old path that heads deeper into the forest the only light is the full blood red moon above my head i look around and feel the breeze of the fall air surround me as it teazes my dress im wearing crreatin the white frabric of the dress to caress my legs i observe the flowers thinking of their names as i walk pass them Daffodiles, Daisies, roses, lilies, petunias, lavander, chammomile, and roses i name them all as i walk by but i dont speak allowing the silence to mock the need for sound i soon come to a fork in the road with two paths one is bright and clear the other is old and worn i hear something near me creating a soft anxiety growwing with every beat my heart makes i hurry and take the old path i observe it noting the trees and their casualness but yet their appearence is nerve wracking with every shadow mocking me as i continue to walk suddenly im hit with a burst to run as i hear snaps of branches behind me i run till i reach the end of the path with a greeting of a ravens warning mocking the chill air i look up at it and just shake my head i then look around im in a clearing that is surounded by trees with a creek a few steps away i walk over to the creek feeling the night air again while i dip my toes in the creek chills begin to run through me from the coolness of the little creek i hear the raven caw again but i pay no mind till i feel a presence its a calming presence that teases my senses i hear the raven once again cawing at me warning me to leave telling me death is near run beware. i begin to back out of the creek till i hear my name being said from a familiar voice that it was un mistakable then i feel something peirce my my skin going through my back and out my torso i flinch in pain only to be greeted by more pain i look down and see a dagger through my body then i feel it being drawn out i close my eyes in pain i clutch the wound and fall back only to be caught by the attacker i feel a splash of water on my cheek as i feel my blood flowing out of my body my attacker is holding me tight then they whisper :Im sorry, I'm so sorry" then i try to open my eyes and i wake up.

Submitted: October 14, 2010

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i love it i think i read this befor haven't well Emma i love it and you should write more along with me... love you sis

Sat, December 4th, 2010 8:47pm


love u too sis lol you have read it before the day i wrote it down XD

Sat, December 4th, 2010 8:50pm

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