Rescue Her

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Mira is dead Becky misses her can someone save Becky please before its too late

Submitted: December 04, 2010

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Submitted: December 04, 2010



Rescue Her

I see her running into her bathroom no no no don't do this please i think but my silent pleads were no use she couldnt see me then she got her razor "NO STOP DON'T DO THIS YOU HAVE SOMETHING BETTER IN LIFE BECKY PLAESE" but i was no use she got the blade out sliced into her wrist a few inches away from a serious vein I could tell she was haviing second thoughts cuz she looked at it for a moment but then she continued in deeper sawing into her wrist morre blood she drew the blade out and then went for her vien i couldn't let her do this PLEASE SOMEONE STOP HER I bursted into tears then she past out thankfully she wasn't one to stomache bloody things but she was losing so much blood at once from just one wrist then someone burst threw the door it was the guy on our school football team I watched him rush to her not saying  a word he kissed her forehead he took his shirt and ripped it and tried to cut the circulation off in her arm he picked her up and carried her downstairs he bolted to his car he put her in ran to the drivers side and pulled out i follwed them they got to the hospital and she died i saw her for a few second "Mira" she cried "Why becky you were so reckless look at the boy who brought you here" I said to her and then she disapeared i looked around and saw the docters revived her thank you lord thank you I waited and watched as the docters rushed around after a while she was stable and she was put into her room a few minutes later the same boy came in he looked so familiar i couldn't peice together who he was though but he pulled up a chair and sat by her like a loyal dog "thank you for saving my bestfriend I trust you will keep her safe" I said out loud and then i took a deep breath and finally after a long year of wacthing my friend I could rest peacefully

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