Slit my throat and let me fall

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I don't know what to say about it except its a second part to kiss me once shame on me!!!!!

Submitted: January 18, 2011

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Submitted: January 18, 2011



How does she kiss? Was she in anyway better than what you had? Oh she ran away? Oh she was engaged? Well I'm sorry but that fact doesn't answer these questions. Just slit my throat and let me fall, just drop me off that wall. I've died inside but you can't see it I've cried all night but you didn't hear me. you were too busy with her.

load the gun hold it up, but don't forget to pull the trigger. Kiss me once shame on you kiss me twice shame on me. now that sentence is something I can say to you. Oh how much it makes sence how that sentance beautifully lies on my lips.

How long did it last? Oh not long you say? give you another chance you say? Never. Love is a lie created by man to fill that hollow space in their hearts. But It doesn't exist, because like it or not it's still a lie and now I've learned your the biggest Liar of all. Drown me in a river, don't forget to tie me up, gag my mouth, and throw me out, but most of all give me back my heart.

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