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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Ms. Parks Language Arts P1-2

Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016




As Skylar got off the plane, and out of London City Airport. She finally found her car. As she makes her way to her apartment, she wonders how Milo is doing. Milo is Skylar’s pet raccoon. Traffic is a mess today so many cars, Skylar thinks. It takes her about an hour for her to drive to the west side of London. As Skylar finally makes her way to Clarendon Serviced Apartments Marylebone. She notices that the sky is turning dark and that clouds are rolling in.


**Three years later**

As I got home from the airport, well let me back up. My name is Skylar, I’m 19 and just got back from a trip from London. My dad left my mom and me when I was at the age of 10. Then my mom died last year, I can remember it as clear as any day. I was sitting in that car the car with my mom when all of the sudden a truck comes speeding at us. My mom doesn’t have time to react. She dies in an instance. But, right before that truck came speeding at us I remember just one thing. That, Was, My Dad’s, Truck. But, they never came to find him gone, and nowhere to be found.


So anyway right now I am living at my mom’s apartment paying the bills and doing the taxes. “I should not have gone.” I think., “Well I supposed that I should start cleaning and unpacking.” So once I haul my suitcase out of my car I am finally able to start unpacking. And I say hi to Milo. Milo is my pet raccoon. He’s smart and he is my only friend. But, as soon as I open up my suitcase I realize that the suitcase isn’t mine. But like being me, I’m usually pretty noisy. This isn’t just anyone's suitcase this is Laine’s.

Lanie is a witch that cursed my family, by saying that, we will never love with something or someone. Well I broke half of her curse (Milo), the other half is that I have to find someone that will help me find Laine, otherwise, I will end up rotting down to the core. Laine’s threats have become more dangerous, saying that if I don’t find someone then, when the clock strikes twelve on the next full moon I will start rotting. When is the next full moon? Well, the next full moon would be in .  .  .  about .  .  .  a month. One month!

One month, I think. One month till I start rotting. My knees grew week, and I broke down crying. Why me?, I keep on thinking, Why does this need to happen to me?

**A few minutes later**

I got up and started making myself some creamy hot chocolate. As soon as my water gets the not to warm but at the same time not too cold., I pour it into a mug, add the mix, two scoops of sugar, and some chocolate syrup. Yum.

Next, I make Milo some warm milk with 2 scoops of cinnamon. I called for Milo, and he came out wearing a blue striped tie. He looks so cute. I couldn’t help but, a bright smile comes on my face. I gave him his warm milk, and he gulped it down. While I went to my office and started working on my project. You see I am the Manager for Swiss Re., and I just have to make up another thousand dollars then I can buy an actual house.

As I sat down on my gray loveseat and started working on my project. But, my mind drifted off back to the suitcase. How can Lanie have the same suitcase as me? I thought. I just kept on thinking about that suitcase and how Lanie got the same one as me. I mean that like, yes it was a popular brand but really Laine has the same suitcase as me? I ponder.

When I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door to find a guy around my age, with jet black hair, and green eyes, and I would have to say that he is around 5’9’.  

“Hello, I am Ryder I am here to help you with Lanie,” Ryder said.

“Hi, my name is Skylar, and how do you know about Lanie?” I said.

“My family is also cursed, so once I found out about you I decided to come and help you, but if you don’t want me to help you then I will be on my way,” Ryder stated and turned to leave.

“No, I could really use your help, come on in” I stated. Ryder came in,

**One story told and a couple hours later**

“Can I see the suitcase?” Ryder asked.

“Sure,” I said.

I got out the suitcase and opened it up for him to see. I heard a thud and then turned around to find Milo standing there with a book in his hand.

“Now Milo what do you have there ?” I asked. Ryder turned around slowly to find Milo standing there.

“Who is that?” Ryder asked.

“That would be my pet raccoon Milo” I answered.

“You have a pet raccoon?” Ryder burst out.

“Yes, I do and his name is Milo,” I stated. “Anyway, here is that suitcase.”

As soon as Ryder opened the suitcase, I gasped at what I saw.

“So, this is what Lanie has been hiding.” Ryder pointed out.

“Are those positions?” I questioned. “They look like it.” As I picked up the small bottle and saw glowing stuff in it. I was about to take the top off when Ryder yelled at me.

“Don’t you dare for one-second think that you should open that you don’t know what it is.”

I jumped back, “Okay, but I was just going to look.”

“Sure,” Ryder said even though he still looked unsure. “Anyway, look what Milo has.”

I turned around and saw  Milo on the floor with a book, I quickly picked up the loose bound book and saw that it was for the positions.

As I flipped through the book I found a faded picture of what looked like amazing food.

“What if we were to make this dish and give it to Lanie so that……. meh…..meh.... ”

“What?” Ryder said. I must not have heard him the first time, so he yelled it again making me drop the book.

“Well, what if we were to make this truth dish and then give it to Laine so that she will have to spill her secrets on us so that we can figure out how to break the curse,” I informed. Ryder stayed quiet for a little bit, so I started to worry.

“Okay, how do you make the truth dish” Ryder finally said.  I squealed with joy and gave him a big hug, which he returned.

Then, Milo walked up to the book and started flipping around until he stopped, then picked up the book and gave it to Ryder and I. The whole page was on how to find and capture a witch. I quickly skimmed and scanned the page, then I gave it to Ryder. Ryder turned to face me and started.,

“So one green potion, two blue potions, and five herb potions.”

“Well let’s get started,” I announced.

* 5 days later* (and two potions made)

“So now that we have the potion ready let’s test it.” I proclaimed.

“As I open the finding potion, I want you to say Lanie’s name,” Ryder stated.

“Okay,” I responded. As he opened the potion and poured it on the chair where Laine would soon be sitting I said Lanie’s name over and over again.

“Laine, Laine, Lanie, Laine, Laine.” Then before I have time to think Laine is sitting in the chair and Ryder is tieing her up.

“My what do we have here.” Laine hissed.

“Skylar, can you please bring the dish,” Ryder said.

“Yep, on my way,” I answered. But, as soon as I left the room Ryder closed the door and started talking to Laine. And I don’t mind,  As I find the delicious dish, I walk into Ryder untying Laine, and Laine jumping out the window. but as soon as Ryder sees me he tries to apologize but I completely ignore him. I set down the dish and leave. Right now I don’t know whether to believe Ryder or not, I think. I grab Milo and we both leave to go into the forest by my apartment.

*At Golders hill park*

As I walk up to my favorite tree it was the tree that I went to when my mom died and when I felt down. The tree is a big willow tree with tons of climbing branches. But, someone is already there waiting for me.




“Why did you do that?” I asked.

“Laine said that she would remove the curse if I untied her,” Ryder responded.

“So you just believed Laine and put all of our work to waste,” I argued. “Wow, nothing I can’t believe that I trusted you.”

I just turned around and left him standing there in my favorite tree.  I start walking away, and then I felt a yank on my arm. I got turned around and then Ryder pulled me into a tight hug.

*1 week later*

Ryder and I both got freed of our curses. I ended up catching up to Laine and making her remove the curse. Ryder and I  are both getting closer to each other.  Even though we don’t see each other much we are still great friends. Now I am able to move and live freely. I just recently bought my own two story house. But, on top of that, I was also able to get a big aquarium. I see Ryder every once and awhile but other than that we went on with our life. Laine is long gone to where I have no idea. I am enjoying a curse free life and not worrying about how I am going to turn out. Milo is looking very handsome nowadays, and my fish are doing well.  I just hope that I will not run into any more curses.

*1 month later*

As I am driving to the London airport, I keep on thinking that I am forgetting something. . . . Milo. I turn around and by the time that I pick up Milo he has his suitcase in his hands, and looking around for me. As soon as I open up the door milo comes running up to me. Then we leave. After we got to the London airport and got on board I started feeling odd. very odd. I look over and I see someone who I never wanted to see again,


My Father .  .  .


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