A Game of Friends vs. Love

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I found out my best friend loves the same guy im in love with. Knowing that, scares me more than anything. i dont want it to ruin our friendship.

Submitted: March 28, 2007

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Submitted: March 28, 2007



It hurts knowing
she feels like that
about him too
and i don't trust myself
'cause i'll get competative
and it'll turn into a game
of win or lose

Part of me hates her
for feeling like this
but more than anyone,
i know feelings can't be controled.
the other part is scared
'cause he might come
between us and like a card game,
we may again fold.

I know, i'll be extremely jealous
if they went out
or he liked her back.
but i'd try to be happy for her
and not be jealous and sad
so if thats what she wants...
for her, i'd put on an act.

I want her happy
and to be with the right guy
but i'm madly in love
with him
and i don't know
if i could handle seeing
them gaze into
each others eyes.

I don't know
if i can handle
this game of
friends vs love
but hopefully i'll
get some answers
from my father

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