Bleeding Heart

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realized i'm in love with my best friend. so i think. and he tore my heart without even knowing it

Submitted: February 03, 2007

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Submitted: February 03, 2007



In the church pew
blood shot eyes
realizing that i might
love him, but
he's not worth the try.
i know.
or i think.
ok, so i just lied.

My heart feels broken
a million pieces.
and sore.
I think i love him
but i'm still
not sure

I think my heart hurts
because i know.
There's no chance
so why mess with a good thing?
I hate this.
it might as well snow.

Even if wanted
to risk our great friendship
and tell him this misunderstood
he won't even ever
feel it back.

I could lose him as
my best friend.
I'm scared this friendship
will die.
i'm scared everytime
i'm around him,
i'll start to cry.

What should i do?
tell him the truth?
or ignore this feeling?
i'm gonna ignore it
and just let my heart
silently, continue

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