Isn't it wierd?

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in my world and part of being a teen, being friends is license to make fun of them and be mean without being judged. in my world, if your really mean to your friends, its a show of endearment. This poem was inspired my true best friend, who with we do these things on a regular basis.

Submitted: February 21, 2007

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Submitted: February 21, 2007



Isn't it wierd
how you consider each other
best friends
but when your with them
you only pretend?

Isn't it wierd
how your each others
perfect fix
but then call them names
like slut, whore, and bitch?

Isn't it wierd
how you can laugh and laugh
for endless hours
but then tell them
to go burn in a tower?

Isn't it wierd
how you trust them
with your secrets
and they trust you with
ones about them
but then you yell out rumors
about them
days on end?

Isn't it wierd
how together you spend
all your free time
but then your stingy
and don't let them
borrow even a dime?

Isn't it wierd
how when your hyper
everthing seems hysterical,
but then you make fun
of them so much
to the untrained eye
it seems
almost terribal?

Isn't it wierd
how you can turn to them
when your feeling hurt
but then you punch them
and make them
fall in dirt?

Isn't it wierd
how you love
to bring them fear,
but then they're
the best one
to help dry your tears?

Isn't it wierd
how your so mean
to your Best Friend
but you know
there's nobody else
you'd rather be with
till the end?

Isn't it just so surreal?

Doesn't it just seem wierd?

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