Life as a Kid!

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when we were little, didnt life seem so much easier?

Submitted: February 03, 2007

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Submitted: February 03, 2007



I was flippin' through the pages
of my album.
and rememberd my life when
i was young.
I was carefree, Imaginitive, and
full of hyp.
and my biggest fear was hearing
the signal to come
in for the night.

As a kid, nobody died.
nobody left.
and building jumps, trails
and just bein' together
was our bliss.

When i was little
i didn't have to stress
about school or looks
or fights.
I always just smiled
or laughed and everything
truned alright.

It's time to grow up now,
my innocence is gone.
i now know the meanings of
and drugs
and that everything
isn't fixed
with just a smile
and hug.

Life as a kid
was stress and drama free
but i'm not a kid anymore,
so sooner or later
i've gotta face reality.

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