My Cinderella Night

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so i went to this dance at my church. and i felt and looked amazing. i had a beutiful dress and took time on my hair and makeup. and we had so much fun there we laughed a lot and just made new memories. but seeing the one i love there with another girl and not me..hurt.

Submitted: February 28, 2007

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Submitted: February 28, 2007



God-Thick 2007
we danced a bit
i met some new people
and we partied all night.
ok, fine only till eleven.

yummy food
making fun of me
new inside jokes
perverted comments
and all new looks

I have to admit,
i looked divine.
stylish hair,
flawless makeup
fancy dress
pretty nails
were deffinantly worth the time.

I saw you there
with that other girl.
then my enemy showed
and even more,
you made my jealousy stir.

I was going to admit
my like for you
but i chickend out.
i was scared
to find out
what it would do.

We had a heart to heart convo,
i'm happy to say
i now trust you more.
now, if only
that feeling will stay.

That night,
we laughed a lot.
i had a blast.
and i couldn't stop thinking about it since.
It was my Cinderella Night.
with one thing missing:
you. as my prince.

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