One Thing I'm Not

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I got in a huge fight with my 2 best friends (as mentioned before) and things were going good until one of them called me a liar. i am NOT a liar.and then my other best friend knows i'm not a liar, but she didnt stick up for me or tell her the truth. she actually agreed with her! i told her i hate her so much and that she died. but i know thats not true..but i wish it was so that i could just stay mad. we are now friends, but her calling me that had us fighting even longer.

Submitted: April 17, 2007

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Submitted: April 17, 2007



Call me a bithc, fat ass,
or loser
for that's what i can be.
but call me a liar,
and your the one who's lying.

Your supposed to stick up for me.
be my friend.
but made me so angry,
to say i wish you were dead

A fucking liar
is one thing i'm not.
not believing me,
made my wrist bleed
and my cheeks grow hot.

I need you to
just be my friend
and believe me
'cause one thing
i can't stand
is being accused
of lying.

I told you we're done
that i don't care
and i hate you.
how much
i actually wish
that were true.

Truth is,
i'm dying without you
because of this fight
is why i've cried.
so those mean things
i said to you
is the only time
i've EVER lied.

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