Pain in my Wrist and Heart

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i was mad at my friends, so hoping they would stop..i did something stupid. and this is the start of a huge fight which still has not been resolved.

Submitted: February 28, 2007

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Submitted: February 28, 2007



They were watching as i did this.
my so called friends.
i wasn't doing it
so my life would end.

but, i sat there
with the tip against my wrist,
carving a line into my vain
and thought about the things
that made me put myself in pain

It was funny at first
when they said
"i wanna watch her die"
'cause i knew it was a joke
but after the millionth time
i wondered if it wasn't a lie.

Everything i said and did,
they called me retarded or a nerd.
i'm pretty used to it
after all, there are worse things
that i have heard.

but it just got real old
and was startin' to make me
annoyed and mad.
so hoping they would stop,
i grabbed a sharp object
and did something bad.

And they just sat there,
watching as i carved
a line into my wrist,
they didn't even care
that i could be
putting my life
at risk.

So as i was thinking,
with that tip
cutting against my wrist,
i wondered
why aren't they stoping me?
"stop" is all
they had to say.
but instead they laughed,
called names, and left me
with a cut and heart full of pain.

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