Perfectness with a flaw

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he's the perfect guy. ever. except for one thing....friends with my brother.

Submitted: February 03, 2007

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Submitted: February 03, 2007



You asked me
why i love him,
i told you i don't
you asked again,
and i told you i won't.
Again you asked,
i said "i don't" again.
you just starred at me,
so broke down and began.

I guess, this feeling has
been here for a while
just buried deep inside
Mainly, because he makes me laugh
and he makes me smile.

I love his talents.
his adorable smile.
and his funny face.
subconciously, I guess, I always knew
that in my heart,
this boy will always have a place.

I love the way
he makes me feel
and the fact that
he's always been right here.
no matter if
i feel mad or sad
he's the one person
who can make
me truely glad.

He's the boy
with whom i can
be myself
and he won't
be mean
'bout stuff i did.
he's also the boy
for the fear
of acting stupid,
i'm nervous to call.

He's Perfect.
with just one.

The flaw:
my brother's friend.
so i think he'll tell him
whatever i've said.

So i don't trust him
with things that cut
me like a knife
but at the same time
i trust him with my life.

So to answer your question,
why i love this boy.
the answer is
i just do.
and being my friend,
that should be enough
for you.

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