The Wrong Thing

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being like me, doing what i do. is the wrong thing. and i dont want my friends to end up like me, they deserve better.

Submitted: March 17, 2007

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Submitted: March 17, 2007



I cut, they're worried.
and i'm a huge hyprocrite
'cause when they do, i tell them
"don't hurt yourself,
you're better than this shit"

I make my friends promise
to not do the stuff i do
and i get so mad and disapointed
when they don't follow through.

I'm so confused about this,
but i give advice about relationships
and love
but then i ask the same questions
and for me to figure it out
is just as tough.

I want my friends better off,
better than me,
better than all of it.
so that's why
i'm a hyprocrite.

I don't want them
to feel the pain i feel.
i hurt more when i see
them not as strong
i don't want them
like me.
i don't want them
to do wrong.

I don't want them
like me.
they deserve much more
from life.
i never wanna see them
result to a knife.

I never want them
to be like me.
because being like me
is deffinantly
the wrong thing!

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