love poem

i saw 4 angels at the four corners of the earth ,they blow there horn for the living god ,

do you believe god is alive ,god is awake ,he make an earth quake when he woke..

angels holding all the winds of the earth the wind would not blow on the sea...

im walking where an angel is kept ,im walking through hell but i will never bow to the devil,

i looked upon the city and turned it to salt ,the angel blows his horn the song is heard all over the earth and love is alive again..the wind wont blow,

the sea wont flow and the lightning screamed into the darkness and thunder called out the name of god ,

the earth was finally awake ,the winds started to blow and the sea was in a endless flow of the heart ...

love was seen ,in your eyes, the fire burned forever

The dust in the moonlight as the the form of a ghost of love that became real ...

brought back to life with love to form 2 hearts as one,
now our hearts are as one that's what this love has done,we both of us have won the best prize...

each other

The water of the light,angels glowing so bright,the shine from our heart,blasting through the night...

the gold and jewels of love are our heart,its been that way since the start,

this love was there before and never went away,so wonderful and amazing to find it again,

this love they could not hide from us,not in the meadows,not in the forest,

this love had to be found and a higher force has decided that we cant be divided,

now i have found you and i am excited with the glory of the storm,a warm rain in our heart,

the mountain of rock stands strong as our love rises into the clouds,

the song of angels blowing the trumpet of life,

love in the darkness is brought into the light and shall shine forever because we are together,

rainbows through the crack in the sky,and our love healed the sea,our love repaired the air,

there's no magic more real and more powerful then this love we have....I love you for all time

the angel of love caressed you and hugged you with the stars and warmed your heart with the sunlight,

shooting stars in the eyes of love,

love at midnight and all through the day forever that love will stay in our hearts

i have angels in my heart,they caused a cooling flame for my heart,intertwined two heart combined,

love snuck up on me from behind,this love i thought i would never find,

light my fire with the rivers of life,with a rain from my sky,thunder calls out to me,

singing the song of endless love,this love surrounds you and fits you like a glove,

snuggling with the stars in my heart....

Love in the mist of the moonlight,

Love in in the rain breaks through the fog to find you cracking the dawn and releasing the air

the wind in the sea called to the dawn,cutting through the darkness this is the twilight of of day and love rose
from the deep darkness called my heart....

i awoke to the sun the day you came to me,

your set my heart free but captured it with your love,

to hold you will be bliss,

thats something that i really miss,the real love inside of you touched me so deep,

being away from you makes my heart weep,to feel you again is all ill ever need,

you made me better you made me strong,when i thought of you i sang a beautiful song,

Im so glad Ive found you,Ive been waiting so long,

i awake from my nightmare and my true beauty was you,

structured with your affection,

your heart is my only direction,when our hearts reunite that will be the correction.....

Submitted: November 07, 2009

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that waz good

Sun, November 8th, 2009 1:42pm

Mistress of Word Play

Nicely penned. A very impressive poem. Giving you an I like it. Susan :)

Wed, November 18th, 2009 12:02am

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