a dark shroud shadows the land

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Submitted: November 07, 2009

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Submitted: November 07, 2009



a dark shroud shadows the land,

your love brings me to the light again,

the train of thought take you to the flames of love,

flame s from my heart is my love

awakening to the water of the rivers,

shredded paper in the minds eye,in the moment,

the love takes you,

broken pieces of my hear can be healed,

by your kind heart,alone in the rain,

only you can make the rainbows come,

the calm ocean waves take the shore,

gated love must be released,its out of time and beyond reality,

the force that moves the galaxy,

cold in outer space i can feel your warm heart,

the beauty past what you can imagine is real,

i want to touch the shy,follow me to this love,

open your heart to the storm called love,

i want to hold it next to my heart,your beauty shines so far,

past the stars,the light of love is inside you,

now you can escape the prison called hate,

you bring me to that place in my love,light in the music of life,

singing spirits in my soul have brought me to you ,

alive in my heart,flashes in the night sky,falling of the stars,

lightning from my heart touches your soul,the reflection of a goddess,

gods in my eyes,love is my high,my addiction,an affliction,

the hold of my love,the birth of the heart,by the water of wind,

your love is my rain of the desert,the miracle of the heart,

the wind can feel you,when the sun makes love to the stars,

see through the darkness,your light shines from your eyes to lead the way to our love,

enjoy the view of life,take the air in,the wind of time,the langauge of love,

the force of the ghost take you to deep in your mind,

the crashing sky,the thunder of the heart can be heard so far away,

yet so close to me,connection of the heart,mind and soul,heaven is a place in the heart,

i can also feel it all over my body and i want to feel it in yours,

the love has moved my heart,the past and future meet at the end of time,

your love will always be there,happiness and joy fills me,i am a creature of love,

you made me this way

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