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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
sunshine and love are lovers in the moonlight

Submitted: December 30, 2009

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Submitted: December 30, 2009



A very long time ago...In a castle on the hill lived a princess her name

was Ayla and she was the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. Everyone

wanted to have her hand in marrige but the princess didnt want to get

married. She was not ready intil one day a peasant was walking by the

castle. He stopped for a moment to take a drink and looked up at the

princess standing on her balcony ,looking at the sunset and she saw him

their eyes connected. In a moment they knew they were going to be

together for the rest of thier lives. He went up to speak to her and the

castle gaurds stopped him and threw him out. This saddnend the princess

but she had no power over the castle guards , she was worried her

mother and father would not even let them talk , it was true he

approached the king and ask politely to speak with the princess , the

king threw him out of the kingdom and told him never to return on threat

of death. He left after he sold everything he owned, he could barely lift

his head he was so sad he knew as she did there were as one and that day

he vowed to one day ,return as a prince and sweep her off her feet he went

and joined a pirates ship crew. They were very mean and cold and ruthless

the first day they decided to kill him and the captain of the ship was

about to stab him with his sword then ,Will , the peasant said please let me

live. The captain captain Drango said why should i let you live, will said

for true love , Drango had been in love once and wills plea touched his

heart and he said you are my cabin boy you serve only me and ill teach

you the art of the sword, for years Will served the captain well and

Drango paid him well, Will never spent much and always saved as much as he

could after 3 years he had enough gold and he told Drango he was leaving.

Drango let him go to find his true love and wished him well and said you

Will ...will never have to stand down to anyone you are a master swordsmen now.

You could beat even me dont spead that around though, and Drango

smacked him on the arm and gave him 3 extra bags of gold. Then Will went

on his way. First thing he did is bought a castle right on the other side

from princess Aylas castle and hired staff and horsemen and servants and

threw a big party ,inviting every one in the kingdom with music dancing

and the finest meal. Everyone came he sat in the chair and everyone

introduced him as prince Will. Then the princess came in but she was with

someone arm and arm prince Will was very angry and sad he wanted to

challenge the person with to a duel but he held his grace. The princess

saw him and knew it was Will. No one else reconized him she walked twords

him leaving the person she came with, when she got close he said i know we

never talked but i also know we are meant to be as one ..she looked

around and said idk its been so long and that was only a moment in time.

He looked into her eyes and said but only a moment can change your life.

Mine has been devoted to you. I worked as hard as i could so i could

come back here as a prince and cliam you as mine. I know you feel the same ,

if you search deep in your heart, princess Ayla turned away a ran out of

the party. The king yelled out in anger this is an outrage you have

insulted my daughter and you shall never speak to her again, Will yelled

everyone out of my castle and everyone left ,prince Will sat lonely and

sad in the castle and Ayla sat outside in the meadow speaking with her

male friend she was still unsure and confused. Prince Will desided to take

a ride and saw the two of them talking, he was glad to see her happy but

also dying inside. He sat down next to a tree facing away from them he

couldnt bare to watch then he heard a comotion and jumped up to look. It

was a band of thieves the man with Ayla went down ,against the 7 men, Will

jumped out from the trees and quickly had all 7 to the ground, princess

Ayla said i have desided and i dont care what my parents think ill be

with you. The king and his horsemen were arouching and he when he was

there he said whats happening here. Ayla spoke out prince Will saved my

life and now father im offering him my hand and the king agreed they

lived togther in his castle for a year ,falling more in love every day.

Then had a beautiful wedding and everyone in the kingdom came. They lived

there happily ,one day a man came to them and said im am a wizard and ive

been alive for 2000 years and only once have i seen a love as true as

yours I bless you with everlasting life together forever and they are

still living happily together today ......THE END

© Copyright 2020 emmet braun. All rights reserved.

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