blasting through the sky rainbows of the heart.

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Submitted: November 07, 2009

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Submitted: November 07, 2009



he passion overtook my heart as the sea wave turned

the crystals in the sea were awake to feel the emotion

of the land and the trees were alive again

awakenings of the heart as the darkness recedes

the power of the mountain ,lightning hits the sea

and the wind is free to move through the

soul of the rain,a storm of the heart, can you feel it ?

if you open it ,it can touch you too,the wind of the heart

is felt so far away,it will lead you in....

into the fire we go ,the love cool us ,with our love

we cannot be burned,the strength of love

the power of the soul will smash through it will reach me ,

it will reach you,you cant hide from real love...

I can see part of the rainbow in your eyes,gold strands

flying through the skies,the fire burns above

the trees,the flames reach the sky ,to burn the clouds,the sea in gulfs

the flames of love ,the balance of water and flames,

standing in the rain ,my heart is awake to the storm,cold and wet

thinking of you makes me warm ,when i see you the sun

comes to me and the light is free,as far as the eye

can see and beyond,open the door love is the key,

at the end of the rainbow is my love,cutting through the sky

with the rainbow of love ,you cant break a rainbow,

you can stop the airflow,the wind of desire moves through your soul...

blue as the sea ,all the tree of the mind,

moving into the winds of time,my love will never end,

the kind wind of the heart is my love...

thunder crashing through is the sky is my love for you,

sunlight and a warm breeze across your heart,

awakenings of the soul and soon of the mind and heart,

the hate was smashed apart by the bright luminescent light of love,

its all around you ,all the trees celebrate the light of love,

all because of you

,the rainbow returns,the flowers start to bloom awake

to your love,you are pure sunshine,you are the cooling rain,

you are the love in the rivers of the sea,i want to keep this love forever,

this love is my treasure,its beyond any pleasure,

our love is like beautiful music for the heart,

a fresh new love comes to you,

blasting through the sky rainbows of the heart...

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