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Submitted: November 07, 2009

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Submitted: November 07, 2009



future flash
I see the future,do i come from the past,yes,from another place in this place that time does not exsist ,in that place everything is perfect,that place i shall return one day

Angels are real
theres an angel in me,the way i feel,the way i am to be, in my soul i know im free,the power will come to help the earth,make the corrections before the birth

a very long time ago we came to this earth,seeds planted here ready to grow,angel inside us let us know,i see the truth of wisdom,kindness and freedom are unknown in this place

the shake is not fake
the storm quake,an earth quake,is the world fake,false profits every where,that depends what is your take,when you think about the end do you shake or do you think the paradox will go on forever and end all the hype,fake no, not when you can feel the wind blow though the destiny of your rain,listen to it if you are awake,its happening right now,cant you feel the shake under your feet ,cant you feel the deceit, wake up,wake up,blindness and stupidity are whats fake,look around you will be,see through the web of lie ,you can see the truth ...

unreal last ?
what is meant to be,everyone should be free,no more hate and lies,war and corruption ,stupid people run the world,we are the ones that live with their mistakes,the earth is not just cut and bleeding,she bleeds dry and the ocean is receding,dry and the deserts grow,hunger is part of the show,the earth is crying out to anyone that will listen and people just keep lying to themselves.lying within , the lie is broken this is the beginning its just a token...of whats to come,its the the of the sun ...

the dead desert dog
the dead dog cries out in the night,the cave of the water,craving the end, he feels like it already came,frogs in the rain,the end of the pain,the car speaks to the night,the desert wind lives in the night,the star kicked the sky,the wind smashes in the eye,storms and lightning from the dust, dark flames in the sea,crystals in the shadows of the walking light,the creatures move into the sand,the stones wonder why,light smashes the eyes of the storm, and everything is so warm,you feel content with the deserts sea...

fire land
cinders of fire and light make a new day, the sun smashes through the sky, the light pounds the ground,only the trees can hear the sound,if you listen real close you can hear the music of the earth,its all around you,in the air and in the light,it is quite...beautiful,rainbows thinking of gold,the fold in the sky does it lead to another dimension, a convention of color and fire,flashes,clashes in the wake of the light,silents overtakes the land...

you are the master of your own mind,all the programming in the world,dont let them control you,dont buy into that lie,wear these cloths,act this or that way,in a way the television controls the world,its been proven already,so many lies in the media,that is how the world word the remember the lie and forget the truth,mean heartless and cruel are most,filled with nothing but fear,wake up world...

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