Gods and Angels

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Submitted: July 03, 2015

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Submitted: July 03, 2015



Our world is beautiful, stop it - Stop killing, hurting, bullying, Crying, feeling sorry for your self and help -let it be was the stupidest thing i ever heard, get off your lazy ass and stop it, stop being sheep, stop being robots, stop letting evil men run the planet, we out number them a billion to 1, the only reason they get by with all of this is we let them - as you sit on your laptops and cry because your life is not changing, it will never change, sitting lazy on your butt expecting it to fell in your lap is stupid, Wake up fools, Gods wont help a person that wont help them selves, Angels wont save you. No miraculous miracle will just appear , go out do something kind for a stranger, band together for something good, something real =Stop being a virus to this planet that made you, Because it could, ALL BE TAKEN AWAY IN ONE MOMENT- Opps too late , GODS HERE AND HE IS NOT HAPPY, you are all monsters, most people would sell their grandma for a buck, sell out their family for a little bit better life, that's not a compromise i could or would ever make but i guess that is why i am alone in this fight and i shall no longer be you advocate, your lawyer have quit, the earth is having a fit, and the Angels are so tired of your shit. The End

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